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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 8.12.20

August 12, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 8.12.20  

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It’s Wednesday, y’all! Let’s goooooo!!!

We have a small number of fans in the stands, and JR says they are playin by the rules.

We head straight to the entrance tubes, and out comes The Young Bucks.

As The Young Bucks make their entrance, The Dark Order attack from behind. We’ve got three of the numerous Dark Order, then out come Uno and Grayson after the beatdown to enter the ring.

Match 1: The Young Bucks vs The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson)

Nick enters and the bell rings. Stu is with Nick in the ring, chopping him away. Nick with a jawbreaker, then he hits the ropes, but is sent flying to the outside. The Dark Order attack Nick, but there’s Matt on the stage. He flies with a front flip onto the three members of The Dark Order.

IN the ring, Nick is wrestling Uno, who gets a tag, then whipped into the face of Nick. Elbow from Stu. Body slam to Nick then Uno and Stu pose. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Snapmare, Stu hits the ropes. Running kick. Tag to Uno. Chop from Uno. Tag to Stu. Whip to Stu into a boot. Uno runs into one as well. Back suplex, but Nick lands on his feet. Stu tries one, and Nick lands on his feet again. Tag to Matt, who comes in and attacks both men. Kick from Stu, missed elbow, clothesline to both from Matt. Matt sends Stu to the corner, tags in Nick, they double chop then whip then elbow, then drop a fist and a splash. Kick to the entering Uno. They hit a gutbuster, then Matt runs with a spinning neckbreaker. Here comes Stu with an elbow, but flying crossbody from Nick. Grayson kips up, runs up Matt, kicks Nick, goes for a Uranage, but Matt arm drags. In comes Uno to German! Was a tag there. Chop from Uno. Uno drops the arm onto the shoulder. Tag to Grayson, who comes in and chokes up Matt on the ropes. Stu sends Matt into a boot. Tag to Uno. Uno in to rake the back. Matt attacks the mid, hits a right to the face, another, throat thrust from Uno.

Tag to Grayson who comes in and sends Matt to the outside. Grayson distracts the ref and Uno sends him into the apron. Cover from Grayson in the ring gets a 2. Cover again for 1..2..NO!!!

Matt is outside. He runs under the ring as The Dark Order try and attack, he comes out on the left side of the ring and enters the ring, but gets a Cutter for his trouble. Uno whips Matt into the corner, and Matt flies out of the corner with a spear! Grayson in, tries to attack Nick, Matt with a right hand, but he turns into a kick!!! Uno lifts Matt onto the shoulders, he flies off with ahurricanrana, slides under Uno, tag to Nick, he comes in, hits Grayson in the corner, knee to Uno. Bulldgo and a clothesline combo! Nick on the apron. He hits a shoulder, dives in with an X-Factor, hits the apron again, moonsaults into Grayson, Grayson catches him, Nick sends him over he barricade, SUPERKICK TO UNO!!! Another one to a Springboarding Grayson!!!

Tag to Matt who hits a dropkick as Nick distracts. Nick springboard with Risky Business. Pin for 1..2…Matt sets up Uno on the 2nd rope, Nick hits the 2nd rope, springboards with a swanton bomb and a pin from Matt for 1..2..NO!!! Rope break. Grayson on the apron, walks across Uno’s head, then Nicks and hurricanranas Matt into the corner. Belly to belly release of Nick into Matt! Cannonball swanton combo from The Dark Order! Grayson runs, tags in Uno. Nick is in the ring. Uno locks the head. Suplex attempt, Nick drops to his feet, leap frog. Uno catches Nick, Brainbuster and a kick combo!! Pin for 1..2..N!O!! Matt breaks the pin. Tag to Grayson. He enters and attacks! Right hands over and over .Grayson sends Matt outside then sends him lying through the entrance tube. The Dark Order block the tunnel, preventing matt from coming back.

Tag to Uno. He sets up for Fatality, but Nick rolls through, counters with a Sunset pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
Unfortunately for me, I’ve seen this match at least ten times, maybe even more, and because of that, there’s some beats that are expected to be hit. Fortunately, they kept the second half pretty fast paced and it wasn’t in a Legion Hall in Reseda, CA. Not a bad match, by any means, but relatively average comparatively.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 12:33

MJF walks out of a room, gets some gum from the new gum guy. MJF walks down a hallway, looks at his great posters, security tries to stand in front of him, and MJF shoves him, saying stay out of his shot. Lol

When Omega and Page are asked who their favorite tag team is, they say The Young Bucks, saying they’re the Gods of Tag Team Wrestling.

