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CHIKARA Review: Never Kneel At The Altar Of Conformity

September 21, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Never Kneel At The Altar Of Conformity  

Reading, PA – 7.31.2009

After over two months of no CHIKARA shows in the United States, CHIKARA makes their return in Reading, PA with “Never Kneel At The Altar of Conformity.” On tap tonight, we have many of the competitors for the Young Lions Cup competing in matches tonight (Hydra, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, Colin Delaney, etc.) looking to gain momentum towards the tournament. Two tag team matches with point implications will also take place as Cheech & Cloudy look to gain their third point against The Roughnecks and Team F.I.S.T. take on Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw. In the main event, Green Ant makes his U.S. debut teaming up with Fire Ant and Soldier Ant to take on the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple. Let’s get to it!

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Ultramantis Black, Louden Noxious, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Colin Delaney.

The show opens with this “Previously on CHIKARA” video shown above, which recapped the events from Aniversario weekend such as: Delirious joining the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, Jigsaw being the guide for The Future Is Now, The Colony defeating F.I.S.T. and shaving them bald, and the continuation of the feud between Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston.

We are then followed up with a preview for Aniversario Yin. Be sure to check out my review of that show by clicking here. It’s followed up by a short recap of the incredible Masks vs. Hair match between F.I.S.T. AND The Colony from Aniversario Yang. You can see my review of that stellar match, and the entire show, by clicking here

The show starts off with Louden singing a song called CHIKARA Summer School which is in the style of “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys. Nobody got in trouble and got their T-Bird taken away however.

Dragonfly vs. Rorschach

The battle of two CHIKARA alumni opens up the show. The two lock up and Rorschach powers Dragonfly to the corner. After the release, Dragonfly rolls up Rorschach for two. Rorschach calls for a test of strength. Dragonfly obliges and Rorschach kicks out Dragonfly’s leg to get the advantage. Dragonfly is able to work his way up and power down Rorschach. They get to the corner and Dragonfly monkey flips Rorschach our. While holding Rorschach in a knuckle lock, Dragonfly runs up the ropes and comes off tossing Rorschach to the mat Dragonfly follows up with an armdrag, dropkick, and a headscissors which sends Rorschach to the floor. Dragonfly hits the ropes and hits a tope con heilo on Rorschach. Dragonfly takes too much time to get back in the ring. Rorschach rams his shoulder into Dragonfly’s stomach and follows up with a running boot to Dragonfly’s head. Rorschach slingshots in with an elbow drop and then applies some sort of stretch to Dragonly. After releasing the hold, Rorschach chops Dragonfly before tossing Dragonfly out of the corner with a big hip toss for a two count. Rorschach continues to attack Dragonfly in the corner, including a hip attack that causes Dragonfly to fall to the ring apron. Dragonfly counters an attack and comes at him with a spinning spike DDT. Rorschach misses a clothesline and eats a chop from Dragonfly. Dragonfly lands a flying elbow, then a jumping elbow in the corner. Rorschach comes back with a whiplash clothesline. Rorschach steps up like a Shining Wizard but takes down Dragonfly with a clothesline instead for two. Rorschach looks for a Northern Lights Suplex. Dragonfly counters and sets up Rorschach in the Gory Gallows. Dragonfly sits down with it to snap the neck of Rorschach. Dragonfly brings Rorschach to the corner and goes for a spinning DDT. Rorschach reverses into two Northern Lights suplexes but Dragonfly still manages to kick out. Rorschach attempts a German suplex but Dragonfly holds on to the top rope. Dragonfly drops Rorschach with an inverted DDT into an elbow drop for two. Rorschach now applies the Rorschach Lock which Dragonfly rolls out of. Dragonfly dodges an attack in the corner and hits an Enzugiri. Dragonfly brings Rorschach back in a Dragon Sleeper with a body scissors. Rorschach has no choice but to tap out. This match was fine for the sake of nostalgia, but really nothing special or offensive. These are nice to have every once in awhile to give long time fans something special, but to bring these guys back as regulars would be a big mistake. **

