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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 09.25.09

September 25, 2009 | Posted by Joseph F. Martinez

> Hey Yo! Welcome to 411mania’s WWE Smackdown Report. It seems I’m doing this deal full-time, so feel free to add in any criticisms in the comment section or shoot me an e-mail. I sometimes feel as I write too much of what goes down but I am trying to work all that out. So, let’s end this intro thing and head to the action.

> We’re shown a video package of all the happenings of last week. Teddy’s explanation, the kidnapping and all of that.

> Justin Roberts asks us to welcome the only “Straight Edge World Heavyweight Champion in History” and CM Punk comes out to start off tonight’s Smackdown. Todd Grisham talks briefly about the Undertaker Screw job and Jim Ross bashes Punk for talking about making the Undertaker tap out. Lots of “RIP CM PUNK” signs out tonight. CM Punk starts off with the usual. Bashing prescription medication, alcohol and all that good stuff that annoys the crowd. Punk runs down his accomplishments and reminds us that he’s a three time World Champion. I actually never expected that to happen when he came into the company. He talks about his success in the Money in the Bank match and brings up eliminating Jeff Hardy, all to the chagrin of the WWE Universe. CM Punk then talks about being the first person to make The Undertaker tap out and this really angers the crowd. Great stuff. Punk demands someone with power come out and treat him with respect. He wants to know who his next opponent is. After a while of waiting, Punk says there isn’t anybody left and we hear chanting in the arena.

> The arena turns Undertaker purple and we see some druids wheeling out a casket. While this is happening, CM Punk gets a chair for security. He motions as if he’s going to nail the casket with the chair but just nudges it with his foot. He eventually beats down the casket with his chair while screaming he knows the Undertaker is in there. Punk opens the casket and we see Teddy Long tied up in there. Punk is relieved and the fans cheer at Teddy’s inconvenient situation. Punk gets on the mic again and says the Undertaker is scared to come out and face him. The World Heavyweight Champion finally lets Teddy out of the casket and undoes all the knots. Long takes the mic from Punk (falling down while doing so) and makes the Undertaker’s “Hell’s Gate” legal. The GM then makes a match between the Undertaker and CM Punk inside Hell in a Cell at the next PPV. Long delivers more bad news by announcing a match between Taker and Punk for later in the evening. Long stumbles out of the scene while CM Punk is destroyed by the news.

> Todd Grisham and Jim Ross talk about the actions that just occurred which segues us into John Morrison’s intro. Grisham and Ross make note of the match at Hell in a Cell between John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler. Finlay is out next. Followed by their opponents, Mike Knox and Dolph Ziggler.

>Match One: John Morrison and Finlay versus Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox

The match starts off with Dolph Ziggler and Fit Finlay. They grapple with Finlay gaining the early advantage. Ziggler shoves him off but Finlay responds with a shoulder block. After a body slam, Finlay nails Mike Knox. The Irishman gets Ziggler with an atomic drop but Mike Knox is tagged in during the process. Finlay was unaware and is booted in the back of the head by Knox. Mike Knox and his beard attack the downed Finlay until the ref gets him to pick him up. After positioning Finlay in the corner, Knox tags Ziggler back in. Dolph nails a Stinger Splash on Finlay but the pinfall that accompanied it only got a one count. Ziggler follows it up with a customized headlock. This takes us to a commercial break.

The match returns with Mike Knox in command of Fit Finlay. Finlay powers out of Mike Knox’s headlock with a jawbreaker but Knox replies with a big clothesline. Knox tags Ziggler back in and Ziggler attacks with an elbow drop. After an unsuccessful pinfall by Ziggler, Finlay takes him down. Finlay tries to tag in Morrison but Ziggler holds him back. Ziggler locks the leg of Finlay and tags in Knox who hits a leg drop on Finlay. Another one count pinfall follows that. Knox locks in another headlock. Finlay gets to his feet but Knox pummels him with some blows. Another tag is made and Ziggler works over Finlay in the corner. Another one count. A nice drop kick by Dolph Ziggler is followed up by another pinfall. Finlay almost makes it over to his corner but Ziggler again holds him back. This is transitioned into a reversed chin lock. The crowd claps some momentum over to Finlay but Ziggler knees him in the groin and whips him into the corner. Ziggler tries another splash but Finlay moves out of the way. Finlay and Ziggler both tag in their tag partners.

