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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 8.04.05

August 4, 2005 | Posted by Nick Marsico

Tonight is Thursday, August 04, 2005 and this is your 411Mania SmackDown! report. I’m Nick Marsico and I’m finally back to bring you the premiere Thursday night wrestling program.

Michael Cole and Tazz are your announcers and the show is coming to you taped from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Opening Recap Video

Last week, Eddy Guerrero exposed his big secret to Dominic, as he lied about keeping his mouth shut after losing to Rey Mysterio at the Great American Bash. Eddy declared that he, not Rey, is in fact Dominic’s father; this caused the young boy to run away through the crowd with his formerly believed-to-be father Rey Mysterio chasing him. Eddy promised that this week, he will reveal chapter 2.

The Peep Show

Rey Mysterio is here to begin the show, and he enters the ring to be the guest on the first edition of ‘The Peep Show’. Rey says that Christian promised him Eddy Guerrero, and Rey wants him now. Christian delivers, introducing Eddy to read chapter 2 of the bedtime story. Eddy doesn’t come out to the ring, however, as he appears on the video screen wearing a new shirt, with ‘I’m Your Papi!’ written on it. He’s ready to read chapter 2, but Rey interrupts him. Eddy decides not to finish his story at the moment, and he promises that by the end of the show, he will finish chapter 2. He has a feeling that Rey’s really gonna like it, and as he finishes his sentence, Christian attacks Rey from behind with the microphone and lays him out with the Unprettier.

After the Break

Tonight, Batista and JBL will sign their contracts for the main event at SummerSlam, and up next Booker T and Chris Benoit will take on MNM in tag team action.


Moments Ago

Distracted by Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio is blindsided by Christian and left laying in the middle of the ring.

Jillian Hall is here to give us an idea what it is like to be her. The blemish on her face has blemished her soul, but she carries herself with dignity, unlike the people. She’s not ashamed if it, and gives the camera a close-up view of it and all its fakeness. She wants people to look her in the eyes, not her cheek. Her name is Jillian Hall, and she is a fixer, and she’s here to work for MNM. She passes Booker T and Sharmell on the way to the entrance, and Booker T asks Sharmell to ‘Tell me I didn’t see that’.

MNM (w/Melina & Jillian Hall) vs. Chris Benoit & Booker T (w/Sharmell)

Booker and Nitro start and Booker backs Nitro into the ropes. Hammerlock by Booker and Nitro reverses so Booker reverses back but takes an elbow. Headlock by Nitro, but Booker reverses it into one of his own. He comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle and blocks a hip toss with a clothesline for 2. Tag to Benoit and he punches Nitro down and lays in the chops. Snap suplex gets 2 for Benoit, but Nitro backs him into the corner and tags in Mercury. He gets a big open palm chop to Benoit in the corner then takes a couple of his own but gets a boot on Benoit. Benoit catches him in a shoulder breaker, however, for 2. Irish whip and Benoit holds the ropes, and when he comes off he lays into Mercury’s face with a stiff punch. Scoop slam leads to a running elbow and Mercury misses a dropkick, but Nitro and Melina save him from the Sharpshooter.


Booker hits a big chop on Mercury as we come back, but he gets a knee to Booker and makes the tag to Nitro who comes in and takes a big sidekick for 2. A neckbreaker gets another near fall for Booker on Nitro. Tag to Benoit and he gets n a Irish whip that leads to a knee in the gut. Benoit floats through a fireman’s carry and hits a German suplex on Nitro, and Mercury comes in for one as well. One more for Nitro as he blocks the rolling, so Benoit brings him upstairs. Melina distracts the ref allowing Mercury to let Nitro counter Benoit’s top rope backdrop suplex. Mercury is in and he stomps Benoit in the corner, and he distracts the ref so Nitro can choke Benoit with the tag rope. Another tag in to Nitro and he gets a running knee to Benoit in the corner for 2, and another pinfall attempt has the same result. Benoit fights off both men in the MNM corner but falls to a drop toehold by Nitro who tags in Mercury, who gets a pair of 2 counts off an elbow drop. Mercury chokes Benoit on the middle rope and Melina slaps him. Neckbreaker gets Mercury another pinfall attempt, but Booker breaks it up. Tag again to Nitro and he comes in with a snapmare to Benoit into a chinlock. Benoit fights to his feel and gets an armdrag out of it. German suplex and both men are down. Mercury gets the tag and takes an enziguri from Benoit, finally allowing the tag to Booker. He comes in and clotheslines both men multiple times, and he gets a forearm to Mercury and a superkick to Nitro. The Bookend gets two on Mercury, but Nitro saves. Benoit tosses Nitro outside and puts him in the Crossface. Inside, Booker get s a Flapjack on Mercury, and the Spin-a-roonie leads to the Scissors Kick, but Melina grabs Booker’s foot. Sharmell chases Melina into the ring, but Jillian spears Sharmell, distracting Booker T. Mercury rolls up Booker T with some leverage from the ropes and gets the win.

