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CHIKARA Review: Style & Substance

April 21, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Style & Substance  

After the unpredictable La Lotería Letal, CHIKARA returns to the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, PA for “Style & Substance”! Tonight, Claudio Castagnoli and Brodie Lee will resolve their issues once and for all in CHIKARA’s first ever steel cage match. Mike Quackenbush continues to look for a measure of revenge on Shane Storm, as Quackenbush will team with Tim Donst to take on Shane Storm and his new partner, Vin Gerard. In addition, Lince Dorado and Eddie Kingston will meet once again in singles competition. These two have beat the snot out of one another in the past; how will tonight unfold? All this and six other matches are coming up, so let’s not waste any more time.

Commentary provided by Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Mike Quackenbush, Leonard F. Chikarason, Larry Sweeney, Chuck Taylor, and Ultramantis Black.

The Colony (Fire Ant & Worker Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Gran Akuma & Chuck Taylor)

Worker Ant added Hansen’s vest to his entrance, and took a cowboy hat from a fan ringside. He even made the Hansen hand gesture on the apron. Stan Antsen, indeed.

Chuck and Fire Ant start off. They exchange wrist locks. Fire Ant takes down Chuck with a fireman’s carry and wraps his legs around the midsection. Chuck rolls over into a pin attempt, but then picks up Fire Ant into a slam. Chuck holds Fire Ant’s shoulders to the mat. Fire Ant jumps into a wheelbarrow arm drag. They both slide to the outside, where Fire Ant bounces off the ropes and arm drags Chuck to the floor. Worker and Akuma come in as the legal men. Worker hits an alita off the second rope. Akuma blocks a drop kick, but gets caught with an arm drag and a scoop slam. The Colony hits Akuma with a double atomic drop then a double dropkick. Chuck runs in and gets caught with a double clothesline. Worker Ant gets the advantage on Chuck. Worker hits the ropes, but gets caught with a kick in the back by Akuma and a drop kick by Chucky T. Akuma comes in and stretches Worker out. Chuck then comes in and works over Worker Ant some more. F.I.S.T. manages to isolate Worker by pounding him down in their corner and preventing him from tagging in Fire Ant. Chuck pulls out the grenade and puts in on Worker’s chest, but misses the elbow drop. Worker Ant takes the grenade and puts it in Chuck’s tight. Akuma comes in to kick Worker, but accidentally kicks Chuck which activates the grenade! The Colony hits a pair of pescado’s onto F.I.S.T. They take Akuma down with the Ants Marching neck breaker. Chuck blocks the wheelbarrow stunner from Fire Ant with the Sole Food. Chuck hits a rana on Worker Ant and Akuma follows up with a frogsplash, but the only get two! Worker Ant blocks Akuma’s Falcon Arrow with an Enzugiri, but Akuma blocks his Lariat with the Snapmare Driver! Fire Ant comes in. He and Akuma go through a series of reversals. Chuck comes in and nails Fire Ant with the Awful Waffle from behind for the victory! Akuma and Taylor now have two points to their name. Good opener. **1/2

Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston talks about how at La Lotería Letal, by the luck of the draw, he and Lince ended up on the opposite of the ring from one another. Eddie has a feeling that it was planned because people want to make him crazy. He turns it around and says he thinks Lince is nuts, because he wants the fans to cheer him when they boo him no matter what he does. Eddie says he told Lince from day one that no one would give a damn about him, but he didn’t listen. Eddie says this is the last night they will step in the ring with one another and that he will bury Lince.

Kingston attacks Lince ringside before the bell rings. They exchange chops on the outside with Eddie getting the better of Lince. He pulls at Lince’s face and takes him to the floor. Lince attempts to come back with headbutts, but Eddie throws him back in the ring. Eddie mocks the fans who chant for Lince as he nails a suplex. Eddie yells at Lince how the fans don’t care about him while Lince tries to kick at Edide. Eddie bullies Lince with a series of chops and a kick to the spine. Lince blocks the backfist with an Enzugiri. Lince immediately springs off the ropes, but Eddie hits him with two big Backfists to the Future. Eddie goes for the pin, but picks up Lince. Bryce calls for Excesivo Castigo ending the match.

Kingston nails a few backdrop driver’s on Lince while Bryce grabs the microphone and tells Kingston that he DQ’d him because instead of trying to win the match, he focused solely on punishing and hurting Lince. Lince however, grabs the microphone and demands for Bryce to restart the match! A surprised Bryce obliges, and we have another match!

The bell rings and Eddie immediately pounds away at Lince. Lince fires up and knocks Kingston down to the mat. Lince double stomps Kingston. Lince runs off the ropes and Kingston kicks Lince right in the nuts, ending the match via Disqualification. Eddie rolls out of the ring and starts heading to the back.

