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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 4.28.21

April 28, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 4-28-21
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 4.28.21  

It’s Windsday, Rabbit.

THE Rs Are BACK!!! Check out this week’s edition that covers NXT, AEW, and Smackdown! My RAW Rs Debut will happen next week!

THE 3 RS!!!!

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

Commentary runs down the card, and we’ve got a packed show. Yay!

Hangman makes his entrance, and out comes Team Taz to attack him from behind! The Dark Order comes out quickly to stop the beatdown. Refs come out to send everyone to the back as Cage locks Hangman up for a powerbomb. He hits one on the stage to a chorus of boos. He tosses Page into the ring and yells to ring the bell.

Match 1: Brian Cage vs Hangman Adam Page

Bell rings and Cage starts in with the stomps in the corner. Right hand and he removes Page’s vest, then chops his chest. Cage grabs Page and works the arm, then locks up and hits a belly to belly to Page. Cage sends Page into the corner hard with shoulders then rushes with an uppercut and a high kick, then a German! Nice! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cage tosses Page into the barricade on the outside. Cage sends Page into the barricade again! Cage rolls page back into the ring and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Cage does some curls with Page. He then goes for a standing moonsault, but Page has the knees up!!! Page to the apron. Kick from Page, another but from Cage to the chin. He grabs Page on the apron and grabs the head off the rope for a suplex into the ring! Cover for 1..2..>NO!!! Cage misses a spinning clothesline and gets sent over the top rope to the outside. Page flies over the top but Cage catches him and tries to send Page into the barricade, only for Page to drop to his feet and send Cage into the ringpost. Page heads to the top rope. Moonsault off the top rope onto Cage!!!

Page tries for a Buckshot, but Cage catches him, hits a clothesline, tries for a pin, grabs Page and hits a powerbomb then a buckle bomb. He calls for the Drill Claw, HITS IT!! Cover for 1…..2…..3!!!

Winner: Brian Cage
Wow. Did NOT expect a Cage win, and yet, I’m totally ok with it. This keeps things interesting.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 5:43

Backstage, The Elite are in a limo, looking like a couple sardines. Don wants to celebrate Omega’s title win on Impact. He introduces everyone as if they don’t know each other, and says he’ll be on commentary for The Bucks’ match. Omega is pissed about his trailer. He’s used to all of this. Everywhere they go, the money follows. Every week will be the same; they wont be intimitaded or scared. He is unphased. He tells them to look into his eyes. He is not afraid. Omega tells Jon and Kingston that if they want a fight, they’ll get one. Kingston can have them, but he’ll fight Nakazawa first.

WE RETURN and The Young Bucks come out after Sydals while commentary shows anger at them spending money on their gear, which is a dumb thing to associate with as heelish.

Match 2: The Young Bucks vs The Sydals

Lockup and Matt works the arm with Sydal one. MJ hits a throat thrust then acts foolish. Sydal with a standing moonsaut that doesn’t even get a 1. Tag to Nick. Arm drag to Nick. Works the arm, tag from his brother Matt who works the arm and leg scissors then snapmares, but Nick stops it with a kick. Another arm drag from Matt, another. Tag to Mike and they drop toe hold and dropkick double team. In comes Matt, and they pull the Matrix, then hit dropkicks to Matt. Matt tries for a back supelx, Nick gets a tag, Sydal doesn’t know. Hits a clothesline out of the corner, but in comes Matt who hits a superkick. A back body drop to the entering Sydal. Dropkick to the fallen Matt.

WE COM BACK and Matt pulls the ol switcheroo, rolling Nick out of the ring and taking his place. Oh, come on… High enziguri from Sydal, tag to Matt, who comes in with a mule kick, a spinning kick a leg lariat to Nick. He locks the head of Matt, hooks the leg, suplex! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kick to the back of the leg. Another. Whip to the ropes, Matt flips Sydal up and looks for a piledriver, but Nick flies off the top rope and Sydal catches him. He double teams, hits a flipping leg drop, heads to the corner and grabs his brother to hit some knees off the top rope! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Nick breaks it up. Superkick missed, another, Sydal with a hurricanrana to both Bucks. High kick to the head, roll into a pin. 1…2…NO!!! Leg scissors to Nick, Matt still on the corner, Sydal hooks the leg, then stands for a hurricanrana but Matt drops him hard.

