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Bhupinder Gujjar Comments On Upcoming Match Against Brian Myers

September 19, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Bhupinder Gujjar Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Speaking recently with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Bhupinder Gujjar shared his perspective on going up against Brian Myers this week in IMPACT Wrestling’s first ladder match in several years. You can read a couple of highlights and watch the full interview below.

On his emotions preparing for the match: “Excitement and nervousness. When you’re nervous, you know like you don’t want to hurt someone bad, especially [someone] like Brian Myers. He’s got so much experience in this business like I had no clue [because] I never got a chance to work [with] him before so I had no clue. I used to watch him but I didn’t had [an] exact idea like how he’s gonna perform.” sai

On his view of Myers as a performer and an opponent: “He’s great, first [of all] I have to say, to match him, the way he performed, I have to match the energy he brings to the ring and that was like one of my biggest concern[s] at that point in time. I was like, I can’t look weak, I was preparing for this match for years and specially having a match with Brian Myers. I can say it was my dream to have a match with all these legends. So, when I got a chance, I was shocked for a second. I was like, I can’t let anyone down. I have to give my 100%. We had great three or four matches and all went well.”