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November 23, 2022 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 11-23-22 Image Credit: AEW

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A cute lil tradition at my parents house is to go round the table and let everyone know what they thankful for. I typically give a joke of an answer, and this year, I plan on being thankful for my high top OG Chicagos, but I do want to express to all of you that I greatly appreciate my little corner of the internet where a bunch of middle aged misfits watch dudes wrestle and talk shit bout it. From Bingo to typos to Royal Rumbles to inside jokes I think only us would ever understand, thank you all. For those UnAmericans, just assume this is a random post of gratitude.

We are starting off with that evil man Lord William Regal. He asks if we would like to hear from our new champion. People do want to, and Regal explains that you will…next week. He refuses to come to this city. Regal asks where are they. We get some FU Regal chants. He asks if we’d like to know about their relationship. He then tells us we will have to wait until next week for that as well.

Jon Moxley don’t wanna wait till next week. He heads to the ring, looks to rush Regal, but out comes Bryan Danielson to get in between Jon and Regal. Jon shoves Bryan a bit, as he continues to try to hold him back.

Bryan grabs a mic, says he doesn’t know why Regal did what he did. He did a bad thing. But Moxley has done bad things, too. So has Bryan. They all have. Bryan is asking him to please, he’s got a bad neck, two bleeds on his brain, please don’t hurt Regal.

Jon struggles with this, paces angrily, jumps forward then double guesses, as Bryan continues to plead with him.

Bryan THEN slaps Jon in the face! Bryan apologizes, shoves him, then gets to his knees and tells Jon to listen. Bryan stands back up, doesn’t care about the boos, tells Jon he knows of the struggles. Bryan brings up his dad, tells him that he struggled with what Jon struggled with. This is more than wrestling. When his dad had those struggles, he didn’t understand…there was only one person that could teach Bryan, and it was Regal. Block the crowd out, Jon, because of this man, Bryan was able to understand his dad’s struggles, and for the final ten years of his dad’s life, he was able to love him because of Regal. So please imagine, someone teaching Jon’s daughter to love him in spite of Jon’s struggles. Save Regal for Bryan, if for no other reason, because he loves William Regal.

Jon holds onto the ropes with frustration, shaking them with vigor, temper boiling. Moxley chant showers him as he turns to face Bryan and grabs the mic.

Jon tells Bryan to leave the ring with a head nod. He heads straight to the face of Regal. Regal is not backing down.

Jon: “Lordship, I only want one thing from you: I want you to run.”

He tells Regal to run far away, as far as possible, and never come back. Right now. Walk and keep on walking.

Regal stares Jon down, then leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Cant wait for the trails of Regal as he meets two indy outcasts who show him how to eat bug and live life carefree. I’m thinking Eli Everfly and someone else.

BACKSTAGE, Renee – who looks a little shook up after the previous segment – walks up to Keith Lee, and asks him where his head is at. Lee turns towards Renee, as he had his back to her, and is about to speak, but here comes Swerve to stop him before he starts. Lee tells him to choose his words wisely.

Swerve removes the shades, and Lee removes the jacket just in case. Swerve looks to the cam, covers it with his hand, and tells Lee let’s talk.

Match 1: AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match
Jake Hager (w/ Purple Hat DLC) vs Orange Cassidy (w/ Backpack Accessory)

Cassidy removes his shades, but Hager grabs them out of his hands and puts them on. OC goes for the hat, but Jake keeps blocking it, so OC puts his hands in his pockets and KICKS THE EVER LIVING SHIT OUT OF THE SHINS!!! Dropkick and kip up!!! Hager trucks him with a shoulder, sending OC flying. Hager whips oC into the corner, who flies over the ropes, Hager is STILL wearing the hat, I should add. OC grabs Hager, sends him into the buckle, and the hat flies off! OC’s face is priceless. He enters the ring, Hager hits the ropes, OC holds the rope, and Hager flies to the outside!!!

OC with the purple hat!!! In comes Parker to try and grab the hat, Menard is next, but OC sends both of them outside. He looks to put the hat on, but Garcia is on the apron! It’s ok, Rocky Romero pulls Garcia off the apron. Hager on the apron, OC sends him off. OC hits the ropes, dives, Hager catches him and drops OC onto the apron!