MJF wants to implore us to use #MJF2020 and #NOTMYCHAMPION. Before we get to the speech, he wants to show some stats. He stops to yell at his assistant to smile, because she was not.

We go to the polls. The latest results are that MJF is at a +500% while Moxley is at -1000%

MJF says he may get a little emotional here. He mourns for our belief in our champion, because today is the day it dies. Dictator Jon would be here if he cared. But he’s not. MJF is, though, and he will always be here. He is man enough to admit that he must take partial responsibility for Jon’s absence. Dictator Jon may not be here because he is afraid of change and MJF. MJF understands, though. Dictator Jon is swimming in uncharted territory. He’s never dealt with someone who is more talented than him. Since MJF cares about us so much, he wants to make sure Jon feels comfy enough to show up.

Some stagehands move the podium. MJF lays down on the mat, asks if this is better. He wonders if Jon is in his comfort zone now. He didn’t start this campaign to have a beef or rival, but he did it because AEW deserves quality leadership. Jon is no leader. Jon is a dog. A rabid dog chasing cars, wouldn’t know what to do with one if he caught it, but therein lies the issue – he has caught it. He has caught Pretty Platinum – the AEW World Title. If Jon wants to prove that MJF is wrong and he does care, how about you fork the keys over to a real leader. Why wait till September 5, at All Out, fork them over to someone better than Jon. Because Jon knows, MJF knows, and we know that we deserve better.

MJF sits up as the music of Moxley hits.

He sends all the men up the stairs, where Jon always comes out from. Wardlwo removes his jacket and walks up the steps, as MJF barks orders.

Jon is coming out the ntrance, though. He enters the ring and clotheslines MJF from behind! Jon sends MJF int othe podium. Double Underhook. Paradigm Shift. Jon tosses the podium then leaves the ring.

Jon grabs a mic backstage and says not to think this makes them even; they won’t be even until All Out when he teaches MJF a painful lesson in humility. He will make sure that this is a bitter pill for him to swallow.

Backstage to a stitched up Matt Hardy and the dude that interviews people in AEW. He has ten days before he is medically cleared. Matt says he is alive – but he doesn’t die. Well, that’s redundant. He wants to make Sammy bleed the way Matt has bled, and unfortunately for Sammy, Augsust 22 is a Saturday and Matt will be cleared and be here to kick Sammy’s weird little ass. Matt is not going home; he will wait for Sammy, because Sammy is an obnoxious ant that needs to be squashed. He will end Sammy.

A ref walks by with a backwards hat and a leather jacket. Matt sees him and grabs him then sends him into the door over and over again.

Lol. Crazy ol Matt.

We see a door, it says NO ADMITTANCE. Scorpio kicks it down. Did they build an entire door just so he could kick it?

We got a new belt!

And we got CHIODA!!!!!!

Cody has added “The Prince of Pro Wrestling” as an additional nickname.

Match 2: TNT Championship Match
Scorpio Sky vs Cody Rhodes

Lockup to start, headlock takedown, scissors, reversal, same from Scorpio, and he shoves away the head scissors. Cody grabs the leg as he stands, as JR calls Scorpio a nice guy. Shoulder tackle to Cody, Cody hops over, Scorpio hops over, dodges a crossbody. Cody rolls to the outside, slightly frustrated. Cody tries for a shoulder tackle, but both men stand still. Cody gets reversed, reverses, then hip tosses Scorpio to the outside. Cody holds the ropes, inviting Scorpio into the ring. Scorpio, instead of going through the ropes, rolls under the ropes, denying Cody’s help. Kick to Cody. Right hand to the fae. Whip, reese, kick from Scorpio. Cody runs with a clothesline, and both men go over the top rope! Cody with a right, Scorpio hits one, he blocks, sends Cody into the apron, right hand to Cody. Right to the forehead. Another to the head. Right to the gut of Cody. They both roll into the ring. Cody kicks, drops, chin check! Scorpio hits aknee in the corner, another, he rushes, powerslam to Scorpio out of the corner! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

Cody works the wrist of Scorpio, placing it behind his head, Chioda checks for a pin. Cody steps on the hand then kicks the back of the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cody grabs the arm and drops it onto his shoulder. He blows a kiss to the crowd. Right hand to the face of Scorpio. Scorpio fires back. Cody locks the head, and stalls. He drops Scorpio to the front.

