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411’s NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Report 02.11.11

February 15, 2011 | Posted by Randy Harrison

David Marquez starts the show by running down what we’ll see this week and after the opening video package, we head to the ring for our opening bout of the night!

Match One:
“Mr. Mega Star” Tommy Wilson vs. Famous B

Prior to the action getting underway, Wilson gets on the microphone and tells the people to shut up, drawing a “You Shut Up” chant. He says that he hates coming to a urinal of a city like Hollywood and that people better show him some respect because he’s the biggest star in the NWA. He reminds us that he’s “Mr. Mega Star” and then says that he’s up against a wannabe tonight so they should send him out so he can take his beating like a man. B comes out and slides into the ring, but Wilson is on him immediately with stomps and boots to the head. The bell finally rings and Wilson lays in a big forearm shot before whipping B into the ropes for a backdrop. B reverses and kicks Wilson in the chest, following up with a clothesline that puts Wilson over the top and to the floor! Wilson right back into the ring and he’s eating right hands from B before B tries a wip into the ropes. Wilson reverses the whip into another backdrop attempt and this time B floats over and jumps onto Wilson’s back with a sleeperhold.

Wilson flips B off of his back and tries for an elbowdrop that misses, leading to B locking the sleeperhold back on. Wilson backs B into the turnbuckles to break the hold and hammers B on the back with a forearm before shoving him into the other corner and hitting him with some big punches and kicks. Whip into the corner and Wilson charges, but B floats over again and goes right back to the sleeperhold. Wilson goes down to his knees for a moment, but Wilson fights back to his feet and hits a HUGE belly to back suplex. Big elbowdrop off the ropes follows for Wilson and he sets B up for a gutwrench suplex into a cover that gets a quick two-count. Wilson whips B into the ropes and misses a clothesline, allowing B to jump up and lock the sleeper back on. Wilson works it over into a side headlock and shoots B into the ropes, taking him down with a shoulderblock before scoring with a big kneedrop to the chest. Wilson picks B up and drops him back down with a fireman’s carry slam, rolling through into the cover for another two-count. Wilson picks B back up again and rams him into the top turnbuckle, coming off the ropes and hammering him with a big boot while B was stuck in the corner.

Wilson locks B with double underhooks and takes him over with the suplex, floating over into a cover….1…………2………………..B kicks out!! B with a flurry of leg kicks and he hits the ropes, but Wilson stops the comeback with a big dropkick into a pin attempt……1…………..2……………..B rolls the shoulder! Wilson with a big slapping chop to the chest and another before he whips B into the ropes. B slides through Wilson’s legs and jumps up to lock in the sleeper for about the sixth or seventh time in the match. Wilson swings B around and grabs him around the waist to set up for a sidewalk slam, but B reverses that into a big flying headscissors to take Wilson down. B with some strikes against the ropes and he tries to whip WIlson in again, but Wilson reverses him and B hits a crossbody block off the ropes into a cover…1…..2……….Wilson with a quick kick-out as Todd Kenely and Excalibur talk about Wilson maybe beginning to look fatigued after the multiple sleepers from B. B rolls out to the apron and hits Wilson in the stomach with a shoulderblock before flipping over his back and trying to set up the Flashing Lights superkick, but Wilson catches it and spins B around, hitting a HUGE clothesline that flips B nearly inside out. Wilson sets B up for a powerbomb, but B floats over and rolls Wilson up with a sunset flip…..1………2………3!!

Winner: Famous B (pinfall, sunset flip at 5:41) **1/2

Famous B continues to gain momentum and picks up yet another big win here. This one was a little off from his previous matches in terms of the flashy spots and athleticism, but it was made up for with some nice psychology from B with the sleeperholds. Though he was much bigger, Wilson was able to keep pace with B and the two of them were able to put on a good match that felt different from the usual big man vs. small man formula.

