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Buff Bagwell Loved His Time In the American Males, Thinks They Could Have Been Huge

March 24, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
American Males Scotty Riggs Buff Bagwell Image Credit: WCW

Before Buff Bagwell was a solo star, he was part of The American Males with Scotty Riggs, and he says he really enjoyed his time in the team. Bagwell recently appeared on Going Broadway and during the conversation he touched on the team’s run, which included a short reign as the WCW World Tag Team Champions. You can see some highlights below, courtesy of Wrestling Inc:

On the American Males’ run as a team: “The American Males was my baby. I was trying to convince WCW that a goatee, earrings, chokers was not bad guys anymore. … The American Males one was the most fun because it was more of what I believed in.”

On enjoying his time in the team: “I was super happy. Even though I was never really up for [singles gold], I was always in the dead mix of the world title, you know, or tag team titles. … The American Males thing, I think, would’ve continued on and been probably the biggest tag team, one of the biggest tag teams ever, but then the NWO happened.”

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