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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 8.20.18

August 20, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Raw Review 8.20.18
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 8.20.18  

Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 08.20.18

– Lashley defeated Constable Corbin @ 12:40 via pin [**]
– The Riott Squad defeated Ember Moon, Bayley, & Sasha Banks @ 10:18 via pin [**½]
– Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 9:45 via pin [***]
– Elias defeated Curt Hawkins @ 1:35 via pin [NR]
– The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide @ 4:50 via pin [*]
– Scott Dawson defeated Bo Dallas @ 2:25 via pin [NR]
– Dash Wilder defeated Curtis Axel @ 2:12 via pin [NR]
Universal Title Match: Champion Roman Reigns defeated Finn Balor @ 19:50 via pin [****]

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“The Big Dog” is Here: Right away Cole is insufferable, “Let the critics criticize” and then his IT’S THE BIG DAWG spiel. You know Vince is just yelling into the headset. “MAKE THEM LOVE HIM, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME AND WHAT I LOVE!” Anyway, our big dawg and savior Roman Reigns gets to discuss how he defeated Brock, and plans to defend the title tonight. He wants to defend against Finn Balor, who lost the title due to injury and never got his chance to win it back. Finn arrives and accepts the challenge, and plans to take his title back tonight. They shake hands, but here comes Constable fuck face to ruin the party. He says it won’t happen because Balor will not be rewarded for his stunt last night. He says Balor no-showed Summerslam and sent the demon n his place and breached his contract. Constable fuck face says the match never happened at Summerslam and Corbin wants to fight Balor the man tonight. Reigns runs down Constable fuck face, and now Kurt Angle arrives. He tells Constable fuck face to shut up and makes Balor vs. reigns for tonight’s main event. It’ll be interesting to see how they play the Reigns thing going forward, the crowd isn’t magically behind him just because he beat Lesnar, and they still have a lot of work to do. I do love Balor finally getting his shot. Corbin can fuck off, I find him almost completely useless. This was a solid open to the show.

Lashley vs. Constable Corbin: Lashley overpowers Corbin and tosses him around. Corbin makes the ropes and Lashley hits a neck breaker. Corbin runs to the floor, gets cut off, and Lashley works him over with ease. Back in and it’s all Lashley as he clotheslines Corbin to the floor. Lashley follows and but Corbin takes out his knee and then slams him to the barricade. Back in and Corbin grounds the action. Lashley fires up and to his feet, hits a clothesline, but Corbin is able to rush Lashley to the floor and follows with a lariat. Post break, and Corbin has things grounded again. Corbin slams Lashley to the post, but Corbin now misses a charge and posts himself. They trade rights, and then Lashley hits clotheslines and suplexes. Lashley now hits the spinebuster for 2. To the floor they go, Lashley works him over and back in, Lashley gets stunned off the ropes. Corbin takes Lashley up top, Lashley fights him off, and then flies off into a chokebreaker for 2. Lashley cuts him off and hits a big ending for the win. Lashley defeated Constable Corbin @ 12:40 via pin [**] The match was ok, but boring and terribly paced. Also, having Lashley (who previously beat Reigns and then took him to the limit) go 50/50 with Constable Fucking Corbin, who is essentially a joke character, and lost in like 90-seconds last night, is ridiculous. Guys that are higher on the totem pole sometimes just need to be dominating forces, especially a guy like Lashley.

– Heyman meets with Angle and says Brock wants his rematch. Angle says it will be a long time until he gets his rematch. Heyman agrees and says it should take place at Hell in a Cell. Angle says it will be a cold day in hell.

– Constable fuck face arrives and complains to Angle. Angle doesn’t give a shit about Corbin’s problems, and Corbin says Stephanie is here and he’s gonna tattle on Angle.

– We take a look at the Triple H vs. Undertaker rivalry, which will see them face one last time at the WWE Super Show-Down Melbourne 2018.

Ember Moon, Bayley, & Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, & Liv Morgan: Banks and Ruby to begin and they brawl right away. Bayley tags in and works her over before tagging in Moon. Moon now works over Logan and hits a superkick for 2. It breaks down and he faces hit a series of dives. Post break, and Bayley has Liv grounded. Bayley hits corner attacks, Logan makes the save, allowing Liv to dump her. Ruby hits an STO on the floor and rolls Bayley back in and covers for 2. Logan tags in as The Riott Squad works quick tags and double teams, and Liv covers for 2. Liv grounds things, tags in Ruby and the triple teams follow as Logan hits a head butt for 2. Bayley battles back, but Logan knocks Moon to the floor. Ruby tags in and Bayley cradles her for 2 and then tags in Banks. She runs wild, hits knee strikes, and then the corner knees for 2. It breaks down and Moon hits a tornado suplex on Liv to the floor. Logan takes out Bayley, but Banks takes he rout with meteora to the floor. Back in and Ruby hits the Riott kick for the win. The Riott Squad defeated Ember Moon, Bayley, & Sasha Banks @ 10:18 via pin [**½] With Ruby back in the mix, The Riott Squad is on a roll and picking up wins. This was a solid tag match that did a nice job of keeping the action moving.

