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On the Marc Reviews: Survivor Series 1990

October 17, 2011 | Posted by Marc Elusive
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On the Marc Reviews: Survivor Series 1990  


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Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, November 22, 1990

Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

This show is available on the WWE Survivor Series Anthology, Vol. 1 – 1987-1991.

This show is infamous for a few reasons; some good, some Wresltecrap. This show ends with the “Grand Finale Match of Survival” where all of the winning teams’ survivors battle in a final match.

The Warriors discuss their chances in the following match and the Texas Tornado is the only one who makes any sense.

The Warriors: Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado & Legion of Doom vs. The Perfect Team: Mr. Perfect & Demolition (w/Mr. Fuji & Bobby Heenan):   Warrior is the WWF champion and the Tornado is the IC champion; and they are in the opening match. The Warrior and Mr. Perfect are the captains but Perfect was feuding with the Tornado over the IC title; Warrior, THE WWF CHAMPION, was wedged in here since he wasn’t feuding with anyone in particular. Let me reiterate that… the WWF Champion has no prior storyline going into a PPV. There is A LOT of facepaint in this match. Animal tackles Demolition Smash and jumpstarts the match; the babyfaces kick the crap out of him. Animal drops his head for a backdrop giving Smash the advantage. Smash applies a vertical suplex and tags in Perfect; Smash comes back in but eats a powerslam. Everyone gets involved and Demolition takes the worst of it. The Tornado tags in and gets driven into the heel side and Ax tags in; Tornado slaps on the Von Erich Claw and tags in the Warrior. The Warrior hits a few flying tackles and a splash and Demolition Ax is ELIMINATED.

Demolition Crush charges in and gets slammed by the Warrior; Perfect comes in and gets launched over the top rope, which allows Crush to nail him from behind. Crush works over the Warrior and brings in Smash who sets up a top-rope knee smash for Crush it gets two. Crush misses a charge and the Warrior clotheslines him and tags in Hawk who blocks a bunch of Mr. Perfect’s punches and choke tosses him. Hawk sticks out hit tongue and they mess up a reverse whip and Perfect falls into the buckle. The whip again this time Hawk misses and posts his shoulder. Smash reenters and Demolition goes to work on Hawk. Crush hits a backbreaker; Perfect and Demolition work over Hawk who desperately fights back. Hawk eventually hits a flying tackle but elects to continue to fight and go to the top rope; he clobbers Smash with clothesline and goes for a pinfall that triggers a huge brawl between the Legion of Doom and Demolition. The referee disqualifies all of them; Demolition Smash is ELIMINATED, Demolition Crush is ELIMINATED, Hawk is ELIMINATED and Animal is ELIMINATED, leaving poor Mr. Perfect alone with the two champions.

Heenan is extremely pissed on the floor; Perfect goads the Tornado into the ring in lieu of trying to face the Warrior. Tornado tags in and Perfect nails him before he can get into the ring. Tornado takes over and hits the Spinning Tornado in the corner sending Perfect to the floor. Tornado brings him back in via rope slingshot and then clotheslines him to the floor. Warrior comes over and clunks Perfect and Heenan’s heads together and tosses Perfect back in and chucks Bobby into the first row. Tornado misses a corner charge and posts his shoulder; Perfect dominates and tosses Tornado into a turnbuckle that has no pad on it and the commentators totally miss it. Oh, wait Roddy Piper notes it as Perfect swings the Tornado into the Perfect-plex and ELIMINATES the Texas Tornado.

Warrior charges in the corner and misses a Stinger splash; Perfect hooks another Perfect-plex but Warrior kicks out. Warrior is still down so Perfect kicks and knees him; a standing dropkick gets another two count. Perfect clothesline him and the kick out sends Perfect onto the referee; Warrior makes the ropes and Perfect cuts him off. Warrior begins to Warrior up and starts leveling Perfect with clotheslines. Shoulder tackle and splash gets a pinfall ELIMINATING Mr. Perfect and the Ultimate Warrior is the sole-survivor and moves onto the Grand Finale Match of Survival. 2.5/10 Brief little skirmish that pushes a few feuds forward; Mr. Perfect utilized the pinfall victory over the Tornado to get an IC title rematch and win the belt back. Warrior went on to the main event and the LOD and Demolition continued their rivalry.

Sean Mooney asks Ted Dibiase about his Mystery Partner; Dibiase promises a big surprise.

