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Seth Rollins Says WWE Has The Best Wrestling on The Planet, Will Ospreay and Tama Tonga Respond, Rollins Takes Shot At Ospreay

June 24, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Seth Rollins WWE Super Showdown

Seth Rollins went all in for WWE Saturday night, hyping up Stomping Grounds and saying that the company had the ‘best wrestling on the planet’. Naturally, given that WWE has taken a lot of criticism recently, this drew some skepticism from people online. However Rollins stuck by his claim last night, even when the likes of Tama Tonga, Chris Jericho and Will Ospreay all responded negatively to his post. He even replied back to Ospreay and took a shot at him, claiming that WWE had a “better version” (Ricochet) on the roster. You can see the full exchange below.

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