Eddie grabs the camera man and brings him outside the arena. Kingston tells Lince “No more; you’re not going to make me mentally unstable. I don’t get you! No more CHIKARA; I am done with Lince. He is not going to drive me insane like this business has done already.” All this janx, by the way, is not rated. It was an effective angle, but there wasn’t a match to rate.

The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. The Fabulous Two (Mitch Ryder & Buck Hawke)

Dos is speaking in French to Uno. Uno says he agrees with Dos, in that a man purse can not be manly. Uno mentions they have two points and tonight they are going against a team that has a personal victory over Uno and Create-A-Wrestler at Café Culture, The Fabulous Two. Dos says Buck Hawke has no eyebrows, and off they go to the ring!

A fan gives Uno a stuffed Mario question mark box, which Buck punts into the crowd. This gets enormous heat from the crowd. Luckily a fan tosses it back to the SSB which gets a big pop. Buck tries to compare abs with Dos, even though Dos is far more ripped. Someone comments that Mitch sounds like Slingblade (hilarious).
Dos and Buck start off. Uno comes in and puts the game “Ninja Turtles” into Dos’ cartridge. Uno has to blow on it a couple times but it eventually works. Buck rips the cartridge out of his tights to a massive boo. Dos and Buck go back and forth to a stand still. Buck pokes Dos in the eyes to get the advantage and tags in Mitch. Does catches Mitch in a hammer lock and tags in Uno. Uno jumps off the top rope and stomps on the arm. Uno works over Mitch’s arm. Mitch takes Uno down twice with chops. Uno takes Mitch down himself and mocks Mitch’s cocky pose. Dos comes in with a kick to Mitch’s ribs. Mitch side swipes Uno sending him to the floor. Buck comes in. He and Mitch attempt to double team Dos, but Uno comes in and catches him. The SSB sent the Fabulous Two to the floor. Mitch tries for the double axe handle. Uno catches him with Hadouken then a knee drop. SSB do a back breaker/neck breaker combo, then a fist drop/moonsault combo. They nail Buck in the corner with the knee/619 corner then a jumping dropkick from Dos. Dos holds the box over Buck’s head, and Uno rams Buck’s head into it! Uno throws Buck off the ropes allowing Mitch to blind tag in. At this point, the Fabulous Two regain the advantage and double team Uno. The Two consistently tag back and forth to deliver a more effective beating. Buck even knocks Dos off the apron to prevent a tag. Mitch had Uno in a headlock, where Uno was able to push to the corner to tag in Dos. However, referee Todd Sabato didn’t see the tag so he did not allow it. Uno was able to work out of Buck’s grasp and roll to make the tag. Mitch tripped Dos off the apron however, not letting Uno make the tag. Uno broke through a double clothesline attempt and finally made the tag to Dos! Dos knocks down the Fabulous Two with a pair of clotheslines and spin kicks. Dos misses a spinning senton splash. Buck gets him off the mat, claps his ears, and hits a falcon arrow style drop. Buck only gets the two count. Mitch comes and the Fabulous Two go for a double team spike piledriver. Uno makes the save knocking Mitch and Buck down. The SSB hit a double flapjack on Mitch. Uno goes up top for the Goomba Stomp, but Buck shakes the rope causing him to the fall. Dos tosses Mitch out of the ring, and Uno regains composure. Dos pushes Buck to the corner and Uno hits the Goomba Stomp. The SSB hit their tandem piledriver (known as Pac-Man Fever) for the win, and their third point! The SSB now have earned a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas! Decent tag match; well worked at the very least. **1/4

Uno announces to the crowd they have three points. He says that Incoherence better shine up the belts, because they’re coming for them in Cleveland.

Jimmy Olsen Interview

Jimmy says that the joke has been on him. He says he should be wrestling Soldier Ant tonight, but he isn’t going to. He isn’t wasting another minute on the wild goose chase Vin Gerard put him on. He says he knows where Colin has been the past few months, and that Colin was at the show last night, and he says Colin needs to come out so they can talk.

Colin Delaney comes to the ring looking happy. The two embrace in the middle of the ring much to the fans delight. Jimmy says he is glad he’s back, then Colin grabs the mic. Colin says he understands Jimmy is mad, but he didn’t tell him because he knew Jimmy would have been upset, angry, and hot-tempered. Colin says he didn’t want Jimmy to lose focus, because he thinks Jimmy needed that focuse to perfect his craft and reach the level Colin was at. Colin says he was looking out what was best for his brother. Yet, Colin says he comes back to find Jimmy worse off than when he left.