The Dream Team: Dusty Rhodes, Koko B. Ware & Hart Foundation vs. The Million $ Team: Ted Dibiase, Rhythm n’ Blues & Undertaker (w/Jimmy Hart, Virgil & Brother Love):   This is the Undertaker’s famous debut as Ted Dibiase’s mystery partner. Roddy Piper mentions that Bret’s brother Dean Hart passed away the night before; the Harts were also the reigning tag champions. This is the low-point in Greg Valentine’s career; Rhodes has eliminated the yellow polka dots and wears the more familiar “D.R.” embroidered trunks with a few red polka dots in the corner. Taker starts off with Bret; ironically they’d both feud for years over the WWF title. Undertaker dominates Bret and no-sells everything; Taker hits a choke drop and Bret tags in Neidhart. Taker casually dominates him as well and slams him into the corner. Koko tags in, this should be quick; Taker sidesteps a charging Koko who clotheslines himself off the top rope. Tombstone follows and Koko B. Ware is quickly eliminated.

Bret gets back in and punches away but it has no effect; Undertaker tags out to Valentine so the Dream Team can get some offense in. Dusty tags in as well and… well Valentine just looks so weird with his hair dyed black. Valentine chops in the corner and Dusty takes over and the Harts quick tag on the Hammer. Valentine gets his knees up on a corner charge and tags in the Honky Tonk Man. Honky gets a few moves in and swivels his hips allowing Bret to blind tag the Anvil in who plants a surprised Honky with a powerslam and gets three. Honky Tonk Man is ELIMINATED.

Dibiase comes in and peppers Neidhart but he comes back with a lariat, slams him and tags in Dusty. Rhodes mounts Dibiase in the corner and hits ten bionic elbows in the corner; Dusty is mad at Dibiase for buying his sidekick Sapphire back at Summerslam ’90. Rhodes hit a dropkick and whips him into a double elbow with Neidhart; he vertical suplexes Dibiase nicely and gets two. Virgil grabs the Anvil’s leg off the ropes and Dibiase clotheslines the briefly confused (more than normal) Neidhart and gets a three count therefore, Jim Neidhart is ELIMINATED.

Bret Hart comes right in and Dibiase begs off in the corner. Bret tosses him into Dusty’s elbow and Dibiase rakes Dusty’s face and brings in the Undertaker who hits a jumping stomp. Bret tags in and Taker drives him into the corner and tags in Valentine. Hammer and Dibiase hammer Bret in the corner and Bret takes over on Dibiase with an inverted atomic drop. Rhodes returns and he elbows Dibiase into the corner tagging the Undertaker back in. Taker clobbers Rhodes and climbs to the top and delivers a double axe off the top and pins him ELIMINATING Dusty Rhodes.

Taker tosses Dusty over the top allowing Brother Love a few free stomps. Bret valiantly fights back; Dusty recovers and assaults Brother Love drawing the Undertaker to the floor to protect his manager and gets counted out. Undertaker is ELIMINATED.

Back in the ring, Bret counters the figure-four leglock into an inside cradle and Greg Valentine is ELIMINATED.

Dibiase heads in and Bret is waiting for him; atomic drop sends Dibiase flying out to the floor. Bret pescatos out on top of him and punches away. Bret posts Dibiase on the floor and sends him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bret stomps Dibiase’s genitals; he peppers Dibiase in the corner and tries to send him into the buckle, but is reversed, and Bret takes his chest first bump. Ted lays in chops in the corner; Bret sneaks in a backslide for two. Bret “trips” over Dibiase off an Irish whip and suckers him into an O’Connor roll and gets two. Virgil grabs Bret from the apron; um DQ? A heel miscommunication follows and Dibiase knees Virgil; Bret schoolboys for two, backbreaker and driving second-rope elbow follows. Bret ducks a clothesline and hits a high crossbody but Dibiase rolls through and gets three ELIMINATING Bret Hart. Ted Dibiase is the sole-survivor and heads on to the main event. 5.5/10 This match obviously is famous for the Undertaker’s debut but also had a very entertaining ending sequence between Bret and Dibiase; prepping him [Bret] finally for his singles push. The rest of the match was there to put over the Undertaker and it did that; Dibiase gets himself back into a main event.

Gene Okerlund talks to Jake Roberts’ team in the shower, a better environment for Damian and Jimmy Snuka’s ‘fro, Roberts promises revenge in all of the individual feuds.