After the match, B is attacked by Wilson, who hammers him down to the mat with vicious forearm shots. B starts to fight back, but HERE COMES CEDRIC THE HITMAN! Cedric lays out B with a sneak attack and stomps away before shaking hands with Wilson. They both stomp at B and work him over before Andrew Hellman makes the save with a chair!! Chairshot to the back of Cedric! Wilson barely ducks one coming at his head!! Wilson and Cedric bail to the back as Hellman stands tall in the ring to protect Famous B after the attack. Hellman gets on the mic and says that if they want to go two-on-one against B, let’s see if they’ve got the guts to take on two really pissed off dudes. He calls them out and dares them to come and get a piece, but the heels think better of it and take the easy way out.

Back from the commercial break and it’s like intermission time at the Royal Rumble all over again as we’ve got ten-second promo spots from a bunch of the competitors in the Hollywood Invitational Battle Royal! Scorpio Sky says that it would be a dream come true for him to win and get a chance to get the title. Willie Mack, Brandon Parker, Robbie Phoenix, Mikey O’Shea, Rico Dynamite, Peter Avalon, Lucha Machine, Cedric The Hitman, Ray Rosas, SoCal Crazy, Ricky Mandel, Ryan Ramos, “Big Nasty” Jason Watts all give their thoughts on the match while Johnny Yuma says it sure would rock if he could get a title shot and Joey Kaos says that it’s nothing personal with Adam Pearce, just business.

That leads to Jeff Resnick, back in the NWA interview area with “A-Double” Austin Aries. Aries is annoyed that Resnick couldn’t wait until he was done with his phone call to begin the interview. Aries says that he beat Scorpio Sky last week and that Sky tried to prove how big his balls were last week when he was locked in the figure 8. Aries calls the move “unescapable” and says that all Sky proved is that he has a small brain because he’s going to be on one leg for the rest of the series. He says that if Sky couldn’t beat him with two legs and only has one, he’s just not going to get it done. Aries points out the poetry of it all and Resnick asks him about the Hollywood Battle Royal. Aries says that winning it would mean nothing to him because all it would do is create a buffer between those people wanting a shot at the title and the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. Aries says he’s got more important business to take care of, while telling Resnick that he needs to get a breath mint.

Following Aries, David Marquez is with “Rock Superstar” Kaos and he asks him about the match tonight with Willie Mack. Kaos says that there’s no love lost between himself and Willie Mack and that he doesn’t care about any of Mack’s accomplishments or his attributes because he’s a class-A wrestler. Marquez throws it to commercial with the match coming up right after the break.

Match Two:
Willie Mack vs. “Rock Superstar” Kaos

Mack thinks that Kaos talks too much and lets him know it, so Kaos piefaces him and we’re underway! Mack shoves Kaos back into the corner and Kaos tries to slow things down before they finally lock up and Kaos immediately goes to the eyes, raking at Mack’s face in the corner. Kaos mounts Mack in the corner and starts biting at his face before he chops Mack hard across the chest. Kaos whips Mack into the corner and Mack EXPLODES out of the corner with a huge clothesline into a leg lariat that takes Kaos down again. Mack whips Kaos into ther opes and drop toeholds him into the ropes, setting up for his 213, but Kaos bails to the floor. Kaos goads Mack out to the floor and the chase is on until Kaos rolls into the ring and drops a double axehandle on Mack’s back as he tries to slip under the ropes. Mack fires back with a big right hand and then starts in with the jabs before he hits the bionic elbow, Dusty Rhodes-style! Kaos in the corner and Mack LIGHTS him up with a huge chop to the chest, firing off about eight or nine more of them until the referee drags Mack away.

