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Cazer’s Impact Victory Road Review 9.23.22

September 23, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
Impact Victory Road Steve Maclin Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Cazer’s Impact Victory Road Review 9.23.22  

Hello Impact Wrestling fans, I am back to do a little bit of coverage as i’m fortunate to have the evening off so I can watch Victory Road with you all. It seems victory road has lost the Americana appeal I vaguely remember from the old days of Impact. Instead we are red and yellow and things are getting serious between Moose, Sami Callihan and Steve Maclin as they look to collide in a barbed wire massacre match tonight in the main event.

This card is quite interesting on paper featuring an intriguing X-Division Title match with Mike Bailey defending against Delirious. We’ll also see an eight person triple threat revolver match to determine the #1 contender for Bailey’s X-Division title. The Knockouts championship is not on the line but the champion will compete in singles action against Max The Impaler. Max is pretty well known on the independents so I actually really like the fact that Max was hand picked by Masha, someone who would be familiar with Max, to face Jordynne. All this and more is set for tonight’s Victory Road event. We’re just two weeks away from Bound For Glory so tonight is sure to have some intriguing stuff that will lead us to that event i’m sure.

Countdown to Victory Road Results:

Juice Robinson, Ace Austin, and Chris Bey def. Jason Hotch, Shogun, and Jack Price

Killer Kelly vs. Tasha Steelz went to a no contest after Killer Kelly attacked the referee choking him out causing the match to end. (Tom Hannifan said Kelly was Dq’d but no bell rung.)


    Mike Bailey (c) vs. Delirious

Delirious charges Bailey quickly and they exchange holds with neither taking control. Both back to their feet and stare each other down before again exchanging this time Bailey taking control with a stiff kick to the chest and locking in a shoulder submission. Delirious fights free but Bailey is quick to regain control with his speedy sequential kicks. Delirious to his feet and trips up Bailey, Delirious with a dropkick to the back of Bailey and takes control with a neck breaker. Delirious drops to his knees and crawls toward Bailey, covering for a one count. Delirious looks for a submission but Bailey breaks free stomping on the foot of Bailey, Delirious with a stomp of his own but he runs right into a kick from Bailey then a running kick from Mike to take control. Delirious nails Delirious with another set of strong kicks, Delirious sent into the ropes and he dodges Mike’s kicks and drops him instead. Delirious tris to lock in the cobra stretch but Bailey counters and sends Delirious to the outside following with a springboard moonsault onto Delirious outside of the ring. Bailey back inside the ring but Delirious grabs his foot and bites at the foot of Mike Bailey. Delirious sends him into the ring post then drops him with a backdrop on the apron then another on the floor.

Delirious grabs the X-Division championship before setting it down and sending Bailey back into the ring. Delirious up top but Bailey blocks him and tries to hit him with the flamingo driver. Delirious counters and nails Bailey with a cobra stretch into a backbreaker. Bailey catches Delirious with a spinning kick in the corner. Bailey heads up top but Delirious blocks Ultima Weapon. Delirious hits the panic attack on Bailey, Delirious up top and hits a HUGE splash onto the back of Bailey and covers for a two count. Bailey with a roll up but Delirious kicks out just in time. It was three if you ask me. The exchange strikes. Delirious with a series of strikes as he dodges Baileys, Delirious off the ropes and runs into a superkick from Bailey. Bailey with a modified Ultima Weapon Delirious catches a kick attempt from Bailey and locks in a submission. Bailey to the ropes but Delirious drops him on his head with a sick cobra stretch suplex. Delirious runs into a kick again. Bailey sets Delirious up top and hits the Flamingo Driver. Bailey covers for the victory.

Rating: ****
Review: This really was an awesome match and Mike Bailey has been a wonderful addition to the Impact roster. He’s been in a world of his own it seems as he takes on challenger after challenger and delivering good to great match every time. It always felt like Bailey would win but there was a solid stretch there that it looked like Delirious could steal it.

– Honor No More are backstage discussing their matches tonight. Taven and Bennett ask why Impact continues to disrespect them week after week. Taven says after Bound For Glory they’ll force their hands and take everything Impact owns. Eddie asks Vincent if he and PCO will get their job done, he reminds Vincent last time he said he’d take care of PCO they failed. Vincent says he knows Eddie doesn’t trust PCO but he can trust Vincent he promises. Eddie is steaming as Vincent walks off. Eddie says their job is clear, to send the message to everyone who Honor No More are. Eddie says actions speak louder than words and tonight Honor No More will be heard loud and clear.

  • Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Honor No More (PCO & Vincent)

PCO and Sabin kick this off, PCO sends Sabin into the corner. Sabin counters a wristlock into a headlock, PCO sends him into the ropes. Sabin fails at taking PCO out with a series of shoulder block attempts. PCO locks in a headlock and bounces off the ropes dropping Sabin with a shoulder block of his own. Shelley with a blind tag, double team to PCO sending him outside. Vincent tags in but the Guns run wild on him with a series of tag moves, they drop PCO off the apron and drop Vincent, Sabin covers for a two count before locking Vincent in an octopus stretch.

Shelley tags in, they again lay into Vincent with a series of tag moves then Shelley rolls him up in a crucifix for two. Shelley with a wristlock but Vincent fights free and shoves Shelley into a choke from PCO in the corner. Vincent runs into Shelley and hits a legsweep. Shelley is sent into the corner as PCO tags in. PCO chokeslams Shelley into a corner Vincent tags in and lays into Shelley with a series of strikes before sending him to the corner to prevent the tag. PCO does his best to isolate Shelley and tag in Vincent they look for the double team but Shelley fights for his life only for Vincent to hit him and regain control. PCO holds Shelley, Vincent with a pump kick but Shelley moves and Vincent hits PCO instead. Vincent prevents the tag but finally Shelley tags in Sabin. Sabin with a dropkick to PCO then a backslide to Vincent. Sabin with a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog. Sabin sets up Vincent then hits a running kick before calling for the cradleshock. Sabin gets Vincent up but he counters. Sabin with a kick to the face of Vincent then PCO. Sabin with a clothesline to Vincent and he sets him up for a slam and covers for two. Vincent counters and slams him both men down looking for a pinfall.

PCO tags in and hits Sabin with a codebreaker in the corner. He sets Sabin up for a draping DDT. PCO rolls Sabin over at an angle and hits a legdrop to the back of Sabin’s head. PCO covers for two and follows with a reverse DDT. Vincent up top with a swanton but Shelley breaks it up at two. PCO attempts a spear but Shelley sends him through the ropes to the outside. Vincent with a strike to the face of Shelley, he hits Vincent with an atomic drop then a series of MCMG classics. Shelley tags in and they hit Vincent with a double team one winged angel like move and cover Vincent for the victory. Eddie won’t like this.
Rating: ***3/4
Review: This was a good tag match as has come to be expected with the Machine Guns. PCO can somehow still bring it week in and week out and no matter how much I doubt him Vincent is pretty solid this was a good match up.

Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw

They recap the current storyline Mickie is running through as she’s put her career on the line in every match from now until she wins the Knockouts Championship. Slow start as Mickie and Shaw start this off exchanging wristlocks. Shaw wont let go and hits a forearm to the face of Mickie. Shaw with a couple of iffy springboards into an armdrag on Mickie. Mickie with a spinning kick to Shaw, Mickie locks in a shoulder submission forcing Shaw to break it by getting to the ropes. Shaw lays into James in the corner and runs into a rana from the legend. Mickie attempts another but Shaw drops her with a shoulder breaker and covers for one. Shaw continues to attack the shoulder working over the elbow of Shaw. Shaw grabs the hair and kisses Mickie on the cheek. Shaw with the spinning suplex and covers Mickie but she bridges for the kick out. Shaw sends James to the outside and waits on the referee to count her out. Shaw with a baseball slide but Mickie catches her in between the apron and nails her with a dropkick to the face. Shaw back on the offensive and hits a running corkscrew over the top onto Mickie on the outside. Back inside the ring, Mickie back on the offensive and goes for a cover but Shaw kicks out and drops Mickie with a backbreaker into a flatliner. Shaw covers for a two count, setting James up for a spinning kick but Mickie dodges. Mickie up top and hits a leaping thezs press. Shaw back in control and covers for two. Shaw goes for a knee strike but Mickie hits a superkick instead. Mickie with the Mick-DT and covers Shaw. Mickie picks up the victory saving her career.
Rating: N/A
Review: I can’t rate this one as I missed a decent chunk in the middle as I had to tend to something but from what I saw this was pretty solid. Shaw has grown a lot, I think that the improvement is apparent even if there are a few things missing. Overall a decent match even if I never felt like James career was in danger. 


