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Hall’s TNA Impact Review 7.4.24

July 5, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
Charlie Dempsey Leon Slater TNA Impact 7-4-24 Image Credit: TNA
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Hall’s TNA Impact Review 7.4.24  

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 4, 2024
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

We are just over two weeks away from Slammiversary and the World Title match is rapidly coming together. Most of the five challengers are set and that means we should be able to finish the lineup this week. Other than that, PCO is still chasing revenge on First Class and we might see more from that here. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Trey Miguel vs. Leon Slater

Zachary Wentz is here with Miguel. They fight over wrist control to start with neither being able to get anywhere. Miguel takes him down by the arm but Slater is right back up with a kick to the face. The handspring elbow puts Miguel down and Slater sends him to the floor for the slingshot dive. Back in and Miguel hits a running dropkick in the corner for two, with Wentz getting in a choke on the ropes.

A Lionsault misses though and Slater kicks him in the face for two more. They forearm it out until Slater hits a running swinging cutter (that was cool) for another near fall. Back up and Miguel kicks him in the face, only to get caught with a Blue Thunder Bomb. The Swanton 450 is loaded up but cue NXT’s Charlie Dempsey t jump Slater for the DQ at 6:55.

Rating: B-. This was a match that was designed to be all about the interference ending but they happened to have a good match on the way there. Slater isn’t someone who is reinventing the wheel but he does well with the things he is doing. Miguel is someone who has been around long enough that it means something to be in there with him, making this a nice match to set up a cool ending.

Post match Dempsey beats up all three of them, including the weird STF on Slater.

Broken Matt and Rebecca Hardy are ready for the System. Rebecca speaking normally and Matt being Broken is a weird way to go.

The Rascalz want to fight Charlie Dempsey so they’re ready for next week.

Dani Luna vs. Jody Threat

This is a ten minute challenge match. Luna powers her into the corner to start and we get a clean break. They fight over a headlock with neither being able to get very far so Threat switches to a wristlock. That means another standoff as they’re firmly in first gear to start. We cut to the back where Nic Nemeth has been attacked and come back to both of them grabbing the ropes to avoid a collision.

Threat avoids a charge in the corner and clotheslines away but Luna snaps off a belly to belly as the pace picks up a bit. Threat works on an armbar on the mat before hitting a pump kick for two. Luna knocks her to the apron and they fight over a suplex until Threat sends her outside. A clothesline puts Luna back inside, where Luna superplexes her into a Falcon Arrow for the time limit draw at…9:02?

Rating: C+. This took its time to get going before they started to cook, which was kind of the point. This wasn’t about two people who were mad at each other but rather a glorified getting to know you situation. At the same time, this still only feels so interesting as the team still doesn’t have much of a history but is still doing all kinds of stuff like this. Nice enough match, but it feels like a piece of a much longer story.

They want five more minutes so let’s keep it going. And then Alisha Edwards and Masha Slamovich run in for the no contest at 7 seconds.

Mustafa Ali tries to retract his challenge for the X-Division Title from last week because Mike Bailey hasn’t earned a shot. Marella says he has a point, so Bailey has to win a #1 contenders match next week.

Mike Santana and Frankie Kazarian are ready for their chance to make it to the World Title match at Slammiversary.

Road To Slammiversary Qualifying Match: Frankie Kazarian vs. Mike Santana

Santana sends him into the corner to start and hits a nice crossbody. Kazarian hits his Fameasser in the ropes to send Santana outside and we take a break. Back with Kazarian hitting a hard clothesline but getting caught with a Death Valley Driver for two. The big Cannonball connects in the corner but Kazarian cuts off the dive.

The slingshot DDT gets two on Santana and the springboard spinning legdrop gets two. Fade To Black and Spin The Block are both blocked so Kazarian hits a Backstabber into the chickenwing. That’s broken up as well and Santana grabs the Buck Fifty for two of his own. Cue JDC for a distraction, only to have Santana hit a big flip dive onto Kazarian. The distraction lets JDC post Santana though and Kazarian wins by countout at 10:06.

Rating: B-. That’s about as good of a way to protect Santana as they have and it is good to see said protection taking place. Santana is someone who has done well since his return to the company but Kazarian is the better option at the moment. Kazarian is one of the most established stars in TNA and it makes sense to put him in the World Title match, especially in a way like this.

The ABC wants their Tag Team Titles back and have their shot against the System at Slammiversary.