Sydal runs in, Matt with a low blow, punch right to the dick. Matt stares at the hard cam. Superkick to Sydal on the apron. Tag to Nick. They go for the BTE Trigger. Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
For being an integral part of the creative output of AEW, The Young Bucks really give themselves the dumbest tropes. We get it, you’re a bad guy. Geez. One thing that bothered me immensely, was them pulling The Bellas twin bullshit. They’re not twins, Knox is not stupid, and it’s just as insulting to the viewers. Man, that bugged me.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:00

Out comes SCU as The Young Bucks are getting showered and ice packs. Kaz says if Matt has something to say, keep it to himself. IT seems there is a lot of change – New Young Bucks, new attitudes, new questionable wardrobes. One thing that has not changed is a promise he made in December; the one where if he and CD lost, they’d be finished, but they stand there now undefeated and they are the biggest threat The Young Bucks have ever faced. CD says he is pissed. He was looking forward to facing his friends, but right now all he sees is entitled bitches. He tells Matt this new attitude sucks, so instead of beating ass, they’re also going to take the titles. He tells them when they both find their balls, they will take the titles and make the company a better place.

CARGILL with another promo that comes off more Devry than AEW as she says she is making her own moves and she is that bitch.

Match 3: Orange Cassidy vs Penta El Zero M

Cassidy tries to put his hands in his pants, but Penta with the 3M to the face. Cassidy tries the pockets again, but Penta stops him yet again. Orange slow rises, and the crowd loves it. Penta stops ihm, rips his glove off slowly to do the 3M, shoving Orange in the face, totally smudging his glasses. Orange takes his glasses off, folds them, tosses them to Trent, who doesn’t catch them, raises his hands. IN THE POCKETS! Vicious kick to Penta, again, ducks under a thrust kick. HE NO ARM DRAGGED HIS ASS!!!! WTF!!!! Dropkick to Penta, and a kip up. He grabs the head, looks for Beach Break real quick, but Penta double underhooks, Orange escapes, runs…right into a tilt-a-whirl. Penta kicks the back of the leg. HARD. Right hand to the face, hard. Whip to Orange is reversed into the corner, Orange hops up on the shoulders, spins tosses Penta into a flip, then locks the sleeper and holds the thumb up!!!! Crucifix pin for 1..2…NO!!! Penta to the outside. Orange with a suicide dive, but Penta catches him with a press!!! One-arm!!! Penta drops Orange onto the edge of the apron!

BACK FROM PIP and Penta has Orange in the corner. He whips, hits an enziguri in the corner. Another whip into the corner, and another high kick to the head! Penta with a third whip, Orange rolls over the top rope, hits a head slam into the buckle, top rope and a crossbody! Orange hits the ropes, spins for a tornado DDT but Penta grabs him, locks the head, lifts up for a brainbuster!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Penta lifts up Orange, Orange blocks and he is pissed. Right hand to Penta, again, a flurry of punches, goes for Orange Punch, Penta blocks, Pumphandle INTO A LEG DROP! SICCCCCKKKK!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Penta hooks the arm with his leg, then pulls back on the arm, but Orange pulls his hand back towards him, reaching for his pocket! YES!!! HE GETS IT!!!! Penta drops some bombs, then stomps orange away hard. Orange stands against the ropes. SUPERKICK TO PENTA! SUPERKICK FROM PENTA! Another! Orange stumbles. He stands, regains his bearings, runs for an Orange Punch, but Penta hits yet another superkick! Penta locks the head! DESTROYER! He goes for another one! Beach Break!!!!!! Cover for 1….NO!!! Penta has his shoulder up and the pin stops! Penta is up first. Orange pulls himself up using the ropes. He turns slowly, goes for a right, Pentaa with a kick. Chop. Kick. Right hands to the face. Boots in the corner, stomping Orange over and over. He hits the ropes and runs with a kick to Orange’s head!!! Penta grabs Orange by the hair and drags him to the center of the ring. Goes for a suplex, but Orange with the Stundog Millionaire! Orange to the top rope!!! He flies with a diving DDT!!! Hits the ropes. SPINNING DDT to Penta! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!! Alex on the mic and the apron. He is about to talk shit about Trent, but Orange brings Alex into the ring.

Penta uses this to distract, package piledriver, Ref tries to get Alex out of the ring. While he’s distracted, Trent grabs the mic Alex dropped and gives it to Orange. MIC CHECK TO THE HEAD! Cover! Ref turns. 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
Penta looked like a beast, all thanks to Orange Cassidy. Best match of the night. No contest.
Total Rating: *******
Match Time: 12:59

Backstage, Tony is with Britt Baker. This is filmed earlier today. Britt says she never lies. She said she would work her way up the rankings, and look what we have here. Also, merch and demo and star power, she is at the top of the profound, respected, and logical win/loss rankings. When it comes to Shida, let’s remind everyone why Britt is the face. “Shida later. Yours truly, the number one contender.”