Kenny King vs. Trey Miguel vs. Black Taurus vs. Mia Yim vs. Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Yuya Uemura

This is an intriguing match type. Three people start, then if you’re pinned/submitted you’re eliminated and a new competitor joins until we get to the final three then it becomes a traditional triple threat. Laredo Kid, Mia Yim and Trey Miguel just so Trey can do his shitty entrance and I can remind everyone that he has yet to properly choreograph that despite having probably a year or more to do so. Kid tries to take out Yim and Trey quickly attacking both. He jumps off the back of Mia into a rana to Trey then a backbreaker to Yim. Kid up top and hits a moonsault onto both competitors outside. Kid with a running forearm in the corner then a knee to the midsection. Kid sets both up and heads up top nailing Yim and Trey with a double 450. Kid covers Yim for two, then Trey for two as well. Yim sent outside and Kid with a slap to Trey. Trey set up top but he counters and sets Laredo up for a kick to the face, Yim looks for a monkey flip but Trey catches her and sets her up top. Yim with a forearm to Trey then a chop that drops him off the top onto the apron and outside the ring. Yim with a tornado DDT to Laredo Kid and eat defeat, she covers Kid and eliminates him from the match. Laredo Kid has been eliminated. 

Alex Zayne is out next and Yim dives onto him but Zayne catches her and drops her face first on the apron. Zayne catches Trey with a kick then a moonsault into the ring. Zayne with a uranage to Yim onto Trey as he has Trey set up for a neck breaker. Pretty neat stuff. Zayne has Trey backed up but he’s tossed into the corner. Zayne rolls into a german attempt from Trey but he counters, Yim with a double rana sending both to the outside. Yim looking for a tope but she’s caught with a kick from both Trey and Zayne. Trey with a knee to the face of Zayne on the apron, he lifts him onto his shoulders but Zayne counters into the ring. Trey with a reverse rana to Zayne. Yim dropkicks Trey into the bottom turnbuckle and hits Zayne with a crucifix driver and covers to eliminate Zayne. Alex Zayne has been eliminated.

Kenny King out next and he distracts Yim allowing Trey to roll her up for two. Yim back in control lays into Trey with a series of kicks all while talking trash to Kenny King. Yim send into the ropes and King sweeps her feet and pulls Yim outside. Trey with a baseball slide to King and sends him back into the ring. Yim stops Trey and heads inside but Trey stops her and they fight over who will eliminate Kenny King. King catches Trey and hangs him up on the top rope. Yim back in and she’s hit with a spinebuster from King. King talks trash before running into a series of strikes from Yim and Trey. Mia with a cover on King but he gets the ropes. King outside but Yim finally nails him with a dive and lays into him with a series of strikes. Yim runs right into a big kick from Trey. Trey sends Mia into the ring and attempts something but she counters into eat defeat, King catches her and rolls her up holding the tights for the cheap elimination. Mia Yim has been eliminated.

Yuya Uemura is out next and he runs right for Kenny King. King runs into a dropkick from Yuya who is fired up. Yuya sends Trey into the corner and attempts a splash but Trey moves so he just hits King. King with a dragon suplex on Yuya and covers for two. King sends both men into the corner but runs into strikes from both of them. Yuya with an overhead belly to belly on Kenny King. Yuya with a series of strikes but Trey responds with a series of his own. Trey hits Yuya with his finish and covers for the elimination. Yuya Uemura has been eliminated. Kaz attempts a DDT to King and Trey hits him with the meteora and all three men are down. Trey gets caught in a crossface chickenwing and Kaz forces Trey to submit. Trey Miguel has been eliminated.