Rayna VonTash vs. Daizee Haze

This is the first time I have seen Rayna but she is quite the looker. The men in the crowd seem to be quite taken. As Rayna takes off her gloves, Daizee attacks her from behind. Daizee throws Rayna in the corner. Rayna hops over and takes down Daizee in a headlock. Daizee rolls into a headscissors on the mat. Rayna works up back into a headlock. Daizee throws her off the ropes only to pull her back by the hair into a headlock of her own. Rayne throws Daizee to the ropes, and Daizee knocks her down with a shoulder tackle. Rayna blocks a hip toss, lands an armdrag on Daizee, then firmly places a side headlock on the mat. Daizee rolls into a pin for two. Daizee throws Rayna off and then trips Rayna with a drop toe hold. Daizee puts the boots to Rayna before applying a chinlock. Daizee suplexes Rayna and only gets a two count. Daizee tosses Rayna into the corner and chokes her with her elbow. Rayna fights back with some shots to the stomach. Daizee misses a clothesline which Rayna turns into a neck breaker. Rayna clotheslines Daizee into the corner. Daizee fights off a clothesline and then boots Rayna right in the side of the head. Daizee hits the Mind Trip on Rayna to vanquish her student. Daizee proclaims she needs a challenge before leaving the ring. This is the most heelish Daizee has ever acted, and the fans actually got into it so good for her. For someone who is still pretty new to this whole wrestling thing, Rayna didn’t look bad. *1/2

Incoherence (Hallowicked & Frightmare) and Hydra vs. The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA, & Colin Delaney)

Colin and Frightmare begin the match. Colin tosses Frightmare to the floor and Hydra runs in. Colin hits the floor and Vin Gerard comes in. Vin takes Hydra to the floor so Hallowicked and STIGMA come in. STIGMA avoids an attack and dropkicks Hallowicked right in the back to the corner. STIGMA delivers some chops before throwing Hallowicked face first into the other corner. STIGMA delivers hard elbows to Hallowicked before face-washing the Nightmare Warrior. STIGMA misses the boot and Hallowicked rolls up STIGMA for two. Wicked hits come chops and boots of his own. Hallowicked throws STIGMA off the top rope with a super snapmare. Hydra tags in and he and Wicked hit a double hip toss on STIGMA. STIGMA goes to the floor and Vin comes in. Vin asks for a test of strength against Hydra. Hydra instead delivers a series of chops to Vin. Hydra turns a hip toss into an arm drag and then a dropkick. Hydra lands a satellite headscissors to Vin before knocking him out of the ring with a spear/headbutt. Colin and Frightmare come in as the legal men. Colin blocks a headscissors from Frightmare but cant fight off the step-up Frankensteiner to the floor. Frightmare lands a top con heilo onto STIGMA and Vin Gerard on the floor. Frightmare pumps up the crowd before being forced back in by his partners. As he is rolled in, Colin Delaney wastes no time pouncing on Frightmare. The UnStable isolates and attacks Frightmare while also mocking their other opponents. Vin even attacks Hallowicked and Hydra to help prolong the attack of young Frightmare. Frightmare shows no quit by hanging in there and refusing to stay down. Frightmare blocks an attack from Vin Gerard and takes down Vin with a headscissors. Frightmare finally tags in Hydra who takes down Colin with a barrage of attacks. Hydra pins Colin and STIGMA breaks up the count. STIGMA attacks with elbows and forearms. STIGMA pushes Hydra to the floor and Hallowicked comes in with a chop and a couple Yakuza kicks. Vin Gerard breaks up the pin and rakes Hallowicked across the back. Vin and STIGMA attack Hallowicked which brings in Frightmare. The UnStable stays on top and Vin rolls up Frightmare. Hydra breaks up the count. Wicked picks up STIGMA and lands Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Frightmare lands the moonsault into the double knees onto STIGMA for the two. Vin drags Frightmare off and applies the STF. Hydra picks up Vin in the Hydralock from the mat! Colin comes off the ropes and breaks the hold. Hydra ateempts the Hydralock onto Colin. Colin drops down and Hydra gets a two count. Hydra crucifixes Colin for a pin for two. Colin attempts the Attitude Adjuster but Hydra counters into a sunset flip for two. Colin picks up Hydra once again and this time hits the Attitude Adjuster for the two giving The UnStable the win. The match started out really hot and I got into it. The middle kind of slowed things down, and the finish was alright except for a bit of awkwardness with STIGMA and Hydra. This was by far the strongest Hydra has looked in some time (if not ever). **3/4

