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Hall’s ROH TV Review 6.13.24

June 14, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
ROH TV 6-13-24 Image Credit: ROH
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Hall’s ROH TV Review 6.13.24  

Ring Of Honor
Date: June 13, 2024
Location: Acrisure Arena, Palm Desert, California
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Maybe it’s false hope but the Kyle Fletcher pinning World Champion Mark Briscoe this week on Dynamite has me wondering what they might be doing for the title going forward. Briscoe hasn’t defended the title in two months now so maybe he’ll have something to do. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We run down the card.

Billie Starkz vs. Sandra Moone

Non-title Proving Ground match, meaning if Moone wins or survives the ten minute time limit, she gets a future title shot. Moone gets in a quick shot to start but Starks knocks her down and scores with a kick to the ribs. Moone’s elbow out of the corner just annoys Starkz again and we hit the double arm crank. That’s broken up and Moone sends her outside for the dive. Starkz’s Swanton attempt is blocked but she knocks Moone off the top. The Swanton….isn’t launched as Starkz drops down again. A half nelson fish hook chickenwing makes Moone give up at 4:58.

Rating: C. That’s a Proving Ground match alright, though Moone did get in some offense to make it a bit better. Starkz seems to have her next challenger set up in Red Velvet though, making this little more than a warmup for her before that match, likely in a little over a month. Not much to the match, but that’s not the point of something like this.

Nick Comoroto/Jacoby Watts vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

Moriarty strikes away at Comoroto but a gorilla press puts Moriarty down. Watts comes in but stops to tell the fans to praise him. It’s off to Taylor for the shove off with Comoroto, the latter of whom skins the cat. Taylor plants him with a release Rock Bottom into a splash for two. Comoroto fights up and powerslams Moriarty, with Watts tagging himself in for two. Moriarty sends Comoroto face first into the middle buckle though and Taylor hits the big right hand for the pin at 4:20.

Rating: C-. Here’s the problem: we just saw Comoroto treated like a total jobber on Dynamite. That doesn’t make me want to see him do something here, especially something as lame as the story with Watts. Having ROH stars as jobbers in AEW doesn’t make them feel bigger. It just makes Ring Of Honor feel that much less important.

Taya Valkyrie and Johnny TV aren’t happy with recent loses. Valkyrie is ready to knock Queen Aminata off her throne.

Red Velvet vs. Viva Van

Velvet headlocks her down into a chinlock to start as commentary talks about Forbidden Door. Van is back up with a cravate and knees to the face but Velvet fights out of a cross armbreaker attempt. Velvet works on the arm for a change until Van runs the corner and bounces around for a wristdrag. Some running knees against the rope rock Van and the Mix finishes Van off at 5:12.

Rating: C. It’s pretty clear that Velvet is set for the TV Title shot and that isn’t a bad thing. She’s been built up well in recent weeks, though I still don’t think I can imagine her actually winning the title. For now though, she got a nice win against Van as she gets to keep the pace with Starkz, who did the same thing earlier.

Lance Archer/Righteous vs. Top Flight/Action Andretti vs. Dark Order vs. Infantry/Dalton Castle

Andretti snapmares Reynolds down to start but misses a kick to the head. Top Flight and Andretti start in on Reynolds’ arm until he scores with an elbow to the face. Uno comes in to Russian legsweep Dante for two but Dante brings in Bravo to pick up the pace. Everything breaks down (I’m shocked it took that long) with Archer getting to wreck just about everyone.

Dean manages to duck a corner clothesline though and it’s Castle coming in for the parade of suplexes. Castle’s falling splash gets two on Dutch with a bunch of people making the save. Dante and Reynolds slug it out but stop to beat up Dutch and Archer. Silver comes back in for the Spin Doctor on Dante and Castle DDT’s Darius, who rolls to the floor rather quickly. Top Flight’s double swinging slam finishes Reynolds at 9:14.

Rating: B-. This was exactly the match you would expect from something like this one: all action, nothing that resembles a story throughout, and the winner likely gains nothing. That being said, I don’t think there is anything to suggest that it was supposed to be something other than that. I don’t need to see this every week, but once in awhile can make for a fun fast paced match.

Diamante/Marina Shafir/Alex Windsor vs. Lady Frost/Abadon/Leyla Hirsch

Marina and Leyla start things off with a grapple exchange going to a standoff. Leyla takes her down and Abadon comes in with a backsplash for two. A bite to the arm sends Marina over for the tag to Diamante, who gets chopped into the corner by Frost. Abadon is sent into the corner so Shafir can start cranking on the legs to take over. A save is made and everything breaks down with Windsor hitting an Angle Slam for two, with Abadon breaking it up. Windsor’s Shining Wizard sets up a spinning brainbuster for the big upset pin on Leyla at 7:21.

Rating: C+. Just like the previous match, it was hard to get much out of this with so many people running around. I can go with Windsor getting a win, but there is a good chance that this was the best way they had to make her feel like a bigger deal before her match against Toni Storm on Collision. In other words, it’s a nice moment which isn’t likely to get her very far.

Harley Cameron vs. Trish Adora

Cameron grabs a headlock to start but Adora snapmares her into a double arm crank. A rolling sunset flip gives Adora two but Cameron takes her down for a lick to the cheek. Adora is right back with her Air Raid Crash leg crank, only to have Cameron slip out and hit a sliding Downward Spiral. Cameron grabs a cross arm choke but Adora powers her into the corner for some hips to the face. Back up and they collide, with Cameron going to the throat. A running kick to the chest gives Cameron the pin at 5:56.

Rating: C. Cameron is the bigger star, but dang it always feels like Adora should be on her way to something bigger somewhere. At the same time, putting Cameron, who is still very inexperienced, in there with someone like Adora is a good idea, as she can help Cameron learn. Not much of a match, but Cameron has made some strides in the ring.

Kingdom vs. Che Cabrera/Bad Dude Tito

Another non-title Proving Ground match. Tito chops away at Taven to start, at least until a dropkick takes his leg out. Cabrera comes in for a double flapjack but Taven gets in a neck snap. Taven’s running splash in the corner misses but it’s back to Bennett to strike away. Tito gets in a hard clothesline though and it’s Cabrera coming back in to clean house. A Sky High gets two on Bennett but it’s the Death Valley Driver to cut Cabrera off. Just The Tip into Hail Mary finishes for Bennett at 6:15.

Rating: C+. Nice enough match here, but again it’s hard to get into the idea of a match with ten minutes at most and little reason to believe that the champs were going to lose. Cabrera and Tito looked good out there and commentary mentioned they had experience. It was easy to see that they have a history, though it’s hard to showcase that in a match that barely gets six minutes.


Billie Starkz b. Sandra Moone – Fishhook chickenwing
Shane Taylor Promotions b. Nick Comoroto/Jacoby Watts – Right hand to Comoroto
Red Velvet b. Viva Van – The Mix
Top Flight/Action Andretti b. Dark Order, Dalton Castle/The Infantry and Lance Archer/Righteous – Double swinging slam to Reynolds
Diamante/Marina Shafir/Alex Windsor b. Lady Frost/Abadon/Leyla Hirsch – Spinning brainbuster to Hirsch
Harley Cameron b. Trish Adora – Running kick to the chest
Kingdom b. Che Cabrera/Bad Dude Tito – Hail Mary to Cabrera



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The final score: review Good
The 411
Another show that feels rather like the norm for Ring Of Honor, with all kinds of people running around doing their thing and little that actually stands out. There is also little that feels like it matters going forward, which is a bit of a stretch with about five weeks to go before Death Before Dishonor. I would say Ring Of Honor needs to work on that, but that has been the case for years now.

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