The final three are Kenny King, Kazarian and Black Taurus. Taurus runs through Kenny King then catches Kaz for a backbreaker. Taurus covers for a two count. Taurus with a bulldog then a slingblade to King and covers for two before Kaz breaks it up. Taurus tries to spear Kaz but he ducks right into a legdrop. King with a spinebuster and covers for two. Taurus catches Trey in the corner, Kaz charges him and Taurus with the belly to belly suplex sending Kaz into King. Taurus with a slap to Kaz, then another. Kaz into the ropes but flips over Taurus then rolls him up Taurus gets the shoulder up to save the spot, King runs into Kaz right into a suplex and a bridge, Kaz covers both for two. King has Kaz on the shoulders and hits the chin checker. King up top and Kaz joins him. Taurus grabs Kaz and sets him up. King with a dive but Kaz rolls through just in time. Taurus kicks out at two. Taurus hits king in the corner. Kaz tries to lock in a chicken wing but Taurus breaks free. Kaz with the elevated cutter to King and covers for the victory.
Rating: ***3/4
Review: This was a pretty solid match and I actually like this match type. A bit more intriguing than a gauntlet and not quite as long. Kaz winning is fine by me as it adds a nice legitimate win for Bailey down the road.

– Decay are backstage, Taya and Jessicka ask Gail to get their rematch. Chelsea and Deonna remind them that losers always lose so it doesn’t matter who comes to the ring they’ll do what they always do and lose. Jessicka is angry after Chelsea shoves Taya so she shoves Deonna and Chelsea into a wall. Taya and Jessicka are hyped over their work and Rosemary says it was impressive.

– BOBBY FISH IS HERE! Bobby Fish grabs the mic and says it’s a little hot in here, oh no it’s just the heat he has. That’s his joke not mine gotta give credit where it’s due. Bobby says he’s been very controversial lately but he just considers himself a guy who does his guy well. Bobby says frankly after 20 years he isn’t here for the bullshit. Bobby says Impact can’t fire him he doesn’t work here. He says even if he doesn’t work here he’s kept an eye on the lockerroom back there. Bobby says the Impact lockerroom is full of legit dudes who will step between the ropes and give it all they’ve got. Bobby says he’s here to pick a fight and Shera’s theme hits. Shera and Raj come out and Raj says he has someone who is the most legit around and he’ll gladly rip his head off. Bobby asks if he’s supposed to know who they are. Shera tries to attack Bobby but Bobby lays them both out kicking his Yeezy’s off in the process then nailing Raj with a kick to the back. Bobby locks in the fish hook until Shera can pull him free outside the ring. Bobby says for the record he still doesn’t know who they are.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Heath

Heath wastes no time heading after Eddie, Taven and Bennett. Josh tags in as Eddie is too scared to fight and tags in Bennett. Bennett and Josh exchange before Josh tosses him, Taven in and het takes a hip toss as well. Eddie distracts Josh allowing Bennett to back him into a corner and take control. Josh with a big boot to Bennett, Swann tags in and hits a leg drop onto Bennett. Swann covers for two. Heath tags in and lays into Bennett preventing the tag. Heath with a splash to Bennett in the corner. Swann tags in as does Eddie. Swann attempts a handspring but it’s broken up by Taven and Bennett who pull him outside and work over Swann while the referee is distracted. Swann sent back in and Eddie makes the cover for two. Swann with a rana to Eddie off the top, Taven and Bennett back in to prevent him from making the tag. Swann hits Bennett with an enziguri then sends Taven outside. Eddie grabs Swann as Taven and Bennett take out Swann and Alexander. They isolate Swann but he breaks free, Bennett catches him so Swann hits a crossbody but Bennett prevents a tag again, they both hit the crossbody and both are down. Bennett tags in Edwards who tries to drop Josh but he nails Eddie with a shot of his own. Heath tags in and drops Eddie with a powerslam then a kick to Bennett and Taven. Heath waits for Eddie to get up but Taven stops the wake up call. Bennett takes out Heath and they attack him into he corner. Josh tries to break him free but this just distracts the referee allowing honor no more to work over Heaths knee on the ring post. Heath back into he ring and he breaks free of Eddie looking for the tag but Bennett tries to break it up he’s sent outside, Taven charges but he’s sent outside into Bennett. Alexander tags in and he exchanges strikes with Eddie Edwards. Eddie with chops to Josh but he ducks one and nails Eddie with a forearm then an overhead belly to belly. Bennett and Taven sweep his legs and send Josh into the ropes, he spears Bennett and hits him with a suplex but Taven saves Bennett they try a double suplex to Josh but he counters and hits both with a suplex. Josh with a running crossbody to the back of Eddie Edwards. Josh charges Eddie in the corner but he moves. Eddie catches Josh up top Josh catches him with a powerbomb into Taven and Bennett. Josh to his feet and hits Eddie with a lariat in the corner. Josh lifts Eddie up for a powerbomb on the knee and covers for two. Everyone in as this one breaks down and everyone gets something in. Josh drops Bennett with an elbow, Eddie runs into a suplex right on the side of his face. Josh runs into a belly to belly into the corner. Eddie with a powerbomb and he covers Josh but he kicks out at two. Eddie with a tiger driver to Josh then a knee strike from Taven to Josh as Eddie covers for two. Taven with a diving dropkick to Heath outside. Swann up top and dives onto Taven and Bennett as Josh is looking for a tag. Josh looking for a suplex to Eddie but Maria grabs his leg, Eddie rolls up for two. Josh tries for a c-4 spike but Taven breaks it up. Josh with an ankle lock to Taven. Boston Knee party to Josh then the die hard driver. Eddie covers and pins Josh Alexander.
Rating: ****
Review: This was a really solid six man tag match with some interesting storytelling especially down the stretch. I would not have booked this in this way but I can’t get mad at it, it took a ton to pin Josh but i’m just so against beating your champion like this before the big title match. Even if it’s not how i’d book I can’t say it wasn’t done very well.