We are BACK and hager is driving a knee into the side of OC, who is laid prone on the mat. Hager shoots OC to the outside, but OC holds on, turns, and stands. Hager drops a fist on the hand, another, right hand, but OC hits a trust fall and his BEST FRIENDS are there to catch him! Hager out of the ring, tries for a tackle, but OC moves and he hits the Best Friendsd. Suicide dive from OC. He hops onto the apron, kicks Parker away, springboards with a little Whisper in the Wind onto JAS! He hops to the top rope, flies and Hager catches him, but OC flips into a Stundog Millionaire. DDT to Hager! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! WHERE IS THE HAT?!?!?! Oh, there it is. OC readies for Orange Punch, but he struggles to stand, favoring the back. OC removes the elbow pad. He waits, Hager stands, turns, OR-NO!!! Uranage Slam! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Hager grabs his hat, kicks OC away. Hager puts the hat back on. Hager tries for the hager Bomb, OC has the foot up, Hager grabs it, Ankle Lock!

OC kicks the hat away, and Hager lets go of the hold! Orange Punch!!!! Rollup!!! 1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
Orange Punch > Purple Hat
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 8:36


The music is cut by QT Marshall. He is out with his Factory Fools, says there is some unfinished business here. OC just gives out title shots one after another. QT’s mic goes out. Then the big screens turn off!

THEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT! Some eerie music plays.

Red lights hit.


She holds her hands out.

Black, Brody, and Buddy are in the middle of the ring! They clear the ring of The Best Friends! The Factory is on the apron with smiles. The House of Black takes in the “Welcome Back” chants, then attacks The Factory!!! They head to the outside and attack everyone! Wrestlers and security come out, but they get their asses handed to them. The men head up to the top of the ramp where Julia Buddy grabs a “staff” and drops him onto Brody’s shoulders. He hits a piledriver with a smile.

Black grabs a mic.

Black: “Members of The House of Black, please rise.”

Short promo from Jungle Boy immediately after his match Saturday where he expresses how glad he was that he won against Lucha.

BACK LIVE and Stokely is introducing Ethan Page to the ring. Page gabs the mic, asks if we think Ricky Starks is going to win. When he is in the middle of this ring crying, all of these Chicago babies can join in and cry like the losers they all are.

Match 2: Ricky Starks vs Ethan Page

Ricky is all wrapped up. His left arm is dropped low. High kick from Page kicking the shoulder area. Starks kicks, then attacks the head an dbck with a bunch of rights. He corners Page with a flurry of punches, rights and lefts. Page hits a shoulder in the opposite corner. Starks chops out of the corner over and over, then whips. Reverse, Starks hops over Page, but Page kicks the mid section. Page stomps over and over in the corner. Page watches on aS Stark stands with a struggle. Page pulls Starks into a knee. Another knee from Page. Page hits the ropes.

SPEAR!!!!! Starks with a SPEAR!! He’s in a whole lotta pain and rolls out of the ring instead of covering. He struggles to catch his breath. Page is on his feet, leaves the ring, kicks Starks on the outside.

WE ARE BACK from break in time to see the ref ejecting Stokely from ringside for getting involved.

IN the ring, Page is fighting from the top with some rights. Ricky fights up the corner, hits a right, attacks the back of Page. Ricky grabs the left arm. Page with a right to the ribs. Page lifts Starks up sideways. Elbows form Ricky drop him. Right from Page, antoher right, another right, a final is blocked and Starks hits one, then hops ot the top ropes, and hits a SUPERPLEX!!!! Starks corners Page and kicks him a few times. Whip to the ropes, reversed, Starks with a swinging neckbreaker! Ricky grabs the head, bounces off the ropes with a tornado DDT, covers! 1….2…NO!!!! Starks double underhooks. Gets shoved to the corner. Page with a HUUUUGE right hand! Powerslam to Starks! Cover for 1…2….NO!!!! Ego’s Edge attempt, but Starks escapes, rolls up for 1..2.NO!!!

High kick from Page, another one, misses a clothesine. SPEAR!!! Starks in the corner. ANOTHER SPEAR!!!! Cover for 1…2…3!!!!!

Winner: Ricky Starks
Holy shit I’m so proud! I saw this dude wrestle in front of like 50 people in Arizona and fell in love! Couple years later, and I saw him literally show his whole ass in a match with some lollipop weirdo and loved him even more for it! Such an amazing win, and a pretty good match, too.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 12:55

We get a video package from Wardlow letting us know that he didn’t know how he lost the match till he watched the tape. He wants his belt back.

