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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.12.10

October 12, 2010 | Posted by Steve Cook

In Memoriam: Jamie Keyes’ WWE Career. Leave the memories alone.

Hi, hello & welcome to 411’s WWE NXT Report! I’m Steve Cook, and I’m here to cover NXT on WWE.com! Michael Bauer & SyFy may have given up on the show, but it’s still going strong on the .com and your humble correspondent is here to cover it. Last week Jamie Keyes was eliminated, Kaitlyn defeated Vickie Guerrero, and the NXT Divas showcased their talent. Tonight…well, who the heck knows what’s in store?

YOU MAKE THE RAIN FALL! Cole & Mathews are your hosts.

Matt Striker tells us to welcome the NXT Rookie Divas. Maxine, Aksana, Kaitlyn, AJ & Naomi make their way to the ring as the Pros sit on the stage. The Rookies have air horns, sadly they refrain from blowing them while Striker talks. The next elimination is in three weeks, and it’s time for our next competition! WWE Name That Tune will have five second snippets of entrance themes. The Rookies will sound their horns when they know the answer. I’m not sure that’s the best way to do it, but I’m sure Striker has sharp eyes and will be able to tell who sounds their horn first.

First Round:

1. Sheamus – AJ
2. Teddy Long – AJ
3. Santino – Naomi
4. Edge – AJ
5. John Cena – AJ
6. Kofi Kingston – AJ
7. The Miz – AJ
8. Melina – AJ

Second Round:

1. DX – AJ
2. Randy Orton – AJ
3. Zack Ryder – AJ
4. Dusty Rhodes – AJ
5. Trish Stratus – AJ
6. Legion of Doom – Nobody
7. Vince McMahon – AJ

Final Score:

AJ 1900
Naomi 100
Everyone Else 0

Wow, if I wasn’t in love with AJ before I would be now. Shoulda got that LOD theme though.

Match 1: Rookie vs. Pro Singles Match
Naomi vs. Alicia Fox

Black on black violence just ain’t right. Tieup into the corner as Maxine sits at the announce table. Naomi with a nice schoolgirl, but she gets clotheslined down by Fox. Whip into the corner, Naomi floats over, leap frog, two dropkicks, elbow block and punch by Naomi. Off the ropes, butt butt! Fox rolls to the outside, Naomi follows her and throws her back in. Alicia begs off, which is a set up that Naomi dumbly falls for. Fox on the offense, snap mare into a rear chinlock. Maxine has said nothing on commentary, in case you were wondering. I’m sure you were. Fox goes back to the rear chinlock, Kelly leads the fans in support of Naomi, who misses a kick but doesn’t miss the second, it gets two. Naomi with a spinning heel kick in the corner ,lands on the apron, misses a cross body block. Alicia theoretically kicks her once for a two count, then gets her again for three. What’s with these two and botched finishes?

Winner: Alicia Fox *½
Pretty decent outing for Naomi, but it fell apart towards the end.

Backstage, Goldust & Aksana discuss her legal situation. Aksana’s lawyer told her they may send her home for six months. Goldust promises they will take care of it, he will do anything for her and she needs to focus on tonight’s competition and her match later.

Now the Rookie Divas get to show their personality with a minute-long promo. Naomi steps forward first. She is irritated by Michael Cole. She’s sick of his negativity and bad attitude. He isn’t JR. Why does he keep showing up? They’re sick of him too. She knocks his grey hair. The fans agree.

AJ will put out a personal ad. She’s single. Yes! We can go back to her place, turn down the lights, light the candles, and turn things on. Like her Xbox! She’s got some pizza, we can watch an action movie before going to bed at 10. She’s got a Twitter account…oh, she had me until the Twitter account. Get yourself on Facebook and then we’ll talk, darling.

Striker is more of a Craigslist guy! For some reason that doesn’t surprise me.

Kaitlyn talks about age before beauty. Vickie Guerrero’s like a fine wine, getting better with age. She’s like a fine cheese. Dolph and her got together and got her a gift…BenGay! Ouch. Not one of her better efforts.

Aksana wants to talk about America. She hopes somebody from immigration is watching, she thinks America is the most beautiful country, with out them there wouldn’t be WWE Universe, or Aksana, or Goldust, without WWE there wouldn’t be so many beautiful people in the crowd. She thanks Christopher Columbus for discovering America.

Maxine talks disrespect. She was disrespected by Hornswoggle. Thanks for the reminder. She always ends up on top. Never heard that one before. Kaitlyn was lucky to have Vickie as her pro, but instead she disrespected her relationship. She’s a home wrecker! That’s not how ladies conduct business.

I have nothing more to say about this that is either relevant or true.

Last week, Kaitlyn defeated Vickie Guerrero and hugged Dolph Ziggler. Vickie was not happy.

Backstage, Vickie tells Kaitlyn that they’re stuck together for another three weeks, so they can let bygones be bygones on one condition…no contact with Dolph Ziggler. Sounds fair to me.

Time for another Rookie Challenge! The Power of the Punch Challenge comes back for another round!

Naomi: 801
She swung with both fists the first time, another attempt to cheat that probably wasn’t necessary.

AJ: 362
Punching is not her forte. Don’t worry AJ, Cook Nation is still behind you!

Kaitlyn: 5
She rubs on the BenGay before swinging and missing. Striker asks about her strategy, it turns out that she was trying to numb the pain with the BenGay, she whiffed, and now she’s embarrassed.

Aksana: 666
Oh that can’t be real.

Maxine: 605
And Naomi wins. The highlight of all of this, and most of the show really, was Cole & Mathews’ comments that made Striker bust up laughing a few times. It should also be pointed out that Matt Striker is quite the liar.

Match 2: Rookie vs. Rookie
Aksana vs. AJ

Oh God, I hope this goes better than their first match. What’s with Goldust stealing the Million Dollar Belt? Doesn’t he remember how bad he felt when Rick Rude stole the WCW US title belt from him back in 1993? Yes, I’m bringing up stuff that happened in 1993 WCW. Why not? Arm drag and a dropkick by AJ, a crucifix gets two and Aksana goes outside. Apparently AJ doesn’t know how to park. Goldust gives Aksana a pep talk. Why isn’t the ref counting? Arm wringer by AJ, Aksana slaps her out of it. Wish somebody would slap me out of it. AJ with a rear chinlock, Aksana fights out, she does the Goldust slide down uppercut thing. Aksana goes for a small package, but AJ reverses it for the three count! Victory!

Winner: AJ **
AJ matches have a ** minimum. My report, my rules.

Goldust gets the mike and tells Aksana that they have options. They could get married so she could stay in the country. I thought that didn’t work anymore? Maybe this is a line. Goldust drops to one knee and proposes to a girl he’s known…a few weeks? Hasn’t he heard my philosophy on marriage?

“They say that marriage is an institution. I say, who wants to be in an institution?” – Steve Cook

Aksana says yes! I guess it’s true love after all! I’ll have to dust off the ol’ tux! So long and good night, everybody!


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