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March 13, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Omos and Brock Lesnar Image Credit: WWE

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Whatup, my Monday 411Maniacs? It’s time for another episode of WWE Raw! I’m Jeremy Thomas, and I’m filling in for Tony for the first five to 10 minutes as he’s running late. Shit happens. Anyway, we have quite the show tonight as Kevin Owens battles Solo Sikoa in a street fight, Cody Rhodes battles LA Knight, Brock Lesnar and Omos go face-to-face and more. We have a lot to get into, so let’s just jump right in.

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* We’re LIVE in Providence, Rhode Island as Edge makes his way to the ring! Cole and Patrick run down the card as the Rated-R Superstar plays to the crowd. He eventually gets a mic and soaks in some fan adulation before he says it never gets old and that’s why he does this.

Edge says he knows why he’s here, Providence knows why he’s here, so he calls Finn Balor to get out to the ring so they can finally be done with this. And here comes The Judgment Day! Balor stays on the stage and says he’s here, live and in the flesh. And for once he agrees with the clowns in the arena and wants to hear what Edge has to say.

Edge says he didn’t come here to say anything; he came here to end it but Balor’s gonna hide and if he charges in Balor will sick Lurch, Pugsley and Wednesday on him. A few weeks ago Finn challenged him to a match at WrestleMania and since Balor won’t face him, he’s got it. Finn says he’s heading to WrestleMania, and Edge tells him to shut his mouth. He says the last year of his comeback he had to deal with them, and before that was the TV screens. He’s running out of time in his career and says Finn pulled The Judgment Day from him, but he made it better because he leaned into making them what they are — bitter malcontents. He says together they’re like a bougie drink from a hipster coffee place but it’s worked. They’ve left him lying and they made him say “I Quit” but still bashed Beth’s skull in with a Con-Chair-To. They’ve tried to make his life a living hell and they’ve accomplished it, but there’s only one way it can end:

At WrestleMania — Edge vs. Finn Balor inside HELL IN A CELL!

Balor isn’t smiling now. He says he’s been to Hell before and it spit him out because it couldn’t handle his Demons. He says he’ll see Edge at WrestleMania. But until then…he sends Rhea, Damian and Dom in! They overwhelm Edge and beat and stomp him down — and here comes Dexter Lumis, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae! And we’re on break.

DADDY’S HOME!!! I Got stuck behind a Tesla and they drove so damned slow!

Anyway, we come back to RAW and Dom is dropping Gargano.

Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis vs Damien Priest and Dominik Mysterio

Gargano works the arm, Dom runs to make a tag. In comes Priest. Gargano is excited. Priest wants Lumis. Tag to Lumis. Lockup! Priest works the left arm, Lumis rolls out then kips up, works Priest’s arm, Side headlock from Priest. Whip to the ropes, and Priest drops Lumis with a shoulder. Priest hits the ropes but Lumis hops up and surprises Priest. Priest drops him to the knees then kicks him. Priest whips, kick from Lumis. A standing dropkick from Dexter sends priest outside. He comes back in, drop toe hold, front face lock from Dexter. Tag from Johnny. He boots Priest with help from Lumis. Priest hits a hard right, dropping Johnny. Snake Eyes from Priest and a tag to Dom, who mounts and hits a bunch of punches. Rhea watches on in awe and lust. Knees rrom Gargano. Running rana to Dom. Dom to the outside. Johnny flies over the top rope to the outside, Dom on the apron, hops off, Gargano hops up and kicks Dom, in comes Priest and Dexter hitsa n uppercut. Cannonball senton from Johnny!

