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Rob Van Dam Asked Chris Nowinski If THC From Marijuana Usage Protected His Brain From Worse Damage

April 25, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Sean Waltman for X-Pac 12360, Rob Van Dam revealed that he asked Chris Nowinski about the possibility of the THC from his constant marijuana usage actually protecting his brain from worse concussion side effects considering some of the damage other wrestlers in his position have suffered. Here are highlights:

He said: “So back in 2008 or 2009, I used to talk to Nowinski about this idea I had. All my friends seemed to feel like they had permanent brain damage. And I mean all of them, my peers. Sometimes they say they’d see stars in the daytime, sometimes they drift off, sometimes they have headaches, and I always felt like I was different because I was like, ‘Wow I don’t have anything lasting and I get concussions all the time.’ I knew that I didn’t have anything permanent or anything that was rolling over, so I asked Chris Nowinski, ‘Could it be possible that the THC is protecting my brain?’ Because at that time, they were just coming out with articles about how THC was effective with Alzheimer’s. First they said it would prevent the plaque from building on your brain, then they started saying it would actually decrease the plaque, then they started saying they could actually utilize it as a protectant to you know, discourage the plaque from ever even setting on or fixing it once you got it. They don’t utilize marijuana enough to find out what you can do but they’re starting to. Nowinski said you might be on to something but you would need hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to do a test. So it just kind of remains in my mind until a couple of years ago when the NFL was talking about allowing the football players to use it as a neurological protector and make medicine out of it. But yeah I was way ahead of that and I don’t know. Maybe it is a factor for me personally. Maybe not. When you take it for something like that, you take massive amounts of a concentrated dose and it’s not the same thing as just smoking a doobie. But, you know I have smoked quite a few doobies, so who knows?

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