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TCW Show 13-41 Recap and Review

November 8, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-41 Recap and Review  

Colonel Parker shown backstage, where Shane Williams shows up and demands his spot on the roster back. Parker makes a match for Williams against Sigmon.

Match #1: “King” Shane Williams vs. Sigmon
Sigmon cheap shots Williams and slams his head against the top turnbuckle. Williams reverses an irish whip and gives Sigmon a back body drop. Sigmon rolls out and returns to the ring for a standstill. They lock up and roll against the ropes until Sigmon pushes Williams into the corner and delivers some chops. Irish whip to the corner, but Williams leaps over and attacks with his own chops. Williams hits a dropkick and goes for a cover, but Sigmon is out at two. Williams goes for a piledriver, but Sigmon scurries out of the ring. Sigmon gets back in the ring and gets the upper hand with a wristlock. Williams tries to counter with a arm drag, but Sigmon holds on.


Sigmon picks up Williams and whips him into the rope. Sigmon drops his head and Williams kicks to get the advantage. Sigmon goes to the corner, where Williams climbs up top for punches. Sigmon walks out and drops Williams onto the top turnbuckle. Williams falls to the outside and Sigmon follows. Sigmon hits a chop before whipping Williams to the steel steps. Both back in the ring, and Sigmon continues the attack with strikes. Sigmon hits a vertical suplex and goes for a cover. Only a two count. Sigmon keeps up the offense with chops and strikes in the corner. Sigmon taunts for a second, and pays the price as Williams manages to get a few punches in. Sigmon whips Williams into the corner, who explodes out with a clothesline. He hits another pair of clotheslines before knocking down Sigmon with a back heel kick. Williams hooks up Sigmon and nails a brainbuster! Williams goes to the top rope and hits a fist drop from heavens. Williams goes for the piledriver again, but Sigmon counters. Sigmon nails a release German suplex. Sigmon waits for Williams to get up and charges. Williams counters and hits a tornado DDT. Williams goes for a pinfall, but Sigmon kicks out. Sigmon turns Williams inside out with a clothesline. Sigmon goes up top for the flying headbutt. Williams knocks Sigmon off balance and crotches him. Williams goes up for a superplex and hits it! Williams gets up and nails a piledriver! Williams goes for the cover, but they are too close to the ropes. Williams whips Sigmon, but he reverses and sends Williams shoulder first into the steel post. Sigmon locks in the Winner’s Circle! Williams has no choice but to give it up!
Winner via submission: Sigmon
Good match from both of these guys. Sigmon is one of the promotions best guys (in my opinion). I remember seeing Shane Williams quite a while back, and hopefully he can keep up this kind of performance if he plans on staying with TCW. Good to see a back and forth contest in TCW end in a clean finish as well

Match #2: Rock ‘n Roll Express vs. Steve Anthony and “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony
Steve starts off with Gibson, and their lock up ends up in a standstill. Crowd is firmly behind the Express. Steve gets a lockup and a takeover, but Gibson counters with a head scissors. Steve escapes and another standstill. Gibson manages to get a full nelson, but Steve powers out. Gibson gets another full nelson, this time Steve is stuck in it. Steve gets to the ropes, but is dropped onto the back of his head. Steve is whipped into the rope and taken over with a hip toss. Morton is tagged in and he hits a running knee lift. Steve charges, but Morton gets an arm drag. Morton locks the wrist, but Steve pulls the hair and thumbs the eye to get the advantage. Greg is tagged in. Gibson saves Morton from hitting the corner. Steve tries to do the same, but it does not work out. Gibson and Morton push the Empire into each other. The Empire shove each other around until Morton knocks their head together and pushing Matt Riviera off the apron.


Empire have a meeting on the outside as The Express waits patiently. Morton gets a single leg takedown, and tags out to Gibson. The Express get a double team on both Greg and Steve. Gibson takes hold of the leg and locks in a spinning toe hold. Does not last long as Morton is tagged in again. They attack both members of the Empire. Morton gets a headlock, but Greg shoves him off and hits a body slam. Greg hits a knee drop before tagging in Steve. Steve strikes at Morton’s back, and locks in a bear hug. Morton rings Steve’s bell and gets an armdrag, but Steve quickly recovers and gets the bear hug again. Morton fights to get the tag, but Steve distracts the ref. Steve and Greg double team Morton. Greg targets the shoulder for a submission. Morton fights back to this feet before getting to the corner. Greg charges, but Morton moves out of the way. Steve comes in and the Empire attempts a double drop kick, but Morton avoids it. Gibson gets the tag and gives the Empire a meeting of the minds. Gibson on fire as he attacks both members. Gibson locks a sleeper in on Steve, but Greg gets the rescue. Express whips Empire together, and hits a double dropkick on Greg. Ref is distracted, and Riviera bashes Morton in the back with his shoe. Greg gets the cover. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: The Empire (Steve Anthony and Greg Anthony
I would call this a basic match, but I did enjoy it. The Express are still pretty good in the ring, which makes me pretty happy. This match was a little slower pace than I expected it to be, but still a good way to end the show this week

Last ten minutes of the show recaps the past few months of TCW, including the match of Dan Severn vs. Vordell Walker from last week’s show.

Learn more about TCW here:

The 411: The two matches on the show were pretty good, but I don't understand the recap at the end. It is nice to be reminded of the rivalry between Jon Saxon and Steve Anthony, but should this have waited until they had a match? Also why show Severn/Walker again when it was up just LAST week? Confusing ending content aside, this was a good episode.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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