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Hamilton’s Rev Pro 11 Year Anniversary Show 08.26.2023 Review

August 30, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
RevPro 11 Year Anniversary Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro 11 Year Anniversary Show 08.26.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Dani Luna won a battle royal in 10:41 (***)
Leon Slater pinned Dan Moloney in 7:05 (***½)
Connor Mills pinned Callum Newman, Jordan Breaks, Robbie X, Wild Boar & Sha Samuels to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship in 11:45 (***½)
JJ Gale submitted Kosei Fujita in 9:04 (***)
El Phantasmo & Katsuyori Shibata pinned Gabe Kidd & David Finlay in 12:20 (***½)
Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Ricky Knight Jr. via referee stoppage in 17:14 (***¾)
Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster pinned Jude London & Paris de Silva to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Tag Team Championships in 11:10 (***½)
Tomohiro Ishii pinned Luke Jacobs in 17:58 (****½)
Alex Windsor pinned Hyan & Mickie James to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship in 15:34 (***¼)
Michael Oku submitted Trent Seven in 19:59 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship in 19:59 (**¾)
Will Ospreay pinned Shingo Takagi in 20:08 (****¼)

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Eleven years to the day that Rev Pro held their inaugural show, they’ve landed at the Copperbox Arena in London, with over 4,000 fans packing the place.

Andy Quildan and Gio Nolastname are on commentary for the bulk of the show… Gio eventually finds his slider and so doesn’t sound like he’s commentating from the Olympic Stadium next door…

Dani Luna vs. Maya Matthews vs. Mercedez Blaze vs. Rayne Leverkusen vs. Alexxis Falcon vs. Safire Reed vs. Skye Smitson vs. Chantal Jordan vs. Rhio vs. Skye Blue
This was for a shot at the Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s title – and a match that only had half of its entrants announced (at least until you bought the programme on show day). There was one mystery entry, revealed at the end to be AEW’s Skye Blue…

As battle royals are want to be, all hell broke loose at the bell, starting with Dani Luna hitting a fallaway slam to Skye Smitson, only to get caught with a ‘rana from Rayne. Leverkusen’s enziguiri and Exploder has Luna in trouble, but Alexxis Falcon gets her shot in on Rayne, hitting a Falcon arrow before taking things to the corner.

Rhio catches Falcon with a low dropkick, before she hit another dropkick, then a slam to Maya Matthews. Some misdirection from Matthews leads to a running crossbody on Rhio… while Chantal Jordan caught Blaze in the corner with a seated dropkick. Safire Reed has a shot, landing an enziguiri to Luna, only for Blaze’s hammerlock DDT to cut her off.

Blaze ends up going out first after Reed chucked her over the top… Skye Blue has a pop at Reed with a spinning enziguiri, only to get caught with a spinning neckbreaker from Falcon. A high kick from Leverkusen, then a spinebuster led to her chucking out Falcon, before a double cutter dropped Luna and Matthews.

Falcon’s a sore loser, and comes back in to throw Rayne out… and somehow that counts? They fight to the back as Jordan uncorked kicks to Luna, Rhio, Matthews and Smitson… who had the last laugh as she threw Chantal over the top and out. A twisting suplex from Maya lands a twisting suplex… but couldn’t follow up as Reed dumped her with a running front kick.

Luna’s running clothesline lays out Rhio as Reed ends up taking another head kick, this time from Blue, who ran wild before chucking out Matthews. Smitson takes care of Rhio, before the battle of the Skyes ended with Reed and Luna lifting them over the top and to the outside simultaneously.

Reed and Luna are our final two, trading blows before Reed’s superkick led to her throwing Luna over the top and onto the apron. Dani saves herself by suplexing Reed onto the apron, before Reed’s headbutt sent Luna through the ropes back inside… before Dani opted to bring Reed back in from the apron with an elevated German suplex. Ow. From there, the Luna Landing follows, before Safire was thrown over the top and to the floor as Dani Luna took the win. ***

Before the main show started, we had Andy Quildan thanking the live crowd of over 4,000… then passed over to Kelly Marshall to run down the card during the opening video package.