We finally get to the footage I never asked for, with Jade and Co making a scene at Bow Wow’s concert.

We go live with Renee asking Jade what’s going on. She says she will be giving no more clout to that wack ass rapper. She is happy she finally got her belt back…with no help at all. They will be having a baddie celebration.

Sterling comes out to give an official statement regarding Bow Wow: No Comment.

Everyone leaves except Sterling and Kiera, makes her sign something, and tells her that Jade will no longer need her services. Thank you very much.

Match 3: The Elite vs The Death Triangle

Pac has a mask on, apparently for his nose. Crowd is not exactly happy with The Elite. Rey and Penta to start. They shake hands, but Omega hits a HUGE knee to Rey on a turn. Pac and Penta come in, Bucks come in, they get rid of Pac and Penta, then stomp Rey in the middle of the ring with Omega. Kenny shoots Rey up, sit out spinebuster and a cover for 1..2.NO!!!

Outside, Matt sends Penta to the barricade, so he comes back with a slingblade. Nick off the apron with a rana, Pac there to kick Matt. Omega looks to dive, but when he comes off the ropes, Rey hits a cutter!!! He heads to the top rop! Rey spins like a thousand times onto the boys outside! Snapmare from Rey to Omega inside the ring! Penta and Pac in, triple dropkicks to the head of Omega. Penta hits the ropes, Rey catches him and we get a Risky Business combo. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Pac is the legal man. He heads to the apron, springboard, lands on his feet, waist lock from Pac, elbow to Pac. Ref stops him, pac rolls to the outside. Nick with a running punt kick. Matt in the ring, sends the Bros off the apron, heads to the top rope, Matt with a moonsault off the top rope! Nick rolls Pac into the ring. Nick goes Macho Man on the crowd as Omega lifts Pac up by the hair. Pac with a right. CM PUNK chant is loud. Omega and Pac trade shots. Pac rushes the corner, kick from Oemmega, hops over the head and hits a bulldog.

WE are back and Matt pulls penta off the apron just as Pac is about to tag. Omega grabs the arm and BITES IT!!! An nod to Steel? Ref admonishes Omega and here is Pac to hit a German! IN comes The Bucks, Penta in with a DDT to Matt, tilt a whirl to Nick, another to Matt, one for Omega! THREE BACKBREAKERS! Tag to Rey who flies off the top rope with an arm drag, gets kicked by Nick, but Rey puts Nick on the top rope nuts first. Stroke to Matt, locks the fingers, rana to Nick!!! Superkick to Rey from Matt, but Rey hops right the fuck back up and hits a Superkick of his own!!! Pac in off the tag, he gets kneed by Matt, Omega with a knee! Snapdragon suplex! Tag to one of the bucks, shit I Dindt see. They send Penta and Rey off the apron. Matt grabs Pac, rips the mask off his face as Nick holds Pac. Pac fights from his knees. Omega attacks the back. It’s 3-on-1. Tag from Omega. Tag to Matt again, and we’re gonna possibly get a BTE Trigger!!! They do! Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Penta stops it, Bucks send Lucha Bros to the outside. Nick looks to fly. He hops up the top rope and flies off onto The Lucha Bros! Tag to Omega, giving Pac to him. Omega pulls out the finger gun. He hits the ropes, runs, V-Trigger!!!! One-Winged Ang—NO!! Pac kicks! Boot, to the shoulders!!! OMEGA WITH A GTS!!!!!!! Cover for 1…2…..NO!!!! Omega is PISSED!!! He yells at the ref. Tag to Matt. Matt enters the ring, grabs the head of Pac. Piledriver setup, but Rey walks the ropes and kicks Nick in the face! Pac with a rollup for .1.2.NO!! Omega runs in, Rey holds the ropes, Omega spills to the outside, Rey hits the ropes and dives so fucking FAR!!! SIIIICKKK!!!!!! Pac locks up Matt from behind! Ref looking at Matt! LOW BLOW!!!

Cutler has the hammer! Alex on the apron, Rick goes to him! Cutler hands the hammer to Matt. In comes Penta!!! HE HAS A HAMMER!!!! PENTA CLOCKS MATT ON THE FOREHEAD! PAC COVERS! 1…2…..3!!!!