With that, Vin Gerard and Shane Storm hit the ring. Colin calls them off, but as Jimmy gets to his feet, Colin slaps Jimmy right in the face! Vin and Storm hold Jimmy as Colin beats away at Jimmy. He even hits Tommy Dreamer’s signature pose and DDT. Lince Dorado attempts to make the save, but the three of them are too much for him to handle.

Vin grabs the mic and tells the crowd to look at what they have done. Vin says that Lince and Jimmy are crazy if they think they can beat him and Colin in October in the finals of La Lotería Letal on October 18th. Vin says they can not prepare for the UnStable. All three men leave through the main entrance of the New Alhambra leaving Jimmy and Lince in a heap. The officials come to check on both men and lead them to the back.

The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones) and The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell) vs. Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked), Hydra, and Helios

Delirious and Hydra pose down in the middle of the ring after the bell rings. Delirious is frightened by Hydra’s physique. Hydra ducks a double clothesline by the Temple, and knocks both of them down with a double clothesline! Hydra tags in Helios who comes in with Bruce Maxwell. Helios goes for many pinfall attempts, but fails each time. Helios stretches Bruce out. All four tecnicos trap Bruce in their corner, and do the usual spot where all of them come in and out of the ring hitting a chop or move on Bruce in the corner. Bruce however nails a moving suplex on Helios and tags in TJ Cannon. TJ hits a double stomp then gets a two count. Crossbones tags in and beats down Helios. He rocks him with a clothesline in the corner and follows up with a kick to the spine and a body splash. Mantis comes in and attempts a pin. Mantis begins to pound away at Helios after the kick out. He tags in TJ who hits an elbow off the top. Helios ducks a clothesline and hits an arm drag on TJ off the ropes, sending him to the floor. Helios nails both members of The Best Around with a springboard plancha to the floor. Hallowicked comes in and Big Boot’s down both Ultramantis and Crossbones. He finds Hydra in the ring and almost Big Boot’s him too, but stops and realizes that he is no longer with the Temple. While they shake hands, Maxwell comes back in and hits Hallowicked with a Urinagi. TJ Cannon follows up with a Senton, and Delirious hits the Shadows Over Hell on Bruce! Tj dumps Delirious out of the ring, only to be hit with The Sky Is Falling from Helios. Mantis comes in and lands a piledriver. Hydra comes in and locks on the Hydralock! Crossbones however breaks it up with a big time suplex onto Hydra’s head. Hallowicked comes in and chokeslams Crossbones. TJ Cannon comes in and misses a dropkick. Hallowicked and Bruce play tug of war with TJ trying to get him. Delirious comes in and trips TJ, and rolls up Bruce for the win! Quite the fun, fast paced Atomicos match-up. ***

Backstage, Hydra is wiping down after his match. He poses in the mirror showing off his impressive figure. Leonard F. Chikarason comes and congratulates Hydra on his win, but also confronts him about his physique. If you saw La Lotería Letal, which took place the night before this show, you know that the change in Hydra’s appearance was radical. Chikarason reminds Hydra that they have a wellness policy in CHIKARA, and says he will see Hydra in his office the next morning to discuss it further. Hydra looks at the camera and shrugs. The CHIKARA website later posted that he in fact did violate the wellness policy, and was suspended for 30 days, causing him to miss the Mid-West shows.

An extreme replacement

Soldier Ant marches down to the ring for his match with Jimmy Olsen. Before Louden Noxious can announce Jimmy, Leonard F. Chikarason comes to the ring. Chikarason says that everyone saw what happened to Jimmy Olsen earlier, so he is in no condition to wrestle. Chikarason says he knows Colin Delaney can hear him outside, and says he tonight he gets the chance to prove he’s a big shot by replacing Jimmy in his match. Colin comes in from outside the arena to a chorus of boos; a big time change from his reaction at La Lotería Letal. Colin is greeted with the “YOU GOT FIRED!” chant.

Soldier Ant vs. Colin Delaney

Both men exchange wrist locks. Soldier Ant salutes Colin, but Colin will have none of it. He takes Soldier Ant down a chokes him in the corner. He pounds Soldier with punches and elbows in the corner. He hits a snap suplex on Soldier Ant to the mat, and jackknife pins him for the two. Colin continues his beat down on Soldier Ant with a hard elbow, leg drop, and knee. The fans clap for Soldier and Colin mocks them. Colin slaps away at Soldier Ant multiple times, causing Soldier Ant to fire up. Colin attempts to stop him with a chin breaker, but Soldier comes back with a saluting diving elbow. Soldier hits a series of armdrags then a cabradora. Colin catches Soldier Ant with a pair of boots in the corner. Colin nails Soldier Ant with the world famous FU for the victory. This was a very short match with not a hell of a lot to it. *1/4

Colin grabs the mic. He says it is unbelievable that Chikarason gave him Soldier Ant tonight. He says he doesn’t need CHIKARA or opponents like Soldier Ant. He says if he comes back, Chikarason better give him opponents that are worth his while.

