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Mid-South Wrestling (3.9.1985) Review

April 11, 2022 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Jake Roberts Mid-South Wrestling 3-9-1985 Image Credit: WWE/Peacock
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Mid-South Wrestling (3.9.1985) Review  

-Originally aired March 9, 1985.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Joel Watts.


-Jake finally, finally, finally gets his title match. Crowd is rabid for this and it’s not all for Terry Taylor.

-Jake snapmares Taylor and goes for a chinlock, but Taylor boots him away. Jake blocks an attempted Irish whip, but makes the mistake of smiling and bragging about how smart he is, and Taylor drops him with a right hand and sends him to the floor.

-Back inside, Taylor applies a wristlock. Jake sends him into the ropes but gets shoulderblocked down. Taylor goes back to working the arm. Jake tries to counter it with a slam, but Taylor has already hurt the arm enough that Jake can’t get him in the air. And that tips Terry off that the strategy is working, so he STAYS with the arm, switching to a hammerlock and driving knees into the shoulder.

-Jake manages to sit up in the hammerlock and gets a stunner on Taylor to break the hold. Stomachbreaker by Jake, and from there, Jake targets the abdominals and goes for a DiBiase elbow from the second rope. Taylor rolls out of the way and makes a comeback, but they collide on a double clothesline. Both men recover and Jake goes for a slam, but Taylor slides out and hits the ropes, and a five-arm wipes Jake out and Taylor gets the three-count. So after weeks of whining, disrupting, complaining, and demanding, Jake simply got beaten.

-Well, you know Jake’s not the kind to just leave it at that, so he pulls his boot off and clobbers Taylor, thanks to lethal wrestling physics where holding a boot makes it more deadly than wearing it. He takes the referee out, fetches a freshly un-banned chair from under the ring, and DDTs Taylor on the chair, and the pretty boy is a bloody mess. Good match with a hot angle afterward.


-Landell starts with chops. They battle for an arm wringer, with Landell getting the better of it, but slapping Armstrong and taunting him a little too much for Brad’s liking. Brad drop toeholds him to break the hold. Joel observes that “This is wrestling, NOT ballet!” and sounds exactly like his dad when he says it.

-Armstrong keeps using the drop toehold and hammerlocks Buddy. Gotta hand it to Buddy, who’s jobbing to everybody on his way out the door and doing so decisively.

-Landell makes the ropes and takes a few cheap shots. Armstrong punches right back and powerslams Landell for a three-count, and Landell just lies there sprawled out on the mat motionless after the bell.


-Daniels is billed “from the Amarillo Cobra Corps” which regrettably never leads to a series of hilarious vignettes where Sgt. Slaughter tries to train Terry Funk and Funk just mouths off at him the whole time.

-Jackson gets some offense right away, but Denton gives him a knee from the apron to turn the tide. Denton tags in proper and press slams Jackson, and a big elbow gets two. Samoan drop finishes without Daniels ever tagging in.

-Parsons isn’t getting paid by the hour, and JR literally says that as King hits a clothesline instantly and gets the three-count.


-Heels should have done like Buster and Babs and said “No relation” in unison after their introduction.

-Kerry and Herc trade atomic drops, with Kerry getting the best one, apparently. Herc gets pinballed in the face corner and scurries away to tag in Gino. Gino’s luck is just as bad, so Herc has to come back in, and Duggan slams him and drives a knee into the chest for two. Gino cheats from the apron to turn it around.

-So Duggan is your Hacksaw-in-peril until he manages to boot away an attempted backdrop. Hot tag to Kerry. Discus punch gets only two, but Kerry surprisingly keeps wrestling instead of pausing for 20 seconds to make a shocked face. All four men end up in the ring for a brawl. Ted DiBiase shows up and gets to the apron, looking like he’s up to something. Duggan spears him to the floor, but takes out the referee at the same time. Herc applies…his finisher while DiBiase frantically tries to revive the referee, but Duggan puts a coal miner’s glove out of nowhere and KO’s Herc with it, and the referee revives in time for Kerry to get the three-count. Great match, with a passionate crowd adding to it.

KAMALA (with Skandar Akbar & Friday) vs. DAVID EDDY

-Chops, chops, splash. But instead of going for the pin, Kamala goes for the top rope and gets a second splash. He gets himself DQed for using the top rope, but Eddy has been splattered.

BARBARIAN (with Skandar Akbar) vs. TOM PRICHARD
-Barbarian attacks before the bell rings, and Boyd Pierce drops the mic and scurries out of there in a visual that JR can’t help breaking at.

-Slams by the Barbarian, who again is Nord the Barbarian and not Barbarian the Barbarian. The fourth bodyslam is the one that does the trick, and Barbarian gets the three-count.

-A Terry Taylor music video.

The final score: review Average
The 411
A hot angle at the start and a hot match toward the end, but the rest was pretty unremarkable.

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