Mack comes back in to resume the attack and Kaos pokes him in the eye before choking him across the middle rope. Kaos shoves away the referee and drops an elbow to the back of Mack before stomping away at his face. Kaos rolls off some of his wrist tape and steps on Mack’s throat before using the tape to choke Mack. Kaos breaks and then chokes Mack with the tape again before laying in the badmouth and paintbrushing him. Mack with a kick to the gut and a leg kick and he hits the ropes, but Kaos takes him down with a reverse elbow into a cover that gets a two-count. Kaos mounts Mack and hammers away with right hands before kicking Mack in the back of the head. Kaos with a big chop and a right hand and Mack staggers intot he corner before Kaos whips him into the ripes. Mack ducks a clothesline and a chop but runs right into a sleeperhold and Mack is down to his knees as Kaos cranks on the pressure. Referee is checking the arm and it drops twice before Mack fights off the effects and powers back into the match. Mack fights to his feet and elbows out of the sleeper before scoring a desperation jawbreaker!!

Whip into the ropes from Mack and he dropkicks Kaos in the knee, sending Kaos into the ropes as a perfect set-up into the 213 from Mack!! Kaos begs off and Mack calls to the crowd for a right hand, but he takes too long and Kaos grabs the tights and yanks him through the ropes to the floor as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and Kaos goes over the ropes with a dive that lands him right on top of Mack’s head! Kaos tries for a right hand on the floor, but Mack ducks it and crotches Kaos on the ring post. Referee’s count is up to six before Mack rolls Kaos back into the ring for an Irish whip into the corner. Mack with his beautiful clothesline through the ropes to the apron before he follows that up with a springboard dropkick on Kaos in the corner. Mack lines Kaos up and charges, but he misses and hits the turnbuckles as Kaos ducks out of the way and hits the ropes….BIG BOOT TO THE FACE OF MACK!! Kaos into the cover, but Mack kicks out before there’s even a one-count and Kaos lands on the referee. Kaos to his knees and he calls in The Standard!! Avalon and Aries are out and laying the boots to Willie Mack as the bell rings for the disqualification. Aries and Avalon continue the attack and here comes Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky! They try to even the odds, but The Standard is still in control…..HERE COMES COLT CABANA!! COLT CABANA HAS RETURNED!! THE CROWD IS GOING CRAZY AND CABANA IS CLEANING HOUSE!! Cabana sends The Standard to the floor and he grabs the microphone as the crowd chants his name!!!

Cabana says that he hasn’t been able to work and hasn’t been on TV for six weeks because he got piledriven through a table. He says that a piledriver like that would take out an ordinary man, but Colt Cabana is no ordinary man. He says that he wants the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and that he wants a shot at Adam Pearce for redemption and revenge and that he wants the Hollywood Invitational Battle Royal to start RIGHT NOW!! David Marquez is out at ringside and it looks like the battle royal will be on after the break!!

Winner: None (no contest, double disqualification at 8:14 shown) **3/4

Good match between these two, which they’ve been able to do pretty much every time they’ve been in the ring together. Mack’s athleticism is still incredibly surprising and he showcased it on numerous occasions in this one. The match turning into a brawl and Cabana making his return was a cool surprise and made sense in the grand scheme, but it’s a shame that this match didn’t get a finish because it definitely deserved one based on the first eight minutes.

Match Three:
Hollywood Invitational Battle Royal

I’ve never had to recap a battle royal before so I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but I’ll give it my best to try to keep up with who’s in and out. After the commercial break, the ring is full and I mean FULL of guys. It looks like there’s at least thirty guys out there and the entire crowd in the Showcase Theatre is on their feet! “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel is already out, but I have no idea who tossed him. Adam Pearce joins the commentary team and is already FREAKING out, screaming about Colt Cabana starting the match as there’s still a ton of fists flying in the ring. Pearce says that Cabana should be in a box right now and then threatens Stu Stone as we see James Morgan skulking around ringside. Pearce gets in Kenely’s face and starts threatening him as Famous B hangs onto the top rope and narrowly avoids being eliminated. Cut to the floor and we see that SoCal Crazy and Todd Chandler have been eliminated. Tommy Wilson is out and really getting into it with someone at ringside as Ryan Ramos gets eliminated. Pearce is SCREAMING for The Standard to attack Colt Cabana and in the ring six or seven guys team up and put Mikey O’Shea over and out to the floor.