Leon Slater vs. Dan Moloney
This one was set up over a few shows, with Slater having been used as a proxy for Will Ospreay to get to Dan Moloney… only for Moloney to turn on Slater a few weeks later.

We’ve a literal jump start as Slater hit an over-the-ringpost tope con giro to Moloney before the bell… but Moloney struck back with a dropkick through the ropes as he kept things outside. Slater vaults the guard rails, then returned with a running leap into Moloney, before Dan popped him up into the ring post.

Back inside, Slater countered a superplex into a twisting superplex, before he ducked a wild backfist as Moloney tried to strike his way back into things. A running front kick spins Moloney to the mat, before Moloney returned with a triple-hitter of a spinebuster, stomp and back senton in quick succession.

Chops keep Slater down, ahead of a satellite Stunner that caught Moloney off guard. Moloney’s ripcord chop looked to stem the tide, but he runs into a Blue Thunder bomb for a near-fall, before a trip up top ended with Moloney just shoving Slater down into the guard rails. Back inside, Slater’s forced to kick out after a big spear, before he armdragged out of a Drilla…

A superkick and a spear of his own has Slater back on top, before Leon landed his own Drilla for a near-fall. Hammer elbows to the back of Moloney’s head set up for a swanton 450 to the back… and that’s enough to get the win! A defiant win for Leon Slater, adding to his win over Moloney back in May, in what was a hell of a sprint opener. ***½

Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship: Wild Boar vs. Jordon Breaks vs. Callum Newman vs. Sha Samuels vs. Robbie X vs. Connor Mills (c)
This was set up on the Portsmouth show last weekend, with Sha Samuels making weight in front of the audience to make it to the match…

Things broke down instantly as Connor Mills got in everyone’s faces… he quickly rolls outside to go after Jordon Breaks, as everyone paired off. Newman and Robbie X make everything go blurry for a while, before they hit duelling flip dives to the outside. Mills is back to kick Newman ahead of a clothesline off the apron… but Sha Samuels hits the ring to trade blows with Mills.

Sha’s snapmare and trio of volleys have the champion in agony, ahead of a back body drop… but Wild Boar charges in to throw Sha around as you could barely pause for breath. A back senton squashes Sha… but in comes Breaks to go for the arms of Wild Boar and Robbie X at the same time. Robbie X hits a springboard, but Breaks deftly countered into a backslide for a near-fall, before Sha got caught with a mounted wristlock… which Newman’s stomp broke up.

Newman makes things go blurry again ahead of a rebound lariat from Mills, before his attempt at an X-Claimation was blocked by Robbie X. The former champion tries to pull ahead, but Breaks is back to stop all that, kicking away a cartwheel dropkick attempt before he again tied up Robbie X… this time on the top rope. Wild Boar gets similar treatment, but Robbie X breaks free by turning it into a sunset flip powerbomb.

Don’t stop to breathe, Sha Samuels leaps in with a big splash to Robbie X, only to get met with a 450 splash from Mills… who then took a shooting star press from Newman as a Trapper Keeper from Boar broke up the pin. A snap DDT stands Robbie X on his head, but an Orange Crush from Mills nearly wins it… but a turnaround from Robbie X traps Mills in the corner for a spinning roundhouse.

Sha again interjects himself, but gets thrown into Mills in the corner ahead of a Spiral Tap from Robbie X for a near-fall. Newman’s back to take down Boar for a Revolution kick for a near-fall, then a hook kick and Tiger suplex to Robbie X as this one remained a mile a minute.

A Breaks Clash from Jordon gets a near-fall thanks to Wild Boar’s sit-down splash on Callum Newman breaking up the pin… another Trapper Keeper from Boar lays out Breaks, before Sha Samuels went nuts with spinebusters… leading to a moonsault on Newman… only for Mills to throw Sha outside and steal the pin to retain the title. A breathless outing with Sha Samuels coming achingly close to securing the win… but it was not to be here. ***½

JJ Gale vs. Kosei Fujita
Gale’s been made to go through Kosei Fujita to get the match with Zack Sabre Jr – having eliminated ZSJ in March’s Revolution Rumble. Problem is, it felt like a lot of the crowd were here for Fujita, and wanted him to win, story be damned.

Gale looked to end this one early with a seatbelt pin on Fujita, but it’s only good for a two-count… a seated surfboard a la Liger followed, but Gale lets go as see-saw pins led to a stand-off.

Fujita surges ahead from the restart, chopping Gale into the corner ahead of a rewind leapfrog and some flying headscissors from Gale. A dropkick takes Fujita outside for a tope con giro, only for Fujita to return with a dropkick back inside, as chops and a shotgun dropkick had Gale rocked.

A Kimura’s next, but Gale gets to the ropes to force the break ahead of a roll-up… then a wheelbarrow and a stomp to Fujita. Gale uncorks a Slingblade from there, then a corkscrew uppercut for a near-fall… a Gourdbuster and a thrust kick sends Fujita back outside… where Gale adds a moonsault into the mix.

Rushing Fujita back inside, Gale adds a senton bomb for a near-fall, before Fujita slipped out of a suplex and pulled Gale into a Boston crab. Gale manages to fight out and score a cradle… then a backpack knee before a Falcon arrow almost got the win. Gale adds a Boston crab from there, and that’s enough to force the submission as Gale screamed for Sabre Jr. at the submission. ***

Bullet Club War Dogs (David Finlay & Gabe Kidd) vs. El Phantasmo & Katsuyori Shibata
For what’s felt like months now, Gabe Kidd’s been gunning for Katsuyori Shibata… and finally got him here in a match that also saw ELP’s homecoming.

ELP’s the lone man out here, but he finally gets his first bumps as we start with Finlay and Phantasmo locking up into the ropes. A spit from Finlay earns him a dropkick, and a spitty-chop, before a step-up springy ‘rana took Finlay down. Just like old times.

Finlay quickly recovers with a hot shot into the ropes as ELP got cornered… Kidd’s in to suplex/throw ELP into the corner, demanding for a tag from Shibata. It comes, but Kidd quickly scarpers as the crowd roared. Gotta wait for that pay-off!

Kidd tags Finlay in… then caught Shibata from behind as we’ve double-teaming… Shibata fires up out of the corner as Kidd peppered him with forearms. A Kitchen sink knee to the gut spun Finlay down as ELP’s back to hit his springboard crossbody and Quebrada combo… before a plancha wiped out Kidd on the floor.

Phantasmo’s got to kick Kidd away ahead of a springboard senton into Finlay’s knees as the War Dogs turned the match on its head. Kidd’s back with a chinlock on Phantasmo, who counters back with an enziguiri before making the tag out to Shibata, who booted Finlay off the apron before squaring up to Kidd.

Running kicks and elbows wear down Kidd in the corner, until Finlay struck back… and got some for himself. ELP goes for Kidd’s nipples to even things up ahead of duelling stalling dropkicks. Kidd’s forced into the ropes from an Octopus, before he’s dumped with a backdrop driver.

Shibata ties up Kidd in an Indian deathlock, but Finlay’s in to throw some chops… he’s caught with an ankle lock as the War Dogs were in trouble, but Finlay pushes off, and accidentally made Kidd’s situation worse. Kidd tries to chop his way back into it, but Shibata doesn’t register those strikes as they go back-and-forth, at least until Kidd began biting on him.

A ripcord chop from Shibata sinks Kidd, as ELP tagged back in to have his fun… only to wipe out Shibata with Sudden Death. Kidd nearly won with a roll-up from that as the War Dogs turned it around again with a brainbuster for a near-fall, before Finlay got caught in the ropes with a rear naked choke from Shibata. Kidd tries to power on with a powerbomb, but ELP back body drops and sits down on Kidd… and that twist on the SummerSlam 92 finish gets the win! ***½

Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
Another match set up at the last York Hall show – it’s a battle of the juniors. Ahem.