MNM def. Chris Benoit & Booker T via Pinfall – 13:24

RAW Rebound

On Monday night, Chris Jericho refereed a WWE Championship match between John Cena and Carlito. Cena came out with a victory, but after the match Chris Jericho left Cena battered and bloodied in the ring.

After the Break

Tonight, Eddy Guerrero will finish chapter 2 of his bedtime story, and up next is the official contract signing between Batista and JBL for SummerSlam.


SummerSlam is 3 weeks away, and Fat Joe and Nelly present ‘Get It Poppin’ as one of the show’s official theme songs.

Theodore Long and Christian meet backstage in the hallway, and Christian says that he is the main event, with Long catching that phrase. He makes the match for later tonight, pitting Christian one-on-one against Rey Mysterio, and Captain Charisma is not happy.

Recap Video: SmackDown! Last Thursday

JBL defeated The Undertaker to win the #1 Contendership at SummerSlam thanks to the RKO that Randy Orton delivered to the Undertaker.


Josh Mathews catches up with the Legend Killer backstage, and he wants to know why Randy Orton jumped the Undertaker last week. Orton says that he’ll make his intentions perfectly clear later tonight.

Official SummerSlam Contract Signing

The General Manager introduces both participants for August 21st’s main event, ad JBL comes out first followed by the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. He ‘accidentally’ rips one of the horns off JBL’s limo as he walks to the ring and lays it on the table in front of the challenger. He apologizes when he gets the mic. JBL is pissed, but Batista tell him that if he tries anything that he’ll be pulling that horn out of his ass. JBL guaranteed that he would beat Batista at the Great American Bash and he was correct, and he tells Batista that at SummerSlam, he will bow at the feet of the Wrestling GOD. Batista wants to know if JBL believes the crap that comes out of his mouth, and asks him what drug he’s taking that makes him see a Wrestling God in the mirror. Batista tells him that he always takes the easy way out, then calls JBL a ‘Wrestling Fraud’. The men sit to sign the contract, and JBL helps Batista get started spelling his own name. Batista apparently leaves the stipulation blank, and he says that JBL can choose what kind of match it is, and the challenger makes it a No Holds Barred match.

Road Warrior Animal is in the locker room with Heidenreich finishing his makeup. Heidenreich says that he’s really feeling it, so Animal passes over the makeup and tells him that if he’s feeling it, he’s ready for that.

After the Break

Coming up next, Tag Team Champions Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal are in action.


Seether will provide SummerSlam with another of its official theme songs, lending their new single ‘Remedy’.

WWE SummerSlam Card
– JBL vs. Batista (World Heavyweight Championship, No Holds Barred)
– Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)
– Matt Hardy vs. Edge
– Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan (Icon vs. Legend)

Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich vs. Josh Daniels & Damien Adams

Animal gets a scoop powerslam on Adams and Heidenreich gers a standing choke. Daniels comes in and takes the Bossman Slam and Animal Irish whips Heidenreich into him for a corner clothesline followed u p by one from Animal and the Doomsday Device finishes it for the Tag Champs.

Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich def. Josh Daniels & Damien Adams via Pinfall – 1:23

WWE Rewind, presented by Subway

Earlier tonight, Eddy Guerrero promised he would finish chapter 2 and Christian gave Rey Mysterio the Unprettier.


Randy Orton was supposed to defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania 21, but fate disallowed that, however Orton repaid the favor last week on SmackDown!, and now Orton is able to get what he needs, and what he needs is to beat the Undertaker. The Undertaker is a legend, but Orton, as he always claims, is the legend killer. The Undertaker’s victims were great, but Randy’s victims have all been legends. At WrestleMania, the Undertaker took away his immortality, so Orton started to take things away from the Dead Man, as last week he took away the Undertaker’s title shot. Orton’s legacy will live on long before he’s gone. He won the World Heavyweight Championship and became the youngest World Champion in history, and at SummerSlam this year he will make history one more time by defeating the Undertaker, and he demands an answer right now for his challenge. Here’s the gong, and the lights go out. RKO reads on the video screen and the Undertaker accepts the challenge as the ‘RKO’ becomes ‘RIP’.


