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ESPN+ Hypes Ronda Rousey Series Rowdy’s Places

January 26, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ronda Rousey ESPN Rowdy's Places Image Credit: ESPN+

ESPN+ has sent out a new press release hyping their exclusive series Rowdy’s Places, hosted by Ronda Rousey. All six episodes are currently available on the streaming service. It originally debuted back in September of last year.

Rowdy’s Places Available Exclusively on ESPN+


Former combat champion Ronda Rousey hosts Rowdy’s Places, a combat sports centric expansion of the Peyton’s Places franchise, on ESPN+. Join Rousey on a journey to explore one of civilization’s oldest sports, competitive fighting. In her travels, Rousey will speak with experts within the worlds of MMA, wrestling, boxing and so much more to uncover why combat sports have been a global sensation for a millennium. Episodes 1-6 of the show are available now on ESPN+.

“Combat sports athletes and fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and competitive fighting has a rich history,” said Rousey. “I’m eager to take the reins from Peyton and use the Places playbook to bring some incredible stories about the sports I love to audiences.”

In the latest episode, Ronda goes to Las Vegas to meet up with her former boss and UFC visionary, Dana White, to explore the rise of the biggest fight promotion in the world. Rowdy’s Places is produced by NFL Films in collaboration with ESPN+. The series is executive produced by Omaha Productions.

“The Places franchise has already tackled professional football, college football, and soccer – it’s about time we take on competitive fighting, one of the oldest sports. I can’t think of anyone better than Ronda, whose passion and dedication to the sport are unmatched, to host the show and give fans a look at the history of the phenomenon that is combat sports.”

Episodes 1-6 are currently streaming on ESPN+.

Episode 1: Rise of MMA
Ronda meets up with the heirs of the famed Gracie family, universally accredited with creating the discipline now known as MMA, and explores the history of UFC 1.
Episode 2: On the Mat
Ronda meets up with former Olympic gold medalist and WWE superstar Kurt Angle, and explores how he rose to national stardom as one of the most charismatic personalities in professional wrestling.
Episode 3: Kickboxing by the Bay
Ronda takes a trip to The American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California to talk with retired MMA star Daniel Cormier and reminisce about the gym’s role in developing some of the world’s greatest MMA fighters.
Episode 4: Training with Champions
Ronda visits Deer Lake, Pennsylvania and discusses the history of boxing with pro boxing Hall of Famer, Larry Holmes.
Episode 5: Dropping the Gloves
Ronda meets up with former NHL standout, Tie Domi and explores the physical nature of hockey.
Episode 6: A Dynasty in the Desert
Ronda goes to Las Vegas to meet up with her former boss and UFC visionary, Dana White, to explore the rise of the biggest fight promotion in the world.