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411 on Wrestling Podcast: Dark Side of the Ring: Dynamite Kid, A&E Biography: Bret Hart Review

June 13, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Bret Hart WWE

In this episode of the 411 On Wrestling Podcast, 411’s Blake Lovell is joined by 411’s Steve Cook to discuss the Dark Side of the Ring episode on The Dynamite Kid, how his troubling actions impacted his family, WWE’s A&E Biography on Bret Hart, and much more.

*0:50 The downfall of The Dynamite Kid
*6:21 Dynamite Kid’s book
*8:03 Michelle Billington’s stories of abuse
*10:58 The grind of the pro wrestling schedule in the 80s
*13:14 Turning points in Dynamite’s career
*16:21 Wrestlers struggling with retirement
*22:23 Thoughts on A&E Biography on Bret Hart
*29:26 Bret’s legacy in wrestling
*32:21 How Bret has found peace with his story
*34:42 Bret’s relationship with Owen Hart
*37:52 Jeff Jarrett’s podcast on Owen
*42:43 Overall thoughts on the WWE A&E series

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