The Vipers: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & Rockers vs. The Visionaries: “The Model” Rick Martel, Warlord & Power and Glory (w/Slick):   Roberts and Martel are the captains and have been feuding since Martel blinded Jake with his cologne “Arrogance”; Roberts has his left eyeball whited out here, selling the injury and is partially blinded. Rockers don’t like Power and Glory since before Summerslam ‘90 where they destroyed Shawn Michaels’ knee; Roddy Piper gets a dig in on Snuka during his entrance, “you think a coconut ain’t hit him in the head,” I hope I don’t have to explain the significance of that comment and the history between them. Marty starts off against the Warlord; Jannetty uses his speed to avoid the Warlord. Warlord traps Marty in the corner but he slips away and nails a slingshot side kick. Marty tries a few dropkicks but the Warlord swats him away. Marty slips and slides, confounding the Warlord, even suckering him into his own corner where, he crashes into Hercules; Shawn tags in and they team up for a sunset flip/clothesline combo. Warlord forces Shawn into the corner where Martel tags in. Shawn spins around the arm of Martel and hits a hiptoss; Michaels gets a dropkick and a monkey flip and tags in Roberts. Martel immediately heads for the corner and tags in Paul Roma. Roma hits a high leapfrog but gets punched on his landing; Jake, the master storyteller keeps everyone on his right side so he can see them, and tags in Snuka. Hercules comes in and run the ropes on Jimmy but gets planted with a chop. Warlord returns and catches Snuka in a high crossbody and slams him. Snuka comes back and tags in Marty; Warlord applies a bearhug so Marty rings his bell to escape. Jannetty comes off the second rope one time too many and gets planted with a powerslam for three and Marty Jannetty is ELIMINATED.

Shawn charges in and tries a head scissor; Warlord blocks it but Jake gives Shawn a boost from the apron and Michaels completes a hurracanrana. Jake tags in and punches away on the Warlord; Jake gets a few shot in and finally clotheslines the Warlord down. Shawn tags in and gets a nearfall; the kick out sends Shawn to the floor, Warlord tags and Roma nails Shawn with an elbow upon his reentry. Paul Roma measures Michaels and the Warlord backdrops him ten feet in the air; Hercules tags in and gets a nearfall. Hercules whips Shawn into a clothesline that spins Michaels for 360º. Martel drops a knee and gets two; the Model gets a backbreaker and whips Shawn upside down in the corner. Martel misses a charge and posts his shoulder. Snuka receives a hot tag and kicks the crap out of Martel, flying head-butt floors Martel; I just noticed on Snuka’s long tights the leggings are tiger stripe and the trunks part (waste) are leopard, Tim Gunn tells me this is a fashion faux pas. Martel kicks out of the flying head-butt; Snuka tries a second rope crossbody but Martel rolls through, with a handful of mismatched animal print tights, and gets a three. Jimmy Snuka is ELIMINATED.

Jake sneaks in and traps Martel in the corner; Martel cleverly goes to Jakes blind left side and escapes and tags in Hercules. Jake is frustratory. Shawn rallies the fans to cheer as Jake and Herc lock up. Hercules catches a knee lift and Jake signals for the DDT but Hercules bails to the floor. Martel calls a conference, pointing to his left eye, reminding them of Jake’s blindness. Hercules draws Roberts towards the ropes, which allows Martel to run along the apron and clothesline Jake, on his right side; Gorilla Monsoon voices his concern for Jake noting the gap in logic as concern that Roberts’ vision is messed up on both sides. Hercules tags in Roma who stomps away on Jake. Roma ascends to the top, but takes forever being a douchebag up there and misses a fist drop. Shawn tags in and takes over on Roma; reverse elbow floors Roma. Shawn hits a jumping vertical suplex and drops a second-rope elbow for two. Roma misses a swing and gets atomic dropped (into the corner) and tags in Hercules; Shawn is unaware and Hercules surprises him with an elbow to the back of his head. Herc press-slams Michaels and tags in Martel and the Visionaries quick tag in on Shawn. Hercules sets up Shawn and he and Roma team up for the Power-plex for three; Shawn Michaels is ELIMINATED.