We are back. Priest boxes the ears. Broken Arrow and a tag to Dom who sentons over the top onto Gargano. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Dom goes for the three amigos. He hits all three then covers for 1..2..NO!!! Dom with a drop toe hold, goes for a 619, Gargano ducks. SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES! Tag to Lumis! Tag to Priest! A right is blocked. Spinebuster to Priest! One more for Dom. Splash in the corner. A clothewsline and a bulldog to Dom, then a back suplex from Deter. Leg drop! Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Firemans to Priest, he gets dropped ot the outside. Dom gets a tagf, uses the ropes, gets a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Candice stops him! Clothesline from Dexter! Rhea goes after Candice, lifts her and drops her onto the barricade. Dexter is shown behind her. Rhea turns, waves to Dexter, nonplussed. Here comes Priest to hit a clothesline!~ He rolls Dexter inside. Flatliner. Tag to Dom. Frog Splash. Cover for 1..2….NO!! Johnny stops it! Superkick to Priest! Suicide dive!

Dom kicks Johnny off the apron.Priest in with a tag. South of Heaven! Cover for 1.2…3!!!!

Winners: Damien Priest and Dominik Mysterio
Dexter got to show a little more of his in ring work, and that’s good because what little we’ve seen hasn’t really been that great. This was as average as you could get otherwise.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: Stopwatch Issues

Backstage and earlier today, the lovely Cathy Kelley awaits The Miz to ask him if he’d consider a co-host for Mania. In comes Chad Gable who seems to have lost Otis.

We see some beatdown in the background, and shift focus to Damage CTRL attacking Trish Stratus. They smack her head against the cement and we head to break.

We come back to RAW where MVP and Omos are standing. MVP tells Brock he made a huge mistake putting his hands on him, but an even bigger mistake is accepting a match with Omos.

Brock Lesnar has heard enough, and he comes out wearing more denim than should be legally allowed.

Brock gets in the ring. Omos holds his fist out. He then extends his hand for Brock to shake. Brock is hesitant, does so, and Omos won’t let go. So Brock just kicks him. Omos sends Brock to the ropes then hella struggles getting him over the top rope. Brock stands, wipes his face, and out come agents and refs. Brock asks for his hat, and gives Omos the ol “That’s how you wanna play it, buddy?” look.

A recap of Smackdown where Cody and The Usos got into a bit of a tussle.

We head live and Cody Rhodes is here for some action.

Cody Rhodes vs LA Knight

Start with a lockup into the corner. LA with a hard right in the corner. He whips Cody, reversed, Cody with an arm drag, works the wrist. LA up, reaches for ropes. Waist lcok, LA reverses, Cody trips him, runs with a knee to the face. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! LA rolls outside. Cody hits the ropes, suicide—nope! LA wit a right hand! He pulls Cody down to the outside, tries to send him into the barricade but Cody reverses and sends LA into it. LA grabs the left arm and slams it against the ringpost. LA yells at the crowd, Cody shoves him into the steps then swings his left arm into the post. Cody to the top rope. LA runs, hops ot the top, and hits a superplex to Cody!!!

We back, LA hits a DDT, and covers for 1.2…NO!!! LA shoves Cody’s head then locks in a cravat. Cody tries to break it, stands, gets out of the hold, but LA kicks him in the ass. another kick, Cody cathes it, hits the ropes, right hand to LA, uppercut from Cody. Cody hops out of the corner, powerslam! Cody hits the ropes, Disaster Kick! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cody tries for a cutter, but LA catches him and slams him down on his back. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!

Kick from LA, tries for Blunt Force Trauma, Rhodes shoves away, hops to the ropes, CODY CUTTER! LA up, turns, Cody locks him up. Cross Rhodes. Cover for 1.2…3!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
Nice little sprint from both guys.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 9:45

