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DDP and Austin Aries Reportedly Pitching Stem Cell Venture to AEW

February 20, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Diamond Dallas Page DDP

Diamond Dallas Page and Austin Aries had business at last night’s AEW according to a new report, but not the kind you might immediately think of. As noted last night, DDP and Aries were seen entering the area at last night’s episode in Atlanta.

According to BodySlam.net, the two were there because they’re part of a stem cell treatment venture. They were there to pitch the idea to AEW in hopes that the company would buy into the venture. Stem Cell therapy has become increasingly popular among wrestlers to deal with injury issues over the past several years, and Aries is one of several people (along with Ken Shamrock, Rob Van Dam and others) to make regular mention of the BioXcellerator stem cell therapy clinic.

DDP has been a semi-regular on AEW, making several appearances on Dynamite over the past few months.