Mickie James is backstage talking to Mia Yim and she talks up Mia’s success tonight even though she didn’t win the triple threat revolver she made history. Mickie challenges Mia to a match at Bound For Glory because she’s trying to test herself. Mia is hesitant at first but Mickie pushes her to accept. That will be a very good match and I dig the story they’re building with it they can go a lot of different directions even if there seems to be an obvious end game for all of this.


“Masha Slamovich chooses Jordynne’s opponent”

Jordynne Grace vs. Max The Impaler

Masha selected Max the Implaer who is joined by Father James Mitchell. Interesting pair there that works pretty well. I know of Max but I haven’t seen many of their matches so this will be intriguing. Nice brawling early, Jordynne in control as Max attempts a spear on the apron but Jordynne hits a stomp to the back of the head sending Max outside. Jordynne with a dive to Max outside but she’s caught and slammed onto the apron back first. Ouch. Max slides in to reset the ten count then slames Grace into the ring barricade. Max licks the face of Jordynne. Max chokes Jordynne on the ring post before continuing their attack, Jordynne tries to fight back but Max continues their attack. Max with a lariat to Jordynne outside the ring before breaking up the count again. Max attempts a powerbomb on the ramp but Jordynne counters and hits an alabama slam instead. Jordynne covers as Max powers out at one. Max runs shoulder first into the ring post. Jordynne with a back fist dropping Max in the corner. Grace with the double knees then the running strike tot he back of the head. Jordynne with a splash and pin and covers for two. Max has Jordynne on the shoulders but she fights out with elbows to the face. Max with a spear out of nowhere and covers for two. Max up top looking for a superplex but Jordynne counters into a sunset flip powerbomb. It’s botched slightly but Jordynne catches and has good recovery. Jordynne with the Grade driver and covers for the victory.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: This wasn’t bad and they told an interesting story. Jordynne definitely had an uphill battle and Max really looks strong even in defeat. Despite taking such a beating Jordynne stayed strong throughout and looks tough as hell as the champion so well done.
Post match: Jordynne tells Masha she has an opponent for her that loves violence just as much as she does but the only condition was she had a match that she could really take out Masha. Jordynne tells us her opponent is the dangerous and morally questionable Allie Katch and she’ll face Masha in a monsters ball match! I really like Allie so i’m glad she’s getting this chance. 

– Raven is going into the Impact Hall of Fame. Love this recognition for Raven as it’s easy to forget the ‘impact’ he has had in TNA/Impact pun not really intended but what can ya do.

– Moose is backstage with Gia and he tells Gia he’s been in every hardcore matches that Impact has to offer. He says Sami and Maclin have never been in lethal lockdown matches so he has the advantage here. Decent logic. I’ll take it.