After the match, Cody Rhodes grabs a mic, and on one knee, he tells us he keeps hearing these warnings from Heyman that he should stay out of Bloodline business. He doesn’t work for them or Heyman, though. So if he wants to stand side by side with Sami Zayn, he can do that. If he wants to fight alongside Kevin Owens, he can do that too. He also hears Mr. Heyman tell him not to make this personal. What a joke. It has been personal since he first appeared on this show at 21 years old in front of these same camera man. Personal when weekly he is fighting back tears, when you wear a protective coat of armor because he wants to be somebody. Mr. Heyman talking about acknowledging Reigns? He is does. Reigns needs to acknowledge him. He is not perfect, but his time since he’s returned hgas been perfect. He is undefeated. He grew up thinking he was a prince in this industry, but he has no crown, chip, master sword, and now title. On April 2, when the sun goes down on Hollywood, it is going down on Roman Reigns’ generational run. On April 2, it’s for all that has followed him to the end. On April 2, he has waited his whole life, he will wait no more, he will pin Reigns and become the first Rhodes to ever say he is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Last Monday, Logan knocked Seth Rollins out cold.

Tonight, Seth Rollins is backstage cackling like an idiot, waiting for the crowd to sing his song, but they don’t really.

His reaction to last week is to say Logan a few times, then says he won the lottery. He landed the shot of a lifetime. He knocked Seth down, but we’ve learned that you cant keep Seth down. So the next time Logan Paul…

Here comes The Miz to interrupt. Seth barks in his face. Miz says Seth is jealous of being knocked out. He has lost control of the narrative. Miz only knows this: he is the host of Mania, and he gets privelaged information. Next Monday, Logan Paul will host his podcast in the middle of the ring with Miz as a guest.

Here comes Baron Corbin to tell Miz he is available next week. Miz says Logan is booked up. Corbin asks to co-host. Miz says he has a lot of pull, but not that much. Corbin then tells Seth that Logan knocked him out pretty quick, so maybe he needs some lessons from him. Seth appreciates the offer. If he is being honest, he’d rather take boxing lessons from his baby daughter. Corbin says he’d knock Seth out faster than Logan did then he’d take his spot at Mania. Seth takes this as a challenge, and he’s down to fight.

We come back to the show, and Bronson is already dominating Elias. He cinches in a head lock then hits a knee before Elias can break it. Whip to the reops, Elias holds on, hits a back elbow, kick out of the corner. Elias flies off the 2nd rope and Reed catches him. Elias hops off, high knee, Reed still stands.

Clothesline drops Elias hard. Waist lock and a rip cord powerslam. Reed to the outside. Tsunami. Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Bronson Reed
Squishy squish squish
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:32 shown

Backstage, Chad Gable has fliers for his missing friend. He asks Cathy if she’s seen Otis. In come Lita and Becky Lynch who are both pissed off. They enter the locker room, ignoring Cathy.

We return to Cathy again, thankfully. She is here to talk to Kevin Owens. Cathy wonders why he will not take Sami’s help. Owens says he needed help for a long time. What he thinks is that Sami is asking Kevin for help. With the history they have, is it hard to figure out why he wouldn’t wanna fight with Sami? He wishes Sami the best, and he’s fine fighting on his own. As for Rhodes, he heard him, saw last week, helping Sami, that’s all well and good but like he said last week, he doesn’t need Cody’s help or want it. Tonight, when he’s out there, do not come out. Focus on Mania and Reigns. He doesn’t want to be the reason this match doesn’t happen. Tonight, he doesn’t want to see Cody, he wants to fight The Bloodline on his own, and he’s fine with that.

Earlier today, The Street Profits clowned Austin Theory by calling him a choke artist. Theory smirks, says this is all great, but the jokes is all they got, because in a month or two, they’ll be unemployed. As for last week, he got what he wanted: the marquee match Theory vs Cena. As for them, who is the toughest of The Street Profits? Who has the backbone, the fire, the desire? He thinks it’s Dawkins. But it’s not Ford. When it comes to Ford, he’s just a big bag of joke, and when he gets handed an opportunity, he falls flat on his face. He wishes he can relate, but he goes straight to the top each time. That smoke they always bring, but when it comes to that smoke for them, all Ford does is choke.

Geez that took a long ass time.

Dawkins wants to humble him. How bout he cook Theory tonight. Theory is game, but wonders what they’re doing at Mania…oh yeah, notthin.