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Tim Donst

This was supposed to be Claudio vs. Kingston, but an injury while training didn’t allow Kingston to make the show. Claudio powers Tim to the corner and both men break cleanly. Claudio cranks Donst’s arm before taking Donst to the mat. The two men roll around on the mat looking for the advantage and Claudio is able to hang with Donst. Back on their feet Claudio goes back to the arm. Claudio powers Donst to his knees. Donst rolls Claudio to his shoulders in a headlock. Both men get back to a stand still. Some more mat wrestling occurs. They exchange waist locks and Donst takes down Claudio before rolling him over. Claudio powers Donst up with a gutwrench suplex and pins him for two. Claudio rolls through into a front chancery. Donst rolls out into a front chancery of his own. Claudio goes to his feet and releases a Northern Lights suplex onto Donst. Claudio butterflies the arms to stretch the back of Donst. Claudio tosses Donst over into a pin for two. Claudio applies a headlock and Donst rolls to his knees. Donst elbows Claudio in the breadbasket to escape. Donst hits the ropes only to be caught by Claudio in a power slam. Claudio reapplies the headlock. Donst gets to the corner where Claudio hits a European uppercut. Tossed to another corner, Donst blocks Claudio’s attack and sunset flips Claudio for two. Claudio mows down Donst with a lariat for a two count. Claudio applies a Camel Clutch and rolls forward for a two count. Claudio reapplies a headlock turning Donst over. Claudio lifts Donst up and Donst arm drags Claudio. Donst screws up an armdrag off the ropes. Donst headscissors Claudio down for a two. Donst nails the Donstitution and Claudio kicks out. Donst waistlocks Claudio. Claudio pushes Donst off the ropes and lands a spinebuster. Claudio holds onto Donst’s legs and gives him the Giant Swing. Claudio pins Donst for two. Claudio hits the Sweet Schwinn Music and Donst manages to kick out. Donst gets up and STO’s Claudio down. Claudio gets up trying for the Ricola Bomb. Donst rolls into a pin for two. Donst looks for the CHIKARA Special but Claudio gets his foot on the rope before Donst can get anywhere close to locking it on. Donst places Claudio in the corner. Donst hits a running elbow and a German suplex for two. Donst puts the straps down and again tries for the Donstitution. Claudio hits a big uppercut and the Ricola Bomb to secure the victory. This was a pretty boring match with Donst looking sloppy at many points. Nothing happened for awhile, the crowd wasn’t feeling for the most part until the finish, and I think Claudio could have faced a stronger opponent going into his match during Aniversario weekend with Kingston. **

Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood)