Here comes The Parley.

The Pinnacle is introduces first, and they have their own security.

The Inner Circle is out next, and they have a hell of an entrance with motorcycles and pyro.

Tony explains the rules of the Blood and Guts match, then says tonight, they will do a coin toss to see who gets the one-man advantage, but Spears pulls the mic out of Tony’s hand and says, no coin toss. He says they deserve the advatange since they were lured into this match. So no coin toss, but a warning. Spears says they will give their blood for this match. He asks Sammy when the last time he even wrestled a match. He tells Sammy that Jericho is leading him into deep waters, and Shawn says he is the guy that will step on his head while he’s drowning.

Sammy tells Spears that he doesn’t believe him. Why should he? Ever since he came to AEW, he’s been a failure. In fact, he was a failure when Spears used to work, too. And May 5, they will all fail again. If they want the advantage, they got it. Sammy will start. He’ll start with the popcorn guy, he doesn’t care who it is. He’ll fight everybody.

Tony announces that The Pinnacle wins the parlay and gets the advantage.

Csah tells Santana and Ortiz, May 5, do not bring this version of Blood and Guts. They’ve been Jericho lapdogs for the past year, and if they bring that Santana and Ortiz, they wont make it out. Dax grabs the mic and says next week, it’s almost a guarantee that someone’s life will be shortened, and he is prepared and come to terms with it. But when the door shuts and bolt locks, they are in his world now and he is not afraid to die. He brings up Ortiz and Santana’s kids, saying they are waiting for them at home, but Tuesday, they better grab their kids and hold them close and kiss them, and lastly, get down on one knee and whisper a message from Uncle Dax – daddy ain’t coming back home.

Ortiz holds Santana back, says he knows what tey’re doing. Santana looks at his watch, says 7 days. They’ll be locked in a cage with them. Ever been locked up? They have. May 5, his hands will do the talking.

MJF says hold on, let’s act like gentlemen, and as one, he would like to thank Jericho. Without Jericho, there is no AEW. Jericho was the top guy, the draw, the bridge for the lapsed fan to come over and enjoy. He also created the best group known as The Inner Circle. MJF allows a chant. However, he cant imagine the pressure Jericho must feel. Let’s face it; if Jericho doesn’t hit a home run, he’s taking food out of everyone’s muth. He puts the company on the line every time he comes out. There must be a lot of stress and paranoia. They can see it. Jericho looks exhausted. Heavy lies the crowd. But it’s ok. Come next week, he’ll do the humane thing; he’ll take the crown and place it atop his, and his family will replace The Inner Circle, but do not get it twisted – MJF appreciates it, which is why when it’s all said and done, and when he looks down on Jericho, he will utter the two words THANK YOU once again. Jericho’s spot is MJFs.

Jericho grabs the mic, says he is a self-righteous little prick. You can’t inherit a spot like he did his trust fund. He cant absorb a spot via osmosis. You want a spot? You gotta earn it. He said last week Jericho was curtain jerking at 25, and he’s damn proud of it because it led him to today. What he didn’t mention was at 25, he headlined Japan, Mexico, Germany – all where he learned respect and the reputation that put him at the top. If MJF wants Jericho’s spot, a good place to start earning it is beating him and The Inner Circle at Blood and Guts, because they ARE Blood and Guts, and if MJF wants to talk about Family, this is a family. They have been a part of AEW since Day 1. Hager had his back when he was threatened assassination in 2012. These lapdogs are wild animals that have clawed their way to the top. Sammy was brought in personally, and because of MJF, he quit. They will not beat them. They will have to kill them to make them surrender, and when that doesn’t happen, they will step on them like the pile of crap that they are, step on them, wipe their feet, and look at the only spot that MJF deserves.

NAKAZAWA is in the ring now, on a chair, with a headset, and out comes Kingston. He says he’s not doing this “Sports-Entertainment Crap.” He tells Mike to get out of the ring.

Out comes Kenny and Don. Kenny tells Eddie that he doesn’t understand how this works. They are mad at Eddie, that need to pay back what Eddie did to them. You don’t get the champ just because you asked. They are sending the goons after Eddie. He doesn’t get Kenny, he gets Nakazawa.

