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David McLane Guarantees a Third Season for WOW, Talks Possibly Taking WOW on the Road, Thinks LU Did It Too Early

September 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WoW - Women of Wrestling, David McLane

– Earlier this month, 411mania spoke to WOW-Women of Wrestling founder and promoter David McLane for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast to talk about the show’s second season on AXS TV. During the interview, he talked about a potential third season of WOW on AXS TV and taking things slowly with regards to eventually touring with WOW and taking the promotion on the road. Below are some highlights. [Author’s Note: This interview was conducted before Anthem Media announced the acquisition for a controlling interest in AXS TV. ]

David McLane on if he’s ready to announce a possible third season for WOW: “I can’t because it’s not signed. But I can guarantee you this, there is going to be a season three, and WOW is going to continue. And we’re in discussions with some great third parties that are finally stepping up to the plate. And they’re stepping up to the plate because of AXS TV and the exposure we’ve received, and most critically, the fan support we’ve received that are helping us grow WOW. We’re a baby. We’re an infant. I mentioned it, with no pun intended, it’s David vs. Goliath, versus these big companies, and we need the support of the fans. We need help. The WOW Superheroes are dedicated to their craft, and every time we can do a live event and put it on TV, it helps them and what they love. But WOW is a passion play for everyone engaged in WOW. I think that’s why it’s special.”

David McLane on if he has any plans to take WOW on the road in the near future: “Too soon to go on the road. A lot of discussions. I so appreciate the fans saying they want to see it in their local city. If we do it too soon, we won’t be successful. The promoters won’t be successful, and I don’t want to do that. I think Lucha Underground went out a little too early, and I think I don’t want to do that. And I New Japan Pro Wrestling, which follows WOW on AXS, did it correctly. And they were exposed on AXS TV for some time and then came and did a live show in Long Beach, California and sold it out. So, I don’t think the timing’s right, and we want to do everything slowly, methodically, so it lasts. WOW’s got to last, and so we need the fans’ support, and we’ve got to do it correctly. And sometimes, that means doing things slowly.”

In the full interview, McLane talks about the promotion’s second season, the status of a possible third season, WOW’s relationship with AXS TV, the rise of women’s wrestling, what Tessa Blanchard and Teal Piper are bringing to WOW, the options that wrestling fans have these days and more.

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Introduction (0:00)
On how it feels coming back for a second season on AXS TV (0:28)
On the WOW Tag Team Championship Series (3:23)
His reflections on how far WOW has come since its founding (4:14)
On the rise of women’s wrestling and how it fits his vision for what women’s wrestling could be (6:01)
On Tessa Blanchard and why she’s one of the best in the world (8:27)
On bringing in Teal Piper and her role in WOW – Women of Wrestling (10:41)
On the status of a potential third season (13:07)
On the possibility of taking WOW on the road to tour (14:48)
On WOW’s relationship with AXS TV (15:55)
On the myriad options that wrestling fans have now (17:03)
On whether AXS TV has any equity in WOW (16:58)
On where to find WOW and his message for the fans (18:59)

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