Jake is left alone four-on-one, possibly the first time that has happened as this event; the fans rally behind Jake. Hercules hammers away in the corner and tags in the Warlord who applies a bearhug. Jake gets the most blatant thumb in the eye ever to escape the bearhug. Jake slips out of a slam and drops the Warlord with the DDT. Martel sneaks in and tries to spray Jake in the eyes with the Arrogance spray again that enrages Jake to untie Damian and chase Martel to the back. Jake Roberts is counted out and is ELIMINATED. Warlord was the legal man, not Martel, so for the first time in Survivor Series history an entire team survives intact; the survivors are Rick Martel, the Warlord, Paul Roma and Hercules and move on to the Grand Finale main event. 3/10 The match had a lot of big lugs, over-the-hill and douchebags in it to be any good. The storyline hampered Jake’s abilities in the ring and Shawn was the only motivated person left on his team. Slightly below “meh” match.

Sean Mooney is with the Hulkamaniacs; Hulk Hogan talks about his team being survivors. Everyone says their piece and Hogan dedicates the match to the troops in the Persian Gulf for Operation: Desert Shield; Hogan offers his teams’ services to President George W. Bush to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein.

The Hulkamaniacs: Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, Big Bossman & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. The Natural Disasters: Earthquake, Dino Bravo, Haku & Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart & Bobby Heenan):   Hogan and Quake were still feuding and the captains here; Tugboat was involved in all of that. Big Bossman was feuding with Bobby Heenan and his men over offbeat remarks Heenan made about his mama. I liked Tugboat Thomas as a character; Duggan has yellow ribbons tied around his 2×4. Duggan starts off with Haku; Haku lowers the boom and slams Duggan into the buckle. Haku misses a second rope crossbody and Duggan levels him with clotheslines. Duggan misses an elbow drop and tags in Bravo who atomic drops Duggan; Barbarian and Haku double team Duggan; Bossman gets a tag and rapid-fire punches on Haku’s gut. Haku hits a nice dropkick on the Bossman but gets a whip reverses and runs into a Bossman Slam to ELIMINATE Haku.

Barbarian and the Bossman go at it and Bossman catches Barbarian with a boot and then slams Heenan, who hopped up on the apron, into the ringpost. Barbarian counters a hiptoss into a nice vertical suplex; for some inexplicable Bossman and Barbarian had really good in-ring chemistry. Barbarian slams the Bossman but misses a second-rope elbow drop. Duggan comes in and backdrops Barbarian; Duggan gets caught in the heel corner and Earthquake tags in. Quake hits a few reverse butt splashes in the corner but misses one and Duggan, the brainiac, tries to slam Quake, which goes exactly how you would think it would go. Hacksaw steadies himself and shoulderblocks Quake a few times allowing him to get his “wobbly, but not fall down” selling. Jimmy Hart pulls the ropes down, low bridging Duggan to the floor, RIGHT IN FRONT of the referee! Duggan loses his cool, chases Jimmy around the ring and then clobbers Quake with his 2×4 drawing a DQ. Jim Duggan is ELIMINATED.

Hogan enters the ring and points to Quake and we have the match-up everyone wants to see; Hogan slams Bravo and the Barbarian. Hogan rakes Quakes eyes and bodyslams him; Hogan catches him in the corner with a lariat and pounds away in the corner but Earthquake has the wherewithal to grab him in a powerslam out of the corner. Bravo tags in and drops a series of elbows. Dino Bravo goes to the corner and says something to Quake then goes for a bodyslam; Hogan catches him with an inside cradle, Bravo apparently in shock, that Hulk “Hitman” Hogan knows a wrestling hold, gets pinned. Dino Bravo is ELIMINATED.

Bossman tags in and Quake comes in off the loss and battle. Quake misses an avalanche and Bossman goes to the top rope; Earthquake CATCHES the flying Bossman. Impressive… most impressive… but he is not a Jedi yet; Hogan sneaks in, smartly yet illegally, and pushes Earthquake over but the Bossman only gets a two count. Bossman tries a couple of tackles but cannot knock Quake down. He hits the ropes but the Barbarian nails him with a boot to the back of his head; Bossman sells it like someone ripped his head off in Mortal Kombat. Quake drops an elbow onto his back and one onto his front and gets a pinfall so the Big Bossman is ELIMINATED and it’s tied two-on-two.