Winners: Death Triangle
On one hand, you’re in Chicago, you almost HAVE to acknowledge the Straight Edge Elephant in the room. On the other hand, coming from the Bucks, it just comes off as petty and excessive. IF Punk is returning then I think this could add something to the story, but the bite, the GTS, the Macho Man finger, etc. on its own just kind of comes off as snarky. I’m hoping this spells good news and that Punk will eventually return. As for the match, it was about as great as you would expect. Rey is just….a God.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 14:49

Rey is upset with Penta about the hammer. He stops to tell him so, Pac tries to calm him down, Rey isn’t the happiest about it.

Renee is here! She has a massive announcement for the Women’s Division. She says that due to the extent of Thunder Rosa’s injuries and the unknown nature of said injuries, they have come to an agreement. Rosa will have to forfeit the title. Rosa is willing to do this for the benefit of all of the women of AEW. That being said, we now welcome the NEW AEW Women’s Champion, Jamie Hayter.

She comes out with Britt and Rebel. She is asked how she feels, but Britt takes the mic to answer for her. She wants to let us in on a secret; they were never considering the word Interim. She then tells Renee to take the mic and let the champ walk to the ring.

Match 4: Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker vs Anna Jay and Tay Melo vs Willow Nightingale and Skye Blue

Hayer and Tay to start. Hayter sends her to the ropes, hits a tackle, another one off the ropes. She grabs the head, but in comes Anna Jay. Her and Tay try for a double suplex, but Hayter reverses and hits it on both of them. A snap suplex into a cover from Hayter for 1..2..NO!!! She sends Tay to the corner, tags in Britt, and Britt hits some right hands in the corner. She chokes up Tay for a three count. Ref admonishes her and Hayter chokes up Tay a bit. Crucifix pin from Britt for 1..2.NO!!! Slingblade from Britt. Cover for 1..2.N!O!! She locks the head, hooks the leg, Tay escapes, right hand to the face. Tag to Jay. Jay and Tay suplex Britt. Tag to Willow, who gets kicked. Whip to Willow, in comes Tay to whip Jay, but Jay misses and Willow smashes both of them in the corner. Right hand to Tay, then a toss to Jay. Kick to the mid section. She grabs the head, lifts up with a body slam. She calls in Blue and slams her down with a splash. Cover for 1..2..N!O!!! Willow whips, Tay on the apron, Willow misses a right, gets hung up, Jay sends her to the outside. Tay grabs her and sends her into the barricade hard.

We are BACK and Blue kicks Jay in the face then covers for 1..2.NO!! only for Jamie to stop the cover. Tag to Britt, who comes in and hits a swinging neckbreaker to Sky. Willow in, hits a Death Valley Driver to Britt. Jay with a kick to Willow’s head. IN comes Hayter to hit a huge Big Boot to Willow! Tay comes in, sends Hayter away, Sky in to hit a Code Blue onto Tay.

She tries for a pin, Britt with a kick! Hayter in to drop the girl! CURB STOMP FROM BRITT! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter
A bit gutted by the break, but a nice showcase for everyone involved.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 7:23

WE learn that Toni Storm will officially be coined as former AEW Women’s Champion, thus dropping the “Interim.”

BACKSTAGE, FTR and Top Flight are with Renee.

Dax wants to compliment them, says that they’ve always been impressive. Last week, they almost won the trios championship. FTR tells them to take over tag team wrestling.

Darius and Dante says there’s a reason they called them here. FTR v Them is a dream match. They want the ROH tag team titles.

Cash says they’ve liked them, and never say no to a fight so they’re on.

They shake hands.

THE ACCLAIMED are here, and they get lots of love. Billy Gunn is with them. Bowens asks for the music to be cut, says it’s good to be back in Chicago, and says there is a lot to be thankful for, starting with them retaining the titles.

Sonjay and Jay Lethal are on the tron. JJ tells them he’ll give them something to rap about, and they best be watching their back..

Billy Gunn on the mic, says someone get that old ass off his screen. Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

They scissor.