We are bck from break, and Sky turns into a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! He sends Cody into the corner. Whip to the opposite corner, Cody lifts and turns with a rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Sky hangs Cody up on the top rope! Sky sits Cody up on the corner. He punches the back. Cody in the Tree of Woe. Sky stomps him out. Sky whips Cody into the ringpost under the ropes! Sky sends Cody into the ropes then locks in the abdominal stretch. Cody sends Sky out of the hold, leaves to the apron, Sky springboards and hits a cutter! Sky rolls Cody into the ring, covers for 1..2…NO!!!! Cody tries for a suplex, Sky favors the back. Cody sits Sky on the top rope. He pulls Sky up, locking the head, SUPERPLEX to Sky, but Sky with a surprise rollup!!! 1…2….NO!!!! Counter, again, Sky with a TK-NO!!! CROSS RHODES!! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!!! Cody is shocked. He grabs the left arm of Scorpio. Cody twists for a piedriver, Sky falls back, counter, Cody twists and lands on his feet, SKY WITH A PAYDIRT! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!!

Sky up. He heads to the apron. He waits or Cody, springboards, Cody holds the ropes. Sky eats Mat. Cross Rhodes. Cover for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
The slow crawl towards heeldom for Cody continues, as he has an entire entourage coming out with him, and continues to show some heelish tendancies. The match itself was a nice story to tell, but the issue I’m running into is that every match Cody has had is someone focusing on something to tire Cody out only for him to come out at the end with the win. A slight change will need to happen, and it looks like it might with Brodie Lee.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:42

Brodie Lee is on the big screen! He’s holding the old TNT Title! He aks Cody if his transgressions would go unpunished. Omega and Hangman have been dispatched, The Elite have been dispatched, and on Saturday, Cody will put respect on The Dark Order’s name. On Saturday, he takes the beautiful piece of gold off of Cody’s hand. But he will be so nice as to give Cody the old one back.

Match 3: AEW Tag Team Championship Match
Jurassic Express vs Kenny Omega and Adam Page

Omega and Jungle to start. Lockup! Omega backed into the ropes. Ref counts and Omega release,s looks to punch, but Stunt hops onto the apron to stop him. Omega yells at him then gives him a nice little slap. Jungle and Lucha hold him back. Omega smirks. Back to the match, and Omega locks up. Side headlock, into the ropes, Omega releases, hops over, but gets tripped, then a rollup from Jungle for 1…NO!!! He tries to firemans, gets sent flying, but grabs the arm and locks an arm bar. Chop to the chest. Kick to the leg, springboard to another, and an arm drag to Omega!!! Stunt distracts. Dropkick to the face of Omega! Cover for 1..2….NO!! Tag to Lucha. He enters and Jungke kicks, then Lucha kicks, then he sends Stunt into a Paydirt. Cover from Lucha for 1..2….NO!!! Omega elbows out fo the corner. Right hand to the fe. Another. Right is blocked by Omega, and he hits a chop. Lucha grabs the head, sends Omega into the corner, beats him up a bit, then gets a tag from Jungle. Lucha slams Kenny face first into the mat. Jungle hops off the apron onto the knees then onto Omega. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jungle Boy lifts Omega, Omega blocks. Axe handle t othe back. He kicks, Kenny chops Jungle Boy. Side headlock and Omea hits the ropes, Kenny gets himself a tag, Omega goes for a kick, misses, Page with a clothesine! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Page with a chop. Whip to the ropes. Jungle ups up, Page satches him and hits a body slam. Suplex .Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Omega. Omega in and kicks and chops from Page and Omega. Jungle Boy on the ropes, tries for an arm drag, but Page pulls him and Jungle Boy gets crotched. Page flies over the top rope onto Lucha!!! Page sends Jungle Boy into the ring. Tag to Omega. Right hand to Jungle Boy.Another. Kicks from Omega in the corner. Omega with a cravat from behind. Turns it into a front face lock. Omega cuts the ring in half with his back to Lucha. Jungle is up, Omega clubs the back. He sends Jungle into Omega’s corner, chop to Jungle Boy! Jungle fires back, so Page holds onto the arms and Omega hits a right. Chop t othe seated Jungle Boy on the top rope. Omega hops up and locks the head, goes for a Superplex. Page attacks the back as Jungle Boy tries to fight back. He sends Omega flying, roll through, tag to Lucha, tag to Page. Clothesline. One for Omega. Kick to Page. Headbutt to Page. Pump Kick to Page. Lucha grabs Page, Omega drops him down, they miss some rights, kick to Page, another to Omega, GOOZLE!!! CHOKESLAM TO PAGE!!! Standing Moonsault! Pin for 1…2…..NO!!! Lucha goes for another kick, but Omega dodges, V-TRIGGER TO LUCHA!!! SNAP DRAGON!! Omega locks up from behind and hits another one! Jungle in, Omega tries to hit him with one, but Jungle arm dras him to the outside. Stunt laughs it off so Omega hits him with one! Jungle oy with a suicide dive, but Omega catches him! Snap Dragon!!!