Ricker and Cage from Natural Selection team up to nearly eliminate Peter Avalon while Johnny Yuma hangs by a thread on the other side of the ring, pulling himself back under the bottom rope. James Morgan finally crawls into the ring and pulls off his sport coat, choking WIllie Mack with it as Slymm tries to eliminate Hawaiian Lion. Morgan continues to gloat about his chokeout of Mack and Mack attacks Morgan from behind before Morgan moves on to hammering on Slymm in the corner. Slymm picks him up for a slam and deposits him out of the ring as the referees are trying to get Morgan and Cedric The Hitman to the back as they’re both gone. Pearce is still screaming at The Standard to get Cabana out as Willie Mack hammers on Peter Avalon with forearm shots to the back. Colt is trying to eliminate Shaun Ricker as Mack and Joey Ryan try to double-team Avalon to the floor. Mack and Ryan finally throw Avalon out and Pearce is nearly in tears over it while Brian Cage nearly dumps Johnny Goodtime. Jason Watts elminates Famous B with a big boot to the face and the ring is starting to clear out at least a little bit. Cabana tries to work over Austin Aries, but Kaos makes the save and they double-team him for a moment. Watts and Skullkrusher Rasche Brown have a face-off and we’re off to commercial.

Back from the break with Pearce nearly vomiting out words, pleading with Austin Aries to eliminate Colt Cabana. Nearly all of the remaining wrestlers team up to try to throw out Rasche and he’s hanging onto the middle rope until he finally gets kicked to the floor. Aries kicks back and lays across the turnbuckle in the corner to rest up while all of that is going on and Navajo Warrior teams up with Rico Dynamite to dump Andrew Hellman to the floor. Joey Ryan with a superkick on Brian Cage and he goes over the top and out! We’re down to eight with Colt Cabana, Willie Mack, Navajo Warrior, Rico Dynamite, Jason Watts, Austin Aries, Joey Ryan and Kaos still left in the ring. Warrior with a HUGE chop on Rico and Mack hits one of his own to follow up before Warrior chops Dynamite all the way to the floor to eliminate him! Kaos chokes Willie Mack in the corner with his boot as Warrior attacks Cabana and tries to get him over the top. Pearce: “YES, NAVAJO, YES!! I will buy you a new teepee!!” Tremendous. Aries chokes Mack across the bottom rope as Watts grabs Ryan around the throat and throws him over the top to the floor! Pearce celebrates and cheers on Aries as he tries to wrap Watts up with a full nelson but Watts breaks free of the hold. Aries begs off and offers a handshake, but before Watts can attack, Willie Mack hits him with an enziguri. Watts staggers to the ropes and Mack charges, HITTING A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE TO ELIMINATE WATTS!!

We’re down to five with Aries hammering on Willie Mack in the corner as Warrior chops at Cabana in the opposite corner. Warrior holds Cabana and sets him up for a big chop from Aries, but Cabana ducks and Aries chops Warrior!! Warrior chases Aries around and hits him with a big chop before nearly throwing him over the top. Cabana sends Warrior over the top to the floor, but Aries somehow escapes and makes it to a neutral corner!! Crowd is chanting “Final Four” as all four men take a corner with Cabana and Mack teaming up to take on Aries and Kaos. The Standard charges and Mack and Cabana duck, taking both Aries and Kaos down with punches. Stereo fireman’s carries from Mack and Cabana and they’re trying to dump both members of The Standard straight away. Aries and Kaos both hold on and fight their way down with Aries raking Cabana’s back and Kaos doing the same. Kaos and Aries charge and Kaos MISSES THE BIG BOOT AND GOES OVER TO THE FLOOR!! Cabana ducks a clothesline and backdrops Aries over to the apron, but Aries quickly slips under the bottom rope and rolls to a neutral corner!