Sabre controlled RKJ – and the crowd – early on, before RKJ finally grounded him with an armbar that almost instantly ended in the ropes. RKJ just walks away from an attempt at a Euro clutch, leaving Sabre looking bemused before RKJ offered his chin for a shot… took one, then floored Sabre with a forearm in return.

RKJ hits the ropes as the leapfrogs and duckdowns led to a dropkick, taking ZSJ outside for a flip senton into the aisle. The pair trade chops around ringside, before Ricky faked out a chop and raked Sabre’s eyes in the ropes. Zack eventually baited RKJ into a hanging armbar in the ropes, dragging Ricky to the floor in the process.

On the outside, Sabre goes for RKJ’s arm, pulling at it in the ropes before he stomped on Ricky’s elbow for extra emphasis. Absorbing kicks, RKJ gets back up and chopped Sabre… but a second one’s caught as an uppercut to the arm had Ricky back on the defensive. Briefly, at least, because he quickly escaped a Cobra Twist attempt and hurled Sabre with a German suplex.

A basement dropkick crashes into Sabre in the corner from there, ahead of a draping DDT that folded Sabre in half for a near-fall. Ricky keeps wrist control as he pulled Sabre up for clotheslines, only for Sabre to break through with a European uppercut. RKJ fires back with an AJ Styles-like reverse DDT, then a stalling suplex, before he moonsaulted into a triangle armbar from Sabre.

Sabre revolves around submissions as he stretches RKJ by the ropes… that ends with a break as Sabre began to poke the bear with slaps… and got himself headbutted. A Fire Thunder Driver’s quickly escaped out of, but Ricky hits it the second time as Sabre rolled to the outside to avoid being pinned.

Ricky grabs Sabre and puts him back inside for a 450 splash, which lands flush for a near-fall, before a second Fire Thunder Driver was countered with a Sabre clutch for a near-fall. A clothesline quickly has Zack down as RKJ goes back to the move… but Sabre maneuvers into a rear naked choke… RKJ back bumps to try and free himself, including off the middle turnbuckle, but Zack pulls him back into the hold as RKJ went out like a light to force the stoppage. Ricky had more than the puncher’s chance here, but when push came to shove, Sabre’s submission stylings proved to be too much. ***¾

Rev Pro Undisputed British Tag Team Championship: VeloCities (Jude London & Paris de Silva) vs. Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) (c)
Unfortunately, live, people were expecting an intermission… which wasn’t forthcoming.

Andrews and de Silva start us off trading arm wringers, before Webster and London came in to trade armdrags… Webster’s Special Brew Flip gets an early one-count, while some twisting headscissors turned it around as the VeloCities double-teaming led to a low dropkick on Webster for a near-fall.

Paris stands on Webster for an armbar, but it’s quickly broken up as the champions got back in it with an assisted Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall from Andrews. Double-teaming from the champions focused on de Silva’s knee, before a pair of standing moonsaults kept things on course for Subculture.

De Silva’s kept from making a tag out, but manages to pull Andrews and Webster into each other ahead of a swinging DDT/enziguiri combo that finally bought Paris time. London gets the tag in, scoring with a facebuster and a dropsault, before he went from corner-to-corner. Andrews eats an Exploder ahead of a flying armdrag/headscissors takedown, before a springboard cutter nearly put Webster away.

Webster avoids a senton bomb as Subculture came back into it with a double-team Falcon arrow, but the Aussies’ double-teaming keeps it going as we built up to a stomp from London for a near-fall. Another turnaround brings Andrews in for the double overhead kick to spark a Parade of Moves… a Stundog from Andrews and a senton bomb from Webster nearly wins it.

A Blitz-Knee-Bop goes awry as Webster cracked his own man… a double reverse ‘rana from London clears the ring ahead of de Silva’s shooting star DDT for a near-fall. Another turnaround comes when a sunset bomb’s countered into a Spanish Fly as we quickly build up to Webster wiping out de Silva on the floor, leaving London alone to take a huge shooting star press from Andrews for the win. ***½

Post-match, the Greedy Souls hit the ring and lay out Andrews and Webster… London and de Silva try to make the save, but they’re wiped out too as a double-team back suplex and the slingshot Black Hole Slam laid out the Aussies. Dani Luna tries her luck, but she too ends up getting laid out as a singular chop from Jones took her down ahead of a Soul Destroyer.