Brodie comes out in a dirty, sweaty, grime covered wifebeater. The fans created a giant Grizzly Redwood sign which The Roughnecks destroyed. That ruled. Grizzly and Cloudy start off. Neither man gets a clear advantage in the lock up. Grizzly gets tossed of the ropes. Cloudy takes down Grizzly with a series of armdrags. Back to their feet, Cloudy works over the arm of Grizzly Redwood. Grizzly chops Cloudy then takes him down. Cloudy comes back up with a monkey flip and tags in Cheech. Cheech and Cloudy double team Grizzly before Cloudy pins him for two. In the corner Grizzly gets attacked. Cloudy goes to the corner to set up for something, and Brodie runs in. Cloudy ducks Brodie’s boot, and Grizzly lands a boot of his own to Cloudy. Cloudy rolls to the floor tagging in Cheech. Cheech and Brodie exchange shots before Brodie body blocks Cheech in the ropes. Cheech ducks the attack before landing a Lou Thesz press. Cheech gets thrown to the corner and eats an elbow. Cheech ducks an attack but Brodie comes back with a big body block clothesline. Grizzly tags in and continues the attack on Cheech. The Roughnecks keep Cheech in their corner so he can not tag in Cloudy. Cheech finally fights his way out of the grasp of the Roughnecks when Cheech picks up Grizzly and throws him stomach first to the mat and then snaps Brodie’s neck across the top rope. Cloudy tags in and takes out Grizzly with a clothesline. Cloudy headscissors into a DDT onto Brodie Lee. Cloudy hits a sit-out Urinage on Grizzly. Cloudy drops Brodie and goes for the Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Grizzly trips Cheech and attacks him on the floor. Brodie locks on the Texas Cloverleaf on Cloudy. Cheech comes back in and Brodie catches him. Brodie Lee superkicks Cheech into a hurricanrana from Grizzly. Brodie hits a half nelson suplex on Cloudy and Cheech breaks up the pin! Grizzly and Brodie attack Cloudy in the corner. Cloudy blocks a body block from Grizzly and a Big Boot from Brodie. Grizzly takes down Cloudy with a douvle axe handle. Cloudy comes back with double knees to Grizzly in the corner. Cheech follows up with the Superman spear. Cheech seesaws Grizzly to Cloudy who takes Grizzly down with a faceplant. Cheech and Cloudy land the Tidal Wave on Grizzly and Brodie breaks the count. Cheech and Cloudy hit some elbows on Brodie before hitting a tandem Enzugiri/superkick combo. Grizzly lay on the ropes and the surfers finally hit the Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech on Grizzly Redwood. Brodie slams Cloudy down and lands the Big Boot on Cheech. Brodie puts Cheech on his shoulder, and Grizzly comes off the top with a chop in a Doomsday Device. Cloudy breaks up the pin but Grizzly takes him to the floor. Brodie powers up Cheech into a brutal Doctor Bomb for the three count, giving The Roughnecks their second point. Grizzly, like Hydra, looked his absolute best tonight. Once Grizzly cuts the goofy lumberjack bullshit and plays a heel, he is so much better. I’m not saying to drop the gimmick, but it’s better for him to not do the chainsaw thing and do more than just axe handles. Cheech and Cloudy looked awesome as always and Brodie busted out some new stuff. I very much enjoyed this match, especially from the hot tag forward. **3/4

Lince Dorado vs. Amasis

Amasis and Lince start off with some fast paced Lucha that I really cant type all of. They end at a stand still with the fans applauding their efforts. Some more Lucha sees Lince seemingly get the early advantage ending with a big tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Amasis pulls a book out of Alex Koslov, giving Lince a Russian Leg Sweep off the second rope. Lince goes to the floor and Amasis flies over the corner with a tope con heilo to Lince! Back in the ring, Amasis stomps on Lince and chokes him on the second rope. Amasis slams Lince for a two count. Amasis floats over from a suplex into the two count. Lince ducks a clothesline but then gets taken down with a big spinebuster from Amasis. Amasis comes off the ropes but does a bit too much dancing. Lince recoups and evades an elbow from Amasis. Lince comes off the ropes and leapfrogs over the splits of Amasis. Lince kicks Amasis in the face. Amasis lay on the mat. Lince runs at him and Amasis pops Lince over the top rope with his feet. Lince flies over the top and lands with a leg drop onto Amasis! Lince gets back in the ring and lands a cartwheel moonsault onto Amasis. Amasis comes back in. Lince springboards in with a whoopee cushion. Amasis gets up and tries to fight back. Lince hits a standing Enzugiri and a moonsault for the two. Lince hops Amasis before throwing him to the ropes. Amasis comes off the ropes with a big shoulder tackle then hits a superman spear on Lince in the corner. Lince kicks Amasis in the face from the top rope. Lince hops off the top rope and Amasis catches him with a power slam. Amasis hits a 450 splash off the second rope and only gets a two count! Amasis tries again with a series of powerbombs. Amasis goes for another and Lince hurricanrana’s Amasis right on his head. Lince dropkicks Amasis into the corner, Tiger walks up Amasis, hits a palm strike, and then a rana off the top rope. Lince lands a standing moonsault for the two count in quite the sequence. Lince hits a running flipping DDT for two! The injured Ophidian crawls out so no one in the ring can see him. He tries to attack Lince but Lince kicks him away. Ophidian throws Amasis his cast. As the referee gets it away, Ophidian trips Lince on the top rope. Amasis follows up by hitting a Razor’s Edge twisted into a face plant DDT which he calls The Egyptian Conniption for the win. Wow, that was a really excellent singles match between these two. It stinks that Amasis wasn’t in the Young Lions Cup after this performance, cuz both he and Lince worked their asses off. So far the best thing on the show. ***

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma)

The problem with having a hair match in May and your next show being in July is that the effect of that loss isn’t clearly shown. Icarus is back to having regular short hair, just like he did after he lost his hair the first time against Jigsaw in 2006. By the way, just in case anyone cares (and for historical purposes), Chuck Taylor was not on this show because he was booked in PWG on the same night.