Dawkins tries to outwrestle Theory to start. Theory drops Dawkins, whips him to the corner, they do some rope work, and Dawkins hits a dropkick. Fireman’s and Dawkins drops Theory with a flapjack. Cover for 1…NO! Theory tries for a right, but Dawkins pops up with a right of his own! Whip from Teory, he grabs the boot from the outside and sends Dawkins into the barricade back first. Theory mounts and attacks with rights. He sends Dawkins into the barricade again!

We are back and Dawkins hits a huge clothesline to drop Theory. Another. Whip to the ropres from Theory, Dawkins hops over. Enizguri! Dawkins locks the head but Theory rolls him up, gets the tights. 1…2..NO!!! Underhook from Dawkins. Suplex, cover for 1.2…NO!!!! POUNCE!!!! Theory to the apron. Dawkins grabs him by the head, Theory hangs up Dawkins. Theory rolls into the ring, dropkick! Cover for 1.2…N!O!! Sunset Flip from Dawkins! 1..2…NO!!!

Another enziguri from Dawkins! Theory in the corner, Dawkins spins for a clothesline in the corner, but Theory with a surprise left hand! A-Town Down! Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Austin Theory
Another match where the man who has a Mania match was obviously going to get the win. Dawkins did alright for the time given, but gotta keep Theory strong, right?
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:26

After the match, Theory locks in the STF on Dawkins until Ford runs down to stop him.

We are back and Paul Heyman has a problem. He cuts off Cathy saying they have a problem. That problem’s name is Kevin Owens. Tonight, they demonstrate that they solve all problems, and tonight’s problem will be solved by Solo Sikoa.

As for Cody, he feels truth shall set him free, but it will only imprison his mind to make stupid mistakes like making this personal. He knows what we are thinking, it’s already personal to Rhodes. Of course it is, that’s what makes Rhodes such a compelling and intriguing challenger, but to make this personal to Reigns by mockingly acknowledging him on television, what a schmuck. Cody Rhodes, you now have a chance to acknowledge him next week on RAW. Reigns will be here. Next week, Cody will decide whether he is a challenger or a problem, because he assures Cody that he is a probem that Reigns would love to personally solve.

Video package for Rey.

After that, Rey Mysterio comes out to some good fan love. He calls this induction the biggest honor of his life. This isn’t just his award. This is made from the people that help him build up his career. Made from the fans. This award is for all of us.

Of course, Dominik Mysterio is here to interrupt. He congratulates his father, says he finally made it into the HOF. He deserves it, too. Rey has put his whole life into this business, and Dom hopes it was worth it because he earned the honor at the expense of Dom. Rey chose all of us fans instead of being there for Dom. How does it feel? His 8th grade promotion, Rey was nowhere to be found. He was too busy being at Mania. Rey is a no show. Dom turned 16,
He was supposed to get a new car, all his friends had new cars, and Rey got him a BMW? It wasn’t even an M Series. He sees Rey for what he really is – a sad, ugly excuse for a father, no – a man. Dom wants a match at Mania.

Rey says he will not fight his own son. He still loves Dom and always will. No match.

Dom asks us…this is our guy? He’s just going to walk away. Do what you do Rey. He ran from RAW, from his family, and from Dom. The only thing Rey taught him is what not to be.

Cathy is backstage looking for an update with Trish. Here come Becky Lynch and Lita and Trish. Trish says they should have finished the job because she has been hit harder and the only thing Damage CTRL has done is pissed her off.

The Miz makes his way out to the ring for commentary.

Baron Corbin vs Seth Rollins

Corbin starts off with some body shots, but Seth fires back with rights and lefts. He battles Corbin against the ropes, then whips and ducks under a few blows. Kick from Rollins. Another kick. Clotheslnie, spinning right, hits the ropes again. Shoots Corbin to the outside Seth to the apron! Running knee off the apron to Corbin! Miz tells Seth to stop pandering to the crowd. Crowd starts singing. Seth grabs Corbin and sends him into The Miz. Seth tosses Cornin back into the ring. Seth in, superkick.