Hogan dazes the Quake with a big boot and a clothesline; he tries another slam and this time gets countered. Hogan tries again and this time Earthquake collapses onto him and almost pins him. Quake tries a traditional big splash but Hogan avoids; Hogan crawls to Tugboat and tags him in. This is Tugboat’s first action in the match, clever strategy, save him until the end; so he is fresh while everyone else is tired. Tugboat hammers on Earthquake and knocks Barbarian off the apron. Hogan pulls Quake to the floor and they all battle there and Tugboat and Earthquake get counted out, interesting, Hogan sacrifices Tugboat to get rid of Earthquake; anyway, Earthquake is ELIMINATED and Tugboat is ELIMINATED.

Barbarian gathers Hogan on the floor and tosses him back in. Barbarian hits a poorly executed piledriver on Hogan; Piper explains how it was still effective. They double clothesline each other for a double KO; Barbarian pops up first, boots Hulk back down and climbs up to the top-rope. Barbarian lands the top rope clothesline; Hogan kicks out and Hulk up. Big boot and the legdrop ELIMINATE the Barbarian and Hulk Hogan is the sole-survivor. Post-match Hogan beats up Bobby Heenan sending him over the top to the floor backwards. 4/10 Main event style survivor match that actually has some decent stratagems on the babyface side, keeping Tugboat fresh and sacrificing him to eliminate the Earthquake, which makes them look smart and Quake a big enough threat to strategize around. Hogan does the usual and moves on to the main event survival match.

Gene Okerlund interviews “Macho King” Randy Savage, who is dressed like a candy cane, I guess ready for the post-Thanksgiving Christmas season. Why is he not wrestling? Savage sets his sights on the Ultimate Warrior and the WWF title. He calls himself the special one in the WWF and the greatest superstar in the WWF. Savage discusses retirement after he beats the Warrior since he has nothing left to prove. 7/10 I love Savage promos.

The Alliance: Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & Bushwhackers vs. The Mercenaries: Sgt. Slaughter, Boris Zhukov & Orient Express (w/General Adnan & Mr. Fuji):   Slaughter cuts a long pre-match promo berating the troops in Operation: Desert Shield, teasing them about having flies in their K-rations for Thanksgiving. All of the heels have camouflage facepaint on; in Zhukov’s case must have used three pounds of it to fill out his ginormous head. The Bushwhackers double clothesline Zhukov and tag in Tito who instantly ELIMINATES Boris Zhukov with the flying forearm.

Akio Sato charges in and stomps away on Santana; he takes Tito out with a heel-hook kick and Pat Tanaka tags in. A heel miscommunication sees Tanaka superkick Sato. Tito tags in Butch who wipes Tanka out with a bunch of clotheslines. They team up for the Bushwhacker Battering Ram and get Sato with it to send him packing, although I think Tanaka was the legal man; oh, well Akio Sato is ELIMINATED.

Tanaka comes in and levels Butch; Santana tags in and immediately takes out Tanaka with another flying forearm and gets three. Pat Tanaka is ELIMINATED.

Slaughter is alone four-on-one but they’re all jobbers so he should fare well. Nikolai comes in slugs away in the corner. Volkoff hits a roundhouse kick but Slaughter catches a second one and floors him with a clothesline; Slaughter drops about five elbows and then whips him into the ropes and elbows his gut. Volkoff fires back but Slaughter battering rams him into the top turnbuckle. Slaughter is pretty boring here and slowly hits an elbow drop and finally pins him ELIMINATING Nikolai Volkoff.

Butch charges in and hammers away on Slaughter; the Whackers hit a double slam and clothesline. Luke goes to the top for some reason and finds Slaughter’s knees. Slaughter hits a stomach breaker and Bushwhacker Luke is ELIMINATED.

Luke comes in and pummels Slaughter in the corner; Sarge reverses a whip into the corner and Luke sells it rather goofy. Sgt. Slaughter polishes him with a lariat and so Bushwhacker Luke is ELIMINATED. See… jobbers!

Santana comes in with dropkick allowing Sarge to oversell it and almost flop over the top rope. Tito gets a backdrop and comes off the top rope with a diving forearm for a nearfall. Slaughter counters a corner monkey flip and hits Tito with a swinging neckbreaker and a backbreaker. Tito fights back but Slaughter counters with an eye rake and a vertical suplex. Slaughter tosses Tito in to the referee knocking him down; Tito hits the flying forearm again but General Adnan heads in and pokes Santana’s back with the Iraqi flag in full view of outside referee Shane McMahon. Slaughter applies the Camel Clutch and the referee taps Slaughter’s shoulders and disqualifies Slaughter and he is ELIMINATED. Tito Santana is the sole-survivor; good for Tito surviving all of that crap. 1.5/10 Wow, that was… pretty bad; the ending was a surprise though with Tito surviving. The match barely got going everyone was eliminated within a minute of each other; this accomplished two things, Slaughter to be taken somewhat seriously as a possible title treat and Tito gets his one last gasp of credibility before he sank to true JTTS and got a silly gimmick.

