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Mojo Rawley Captures 24/7 Title After Brock Lesnar Attacks R-Truth (Pics, Video)

January 13, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mojo Rawley WWE

– Mojo Rawley is the new WWE 24/7 Champion after Brock Lesnar attacked R-Truth on Raw. Rawley took advantage of Lesnar’s attack on tonight’s episode after Truth came down to confront Lesnar and say he was entering the Rumble. When threatened, Truth then undeclared himself for the Rumble but was attacked by Lesnar, who teased winning the title but decided not to.

As Truth was being helped back up the ramp, Rawley came out and knocked Truth down for the pinfall and the title. You can see pics and video from the segments below.

Rawley is now a two-time 24/7 Champion, having previously held the title for a short time during the Fox New Years special before losing it back to R-Truth. Truth’s 30th title reigns ends at 13 days.