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Mansoor On Being Nervous Before His WWE Raw Debut, End Of His Winning Streak

May 6, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mansoor Raw Adam Pearce

Mansoor made the leap to Raw on this week’s show, and the WWE star weighed in on his Raw debut in a new interview. The Saudi Arabian star made his debut on the Raw brand as he signed a Raw contract, then faced Sheamus in a match that saw his winning streak end by DQ when Humberto Carrillo got involved. You can check out highlights from the interview below:

On the end of his losing streak by DQ: “I could ask for Humberto Carrillo to wait like five or ten minutes. If I was going to lose, I wanted to lose like a man. I wanted to have a decisive ending to that match to determine who was the better competitor … How anticlimactic is that? I’m trying not to get hot about it. I don’t want to get mad at Humberto. Like, I get it. He was mad at Sheamus. Sheamus has been punking him and attacking him backstage and doing all these things for the past few weeks. Like, I get it. But you really couldn’t have waited just a little longer?”

On his winning streak: “The whole streak thing was really crazy. Cause I didn’t even notice it until someone pointed it out around like 30. And that’s when it started to kind of change gears for me, because suddenly I had something that I was defending. Like, suddenly there were higher stakes to every one of my matches. On 205 Live. On Main Event. And it was like, ‘Okay, yeah. This is something that I can really build.’ And it brought the best out of my opponents too. Guys like Drew Gulak, and on 205, guys like August Grey, Curt Stallion, Ever-Rise. They wanted to break that streak and they wanted to be the guy who broke that streak. So they were bringing next level intensity and competitiveness that I really enjoyed.”

On making his Raw debut: “I was nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up the whole night. This is it. This is my first impression. If I don’t match the intensity… a guy like Sheamus, who is probably going to beat the tar out of me, he’s probably going to knock a tooth out. Probably the hardest hitting, toughest guy in the company. If I don’t match that aggression, I’m dead in the water. And I was behind the curtain and then my music hit and I walked out and it was gone. I got in the ring and the bell rang and it was like, ‘yeah, this is what I was meant to do.'”

On his goal on Raw: “I really want to prove is that I’m a guy who can come out there every single week and put on a hell of a show and put on a hell of a match. No matter what beatings I take, no matter how hard I get hit, I’m the guy that always comes back and finds a way to pull through. That’s the reputation that I’ve tried to establish for myself. And I want to be in that locker room on a roster full of guys… of legends, some of whom I was watching as early as when I was in high school, and prove that I belong and that I fit in. I would really like to show the world that I deserve to be a RAW Superstar.”

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