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Alex Riley Takes Shots at John Cena, Rock & WWE, Wants ‘Sports Entertainment Union Match’ With Cena

June 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alex Riley

Alex Riley is reviving his off-screen rivalry with John Cena again, taking shots at Cena as well as The Rock and WWE on social media and challenging the former to a “Sports Entertainment Union Match.” Riley, who has a long history of heat with Cena over an alleged backstage incident that has never been clearly explained, posted to Instagram last week and challenged Cena to a match, writing:

“You I – The first ever “Sports Entertainment Union Match” #SeeMe @johncena you have no choice


“I believe it is very clear which side I have always stood on and the one you are now forced to”

Riley began posting about Cena after the latter’s interview with Chris Van Vliet in which Cena said he would definitely be returning to WWE. He has gone on to post more about Cena and WWE as of late, including saying he “will not return to @wwe in any way until #SportsEntertainment is unionized,” adding, “Let this be the proof to all of you I loved that business more than any of you ever did @therock @johncena and all “top guys” included.”

Riley signed with WWE in 2007, making his TV debut on the second season of NXT in 2010. He was with the company until 2016, working with The Miz and then as a singles competitor before having a stint on the commentary booth. He was released in May of 2016 and left wrestling, though he announced in December of 2019 that he was interested in returning for AEW.

On Saturday he posted again, writing:

“Unionize #SportsEntertainment and I promise you the day after I will walk straight Into a @wwe ring and smack this man in the mouth “face-to-face” harder than he ever hit me “with my back turned”

“Let’s go #SagAftra @wwe you want a “rating” come get it… take your time or don’t… I am waiting”

“your product sucks and you know it”

“this man ran to Vince McMahon complaining about every little bump and bruise he ever got.. what’s up @misterkenanderson #SeeMe and…

feel free to quote me”

Thanks to Matt W. for the tip.