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South Park 22.04 Review – ‘Tegridy Farms’

October 18, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park - 'Tegridy Farms'
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South Park 22.04 Review – ‘Tegridy Farms’  

After a rebound episode last week, South Park built off that momentum with Wednesday’s episode.

Randy said it best early in the episode: School shooting, Catholic Priests molesting boys, pieces of shit taking Ambien and tweeting. It’s not funny. Well, pieces of shit taking Ambien and tweeting was funny, but the other two subjects either weren’t funny (school shootings) or had been done in a funnier way over a decade ago (Catholic Priests molesting children).

So, what did South Park do? They touched on a lighter subject.

Vaping was the target of Matt and Trey’s ire this week. Or, as Randy called them, “pussy sticks.” I have no real opinion on vaping. I’ve done it a couple of times and I didn’t get anything from it. I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I do partake in Towlie’s favorite extra curricular activity. So, was vaping some sort of trigger or rally? No. Vaping merely exists to me.

That made this episode easier for me to digest. Because I don’t care either way. If you love vaping, great. If you like you find it stupid, also great. All I want from my South Park right now is to bring the funny. And they brought the funny this week.

I’ve complained about the show turning into the Randy show in recent weeks, but I’m all for Randy coming up with half baked ideas. His idea to move to a farm, accompanied by another well-done musical number, was just the kind of dumb idea peak Randy would come up with and believe it to be great. I thought we were headed down Member Berry lane, but Randy just wanted to grow some weed. Like the good ol’ days. Stan was underplayed to perfection. As usual, he didn’t want to get mixed up his his dad’s bullshit. And somehow, he was mixed up in his dad’s bullshit.

South Park has gotten back to nostalgia in recent weeks, first with Mr. Hankey last week and Towlie this week. Towlie is always a welcome sight for me. He might be “the worst character ever,” but he’s actually the best character ever. Towlie finding his way to a weed farm, just to get a little high, made all the sense in the world.

But the real stars of this episode were Cartman, Butters, and Kyle. Typically, when you have a combination of those three, magic happens. Cartman and Butters working together is never a bad idea. Kyle acting as the moral compass always fits. They could have been selling anything on Wednesday and I would have bought it. Give me Cartman and Butters and I’m a happy camper.

Vaping Man might have been the biggest laugh of the season. Everything about it was perfect. From the idea to the execution. It worked on multiple levels.

Overall, there was so much to love in this episode. It’s an episode that got back to South Park basics. Attacking a subject that is sort of important, but in the grand scheme of things, vaping isn’t really a hot button topic like school shootings. It’s an easy subject to play for laughs and Matt and Trey did just that. On top of a minimal subject, we got Randy returning to form, Butters, Cartman and Kyle mixing together, and the return of Towlie. Hell, there was even a Shelly cameo.

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Easily the best South Park episode of the season and possibly one of the best in a couple of seasons. "Tegridy Farms" hit all the right notes.