Ted Dibiase and the Visionaries prep for the Final Match of Survival; Dibiase handed out a lot of cash to his teammates and banks on Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior not getting along.

We move from bad to excruciating as we move to the most infamous part of the show; “Mean” Gene Okerlund is with a giant egg that the WWF had been hyping to hatch here at Survivor Series for weeks. It hatches and the Gobbledy Gooker pops out. The Gobbledy Gooker is Héctor Guerrero, Eddie’s brother, in a really stupid turkey costume. The fans in the arena boo the segment voraciously as the Gooker square dances in the ring with Okerlund. 0/10 Possibly the only time I have rated something with a zero. The only good thing to come out of it was Wresltecrap. The best part is Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper trying their darnedest not to crack up on commentary.

Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Tito Santana are ready to survive. Hogan calls Tito the “Arriba man”. Warrior one-ups him taking about Hulkamania, Warrior Wildness and Arriba-derchi. Lovely. Tito looks so out of place in this promo.

Grand Finale Match of Survival: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior & Tito Santana vs. Ted Dibiase, “The Model” Rick Martel, Warlord & Power and Glory (w/Virgil & Slick):   Interestingly the WWF did not repeat this concept next year or ever again. Nice of Warrior to bring another pair of trunks IN CASE made the grand finale match. Tito clocks the Warlord straightaway with a high crossbody to pin and ELIMINATE the Warlord.

Paul Roma comes in and powerslams Tito; Dibiase heads and hits a nice vertical suplex. Tito Santana fires back with a backdrop but misses the flying forearm; Tito tires a Thesz press but Dibiase falls back clotheslining Tito on the top rope and getting a three count; Tito Santana is ELIMINATED.

Dibiase turns around into a pointing Hulkster; Hogan hammers Dibiase in the corner and tosses him into Warrior’s boot. Dibiase nails Hogan off a telegraphed backdrop and clotheslines him. Hercules tags in and works the back of Hogan and floors him with a clothesline. Paul Roma tags in and comes off the top rope with a standing forearm. Martel comes in and also works the lower back of Hogan. Herc comes back in and rams Hogan’s head into the buckle. Dibiase comes off the second rope with a double axe handle. Dibiase drops a few Million Dollar fist drops. Hercules comes in for more punishment. Power and Glory hit the Power-plex but Hogan kicks out and pins Paul Roma with a clothesline setting off an inside joke about Survivor Series matches and getting pinned with a single clothesline amongst my friends. Paul Roma is ELIMINATED.

Martel comes in and hammers away on Hogan; Hulk counters a backdrop and tags in the Warrior. Martel retreats but Warrior catches him and destroys him. Martel tries to fire back and eats a few big bodyslams. Hogan receives a tag and Hulk hits the big boot on Martel; Hogan clotheslines him to the floor. Martel walks off and takes a count out. Rick Martel is ELIMINATED.

Dibiase is pissed, probably wants his money back. Hogan and Dibiase go at it again and Hulk clobbers him with a clothesline and big boots him and drops the leg for three and Ted Dibiase is ELIMINATED.

Hercules charges in… right into a Hogan powerslam; Warrior tags in and ends Hercules’ night with clotheslines and the shoulderblock/splash combo and gets three Hercules is ELIMINATED; Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior are the finale survivors and the survivors of the universe and the cosmos. Post-match Hogan and the Warrior toss Slick over the top rope; they each hold the ropes open for the other and celebrate. 3/10 That was quick and solely entertaining if you like seeing Hogan and the Warrior cut through midcarders.

The 411

This may be the worst Survivor Series ever; it was rushed to get in all of the matches in plus the final one. The only thing that came out of this show that was good was the debut of the Undertaker. Of course if you are a Wresltecrap lover you have THE Wresltecrap moment in the Gobbledy Gooker as well.

Final Score:  3.5   [ Bad ]  legend

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