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Tension Between JBL and Mauro Ranallo May Have Contributed to Ranallo’s Absence

March 29, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

According to the WON, there is some “strange timing” regarding tensions between JBL and Mauro Ranallo that may have contributed to Ranallo taking time off from his WWE duties. As has been previously noted, Ranallo is taking time off as he deals with the bipolar disorder that he has been outspoken about for many years. The WON notes that the time off comes immediately after he and JBL had some public tensions that looked to have been kayfabe but may not be.

Now, it is important to keep in mind much of this is not confirmed and thus should be taken with a grain or two of salt. That being said, the site notes that things between the two have been building for a while and that the WWE Network of Bring It to the Table on March 13th may have come into play. During that episode, JBL went on a public rant against Ranallo, which the site says appears to have been inspired by JBL getting angry that Ranallo tweeted out the fact that he won the Wrestling Observer Announcer of the Year Awards while JBL didn’t place in the top ten. The general rule in wrestling, apparently, is that you don’t acknowledge awards unless they’re given by your company and you’re promoting them. JBL was leigtimately angry over the situation and earlier in the day on March 13th, Ranallo posted to Twitter saying simply, “Jealousy is one hell of a drug.” Many interpreted that as aimed at JBL, and later that night the Bring It to the Table episode aired in which he went off on Ranallo’s announcing and pop culture references. The site says that played a big part in triggering the situation.

Ranallo has missed WWE television since that episode of Bring It to the Table. When Ranallo missed the March 14th episode of Smackdown in Pittsburgh, JBL posted a message critical of Ranallo which read, “I made the show, everyone made the show, everyone. Maybe he shouldn’t have bashed me if he wasn’t going to show up.” He has since deleted the post and the WON says that he apparently was not aware that it got too real for Ranallo before posting it.

While Ranallo has said nothing publicly, his friend Bas Rutten posted to Twitter on the 18th, sticking up for Ranallo to fans and taking some shots at JBL: