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Otis On the Advice Samoa Joe Gave Him, Learning To Be A Heel

March 4, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alpha Academy WWE Raw, Chad Gable and Otis Image Credit: WWE

Otis’ turn to the dark side has led to a Raw Tag Team Championship reign with Chad Gable, and he discussed learning to be a heel in a new interview. The Alpha Academy member appeared on Busted Open Radio on Thursday and talked about getting advice from Samoa Joe, working with Randy Orton and more; you can see some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On wearing a wet suit for a recent Raw segment: “I thought they were kidding we were getting those suits. They go, ‘yeah, we need you to fit in this suit.’ It took, not kidding you, twelve big dudes in the locker room to put me on the original fit suit, to said 4XL. Who the hell is 4XL? Once we got the suit on it was a miserable two hours, but hey, anything for the show baby.”

On getting advice from Samoa Joe: “I just remember hearing from my Papa Joe, we call him Papa Joe, Samoa Joe. Move when it’s important and move when it is necessary. Right now, my career is learning those factors as a bad man, as a heel, is to – when you’re being the babyface on the good side, you’ve gotta keep that energy up and keep everybody going. But right now, I’m learning the – just the flow and the swag of being a nasty son of a b*tch you can portray out there like I was back in the amateur days.

“So yeah it’s been – working with these guys, they’re making me look like a million bucks, and just right now, everything is just coming together and I’m really happy that things are going the way they’re going.”

On the Academic Challenge segments with RK-Bro: “Those segments are tough to hear because the crowd is just intercepting Gable saying his things, but I can barely hear him in there. Obviously Randy is like – Randy helps huge man, he’s the big star. It’s really cool to get those reactions the way we’ve been working on it for the house shows to get people to not like us.”