Omega runs to the top rope! Dropkick from the top! Double Underhook! He hits the ol Ambrose move! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Page is outside and sends Jungle into the ring. Tag to Omega. Page enters. Jungle is in the corner, Lucha is backed into him. Page runs with a clothesline to both men! Kenny does the same but with a back elbow. Forearm to Lucha, Omega tosses Lucha into a hold from Page, Lucha with an elbow, kick to Omega, elbow to Page, hurricanrana attmpt from Jungle, but Omega lifts him up, releases, Page catches, GERMAN!!! Kick to Page from Lucha! Page tries for The Buck Shot, but GOOZLE!!! GOOZLE TO OMEGA!!! Lucha kicks. DOUBLE SUPLEX TO PAGE AND OMEGA! Frog Splash to Page! Jungle Boy suicide dives onto Omega! Springboard Rolling DDT TO PAGE!!! Lucha has Stunt in his arms! He sends him flying into Omega!!

In the ring, Lucha slams Omega down hard then covers for 1..2….NO!!! Tag to Jungle. Spinning kick to the head from Lucha. Elbow from Jungle Boy to the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Omega in to stop the hold!!! Lucha sends – NO! Omega sends Lucha outside! Page lifts up Jungle and cohps him away. He sends Jungle into the ropes, Omega ducks, Page catches him. Powerbomb outside the ring onto Lucha! Kenny hits the ropes! Tope con hilo to the outside!!! He sends Jungle Boy in.

Page catches, gutwrench, powerbomb! Pin for 1…2….NO!!!! Tag to Omega. Omega and Page set up, Buck Shot, V-Trigger! Omega covers! 1..2……3!!!!

Winners: Adam Page and Kenny Omega
The energy picked up a lot during this match, as it seems everything before was just in 2nd gear. Solid outing, and a sick ass final quarter. Quality stuff from all four involved.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 13:54

Santana and Ortiz are backstage trashing some clothes. They toss some luggage, then dump it out in the corner of some showers, before pouring bleach on everything.

Butcher and Blade call their tag team wrestling gritty and ugly, which is why they choose The Road Warriors.

The ring has FTR, ARN, Tully, Rock n Roll Express, and The Young Bucks.

Matt on the mic, says everyone must be enjoying Tag Team Appreciation Night.

He welcomes Arn and Tully and R&R Express. Matt talks of great teams,

Dax talks about being big marks for Arn and Tully and R&R, but it goes deeper than that. Because of them, Everyone here and in the back get to make a living in the greatest sport in the world. For 7.5 years, he’s traveled the globe with his best friend and has had the time of his life because of them. Most importantly, he has a perfect daughter and wife at home. He loves them and gets to give them the life because of these four men. He is indebted to the mforever.

Ricky says he watches AEW every week. He loves it. Him and Robert, but he hasn’t seen so much chemistry in a match since Tully and Arn. BUT, we come to The Young Bucks here, and for the last 15 years ,they’ve dominated professional wrestling and brought back tag team wrestling. They are, in their generation, the top tag team in the world. It reminds him of a tag team they remember. Thanks everyone.

Arn on the mic, he tells Tully it’s been a while and Tully is just getting caught up. Arn isn’t a guy who blows smoke, but he does tell the truth, and The Young Bucks have taken tag team wrestling to the highest of heights. As for R&R, they’re still at it today. They’ve gotta be the tag team of the century. This will ruffle some feathers, but he’ll say it again, FTR is the best team in the world right here.