Morrison strikes first with a bunch of punches and elbows. Knox shoves him off but Morrison just replies with an elbow. Knox whips Morrison into the corner but the Intercontinental Champion just turns that into a hurricanrana. After a leg lariat, Morrison hits Knox with a standing shooting star press. It gets a two count. Knox then nails Morrison with a boot to the chest. He tries to move Morrison into the center of the ring but Morrison holds onto the ropes. After a cheap shot to Finlay, Knox gives his attention back to Morrison. Morrison hits Knox with some punches and then a springboard kick. A Morrison pinfall is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler. Morrison and Ziggler trade some blows until Mike Knox attempted to hit Morrison with a cross body. The champion avoided it and Ziggler got hit by the big man. Knox doesn’t let that bother him and takes Morrison into the corner. Before he can continue with his offense, Finlay hits Knox with his shaleighleigh. This leads to Starship Pain and gives the win to John Morrison and Finlay.

After the match, Morrison and Finlay celebrate as we are shown some highlights of the match including the big Mike Knox cross body on Dolph Ziggler. Todd Grisham again makes note that no one can kick out of Starship Pain.

> We’re backstage with Cryme Tyme, Eve and Slam Master J. Shad Gaspard tells J that he has to prove himself. JTG gives J spray-paint and the artist formerly known as Jesse leaves into a room. Slam Master J comes out with the Smackdown and the WCW DVDs. As Cryme Tyme and Jay talk about what was just done, Teddy Long enters his room and complains. Cryme Tyme leaves Slam Master J and we learn that Ray Geezy defiled Long’s office. This angers the GM who tells Slam Master J he has a match tonight. He doesn’t let J know his opponent.

> We come back from a commercial with J already in the ring. After Grisham and Ross talk about the upcoming match between Punk and Taker, Kane enters the fray.

>Match Two: Slam Master J versus Kane

Kane nails Jay with a boot. Kane whips Jay who slides under Kane’s legs. Jay gets some offense in with the climax being a low dropkick. Jay tries to whip Kane but Kane throws Jay into a corner and follows up with a clothesline. After a sidewalk slam, Kane signals for the chokeslam. The slam is successful and Kane beats Jay quickly.

We’re shown a shot of a disappointed Cryme Tyme in the back. Grisham says Jay didn’t represent tonight which leads to JR putting Kane over. He tells us that Kane has not been pinned during his latest Smackdown run.

> We’re shown Mr. McMahon walking in the back. He’s joined by CM Punk who wonders if Vince is going to allow Hell’s Gate to be legal. McMahon says Punk should have thought about the consequences of screwing the Undertaker and tells Punk that it was Punk’s conspiracy. Punk is shocked and we’re met with a commercial.

> Justin Roberts welcomes us back from commercial and introduces Vince McMahon, who enters with a positive welcoming from the crowd. Grisham says there have been rumors Vince has a huge announcement on the future of Smackdown.

Vince thanks the crowd for the welcoming and the crowd loves him. Vince says it reminds him of a big home and then talks down the state of Oklahoma. As a Texan, I approve of Vince McMahon’s shots. Vince says we’re invited to a decade celebration of Smackdown next week. He talks about Smackdown and lists some of the biggest stars. He tells us Degeneration X and John Cena will be in attendance next week.