Triple H Talks: Triple H arrives to NXT chants, saying it was a great weekend, putting over Takeover and Summerslam. He’s still a fan and loves this. He will work until the day he dies to keep this here for everyone. But he has that itch to get back into the ring, to be the game again. And that’s why he’s facing Undertaker in Australia. He didn’t want to face Taker, because of how things ended after their WM HIAC match. They show the picture of he, Taker, & HBK standing together. That moment was real and filled with respect. He stood there with two all time greats and it changed them. HBK was gone, the streak ended, and he left and put a suit on. The era ended, and it was all gone; their era was something special. He called Vince and then agreed to it, he will take off the suit, will tape back up, and will be the game again, if Taker will be the phenom one more time. On October 6th, the sound will be back the feeling will be back, and the era will be back. They will do it one last time. This was a good promo from Triple H to sell and set up the match.

– We get highlights from Summerslam and Reigns winning the universal title.

– Rollins and Ambrose make their way out to the ring.

– Tomorrow on Smackdown…

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler: Rollins & McIntyre are at ringside. They lock up and Ambrose grounds the action. Ziggler escapes and powders. Back in and Ambrose blocks the shot and they work to the ropes. He shoves Ziggler down, but Ziggler fires u and lays in rights but Ambrose lays in chops to stop that. Ambrose follows with a back elbow, covering for 2. The shoulder tackle and slam follow. Drew trips him up and Rollins has to back off Ambrose. That allows Ziggler to attack and knock Ambrose back to the floor. Post break, and Ziggler has things grounded. He shoves Ambrose around, which fires him up and he takes control back and lays the boots to Ziggler. Ziggler cuts him off and gets a cradle with the ropes for 2. Ambrose hits the fall away slam, Ziggler suns him off the ropes, but Ambrose then sends him to the post only to miss a charge and post himself. Seth & Drew brawl, Ziggler joins him and they slam him to the barricade until Ambrose makes the save. Back in and Ambrose looks for dirty deed, Seth runs in and hits a suicide dive onto Drew. Dirty deeds finishes Ziggler. Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 9:45 via pin [***] This was good, and played into the angle with all four. It was nice to see Ambrose change up his game in his return match; it felt fresh. It was fun overall.

– Balor meets with Braun backstage. Braun warns him he may cash in if he wins the title tonight.

– Elias is here. He says someone tried to sabotage and destroy all he built last night. CURT HAWKINS arrives! He wants a match in his town. Elias laughs him off and says Hawkins is a loser. He was born a loser and will die a loser, just like everyone here. “This is my stage, you don’ belong here.” Elias plays his tune, but Hawkins asks if he will hide behind his guitar and scarf?

Elias vs. Curt Hawkins: Hawkins gets a roll up for 2, but Elias cuts him off with a jumping knee strike. He follows with rights and takes control. The elbow drop follows for 2. Hawkins then gets a cradle for 2. He fires up with clotheslines and a dropkick. Elias cuts him off and drift away finishes Hawkins. Elias defeated Curt Hawkins @ 1:35 via pin [NR] Poor Curt Hawkins goes to 0-219.

– Dana Brooke seems smitten with Apollo as Titus interrupts their meeting.

The Authors of Pain vs. Titus Worldwide: JIP as the AOP work over Titus. Titus hits a suplex and tags in Apollo. He’s immediately cut off and double teamed and the AOP covers for 2. Rezar powers him to the corner and pummels him. AOP follows with double teams and Akem covers for 2. Akem grounds Apollo, Apollo fights to his feet with strikes, gets cut off, but fires back with kicks. AOP cut him off and set him up top. Apollo fights, and hits a high cross for 2. The standing moonsault follows for 2. He takes out Akem, but Rezar knocks Titus to the floor. Rezar cuts off Apollo, and the last chapter finishes it. The Authors of Pain defeated Titus Worldwide @ 4:50 via pin [*] A nothing of a match in a feud that will not end; nobody cared. Can’t wait for the Titus vs. Apollo feud.