Luke Jacobs vs. Tomohiro Ishii
If you like two stocky fellows knocking lumps out of each other, this is going to be right up your alley – in a match that was quite the statement piece from Luke.

We start as we mean to go on with the pair swinging for each other, before they started with shoulder tackles as they clattered into each other. Things quickly escalate into elbows and forearms, backed by the roaring crowd as Jacobs’ stumble led to him charging down Ishii.

LOUD chops follow as Luke tested out the Copperbox’s acoustics, only for Ishii to charge back out at him as we’re back to the chops. A front kick and a slam has Jacobs ahead, leading to a quick back senton for a two-count, before Ishii popped up and shrugged off forearms from Luke… who got nailed with a singular strike to send him flying to the mat.

Chops and forearms trap Jacobs in the corner from there as he was having to use the ropes to stay upright… before he found himself trapped once more as Ishii bullied him back into the corner. Another chop has him down, but Luke’s quickly back with a stalling suplex as he began to build up a head of steam, landing clotheslines before nailing a pop-up powerbomb to Ishii for a near-fall.

Luke adds a Saito suplex, but a follow-up powerbomb’s blocked as Ishii absorbs strikes… and returned with a brainbuster. A wicked forearm’s shook off by Jacobs, but Ishii’s rapid-fire elbows led to a German suplex… Jacobs returns the favour, then popped up from a shoulder tackle before a double clothesline sent both men sailing to the mat.

Ishii’s back up to throw a clothesline, but Luke just walks through it as we’re back to the chops. Ishii’s kicks are just leant into by Jacobs, who throws another headbutt that had the pair staggering… Ishii adds one of his own, ahead of a folding powerbomb for a near-fall before Luke avoided a sliding lariat.

More strikes see Jacobs lariat the back of Ishii’s head, while a regular lariat and a rolling elbow set up for what was damn near a Ganso bomb. Somehow it doesn’t put Ishii away, who finds a way back in with a backdrop driver, only for a Jacobs lariat to get him a one-count. Luke’s beside himself as Ishii gets back up to hit an enziguiri, before his own lariat’s kicked away. Luke’s knocked down for a one-count… before his superkick earned him another lariat for a near-fall.

Rolling German suplexes follow from Jacobs, who adds another big arse lariat for a near-fall, before his attempt at a brainbuster’s countered as Ishii planted him with one of his own for the win. If you’re like me, and enjoy seeing two stocky fellas knocking seven shades of you-know-what out of each other, you’ll probably be grinning from ear to ear throughout this. And if you’ve not seen this yet… well, go hunt it out! Even in defeat, this has to be a defining performance for Luke Jacobs. ****½

Rev Pro Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Hyan vs. Mickie James vs. Alex Windsor (c)
Kelly Marshall subs for Andy Quildan for this match on commentary, and there’s two words you’ll never want to hear by the end of this one.

We start with Hyan knocking Windsor outside as we had Hyan and Mickie locking up and going to ground with headscissors, then with a wristlock as Alex Windsor looked to be getting pissed off with the crowd chants. You and me both. Mickie’s side headlock keeps Hyan down, as Windsor came in to apply a side headlock of her own… only to be pushed off as a pair of dropkicks took the champion down.

Everyone goes for roll-ups to troll the ref, before Hyan low-bridged Windsor to the outside… with Mickie adding a dive off the apron, while Hyan went one further with a crossbody off the top to the pair of them. Back inside, a diving kick from Hyan dumped Mickie as Alex Windsor came in and hit a clothesline for a two-count.

Windsor adds a Sharpshooter to the mix, with the boos finally breaking that chant… but Mickie James comes in with a Dragon Sleeper to restart it as the referee… made a standing five count to break it up for reasons? James takes Windsor and throws her head repeatedly into the buckles.