Vince segues this into talking about the present and future of Smackdown. He says he is going to introduce us to a special man. A person reminds him a lot of himself. Mr. McMahon says this individual will be a future World Heavyweight Champion. Lots of big hype for this upcoming individual. The mystery man turns out to be Drew McIntyre. Grisham says McIntyre was personally signed by Vince. Hopefully he turns out better than Elijah Burke. McMahon gives McIntyre the microphone and leaves.

McIntyre puts himself over and says no one can match his potential. The crowd chants USA as McIntyre talks about what he’s been doing. He talks about next week’s show and says after that, it’ll all be about Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says something about a big party going down later tonight in his honor. This brings R-Truth out.

R-Truth asks Tulsa what’s up and then addresses Drew McIntyre. Truth says he’s going to welcome McIntyre to Smackdown and rushes into the ring taking down the Scotsman in the process. The two brawl for a couple of seconds before a bunch of referees enter the ring and separate the two. The crowd chants USA and the two stare each other down.

> BatistaBig Show is up next after the commercial.

> Big Show is out with his tag team buddy, Chris Jericho. The Raw graphic reminds us he’s actually a Raw superstar. Ross wonders how Jericho’s presence will affect Big Dave Batista. Show shadowboxes as he waits for his opponent. Batista makes his way to the ring and stares down Chris Jericho.

>Match Three: Dave Batista versus The Big Show

The bell rings and the referee points at Chris Jericho. After this, the two big men stare each other down as the crowd chants Batista’s name. They grapple with Show shoving Batista off. They grapple again with Show doing the same, this time Batista falls to the ground. Jericho screams “DID YOU SEE THE POWER JIM ROSS, HE THREW HIM DOWN LIKE A RAG DOLL,” but Batista gets some strikes in on the Big Show. Tista tries to attack Show with a jumping shoulder block but Show just shrugs him off. Show applies his boot to Batista’s neck and the ref starts a count. After Show releases the hold, he picks Batista up and throws him down again with a punch. The Big Show takes the Animal into the corner and slaps his chest with his big hands. After Batista gets back up, Show takes him to another corner and does the same. Show has Batista in another corner but Batista hits him in the face with a couple of punches. Batista tries to follow that up with a clothesline but Show clotheslines him down. After stepping on Batista, the Big Show picks him up and gives him a shot to the ribs. Batista fires back with a couple of punches but a knee by the Big Show stops the momentum. Batista is whipped to the ropes but uses said ropes to avoid coming back to the Big Show. Show tries to hit Batista with a big boot but gets tangled in the ropes. Big Dave finally gets a big move in by giving Show a shoulder block that takes him out of the ring. This sends us to a commercial.

Smackdown comes back with Show having a headlock applied to Batista. We see what happened during the break which included a spear by the Big Show. When we return to real time, Batista slowly breaks out of the headlock with a jawbreaker. Batista tries to attack Show but Show grabs him and locks in a bear hug. We’re shown Jericho berating Jim Ross again. Batista tries to break out of the bear hug but Show punches Batista in the back and follows that up with a modified leg drop. With Batista on the ground, Show locks in another bearhug. Batista maneuvers himself and Show back up and elbows his way out of the hug. After some punches by Batista, Show whips him into the corner. Show runs at him but Batista hits him with a boot. Batista tries to hit show with an attack but Show body slams him to the ground. Big Show goes on top of the turnbuckle but Batista moves out of the way of Show’s elbow. Both men stumble to their feet with Batista getting up first. He lands a few punches but Show again gets the advantage by whipping Tista into the corner. Show tries to hit the cornered Animal with a back elbow but Batista moves out the way, bounces off the ropes and nails a spear. Batista does his rope taunt and tries to power bomb the Big Show. Show gets out and tries to Chokeslam Batista. Tista gets out and locks in an ankle lock. Batista locks in an ankle lock which shocks Jim Ross and it appears the Big Show is going to tap.