Enziguri to Miz on the apron! Miz and Corbin both laid out in the ring. Seth runs up onto Miz’s back, then stomps Corbin! Cover for 1..2…3!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
Seth is fun. Fun guy Seth.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:22

Chad Gable is still looking for Otis. In comes Mustafa Ali to tell Gable he needs to smile more. Gable sees Maximum Male Models nearby and runs up to them. They are taking photos of Otis, who is wearing sunglasses and an unbuttoned shirt. Mansoor says tonight is about modeling. Gable stands in the shot with Otis, and after a few shots, Mansoor says they broke the camera. Mace blames Gable’s ick. They leave. Gable tells Otis they can still work out, but Maxxine is heard calling Otis, and Otis answers the call.

Chelsea Green (w/ Carmella) vs Bianca Belair

Green tries to corner Bianca, but she aint having it. She shoves the face of Green then getes a waist lock. Bianca slams Green down hard but she stands up and elbows out of the hold. Green hits a tackle, but Bianca is too strong and shoves Green down. Rope work and Green misses a kick. Bianca with a shoulder tackle. Whip to the corner. Reversed. Bianca back flips over Green then hits a backbreaker. Standing moonsault. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Green rolls to the outside and pulls Bianca out. Ref is distracted so Carmella kicks Bianca in the head. Green rolls in and covers for a pin. 1..2..NO!!!

We are back and Green has a cradle on Bianca for 1..2.NO!!! Green slaps Bianca then drapes her shin on her neck and swings the arm towards her, slamming Bianca on the mat back first. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Green for a possible Unprettier attempt.

Bianca hits the ropes, Green with a right forearm, but Bianca just grabs her and hits a KOD cuz she a baddie. Cover for 1..2..3!!

Winner: Bianca Belair
Green looked very outmatched there, with a lot of setup for spots and some iffy chemistry.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:51

Carmella attacks Bianca! Green helps out. Asuka is here to help even the odds!

Solo Sikoa vs Kevin Owens

Just before the bell, Owens calls for Solo to come get some, so he meets Owens at the bottom of the ramp and they go at it. They head back into the ring where Owens hits a back elbow then a senton. Owens goes for a cannonball but Solo rolls outside. Owens follows and gets hit with a right hand. Solo sends Owens into the barricade back first. Kick from Owens, chop, right hand, Solo sends oWens into the barricade, but Owens fires back with a clothesline! Owens with a chop against the barricade. Solo hits. A knee. Solo sends Owens headfirst into the announce table. Owens sends Solo into it now. He headlocks Solo then tosses him into the ring. Owens rolls in and runs…right into a Samoan Drop. Damn, he just tossed Owens. Lol. Solo drops a right hand ot Owens head, stomp against the ropes. Owens rolls to the mat outside. Solo grabs a chair from under the ring! Another chair! Owens is up! He sends Solo into the steel steps! Owens grabs the table and the crowd is excited. He tries to put the table in the ring, but Solo hits a Superkick! He tosses Owens across the announce table and sends the table back under the ring. Haha.

We are back and we got six chairs facing each other 3×3. The gutys are in the corner, Solo tosses Owens off the top rope onto the chairs below.Solo tosses some of the chairs. Owens is able to get Solo outside and sends him into the crowd. Owens follows him into the crowd and attacks him all the way towards the stage. Owens takes Solo towards Gorilla. SUPERKICK FROM THE USOS!!! They were waiting for Owens! The Usos drag Owens out to the ring, and the beatdown ensues. They send Owens into the ring.

Jey and Jimmy with Superkicks to Owens! Samoan Spike. Cover. 1…2..3!!!

Winner: Solo Sikoa
Come on, Kev, what did you think was gonna happen? Solid match with just a little bit o plunder. Loved the spot where Solo slid the table back under the ring.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:25

Kevin is left spitting from the mouth while The Bloodline celebrates at the bottom of the ramp.

End Show

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