From behind, Nakazawa hits him with a laptop. Lol. Eddie elbows the back of Nakazawa’s head, then hits an exploder. Spinning back fist to Nak. Eddie tells Kenny to get in the ring or he will break Nakazawa’s ankle. Kenny says he knew what he signed up for, so go ahead and break it. Kenny reminds Kingston they have more than one goon. He sends Cutler out. Out comes Cutler, flying through the tube. It’s Moxley! He sends Cutler flying. Jon rushes Omega, locks in a sleeper!!! They lock Kenny’s ankle. He’s going to break it. He wants a match. Don yells for them to stop. Don’t. Eddie wants the match. Don says they’ll make it work. They got what they want. Eddie tells Kenny to stop moving. Eddie tells Jon to tell Don what he wants. They want a tag team match with Kenny Omega and Nakazawa, and they want it ASAP. Don says they’ll make it work. Jon runs to stomp the ankle, but stops short. Don says ok. They got it next week.

Taz is backstage with Tony, and Christian runs up on him, says Taz used to be the shit. He talked a big game and backed it up and made it look easy. Present day, he still talks a big game, but the backing up part…not so much. So he surrounded himself with the biggest and baddest, and when they find the inevitable success, he’ll be right there to bask in it just to feed his ego. Christian represents what Taz WISHES he could do. WISHES he could come back. Go ahead and send Team Taz one by one if he’s got to, because Cage believes in Win or Learn, and Hobbs learned a lesson. If Stark gets in the ring, he’ll learn, too. Hopefully, before it’s too late, they’ll realize they’d be better off without Taz.

Match 4: Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy)

Lockup is short lived as they attack with rights. Ropes and Kris hits a powerslam. She presses Ford up and drops her down hard. Ford pulls her out of the ring by the feet, spins Kris and punches her in the head. Ford to the corner, tries for a knee drop, but Kris moves out of the way. She looks to dive, Ford blocks with her hands up, so Kris rolls out and boops her on the nose. She sends Ford back into the ring. Kris is distracted long enough for Ford to give a big kick to the face. She tries for the knee drop again, and this time lands it. Kris falls to the mat.

We come back to Kris Statlander hitting a heel trip/lariat combo. Sh rushes the corner with a knee to Kris then lifts her up and carries her into the center of the ring, turning this into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kris hits the ropes, runs into a GERMAN! Ford grabs the head, rushes the corner for a bulldog into the middle buckle. Ford flies off for a neckbreaker. Ford rushes the corner and runs into a boot. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kris misses a clothesline, Ford hits a whipping kick. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Ford wanted the three. Duh, Tony.

Ford grabs the head, locks it up. She hits the ropes, springboard, Kris grabs her and hits a stacked piledriver. Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Kris Statlander

Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:42

I miss the entirety of The Factory vs The Nightmare Family, sorry.

Match 5:


Total Rating:
Match Time:

KIP is backstage, walks into an empty area with Miro and Miro just beats his ass. He pulls his arm into a doorway and slams the door on his wrist.

Match 6: TNT Championship Match
Darby Allin vs 10

Lockup to start. 10 backs Darby up against the ropes. He breaks the hold. Lockup again, and Darby gets a side headlock. Darby with a hard punch to the head. Whip to the corner. 10 whips him hard. Again to the corner. Kick out of the corner. 10 grabs Darby by the legs, looks for a powerbomb, Darby slips off the shoulders, clips the legs. Right hand. Darby flies off the top and 10 swaps Darby away. 10 lifts Darby, misses a right hand. Hits one, and Draby collapses.

WE ARE BACK and Ten lifts Darby for a powerbomb. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! 10 stands, shakes his arm, and grabs his head. He locks the head, lifts up Darby works the arm, he hits a cutter! Arm bar from the left side. He works the fingers. Darby takes 10 down again with the fingers, he locks in the arm bar. 10 escapes. Darby to the top. He front flips onto 10 on the outside!

ETHAN PAGE comes out of nowhere to attack Darby! Ten enters the ring. He pulls Darby into a German! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! 10 locks up from behind for the full nelson, but Darby elbows out and locks in the sleeper, then rips the mask of 10!

Darby chops away at him, slapping the face, hitting the ropes, and goes for a coffin drop! FULL NELSON!!! Darby falls back into a pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
A nice little tribute to Brodie.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:10

After the match, Ethan Page tries to attack again, but Scorpio Sky is there to attack Sting! He trips him with a kick, and we get a beat down of Darby and Sting to

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another great episode of AEW with only a few missteps, and they're from people who, at this rate, you kind of expect it from. The Young Bucks just come off as annoying, and not in a good way. you would think that as an integral part of the creative process, they'd stay away from something as asinine as the whole "twin" thing. For such anti-WWE guys, they sure do tend to hit that well quite a bit. Orange Cassidy did his thing, as did Penta. Kris was a little clunkier than her last outing, but still show so much growth. A great episode that will lead to next week, which just seems stacked.

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