This brings Chris Jericho into the ring but the Animal releases the ankle lock and delivers a Spinebuster to Jericho. He then applies another ankle lock, this time to Chris Jericho. Jericho taps and the ref eventually gets Batista to stop the hold. The Big Show and Chris Jericho limp out and I’m sure somewhere some fans on the internet are complaining or something over the ankle lock.

> A recap of the CM Punk-Undertaker controversy is shown.

> The announcers remind us of the match between CM Punk and the Undertaker tonight. After, we’re shown Teddy Long in his office. Vince McMahon shortly joins him. Mr. McMahon wants to know why Teddy Long’s suit is all messed up and asks why Teddy and Punk screwed the Undertaker. Long sounds like he wants to say it wasn’t him but Vince says the Undertaker isn’t done with Scott Armstrong, Punk or Long yet. McMahon then asks where his portrait is at. Long says the picture is in the building but not completed. Vince is not pleased by Long’s explanation and insists on seeing the picture. Teddy brings the picture and we see that Vince’s picture has been vandalized (presumably by Slam Master J). McMahon threatens Teddy and leaves the room.

> After they pimp the Miz’s appearance on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader,” we see the entrance of Cryme Tyme’s JTG. Grisham throws some gangster lexicon out there and then the Hart Dynasty comes out. David Hart Smith is the opponent.

>Match Four: JTG (w/Shad Gaspard and Eve) versus David Hart Smith (Tyson Kidd and Natayla Neidhart)

Smith charges JTG but JTG nails him with a dropkick. After another dropkick, JTG rushes Smith in the corner and slams his face to the mat. A cover gets a two and when the men get up, Smith has the advantage. Smith knees JTG in the head and brings him down with a clothesline. DH Smith launches a flurry of kicks to the downed JTG, lifts him, whips him and hits a nice power slam. The following pin only gets two. David Hart Smith lifts JTG over his head and then slams him back down. Smith applies his knee to the back of JTG. Cryme Tyme’s smaller member powers out with some punches but Smith just shoves him to the corner. Smith tries to hit a shoulder block but JTG counters. JTG works over Smith with some of his traditional offense and ends his attacks with a blockbuster. He lifts Smith and tries to whip him but it gets countered, JTG counters the counter and hits a leg drop. JTG pins Smith but Natalya puts Smith’s foot on the ropes. Eve attacks Natalya and the two women fight. Shad breaks the battle up but this distracts the ref. Tyson Kidd notices this and kicks JTG in the face. David Hart Smith hits a HUGE body suplex which gets DH Smith the victory.

David Hart Smith and the other Hart Dynasty members celebrate after the match.

> We’re shown a promo for the gauntlet match on Raw. After, Ross and Grisham put over Dave Batista’s newest weapon, the ankle lock.

> Josh Matthews lets us know that he’s going to interview Batista after the break.

> We come back to Ross and Grisham breaking down next week’s huge Smackdown. The main event is an 8-man tag involving DX, John Cena, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Legacy and CM Punk.

> Josh Matthews wants us to welcome the Animal on screen. Matthews tells us that Batista is going to challenge the unified tag team champions at the next pay-per-view. Matthews asks who the partner is and Batista tells us it is one of the best entertainers of all time. Batista says the tag team titles are going to switch hands soon because his partner is Rey Mysterio.

> CM Punk is out first. Grisham and Ross talk about the Hell in a Cell match at the next pay-per-view between the World Champion and Undertaker and we get a recap of the show’s opening. They show all of it so it’s kind of lengthy but it sets the upcoming match, I suppose. After a commercial, the Undertaker makes his way to the ring.