    Sami Callihan vs. Moose vs. Steve Maclin

These three have a weird history that I don’t completely understand. I get Moose and Callihan’s issues but the rest gets all muddy for me. I really like them all individually and particular things they’ve done this year but its been an odd storyline from what i’ve caught of it. Everyone is slow to attack. Maclin has Punisher facepaint on. Maclin charges Sami but he moves and Moose sends Maclin through the barbed wire door. Sami with a cactus driver to Moose then sends him into a barbed wire door but Moose saves himself. They exchange strikes and Moose hits Sami with a boot. Moose tries to hit the ropes before remembering the barbed wire. Sami sent into the ropes he aches in pain then says he likes it. Moose with a dive to Maclin outside and lands right on his head/neck. Moose and Sami outside exchanging strikes. Sami sends Moose into the barricade. Sami with a splash on Moose in the corner then a running kick. Sami sends Maclin face first into the barbed wire. Sami sets up a table and sends Moose through a barbed wire table with a death valley driver. Maclin sends Sami into the ropes and then hits Moose with a barbed wire door. Maclin drags the barbed wire across the forehead of Callihan. Maclin sets the stairs up then sends Callihan into the barricade. Callihan sets Sami up and looks for a suplex but Callihan counters and hits one of his own. Maclin and Moose back in the ring and Moose sends him into the barbed wire ropes. Moose uses the rolling pin wrapped in barbed wire on Maclins face. Maclin now bleeding as Moose lays into him with strikes then bouncing off the ropes looking for a lariat but Maclin counters. Moose calls himself a wrestling god and slaps the shit out of Maclin. Maclin with a lariat to Moose then an Olympic slam and covers for two. Maclin up top and Moose hits him with a dropkick. Moose with a superplex to Maclin. Sami in the ring with a barbed wire wet floor sign and he hits Moose across the back with it. All three men back in the ring and they exchange strikes with no one getting control right away. Sami flips them both off prompting both men to attack him. Sami smiles through it and lays into both and calls for the thumbs up but they block it and send him into the barbed wire. Moose slams Maclin stomach first into the barbed wire ropes. Sami with a suplex to Moose into the barbed wire ropes on the other side of the ring. Sami back in the ring with Maclin both look for a suplex onto the barbed wire chair. Sami finally hits it. Sami opens a black bag and pulls out a barbed wire n64 controller. Ok then. Sami shoves the controller into the bloody face of Maclin Sami uses the barbed wire in the mouth of Maclin. They check Maclin to see if he’s bleeding but he flips Callihan off and fights free. Maclin with a spear to Moose outside. Maclin with a running knee to Callihan and he covers for two but Moose pulls him out and sends Maclin into the barricade. Moose lifts Maclin up and powerbombs him into the barbed wire ropes. Moose grabs a ball of Barbed wire and lifts him up for a uranage onto it. Moose covers but Sami kicks out at two. Moose goes for a spear on Maclin but he hits him with a barbed wire chair. Maclin with a DDT to Moose and covers for two. Sami with a barbed wire ball to the back of Maclins head to break it up. Sami sets up a barbed wire table and sets Moose onto it. Maclin with a choke on Callihan and he goes down. Maclin sets a chair up in the corner and heads up top with it. Maclin with a dive on Moose on the outside with the chair but the table doesn’t break. Maclin just flips over Moose and the table then he stumbles as he makes his way back to the ring. Maclin grabs a barbed wire trash can lid and heads into the ring. Sami grabs a barbed wire bat but Maclin protects himself with the lid then hits Sami with the lid, Sami with a shot to the back of Maclin then an elbow drop. Maclin and Sami exchange strikes. Sami lifts him up and powerbombs him on the barbed wire door. Sami with the cactus driver onto Maclin and covers but somehow Maclin kicks out at two. Sami goes for it again but Maclin hits a low blow and a DDT onto the barbed wire door. Maclin covers Sami for the victory.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: It was a very long car crash and it depends on how much you like those or these wrestlers how much you’ll like this match. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great and there were a lot of wild mistakes that almost lead to some nasty injuries. It was a war, and I commend all the talent in the match, but I wasn’t a big fan of the match itself even though I sometimes enjoy hardcore/deathmatches this just didn’t click for me. 


The final score: review Good
The 411
This wasn't a bad live special event for the Impact Plus subscribers. The matches were all solid and there was decent storyline progression here. They did a good job building a show they felt right in between a regular impact and a ppv event. I wasn't sold on the main event and would've rather Josh Alexander been in that position especially with the result of that match but none the less it was  good show.

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