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More Backstage Details on AEW Collision Show, Marquee Return Match for CM Punk

May 10, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
CM Punk AEW, Rey Mysterio, Adam Cole Image Credit: AEW

Fightful Select has a new update with more details on the rumored new primetime AEW program, Collision, which is expected to be announced soon, along with a major return match in the works for CM Punk. It was previously reported that the new show will be announced at the upcoming Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts.

According to the new update, CM Punk is said to be pushing for a huge match to happen early for his AEW return. There are reportedly major plans for a marquee match tentatively set for Collision. A CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho program has reportedly been discussed, but Fightful Select notes that Punk has pushed for another return opponent for his first match back. It was was reported by Fightful Select last month that Punk and Jericho had a recent meeting to resolve their issues.

With regards to the programming changes, Fightful Select also reports that after Collision debuts, Rampage will look more like what the now defunct WWE Sunday Night Heat show used to be. Indie talent will now get opportunities instead on ROH now that Dark and Dark: Elevation are gone. Additionally, AEW programming will be hosted exclusively by Warner Bros. Discovery platforms, which will not include ROH. This lines up with an earlier report by Andrew Zarian. However, Fightful’s report also notes that they’ve not yet heard about a brand-new TV deal being reached for AEW’s programming yet.

Sources close to the situation state that AEW Collision airing in primetime for Warner Bros. Discovery will be part of what’s described as a “new cash infusion” for the promotion, along with an extension to their existing partnership. Sources within Warner Bros. Discovery have reportedly had nothing but glowing things to say about the ongoing relationship between Warner Bros. Discovery and AEW ahead of the expected announcement at the WBD Upfront presentation.

While there have been rumors within both WBD and AEW regarding the new programming deal being valued at $1 billion over a few years, the actual dollar figure has not been confirmed by AEW or WBD sources. Warner Bros. Discovery sources informed Fightful that the upcoming announcement was for Collision rather than an “all-encompassing” programming deal that also includes Dynamite, and those same sources did not confirm the value.

Also, Fightful notes that reps from both WWE and Warner Bros. Discovery shot down rumors of alleged talks between the two media entities and claimed they hadn’t heard about that at all.

Currently, AEW already has several Saturday dates booked for live Collision TV tapings. However, Fightful reports that AEW will book a venue for two days in a row and will shoot Dynamite and Collision back-to-back on Wednesday and Thursday when necessary. While there has been talk of AEW using the separate shows to keep Punk and The Elite apart, sources informed Fightful that the talents will occasionally have to appear on both programs when the situation calls for it.

Lastly, there is not expected to be a literal brand split as part of the Collision debut. But Fightful reports that the debut of Collision will bring in what’s being described as a “fresh roster approach,” along with some “significant names.” There are said to be several AEW talents who have been sidelined and believe they’ll be appearing on Collision, but they have not yet been told that they will be on the show.

The rumored debut date for AEW Collision is Saturday, June 17. The TV taping will be held at Chicago’s United Center.

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