The Boogeyman is coming.

Eddy Guerrero is in the parking lot and he greets a woman who is here in a limo. He says that there could be no chapter 2 without her presence.

Rey Mysterio vs. Christian

Mysterio attacks Christian before the bell and gets a springboard dropkick to knock Christian off the apron. He follows him out with a plancha and rolls Christian back into the ring, but Christian takes control with a pair of hard Irish whips into opposite corners, leveling Rey. Irish whip and Rey baseball slides between Captain Charisma’s legs and gets a spinning leg lariat. Christian gets a punch to the gut and dumps Rey, but Mysterio springboards back in with the seated senton for 2. Eddy and the woman from the limo wander out and get Rey’s attention.


During the break Mysterio missed the 619 and Christian got a flapjack to take control. Back to live action as Christian gets a gutbuster on Mysterio for 2. Christian locks in the abdominal stretch and pounds on Rey’s stomach. Rey gets out with elbows but runs into a boot and comes out of it with a small package for 2, but Christian punts him in the ribs. Rey rights back but takes a shoulder to the ribs and Christian follows up with three falling headbutts on Rey for another near fall. Reverse bearhug for Christian, and Rey battles up to his feet. He ducks under a pair of clotheslines from Christian and gets a swinging neckbreaker, but Captain Charisma is up first. Rey backs Christian into the corner and takes an Irish whip but gets an elbow and boots to the charging Christian, but gets hung up on the top rope and gets taken out of the ring with a high knee lift. Christian throws Rey ribs first into the steps. Rey hands up Christian on the top rope, but on his attempt to springboard back into the ring, Christian meets him with a dropkick to the gut. That gets a pair of near falls for Christian. Snapmare and Christian gets another abdominal stretch. Christian stomps the hell out of Rey but Mysterio comes back with a springboard crossbody for 2, then runs into a big clothesline from Christian an almost gets pinned off it. Another reverse bearhug keeps Christian in control, but Rey goes the elbows. He rolls through a gutbuster an gets 2 on a small package then connects with a pair of low dropkicks on Christian, one to the knee and one to the head, and that gets a near fall. Rey gets on Christian’s shoulders and spins into a hurricanrana, but it only gets 2. Rey misses another attempt at the springboard crossbody but misses and Christian plants him ribs first into the mat, but only for 2.


Rey reverses a scoop slam into a DDT and it gets a 2 count on Christian. Rey charges but runs into a high knee and Christian goes for the Unprettier, but he gets a dropkick to the back which leads to the 619 and dropping of the dime for the win over Captain Charisma.

Rey Mysterio def. Christian via Pinfall – 19:01

Rey wants Eddy to come down to the ring for a fight, but Eddy has manners, so he won’t. He then introduces the woman as ‘Anna’. She’s here to help Eddy finish telling chapter 2 of the story, and Guerrero sends her to the ring to give Rey the book. Eddy gives Rey the opportunity to read chapter 2, but if he doesn’t, Eddy will read it. Rey opens the book and finds a blue piece of paper and looks stunned. Eddy reveals them to be official custody papers; next week Rey must give up Dominic, since Eddy is the boy’s real father. Eddy tells Rey that if he can convince him that Rey loves Dominic enough, he might let Rey keep him. Rey says that Dominic is Rey’s real son, as he and his wife raised him for the past 8 years. Rey taught him to ride his first bike, when he broke his arm, Rey took him to the hospital and saw him cry. Rey and his wife Angie raised Dominic, and he loves his son. This seems to bring Eddy to tears, but he’s only bluffing. Eddy says that Anna is a mother, but not Dominic’s mother – she’s Eddy’s attorney, and she is here just in case Rey tries to pull any tricks like what he just said in the ring. Eddy says that she nor no court would ever declare Rey to be a man fit to be a father, because he lied to his son for so long; Eddy has 3 girls, and he tells them the truth every day, because far be it for Eddy to ever lie. Next week is chapter 3, when Dominic comes home to his papi.

Show Close, Fade Out

Rey Mysterio is left in the ring on one knee looking at the custody papers with a dismayed look on his face.


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