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Steve Austin Says He Hasn’t Heard Anything About a WrestleMania 39 Appearance

March 19, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WrestleMania 38 Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dale Earnhardt Jr Image Credit: WWE

There have been rumors about Steve Austin appearing or even wrestling at WrestleMania 39, but Austin says he’s heard nothing about that. The most recent report on Austin suggested that he had been pitched on appearances at the show, including potentially working with LA Knight. Austin was asked about appearing at the show during an appearance on Casual Conversations with The Classic and denied having any knowledge of a planned appearance.

“I haven’t heard anything,” Austin said (h/t to Wrestling Inc). “We’re literally, as we speak right now, about two weeks away and it’s the biggest show of the year. Right now, I think, WWE has got as good a roster as they’ve had since the Attitude Era. They got a deep roster, so I think many guys and gals need those coveted spots. They got plenty of names to draw from, plenty of talent to draw from. I think they should shine the light and the cameras on their current superstars.”

Austin faced Kevin Owens at last year’s WrestleMania on night one, then appeared on night two to deliver Stunners to Vince McMahon, Austin Theory, and Pat McAfee.