Jigsaw runs in and immediately attacks Gran Akuma. Again, for history’s sake, the Dragon Gate USA debut show took place the weekend before and Akuma turned his back on CHIKARA by attacking Jigsaw and Quack. Jig and Akuma exchange kicks to the mid-section. Jigsaw lands a leg lariat to Akuma sending Akuma to the floor. Jigsaw teases a dive. Icarus kicks Jigsaw to the floor and Quackenbush comes in as the legal man. Icarus knocks Quack down with a shoulder tackle and Quackenbush traps Icarus in a leg hold. Icarus escapes and both men exchange chops on their feet. Quack hops over a drop down and sends Icarus to the floor. Akuma comes in and Quack evades a standing cross body. Quack hits the ropes and propels himself off of Akuma’s back onto Icarus on the floor! Quack immediately hops back in the ring and hits Akuma with the Quackendriver III! Akuma kicks out as the fans light up. Quack hits the ropes and Icarus catches him with a fall away slam, dropping Quackenbush on his very tender back (Quackenbush got back surgery on CHIKARA’s hiatus). F.I.S.T. take turns working over Mike’s back. Quackenbush is able to fight back and hit the floor which tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw takes it to Icarus dropping him down with a sit-out gord buster. A dropkick from the middle rope gets Jigsaw the two count. Icarus avoids an attack allowing Akuma and Icarus to hit a tandem Enzugiri/shoulder tackle in the corner. Akuma applies a sharpshooter on Jigsaw. It is now Jigsaw’s turn to feel the brunt of F.I.S.T.’s attack, as they isolate Jigsaw and concentrate on his left leg. Quackenbush comes in to try and save his partner, but the referee stops him. As Quackenbush goes back to the apron, Icarus comes from behind and hits a back-cracker on the ring apron! Jigsaw rolls to the floor, but Quackenbush is in no condition to come in as the legal men, so F.I.S.T. continue to do their damage. After a series of kicks from Akuma, Jigsaw catches Akuma’s leg and backpacks him into the corner. Icarus runs at Jigsaw. Jigsaw hops over Icarus so that Icarus spears Akuma in the corner. Quackenbush runs in and blasts Icarus in the face with a palm strike in the opposite corner. Quack and Jigsaw hit tandem dropkciks and follow with stereo knees to the chest. Some more tandem offense gets Jigsaw a two count on Akuma. Jigsaw superkicks Akuma in the chest then the chin. Akuma ducks a third and sets up Jigsaw in the Rubick’s Cube. Jigsaw escapes and lands the third superkick. Icarus breaks up the pinfall. Quackenbush comes in and with help from Jigsaw takes out Icarus with kicks to his head. Jigsaw lands a brainbuster on Icarus for two! Quackenbush brings Icarus over in a backslide but Akuma gutwrenches Quackenbush off of Icarus and into a powerbomb. Jigsaw runs in and dropkicks Akuma into the corner. Jigsaw then lands an Enzugiri on Icarus. Akuma comes from behind and picks up Jigsaw. F.I.S.T. hit their tandem Ace crusher on Jigsaw, and Quackenbush breaks up their pin attempt at two. Quackenbush gets taken down with a slam from Akuma. Akuma lifts Icarus up and powerbombs Icarus onto Quacknebush. Akuma pins Quack for two. Jigsaw chops and stomps Icarus in the corner. Akuma comes from behind and drops Jigsaw on his head with a half nelson suplex. Quackensbuh drops Akuma down with a Dragon Sleeper DDT. Akuma kicks out at the last second. Icarus takes Jigsaw to the floor with an inverted DDT off the top rope. Icarus spinebusters Quack and Quack is able to kick out at one! Mike comes back with fighting spirit. Akuma distracts the referee enough so that Icarus can low blow Quack! Icarus picks up Mike and nails a hard Death Valley Driver into the corner. After all the damage done to his back, this move was enough to get F.I.S.T. the win. An excellent tag team match with a great story coming into it, and that was told during the match. When these four men mesh in any capacity, it always serves to be good. F.I.S.T. now has two points towards title contention. ***1/2

