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Arn Anderson On Inventing The Spinebuster, Says Angle With Midnight Express Was His Favorite

December 1, 2022 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
Arn Anderson Tully Blanchard Image Credit: WWE

On the latest episode of ASK ARN ANYTHING, “The Enforcer” of the Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson, discussed a wide range of topics including the DDT vs the Spinebuster, stealing moves in wrestling, and his favorite match and storyline. Check out the highlights below!

On inventing the spinebuster: “The spinebuster belongs to me. It’s mine, I created it. I’m the only one that does it 100% like I do it. A lot of people have stolen it — which they have a right to do.”

On the advantage of the DDT: “The reason I wanted to steal it and use it it there’s no setup necessary. You can literally catch a guy out of nowhere. And if you do it somewhere where that’s the last thing they’re looking for? That’s the reaction that you get because they didn’t see it coming. The other side of the coin is? Those that like the spinebuster, the fans, they can very clearly see the setup when I shoot a guy in, get in position to him with it. They see it coming. So there’s a little bit of a precursor or warning, here it comes. It’s all in the build.”

On his favorite match and storyline of all time: “I was fortunate to have a lot of great matches and a lot of great stories. I think the Midnight Express versus Tully and I angle because it built from my friendship with Bobby [Eaton] and that festered. It was real; [Bobby] was my best friend. It started out just [Jim] Cornette wanting more for his team, and then ballooned into something personal. And personal issues have always drawn money and they always will. That was as real as it gets.”

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit ARN h/t 411mania for the transcription

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