Kaos is trying to get back into the match as the referees drag him to the back with Pearce screaming and asking Aries if he needs a crowbar. Pearce is fantastically over the top here and it’s adding a whole new layer to things in terms of the entertainment value of the match. Mack and Cabana attack Aries in the corner with kicks and punches and they’re ready to send him over the top! Aries is hanging onto the ropes for dear life, clinging to the bottom rope as Cabana tries to kick and punch at his hands to force him to the floor. Tremendous athleticism from Aries to avoid elimination. Aries clings to the bottom rope again, but Cabana rakes the eyes to get him free of it, picking him up as Aries hits Cabana with a low blow!! Pearce is grinning like an idiot as Aries whips Cabana into Mack in the corner and takes Cabana down with a BRAINBUSTAHHH!! Pearce starts singing like Don Meredith and Slick all rolled into one, but turns back around to face the ring as Mack DESTROYS Aries with a spinebuster. Mack grabs Aries to pitch him to the floor, but HERE COMES KAOS!! Kaos grabs Mack and dumps him out of the battle royal even though he’s already been eliminated!! Kaos is hammering away with punches to Mack on the floor and we’re down to Aries and Cabana.

Aries with right hands on Cabana and he mocks the crowd with some air-humping before Cabana begins stiffing him with the jabs into the bionic elbow!! Cabana whips Aries into the corner and charges for the flying apple but Aries moves out of the way. Aries hits the ropes as Cabana comes out of the corner…..FLYING APPLE ON ARIES!! Crowd is beside themselves as Cabana asks them which side they want him to dump Aries on. Pearce: “Hold on, hold on for dear life, hold on like that’s a crispy, chewy, juicy piece of fried chicken…….and it doesn’t matter that he’s a vegetarian either!!” Cabana flings Aries over the top and turns his back, but Aries catches himself on the apron. Aries knocks Cabana backwards with a big forearm shot and tries to climb the turnbuckle in the corner, but CABANA KNOCKS HIM OFF TO THE FLOOR WITH ANOTHER FLYING APPLE!! Cabana wins the battle royal and will get a title shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!! Pearce is still screaming on commentary, yelling about hating Cabana more than anyone else in the world and Cabana gets on the microphone to talk to the crowd. Cabana says that he’s got a title shot and that he’s going to break Adam Pearce in half and that he promises everyone in Hollywood that when he becomes the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the first drink is on him! The show fades to the credits with the crowd chanting for Colt as Pearce stares a hole into Cabana from the announce position.

Winner: Colt Cabana (last eliminating Austin Aries at 13:36 shown) ***1/2

Fun main event battle royal and a great finish with Cabana picking up the win to get another shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Not a lot to go on in terms of the whole rating system since the whole concept of a battle royal is based on a lot of kicking and punching with a few spots thrown in, but Pearce added at least half a star for the entertainment value of his commentary alone. Great storytelling throughout also helped the match with it coming down to The Standard vs. Cabana as it should.

Final Thoughts: This week’s episode may not have been the kind of show that will make workrate freaks ready to explode, but there was plenty of excitement and it was a fun show from beginning to end. The opener and the Mack/Kaos match were solid, as was the segment that featured the Aries interview, which was great stuff. Cabana’s return came off as a huge surprise to the folks live and was a really big deal that was well-executed on every level. The battle royal was a good finish to the show as it felt exactly like a battle royal should in that it was special and chaotic and exciting, something that can only happen with that many people in the ring. It all appears to be coming to a head with Cabana vs. Pearce one last time to finally decide their long-standing feud and I can’t wait to see it.

The next NWA Hollywood KDOC TV Taping is set for Sunday, March 6th with a special 3pm bell time at the Regent Showcase Theatre at 614 N La Brea Ave in the heart of Hollywood. Already announced for the show are three huge main event matches with Austin Aries battling Scorpio Sky in the fourth bout of their best of five series, Natural Selection defending their NWA Heritage Tag Team Championships against the RockNES Monsters and NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce putting his title on the line against Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana in a bout in which there must be a winner. If Pearce is counted out or disqualified, Cabana will become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion and if Cabana loses, it will be his last shot at the title for the forseeable future. Tickets information is coming soon through SaveFans.com, so check the NWA Hollywood website for more details on when tickets will be available.

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