The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, & Green Ant) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Delirious, & Crossbones)

Green Ant and Delirious start off. Delirious throws Green Ant to the floor. Fire Ant and Delirious come in and try to intimidate one another. Delirious gets the upper hand and throws Fire Ant to the floor. Soldier Ant comes in and salutes. An unamused Delirious attacks and puts Soldier Ant in the corner. Soldier fights back with a boot, an arm drag, and a headscissors takeover. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant hit a tandem flapjack which sends Delirious outside the ring. Ultramantis comes in and attacks Fire Ant. Fire comes back with an armdrag off the ropes and rolls through into a pin for two. Green Ant tags in and lands a double hip toss with Fire Ant as well as a senton/leg drop combination. Crossbones comes in and doesn’t budge with Green Ant’s shoulder tackle attempts. Soldier Ant comes in and with Green Ant trips him with a schoolboy. The Colony all come at Crossbones with some offense, but Green Ant misses a headbutt. The entire Order pile on Green Ant with an attack and Crossbones only gets the two count. Being inexperienced, the Order decide to keep Green Ant in their corner and take turns bullying him. Green Ant powers over Delirious, but Ultramantis Black attacks Green Ant before he can make the tag to his partners. The Order continue to bully Green Ant until ducks a clothesline from Delirious and comes back with a flying headbutt into Delirious’ stomach. Soldier Ant tags in and knocks down Delirious multiple times. Mantis runs in and boots Soldier Ant down. Mantis misses a clothesline on Soldier Ant. Soldier goes flying into the corner with a saluting headbutt to Delirious. Meanwhile, Fire Ant leaps off the top rope with a flying Antzugiri to Ultramantis Black! The Colony hits tandem tope con heilo’s onto Ultramantis Black and Delirious on the floor. Fire Ant throws Mantis back into the ring and pins him for two. Fire Ant goes up top and Crossbones cuts him off. Green Ant comes back in. Green Ant attacks Crossbones from behind, but then Green Ant eats the superkick from Crossbones. Delirious and Crossbones hit a double shoulder block on Green Ant. Greent Ant gets mauled by the Order but somehow kicks out! The Order attempts a triple chokeslam but Fire Ant and Soldier Ant break that up. The Colony assault Crossbones with chops before launching him into Ultramantis Black. They all hit the Ants Marching dropkick onto the Order in the corner. Delirious runs in with chops and elbows. The Colony knock him down with a triple boot. Fire Ant goes up for the Ant Hill and Crossbones backdrops him off the top. Ultramantis drops Soldier Ant down with a Tiger Driver variation. Delirious hits his Cobra Stretch backbreaker on Green Ant. The Order finally land their triple chokeslam on Green Ant and Soldier Ant makes the save. Mantis throws him to the ropes. Soldier Ant pops over Mantis and takes him over into the CHIKARA Special! Delirious breaks it up with the Panic Attack. Delirious goes up top and Fire Ant blasts him with a jump up Antzugiri. Fire Ant throws Delirious off the top with a Fireman’s Carry. Delirious blocks the Beach Break and looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Fire Ant wheelbarrows up into a stunner on Delirious. Green Ant splashes Delirious for two. Green Ant applies the Texas Cloverleaf, and Crossbones kicks him in the shoulder blades to break it. Crossbones accidentally takes out Delirious and Mantis with clotheslines when Green Ant and Fire Ant duck. Soldier Ant comes off the top with a sunset flip for three. Very anticlimactic finish to an otherwise good match. Green Ant looked just fine and will definitely be better as time goes on. ***

The 411: As sad as it is to say, the Reading shows are not having a trend of being very inconsequential. This wasn’t necessarily a bad show, but you could skip this and have no issues following continuity. Three matches hit the three star mark or higher and some other stuff came close, so you won’t be disappointed with the purchase. But if you haven’t purchased most of the other 2009 shows, don’t make this one a priority.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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