Tully rips the mci away from Ricky, telling him not to start something he cant finish. Tully has news for all of them. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback because he’s got rings. The thing that makes you a great teag team is if they’ve got the belt. They can talk all they want about being the baddest and the best, and as of tonight, neither team is a champion. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back and tell everyone how great they are.

Tully turns to Arn, says he’s got something for Arn since Arn got involved in the match with his guy and Rhodes. He doesn’t understand the Rhodes agreement. Arn says he doesn’t remember ever asking permission, but he can see what’s going on.

Spears comes out of the tunnel. Arn decides to leave the ring. Ricky cheap shots Tully! Lol. Dax’s knee is hurting, it appears. Young Bucks break up the old guy, then back Tully up. Spears understands, tells them he’s got it. Dax and Cash stand up, and seem pretty pissed off. Ricky and Robert are shouting from the ropes. FTR ATTACK!!! PILEDRIVER!! HAHAHAHAHA. FTR hug each other. Page and Hangman run out. Omega is stunned, asking what’s going on. Young Bucks check on Ricky.

Backstage, marvez is with Chioda. He is welcomed. Chioda says thank you, but here comes Jericho.

Jericho says KEE-KEE and he have been around the world. In fact, 18 years ago, he saved Chioda’s job, and that’s why he wante Chioda here tonight. He will beat OC, but just in case, Jericho asks Chioda to mke sure he does the right thing.

Chioda says he’ll call it right down the middle. Jericho says ok, if that’s what he wants to call it, then when the time is right, he will give Chioda the sign, and Chioda can then do the right thing – maybe then Chioda will get his job back.

Sammy is here to give us some PIP love. He has a message for Matt Hardy, asking him what’s wrong, then says he can’t get Sammy out of his head. Lol. Get it? Oh well, Matt needs to relax. Enjoy the night off. Too bad though, Matt left his thrown (throne). Typical Matt. Learning the Hard Way.

Hot Ass Hikaru is here to squash some fresh meat!


Match 4: Hikaru Shida vs Heather Monroe

Heather out the gate with some hard hits until she ets a high knee from Shida. Shida mounts and punches Monroe down hard. Hida with a backbreaker to Monroe. Monroe sends Shida int othe corner .Hard right, back elbow, high kick, knees to Shida. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Monroe pulls back on both arm, knees Shida in the back, Shida turns into the hold, pulls Monroe into a hold and suplexes her into the corner buckle! Hida in the center, hits a hard right to the face, another, a third. Shida locks the head, goes for a Falcon Arrow, but Monroe reverses! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!

Stretch Muffler from Shida, pulling the arm back as well! Monroe taps!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
Awww, it’s always nice to see CA talent on TV. Good job, Monroe!
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2;15

Tony speaks with Shida center stange. Shida says she is still waiting. Bring it on.

Jake Roberts is backstage, saying ideally, one can have a match won before it even starts. A guy walks by, and Lance attacks him. Another guy gets tossed int othe locker. Jake continues to talk. Lance rips Jake’s shirt, turns him around, and reads off “EVERYBODY DIES.”

Kinda hard to take Jake’s vocal threats as serious when Lance dedresses him in front of the camera and makes Jake look like a pandering ol fool. It’s minor, really small, but just not a fan of that part of the segment.

Main Event:
Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho

Cassidy ducks an attack from Jericho, and lays into Jericho with rights over and over and over into the corner. Running clothesline to the corner, body shots and Orange is beatin Jericho’s ass! He hits the roeps Shoulder tackle to Jericho! Orange sends Jericho over the top rope with a clothesline. Orange flies with a crossbody over the top rope. He bets down on Jericho again, with a bunch of rights. Kick from Jericho, whip, reversed, and Orange sends Jericho into the AEW banner. Orange sends Jericho running into a barricade. Orange breaks the pin. He hits a right hand to Jericho. Orange rolls back inside, heads to the top rope. Hands in his pocket! A falling….whatever onto Jericho! He sends Jericho into the ring. Orange to the top rope again. He flies, DDT to Jericho! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!Orange calls for a Superman Punch, but Jericho hits a kick to the face! Stomp to Orange. He grabs the head and pulls Orange up then hits a back suplex. Chop to Orange. Another chop. Whip, reverse, Jericho holds the ropes, sends Orange over, right hand to Orange, Dropkick sends Orange off the apron to the outside! Jericho waits as Chioda counts. Orange up at 6 and on the apron. Jericho tackles him right off the apron, and Orange flies into the barricade, hard. Jericho leaves the ring. He grabs Orange and lifts Orange, then drops him onto the barricade. Jericho sends Orange into the apron, then into the ring. Jericho enters and pulls at the ear of Orange. He locks up for a suplex, hits it after some delay, letting the orange just go all the way to Cassidy’s head. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jericho lifts Orange for another delayed suplex, this time holding onto it long enough to come back from break. He event adds a few mini squats. Cover for 1…2….NO!!