Windsor heads up top and scores with a dropkick to Hyan for a near-fall, before Mickie got taken to the corner… she’s lifted over the top and knocked to the floor as Hyan went back to Windsor, lifting her to the top rope… only for Micke to trigger a back superplex with her powerbomb.

Mickie and Hyan get to their feet first, trading blows… stopping only to knock Windsor back down. Alex gets thrown outside as she tried to go again, but a double clothesline takes Hyan and James down. Getting back up, Hyan runs into a flapjack, but Windsor’s back with a headbutt to knock Mickie off the top rope.

Hyan’s back up to hiptoss Windsor back into the ring, but a turnaround sees Windsor catch Hyan up top with another headbutt ahead of an avalanche Blue Thunder bomb for a near-fall. Things head outside as Hyan spears the heck out of Windsor, before the Beauty Sleep/Dodon back inside almost got Hyan the win.

Windsor tries for the Sharpshooter again, but Mickie’s back with a flying Thesz press off the top to stop it… a neckbreaker dumps Hyan from there as Mickie pushed on, but Hyan’s missile dropkick cuts off a Mickie DDT, before she wandered into a roll-up from Windsor, who stole the win out of nowhere. Take away the crowd, and this was a pretty competitive three-way, but Windsor snatching the win out of nowhere likely leaves the door open for another renewed push from Hyan down the line. ***¼

Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Michael Oku (c) vs. Trent Seven
Oku was out first – despite being champion, he was getting the challenger treatment, since he didn’t have his belt.

Oku tries to jump Trent with a dropkick, but he crashes and burns at the bell as the challenger took control from the off. A snap DDT spikes Oku, ahead of a chop and an early Emerald Flowsion as Oku was forced to kick out. Hammer elbows follow, as did a ripcord… but Oku ducks the clothesline and returned with headscissors and a missile dropkick off the middle rope.

Trent’s caught with a DDT for a two-count, then a springboard moonsault for another as a running dropkick takes Trent off the apron ahead of the Fosbury flop. Back inside, Oku heads up for a frog splash, but he’s stopped with a chop and a superplex that almost took Oku so high he’d have come down with snow on his boots.

The pair trade chops and strikes before Trent countered a misdirection knee into a snap Dragon suplex, then a snap piledriver for a near-fall. Trent then goes into his past with bop and bang, then a Tyler Driver… before going deeper with a finger snap and a Bitter End for a near-fall.

Trent grabs the title belt… but it’s a bait as Oku tries to capitalise with a running dropkick, only for Trent to side-step as the referee’s obliterated. A Seven Star lariat follows, but there’s no point going for the cover as Trent calls in Levi Muir to get his licks in, as a TKO onto the belt.

Amira rolls into the ring as Levi Muir’s setting up a table… Amira eventually grabs the belt off of Trent, then teased hitting Trent with it… only for Levi to grab it as time seemed to stand still. She slaps Levi onto the apron, then headed out as she teased a piledriver through the very table Levi had set up… but this is wrestling, and a backfist from Trent stops her as it’s Amira – flowy red dress and all – ended up going through the table.

Oku dives onto Trent after that as he literally threw chairs onto him, before pulling another table out from under the ring… draping Trent across it before a trip up top was stopped by Muir, as things ended with Trent eating some superkicks before Oku’s attempt at a superplex through the table ended with him eating an avalanche Emerald Flowsion through the wood instead. ‘Kinnel.

Trent rolls Oku in the ring as we finally get a second ref to count a near-fall. Maybe Chris was in the shower and needed time to dry off and get dressed? We’ve all been there…

Trent punches out the second ref for that, then went for a Tyler Driver onto the belt, but Oku hits a low blow… then a belt shot, before the first ref finally recovered to count a near-fall. Amira’s back up to restrain Levi Muir as Oku went for the half crab… with Trent finally tapping out on the title belt as Oku finally left with the strap. This was more than a little deep into the “Andy Q tribute to sports entertainment” stuff that you tend to get on these big shows, but at least it wrapped up the Trent storyline with a definitive full stop. **¾

So, what’s next for Michael Oku? He gets the mic but the lights go out and a video plays. “Do you remember me?” Some of the imagery had more than a few people in the Copperbox panicking that this was going to be, to put it lightly, a horrible mistake, but instead it’s the reveal of Spike Trivet, who was behind Oku in the ring.

