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Drake Maverick Recalls ‘Shoot’ Urinating Himself At WWE Survivor Series 2018

September 23, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Drake Maverick Big Show Survivor Series 2018 Paul Wight Image Credit: WWE/YouTube

Drake Maverick looked back on his infamous Survivor Series 2018 segment in which he wet himself during a new interview. Maverick was a guest on the latest Table Talk and talked about the segment in which Maverick, who was managing the Authors of Pain at the time, was grabbed by the Big Show and wet himself.

Maverick confirmed that there was a device that would simulate the act, but that it broke and he had to “shoot wet” himself. You can see highlights below, per Fightful):

On having to legitimately pee himself: “I had to shoot wet myself because the contraption broke. That’s as far as I’ll go to, one, get the job done and two, for the sake of entertainment. My boss asks me, ‘I want you to urinate yourself tonight, here’s how we’re going to do it.’ I remember Arn Anderson was my producer and he was like, ‘What if this contraption doesn’t work?’ I’m like, ‘Arn, if it doesn’t work, I got this.’ He’s like, ‘If it doesn’t work, it’s going to look terrible.’ I’m guzzling water. Big Show grabs me. I [press the button] and nothing is happening. I’m like [frozen]. A lot of people, from things I’ve read, assume that I’m pressing a button. There’s no button. I intentionally went out in gray trousers and didn’t wear underwear just in case. Obviously, with any material, you don’t know how thick it is and if water will show up. I’m closing my eyes and just concentrating on getting out as much tinkle as I can, but I’m also trying to make sure that the stream is going to touch the clothing. Where I’m peeing, I’m forcing the material onto myself so it will come through. It was just a trickle, but you could see it and everyone got the gist.”

On the reaction backstage: “I come backstage and Road Dogg is like, ‘Can I talk to you? There something wrong with the contraption? It looked like it sucked.’ ‘Yes there is something wrong, it didn’t work and I had to wet myself.’ “Wait, did you shoot piss yourself?’ ‘YES!’ ‘AH HA! HUNTER! HE SHOOT PISSED HIMSELF! VINCE!’ ‘WHAT?’ ‘HE SHOOT PISSED HIMSELF!’ ‘WHAT? HA!’ Usually, you go over to Vince and Hunter and you give them a handshake and thank them for allowing you to do business and things like that, but on that day, I was excused from the handshake because it was covered.”