Jericho slaps the ear of Orange. Orange with some body shots. Over and over. He hits the ropes, Jericho trucks him down. LIONSUALT! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jericho up. Orange takes his time to stand. Jericho helps him up, talks some shit, Orange moves his hand and gives Jericho a devastating brush of the fingers! Over and over and over and over! Jericho grabs his head, Orange ducks, SUPERKICK to Jericho!!! Orange hits the ropes. Clothesline! Orange to the outside. He’s heading to the top rope! Orange dives with a crossbody! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Orange is up. Dragon Screw! Another! This time, he holds onto the leg and fucks the knee. Orange goes for a third, Jericho stops him with a right forearm. Kick out of the corner. Orage dives off, and Jericho catches him! Walls Of J—-No, more of a Boston Crab. Orange on his elbows. He’s looking for the rope. Orange rolls into a Small Package! 1..2…NO!!! kick from Jericho, Orange catches the leg, Orange pulls on the knee. He gets an Ankle Lock! Orange is not selling the Crab at all. Orange continues to work the ankle. Jericho kicks orange away, Orange turns. Kick to Orange. Sup—NO!!!! A counter into a jawbreaker! Orange hits the ropes, tilt a whirl, Orange flies off. CODE BREAKER! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Jericho slaps Orange in the face. He heads to the corner to grab his bat. Chioda yells at Jericho that he can’t have the bat. Jericho tells him to do the right thing. Jericho tells him to turn around. Chioda turns around!!!

He turns again, grabs the bat from Jericho, and here comes Orange to roll Jericho up for 1..2…NO!!!! FALCON ARROW!! Pin for 1.2….NO!!!! Orange hits the ropes. Kick to Jericho’s face! Orange comes out the corner. SUPERMAN PUNCH!!!

Santana and Ortiz come out!! Best Friends are there to stop them! Chioda is distracted! Hager enters the ring! Gutwrench slam onto Orange!!! Everyone leaves. Jericho turns to pin. Chioda counts. 1…2…NO!!!

Orange with rights Go behind! LOW BLOW to Orange!!! Orange escapes a roll up, Side Russian Leg Sweep into a pin! 1…2…..3!!!! Tazz is calling it a Mouse Trap!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
Obviously, I’m over the moon that Orange won, but I will have to admit that the ending was a bit odd. Orange dropping all of his theatrics to show that he’s taking this seriously was a good move, as much as I love his deadly shin kicks. Chioda’s debut is cool, and I’m glad we didn’t go the evil ref route. All in all, a good main event to a relatively lackluster episode.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 13:52

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was the first episode of AEW that I wasn't actively eager from commercial to commercial to get back to the action, as it seemed to be just a bit off this week. The opening contest was one that took me back to the days of PWG in Reseda, but only for a second, as it never really picked up speed. MJF is still awesome in his plight to dethrone Moxley as our Champion, and he's really going full balls to the walls with his character. Scorpio tried what he could to make this match a big deal, complete with knocking a door down, but the Cody matches are becoming eerily similar with the opponent working a body part but not quite cutting the mustard. Lee will, hopefully bring something else to the table. Thankfully, the second half picked up a bit and had much more going for it with one exception. I know its small, but I was NOT a fan of Archer ripping Jake's shirt off and exposing him as both a) an old man and b) not nearly as menacing as we have thought or seen previous. I know it's small, but this little moment really really bothered me. All in all, AEW wasn't firing on all cylinders tonight, and gave us the weakest episode since I started this. Still, even at its weakest point, the wrestling was quality, everything had a point, and they did some building towards future events.

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