Match 1: ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match
Tomohiro Ishii vs Chris Jericho

Jericho starts with two middle fingers to the sky. H then barks at Tomo, who smacks Jericho in the face. Jericho slaps back. We have a slap off! Tomo is eating those slaps for breakfast. Jericho is noticeably turning red. Tomo gets the last laugh with. Snapmare and kick to the back. Jericho back up. They battle with forearms. Jericho gets dropped, Tomo tries for a lariat, Jericho tries for a Codebreaker, scouted. Both men up and we get a lockup! Side headlock from Jericho. They meet in the middle of the ring woth some shoulder tackles, neither men going down. They trade their own tackles, but Tomo hits one hard enough to knock Jericho down. Jericho pulls himself up in the corner. Jericho with another slap, another, ANOTHER! Good lord! TOmo with one, a chop across the chest. Jericho hits one. Tomo with another chop.Jericho gives one, TOmo with a knife edge. The chop off goes for a while as we go to break.

WE BACK and they are STILL CHOPPING! Rumor has it, they have chopped the entire break.

Whip from Jericho, and he is covered in blood. Where the hell is it from? Jericho corners Tomo with clothesline after clothesline in the corner, beating him down in the corner. Stomps form Jericho. He grabs Tomo, chops him in the corner, then mounts the corner. Powerbomb from Tomo! He hits the ropes, clothesline to Jericho. Jericho doesn’t go down. Big kick, Tomo doesn’t go down. They both hit the ropes, Jericho attacks the throat, and Tomo drops. Jericho flies off the 2nd buckle…right into an elbow strike! Jericho drops homie on the apron head first!!! Both men are on the outside as Aubrey starts the count. Jericho is near the apron. His bat is right by the ringpost. They both fight outside with forearms as Aubrey counts past ten and Excalibur reminds us they have 20. They continue with the forearms. Jericho hits the ropes as Tomo goes down. Waist lock! GERMAN FROM ISHII!!! Jericho with a german of his own, but Ishii rolls through, so Jericho hits him with another one. Tomo is up….theeeeen right back down. Lionsault from Jericho! Cover for 1…..NO!!!! Ishii stands and the crowd is hyped! Jericho with an elbow. Codebreaker! Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Jericho is up first. He waits. Runs. Juda—NO!!! Ishii stops it! HEADBUTT DROPS JERICHO! Sliding lariat! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Ishii locks up for a brainbuster, Jericho reverses, shoots the legs, turns him for the Walls, but Ishii spins his neck nad shoots Jericho to the ropes. CODEBREAKER FROM ISHII!!! Ishii hits the ropes! HUGE FUCKING LARIAT!! COVER! 1……2……..NO!!!! Hooks the head, Jericho escapes, forearms to Jericho, high kick is caught.

WALLS OF JERICHO! Ishii rolls onto his back, Jericho hits some elbow strikes. Jericho with the knee to the head! LIONTAMER!!!! Ishii holds his hand in the air. MIDDLE FINGER TO JERICHO!!! Ishii taps!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
At this point, Jericho doesn’t necessarily HAVE TO go the distance with some ROH dudes, but that is exactly what he did tonight. 15 minutes of some ass kicking. I’d say the chops were a bit excessive, but they were most likely tryin to kill time. Everything behind the commercial break though was just great ass-kickery.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 15:27

Jericho looks to beat up the announcer again, but Claudio is quick to come out and just slap the shit out of Jericho to

End Show

Seems like a good time to point out what Larry said about Tomohiro in 2017

Favorite Male Wrestler – Tomohiro Ishii: Everyone has their favorites, and there is always a ton of hype around some guys, but right now my absolute favorite wrestler, who makes me look forward to his matches more than anyone and who always delivers is Tomohiro Ishii. Ishii is one of the very best performers in the ring, and no matter how much he gets praised or how much I keep discussing how under appreciated he is by much of the fan base, and that continues to be the case because 99% of the talk is focused on every other top Japan guy but him, he is constantly overlooked. Ishii is one of if not the most consistent performers of the last 3-4 years, always delivering, working as an iron man with more in ring time (at age 41) than pretty much anyone on the NJPW roster, and always putting on high caliber matches. He can work on any level from opener to main event, he can believably beat any main eventer, and also put over others. Ishii is a great brawler, but also a technician when he needs to be, and in what may be the most overlooked part of his game, his selling is absolutely magnificent. But because he’s not Tanahashi, Okada, Shibata, Omega or Naito (who have all been really great for the last few years) so he has been not only overlooked, but in a way he’s almost been disrespected. We may not agree on everything but I have to say, if you aren’t watching Tomohiro Ishii in 2017, you’re doing wrestling wrong. The man is a fucking artist, always looking great but more importantly making everyone he works with look like a star.

Miss you, bossman.

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