We look at First Class messing with PCO and Steph de Lander.

PCO shocks de Lander back to life.

First Class brags about their success, with AJ Francis saying he’ll defend his titles anywhere anytime. Santino Marella comes in to say the Digital Media Title is on the line next week, but win lose or draw, it’s Francis vs. PCO at Slammiversary.

The System vs. Matt Hardy/Rebecca Hardy

That would be Eddie Edwards/Alisha Edwards for the System, with Brian Myers in their corner. Rebecca chases Alisha on the floor to start but it’s the men getting things going in the ring. Eddie gets driven into the corner and stomped down by both Hardys. The strike off goes to Matt, who misses a charge and goes shoulder first into the post as we take a break.

Back with Eddie being rammed into Alisha, allowing the tag to Rebecca to pick up the pace. Rebecca tackles Alisha as everything breaks down. Something like Poetry In Motion hits Eddie but a cheap shot cuts Rebecca off. Matt gets clotheslined on the floor, leaving Rebecca to get choked in the corner

Rebecca fights up and avoids a charge, allowing the tag off to Matt as the fans…don’t seem to respond. The Side Effect gets two on Eddie so Myers interferes, earning himself an ejection. Eddie’s Blue Thunder Bomb gets two but Rebecca gets in the way of the Boston Knee Party. Rebecca kicks Eddie low and a pair of Twists of Fate finish at 11:36.

Rating: C. This was Rebecca’s big return to the ring and it kind of showed why she isn’t overly remembered for her in-ring work. She’s passable enough but there is nothing that makes me want to see her get back in the ring. Then again that is the case with a lot of the Broken stuff, but the Hardys are going to get the focus no matter what they are doing around here.

In the back, Brian Myers and JDC yell at Santino Marella, with the ABC coming in to mock them. Marella makes the tag match for next week.

Jordynne Grace doesn’t like Ash By Elegance being on vacation and issues another open challenge to anyone from any promotion for next week.

Joe Hendry and Jake Something are ready for the Road To Slammiversary.

Road To Slammiversary: Jake Something vs. Joe Hendry

Before the match, Hendry asks about Something asking questions after he hits a move. After his usual spiel, we’re ready to go with an exchange of headlocks to get things going. Hendry manages a delayed suplex for two as the fans are way behind him, as you might have expected. Back up and Something hits a quick headbutt to take over and they head outside, with Hendry being sat on the apron for a running crossbody. They get back inside with Something hitting a hard clothesline for two as we take a break.

Back with Hendry fighting out of a chinlock and striking away in the corner. Something plants him right back down with a Michinoku Driver for two and things slow back down. The chinlock goes on again but Hendry fights up (also again) and clotheslines him to the floor. Something misses a charge and hits the ropes before they go back in, with the fans behind Hendry.

Something charges into the fall away slam but the Standing Ovation is countered into a Batista Bomb to give Something two. Into The Void is countered so Something runs him over, only for Hendry to pop up for a double knockdown. They slug it out until Hendry hits an RKO into the Standing Ovation for the pin at 15:04.

Rating: B-. Hendry continues to be the big hope for the company and that means he has to be in the World Title picture going forward. I don’t think he needs to win the title at Slammiversary, but this is a big step in the right direction. The key thing is the fans are that into him and TNA seems to understand that concept.

Post match Hendry says he is one step closer and thanks the fans for helping him get here.

The System goes to leave with Moose praising JDC for taking out Mike Santana and Nic Nemeth. JDC says he didn’t do anything to Nemeth, leaving the System confused as they pull away. We see Frankie Kazarian smoking a cigar and calling them marks, then asking a cameraman (not the one holding the camera we’re watching from) why he’s filming to end the show.


Trey Miguel b. Leon Slater via DQ when Charlie Dempsey interfered
Dani Luna vs. Jody Threat went to a no contest when Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards interfered
Frankie Kazarian b. Mike Santana via countout
Matt Hardy/Rebecca Hardy b. The System – Twist of Fate to Eddie
Joe Hendry b. Jake Something – Standing Ovation



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The final score: review Good
The 411
This show was more about finalizing the prep for Slammiversary, as you could probably guess most of the card coming in. There is nothing wrong with that and they did a nice enough job setting things up for the event. The pieces are in place for Slammiversary to be good, but as usual, the execution is what matters. Just get us to Montreal and everything should work out well enough.

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