Ronda Rousey Time: The women’s division surrounds the ring as Stephanie (in her black Liger tribute gear) makes her arrival. I appreciate that Bliss is wearing a sling to sell last night’s match. Stephanie praises the woman and hypes the Evolution PPV. Stephanie takes credit for Rousey’s success due to her business skills; she molded Rousey in her own image. Stephanie announced “her protégé,” Ronda Rousey. Stephanie says they may be chanting Rousey, she hears Stephanie. Rousey says this isn’t about Stephanie; it’s about all the women. Rousey tells them all to get in the ring because they deserve it for all the work they have done. Rousey says this is about all of them, the revolution, and praises Natalya, Banks, Bayley, and says without them the movement may have never gotten off the ground. Rousey says she’s not Brock, she will be a fighting champion. Stephanie says she doesn’t know who Rousey is anymore. Stephanie says to look at poor Alexa and what Rousey did to her. Stephanie says that’s not wrestling, and Rousey will do it to all of the women, and wipe them out. Rousey says she’s not here to break their arms, only the ones that deserve it. Rousey arm bars Stephanie and breaks her. This… I guess the best way to describe it is that it felt forced. From the forced unity and way they want Ronda to be the happy go luck face of the division (don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with presenting her as the face of the division, but this isn’t the way to do it), none of it felt genuine in anyway. I love seeing Steph get some comeuppance again, but that was about it. It feels as if the company has no idea how to organically build up and present a star anymore.

– Dallas cut a promo about the B Team going from losers to champions.

Bo Dallas vs. Scott Dawson: they lock up, work to the ropes and Dallas lays in rights. Dawson stuns him off the ropes and follows with a clothesline. Dawson grounds things, Dallas fights to his feet but Dawson cuts him off until Dallas gets a backslide for 2. Dallas fires up and takes control with clotheslines. Dawson cuts off the neck breaker and hits a cradled DDT for the win as the crowd does the wave. Scott Dawson defeated Bo Dallas @ 2:25 via pin [NR] That was a match that happened, at least the right man won, although nobody cared as the wave showed us.

Curtis Axel vs. Dash Wilder: JIP with Dash in control, hitting a back breaker for 2. Dash ground the action, working the back. Axel escapes, and follows with clotheslines and a dropkick. The Hennig neck snap follows. Axel now heads to the ropes and misses the fist drop. Dash hits a Gory bomb for the win. Dash Wilder defeated Curtis Axel @ 2:12 via pin [NR] This should set up a tag title match following the Revival going 2-0 here.

– Reigns is interviewed about tonight’s title defense against Balor. He didn’t chase the title to not defend it and Balor deserves the chance, but he’ll lose. He’s not concerned about Braun.

– Stephanie gets medical attention and Corbin and Stephanie then yells at Angle. Stephanie thinks he needs a vacation and pits Corbin in charge as acting GM.

Universal Title Match: Champion Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor: No demon tonight, because the Demon is only brought out for big matches, like facing Baron Corbin and not universal title matches. Ok then. Thy lock up and Reigns tosses Balor around. The shoulder tackle follows. Balor hits a sunset flip for 2, but Reigns cuts him off and knocks him to the apron. Post break, and Reigns has Balor grounded. Balor fights out but Reigns stops that. Balor hits a basement dropkick, and ten dumps Reigns. He follows but Reigns cuts off the apron PK, and back in, covers for 2. Reigns then whips him to the buckles, and follows with rights. Balor battles back, picks up the pace and hits a standing double stomp. He lays in chops, but Reigns is pissed and lays in corner clotheslines. Balor catches him with a dropkick, sending Reigns to the floor. Balor follows with a tope. Back in and Balor covers for 2. Post break, and Reigns is in control and daring Balor to fight back. Balor does and hits a PELE. Balor fires up with strikes and lays the boots to Reigns, he’s fired the fuck up. Reigns cuts him off, cradles him for 2 and transitions into a sitout powerbomb for 2. Reigns sets and the superman punch is cut off and Balor hits the inverted DDT for a great near fall, the crowd is into this big time now. The enziguri follows, and then sling blade. Reigns cuts off John Wooooo with a superman punch for 2. Reigns fires up and Balor cuts him off with a roll up for 2. Superman punch by Reigns. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAUN IS HERE! He chills on the stage as Balor hits sling blade and John Wooooooooo! The double stomp misses and Reigns hits the spear for the win. Champion Roman Reigns defeated Finn Balor @ 19:50 via pin [****] This was a great main event, Balor & Reigns work really well together, and play off of their size and stylistic differences very well. Plus they had a hot crowd that was really digging it and buying into what they were selling.

BRAUN IS CASHING IN… but the Shield music hits and here come Rollins & Ambrose in Shield gear. They surround the ring and we have the big brawl. They beat down Braun and dump him to the floor. They follow and hit the Shield bomb on Braun through the announce table!

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
The Summerslam fallout edition of WWE Raw was mostly one of those “it’s a show” shows, with only the Triple H promo and Ambrose/Rollins vs. McIntyre/Ziggler segment really delivering. But the main event and post match angle were both absolutely great and really helped save a drab show. The main event was just a great back and forth match and the Shield reunion got over big. Fans were robbed of the last one due to Ambrose’s injury and the reason it worked here is because no one saw it coming. There were no teases, and when you think about it, it makes sense. The Shield initially formed because they wanted to stop injustice, and here, Braun went back on his word and was going cash in on a vulnerable champion, which he said he wouldn’t do, the band got back together to save their friend and it resulted in a great segment. Raw still has its issues, but the main event and post-match angle got me excited to see how they follow it up next week.

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