>Match Five: The Undertaker versus CM Punk

CM Punk and The Undertaker circle the ring with each other until Taker lures Punk into the corner. Taker tries to land a punch but Punk avoids it. Punk maneuvers around the ring but Taker again traps him in a corner. Punk tries to escape but Taker grabs him and works him over with knees and elbows. The Deadman whips Punk to the opposite turnbuckle and tries to follow it up with a splash. Unfortunately for Taker, it’s countered by Punk with a couple of boots to the face. This doesn’t faze Taker for long as he responds with a quick punch. Punk and Taker swap spots which gives Punk the advantage. The World Champion attacks Taker’s leg with a bunch of kicks. The ref eventually is forced to pull CM Punk off. Punk gives his attention to the ref for a couple of seconds which gives the Undertaker an opportunity to throw him out of the ring. This leads us to the first commercial of the match.

When we return, we see CM Punk land a kick and then transition that into a headlock. Taker powers out by whipping CM Punk against the ropes and knocking him down with a shoulder block. Taker then throws the champion out of the ring. The Deadman leaves the ring and gives chase to Punk. CM Punk gets back in the ring first and tries to keep the Undertaker out. This leads to the Undertaker landing a jawbreaker on CM Punk. CM Punk is positioned on the end of the mat which allows the Undertaker to work him over on the outside with some elbows and a big boot to the head. Taker gets back in the ring to avoid a count out but immediately returns to the outside to get some more blows in on the champion. Taker eventually hits his patented leg drop which takes CM Punk out of the ring. Taker gets back in the ring but for only about a second before going back out and hitting CM Punk in the ribs. Taker throws Punk back in the ring and works him over with punches and kicks in the corner. The Deadman works over the arm with some twists and tries to go for Old School. Punk blocks with a punch and nails the Undertaker in the head with a nice kick. CM Punk is on the turnbuckle with the Undertaker and hits him with a bunch of elbows. He tries to set up a superplex but the Undertaker hits him with a bunch of body shots. Punk falls to the mat but immediately gets back up and headbutts the Undertaker. After 6 or 7 head butts, Punk switches up to a punch. He again goes for the superplex, this time successfully. Punk covers the Deadman but it only gets a two count. After the pinfall, Punk hits Taker in the back with a couple of knees. Punk quickly hits a leg drop but the following pin only got him a two count. Punk locked in a headlock with the legs and struck the Deadman with some elbows. Punk steals Jericho’s line and screams “ASK HIM!” The Undertaker breaks out of the submission by applying his hand around the champion’s throat. He lifts Punk up but Punk quickly responds with some kicks to the thigh. Both men are up and Punk strikes first with two shots. Taker replies with a punch of his own but the Straightedge Superstar kicks Taker. The two trade blows until the Undertaker brings Punk down. Taker throws Punk to the corner and hits Snake Eyes. A leg drop and a pin are only good for a two count. The Undertaker motions for his chokeslam but CM Punk strikes the Undertaker in the head. Jim Ross says the match could be over with that but before Punk can lock on a pin, Taker gets Punk with Hell’s Gate. Punk quickly grabs the ropes and rolls out of the ring. He asks for his belt but before he can leave, Taker attacks him outside. Taker throws the World Heavyweight Championship inside the ring and takes the top of the announcer’s table off. He tries to power bomb Punk through the table but Punk escapes. CM Punk runs inside the ring and the Undertaker gives chase but right after Punk gets in, the referee reaches a 10 count and CM Punk is the winner.

After the match, Punk celebrates with the title as Jim Ross questions if CM Punk has any chance inside the Hell in a Cell. The show ends shortly after.


• John Morrison and Fit Finlay defeated Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox via pinfall
• Kane defeated Slam Master J via pinfall
• Dave Batista defeated The Big Show via DQ (Jericho interference)
• David Hart Smith defeated JTG via pinfall
• CM Punk defeated The Undertaker via countout

> Overall, a decent show. There wasn’t anything on the show that was too disappointing but that may be because Khali wasn’t booked. One has to wonder if Rey Mysterio will make an appearance on next week’s Smackdown. His suspension isn’t over but he probably has been one of the show’s most popular guys. The match of the night was probably the opening tag match. I guess the Kane-Slam Master J would be classified as trash but it was too short to be anything bad. That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading.


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