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Mid-South Wrestling (6.2.1984) Review

January 22, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 6-2-1984 Mr. Wrestling
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Mid-South Wrestling (6.2.1984) Review  

-Originally aired June 2, 1984.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Joel Watts.

-We open the show by announcing that Sunshine was recently institutionalized due to the stress caused by her ongoing issues with Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin. Well, two weeks ago, during a Mike Von Erich/Jimmy Garvin match, Garvin’s valet Precious got involved, and we go to footage from WCCW to explain what happened next.

-The most electrifying man in the sport, Marc Lowrence, interviews Chris Adams, who explains that Sunshine has an aunt named Stella Mae French, and when Precious got involved in that Garvin/Von Erich match, Stella Mae ran in from the stands and shocked the fans by kicking the shit out of Precious, Jimmy Garvin, AND the referee. Stella Mae is a truck driver by trade who raised Sunshine as a child. Stella Mae cuts a raucous, foul-mouthed promo, like Steve Austin on hormone therapy, and she wants a mixed-tag match with Chris Adams as her partner.

-Next, JR brings out Jim Cornette to give his side of what happened with the Tag Team Title match last week. Jim Cornette denies that he soaked the rag with ether, insisting it was just antiseptic. But even if it WAS ether, Cornette points out, FINALLY, “It was a no-DQ match.” Yes, exactly! #Cornettedidnothingwrong


-Express works the leg on Brinson; Veasey tags in and gets caught in flying headscissors. Double dropkick finishes after not much trouble.

-King looked like a badass last week and JR uses “Walking Tall” to describe his persona, so apparently Masao Ito’s Push Knob is turned to NOT PUSHED this week. King applies an armbar and hangs on. Ito comes to life with a backdrop and a dropkick that JR calls “the double-karate.” Because both feet connect, so it’s like being karate kicked twice. King fights back and tries to send Ito into the ropes, but Ito falls on his ass before he even makes it to the ropes, and whatever King had in mind, he just calls it off and headbutts Ito, pinning him immediately. Can we please just be DONE with Ito now? It’s not happening with him.

NORTH AMERICAN TITLE: MAGNUM T.A. (Champion) vs. MR. WRESTLING II (with Mr. Wrestling I)

-For the first time ever that I’ve seen on this show, we actually get a “coming down the aisle” shot, with the Mr. Wrestlings bickering about something as they head to the ring. So this is supposed to be II’s title match, but before Boyd Pierce can announce the match, I interrupts and makes the point that the ex-champion is entitled to an automatic rematch within 30 days, and that’s him, so this is actually his match, not II’s. II is surprised to hear this and Boyd refuses to to change the card because it’s not really his right as a ring announcer to rebook the match. I demands that Grizzly Smith come to ringside to hear his case, and before he can even finish his sentence, II turns on his coach and beats him unconscious, sending him to the floor and posting him for good measure.

-A referee walks the dazed I back to the locker room while II goes for his title shot. Magnum misses a corner charge early on and II slams him for two. Cradle gets another two. II drives a series of punches into the temple and gets another two. A slam for another two as II wants to win this as fast as he can–Al Snow logic at work: “As soon as the bell rings, you should be trying to win.” I like it!

-Front facelock by II, and II/Hercules was always really could at making THIS look like a really painful hold, it never looked like just a rest hold coming from him, it looked like he was going to pop his opponent’s head right off. Suplex by II for another two. He slams Magnum into position and comes off the second rope with an elbow, but Magnum gets out of harm’s way and II crashes. Backdrop by Magnum. Belly-to-belly looks to finish, but II kicks out hard enough that Magnum lands on the referee’s head and he’s out cold.

-II clotheslines Magnum out to the floor, but I suddenly shows up wearing the weapon on his knee. He knees II out to the floor and brings Magnum back in as the referee recovers, but Magnum dropkicks I and sends him back out to the floor, and he belly-to-bellies II, the correct opponent, and pins him for three to retain. Good match, but the finish was kind of a letdown because the wrong masked guy winning the title and needing a big crazy gimmick match to settle it and determine the rightful champion would have been on-brand for this territory.


-Ragin is “currently in the ring” without his hat or sparkling vest, so we’ve given up on this push in record time.

-Dropkick by Jackson. Landell crashes on an attempted corner charge and Jackson has the same strategy we saw earlier, as he keeps trying to finish after every little thing. Reed drives a forearm into Jackson from the apron and turns the match around immediately. Suplex gets two. Tackle by Reed finishes. Ragin never tagged in.


-Not even mentioned by the commentators is that Volkoff lost a loser-leaves-town match at a house show a week ago, so Krusher is pretty much just a freelance turncoat now.

-Poffo dropkicks and armdrags the turncoat. Krusher fights back and chokes him out. Slam and a suplex by Kruschev as the commentators note two minutes remaining in the TV hour, which I’d call negligence on the part of matchmaker Grizzly Smith. Remember in the early going when they explained that the TV Title wouldn’t have issues with guys complaining that TV time messed them up? Mm-hmm. Anyway, Krusher wins the match just in time with a body vice to retain, but my point remains. Lanny sells the hell out of the hold too, and that’s it for him in Mid-South also.

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Odd spots and odd booking during the show, so it wasn't great but I still had fun.

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