Trivet grabs Amira by the hair, then punched out Oku… who returned with a spear as the contenders ended up separating the pair. Trivet bails as Oku took the mic and declared that Spike would have to start from the bottom of the card and work his way up to a title shot… and, panic aside, this didn’t seem to land at all with the Copperbox crowd.

Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay
Ospreay had a narrow 3-2 lead in their prior encounters – and this was the first time they’d fought outside of Japan…

Opening with a tie-up, Ospreay goes for the wrist as things started off relatively straight-forward with a side headlock… only for Shingo to break free with a hammerlock as they went back-and-forth. Ospreay kips right up after taking a shoulder tackle, before an attempt at an OsCutter was first turned into a German suplex… then blocked as we reached a stand-off.

Shingo offers a handshake, but Ospreay elbows him away as the temp quickly rose once more… a ‘rana takes Shingo outside ahead of a plancha, before some Kawada-ish kicks back inside led to the Shingo combination as Ospreay found himself on the deck. A clothesline takes Ospreay outside ahead of an eventual DDT on the floor.

Back inside, a bell clapper and some hammer elbows lead to a back senton for Shingo, who followed up with some body scissors that ended in the ropes. Shingo throws some jabs in the corner at Ospreay ahead of a nice pop-up Samoan drop only for Ospreay to turn it right around with a handspring enziguiri.

A springboard forearm’s next from Ospreay for a two-count, only for Shingo to fire back with a good ol’ Alley Oop. A wheelbarrow suplex dumps Ospreay in the buckles, while a superplex just adds to the punishment as Shingo picked up a near-fall. Ospreay manages to block a Made in Japan, countering back with a Stundog before a lifting reverse DDT picked up a near-fall.

An OsCutter’s caught and turned into the noshigami… but Ospreay’s back to counter a Pumping Bomber into a Ligerbomb for a near-fall. From there, Ospreay sizes up Shingo for a running kick into the corner, following with the Cheeky Nando’s before he teased an avalanche Storm Breaker… only for Shingo to swat Ospreay down onto the apron.

Recovering, Ospreay heads back up top… gets shoved down and catches Shingo coming down with an OsCutter. Two more follow, with varying degrees of success, for a near-fall, while a Leap of Faith got us slightly closer. Ospreay flips out of a back body drop and returned with a reverse ‘rana… but Shingo’s got one of his own, only to get caught with a Spanish Fly moments later for a near-fall.

We keep going back and forth as a Hidden Blade’s turned into a Made in Japan as Shingo looked to build up again… another Pumping Bomber spins Ospreay down for a near-fall, but Shingo’s attempt to go for a Last of the Dragon earns him a short Hidden Blade. The Storm Breaker’s next for a near-fall as the pair upped the ante, trading blows until a hook kick from Ospreay led to Shingo coming back with a Last of the Dragon as the live feed’s audio went to hell here.

Another Hidden Blade leaves the pair laying, but Ospreay beats a standing 10-count to dive in with yet another Hidden Blade… following with a Storm Breaker and that’s enough to get the win. Not by any means the best between these two, but a bloody good outing as Ospreay closed out the anniversary show with a win. ****¼

Except that’s not all – Ospreay’s got the show-closing promo that’s interrupted before it gets started by Zack Sabre Jr., who challenged him to an IWGP UK title match at Royal Quest 3 in October. From there, Ospreay’s speech goes on before he’s interrupted by Big Masked BUSHI coming through the crowd to hit him with a Codebreaker… and 24 hours before All In, of course it was Chris Jericho, who was eventually run off by Aussie Open as we closed out the show.

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
For me, the show of this past weekend was at the Copperbox as Rev Pro’s anniversary delivered in style - with a show that started as many new threads as it tied up, giving hope to those who’ve don’t want Rev Pro following other British indies which suffering a drop-off after their monumental shows.