Surf’s up!

Cheech and Cloudy are backstage sporting brand new beach garb. They say they have been absent since May, but they took a siesta and went to the beaches. They introduce themselves as their new personas: “The New Wave” Cheech Hernandez and K.C. “Cloudy” Day. They say tonight they will beat the Osirian Portal, and surf their way to Germany for the 2008 Tag World Grand Prix where they will accumulate three points, much like they did twice in 2007.

Winner gets a spot in the 2008 Tag World Grand Prix
Cheech Hernandez & K.C. “Cloudy” Day vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian)

Amasis takes Cheech to the mat, but he cartwheels right back up. Cheech gets Amasis in a wrist lock, but Amasis dances and trips up Cheech. They go for a test of strength. Cheech slaps Amasis in the chest, runs up the ropes, and arm drags Amasis out of the ring. Ophidian and Cloudy tag in. Cloudy takes Ophidian down to the mat and makes a surfboard out of Ophidian. Ophidian, unamused, knees Cloudy in the stomach. Amasis comes in only for Cloudy to lock a double submission on both of them. Cheech locks Ophidian in the Gory Special and at the same time picks up Amasis in the pendulum position! He sways them back and forth before dropping them to the mat. Ophidian kicks Cheech to the mat. He isolates him in the corner. He runs ahead but Cheech picks him up and slams him to the mat. Cheech and Cloudy hit a series of tandem offense on Ophidian sending him outside. Amasis comes in and also gets trapped by their back and forth offense. The Osirian Portal comes back with Ophidian nailing Cloudy with a knee, and Amasis following up with a big spinebuster. The Portal hits a double flapjack for a two count. The Portal isolates Cloudy and beats him down. Cloudy almost evades Amasis with slaps to his ribs, but Amasis is able to counter. Amasis nails a great blockbuster off the top rope. The Portal hits Cloudy with a double suplex and choke him in the ropes. Cloudy evades an attack from Amasis in the corner with a dropkick, kicks to the legs, then a Vader Bomb into a back senton! Cloudy was so close to tagging in until Ophidian dragged him back to the corner. While the Portal mocked Cheech, Cloudy slipped out of the ring allowing Cheech to come in! Cheech takes down both members of the Portal then tags Cloudy back in. Ophidian banderas Cloudy to the apron. Cloudy sunset flips back in, but Ophidian kicks out. Ophidian lands with his neck on the ropes, allowing his opponents to hit the Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech! They go for a double team on Ophidian. Amasis comes in, forcing Cloudy to dive on him. Amasis catches Cloudy with a body slam allowing Ophidian to lock the Ophidian Death Grip on Cheech! Cheech is able to hold on for a long time. Cloudy attempted to break it up. Amasis ran in to block, but Cloudy side stepped him causing Amasis to hit Ophidian with the elbow breaking the submission. After a series of pinfalls and break ups, The Osirian Portal hit Cloudy with the stack-up suplex. They follow up with the Osirian Sacrament for the pin! The Osirian Portal not only earn their first point, but also solidify a spot in the Tag World Grand Prix in November. Good times here. **3/4

Icarus vs. Larry Sweeney

Icarus comes out in a D-Generation X jersey and mimics Triple H’s entrance. That was odd. Icarus pounces on Sweeney with a dropkick. He chokes Sweeney in the ropes then rakes his face across the top rope. Icarus bashes Sweeney into the top turnbuckle. Sweeney throws Icarus off the ropes and nails a series of elbows. He nails a butterfly suplex but only gets the two count. Icarus lands an Enzugiri. He follows up with a suplex. He misses a dropkick to Sweeney’s head (how?!) then applies a front chancery. Icarus hits a side Russian leg sweep and locks on a stretch. Sweeney works up and hits more elbows. Icarus tosses Sweeney off the ropes and tries to catch him with the knee. Sweeney rolls up Icarus for the win! Far too short to rate, I say.

Shane Storm gets a name change

Vin Gerard and Shane Storm walk from the outside of the arena to the ring. Louden announces them as Vin Gerard and Shane Storm, but Vin Gerard corrects Louden stating that Shane Storm is now known as STIGMA.

Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst vs. The UnStable (Vin Gerard & STIGMA)

While there was not a pre-match promo, there was a special update from Quackenbush and Donst on the Podcast.

Quack and STIGMA start off. Quack slaps STIGMA, and instead of fighting back, STIGMA rolls out of the ring. Quack follows and slaps him again on the outside. Vin and Donst come in as the legal men. They go back and forth until Donst hits an atomic drop and clothesline. Donst works over Vin’s arm and tags in Quack. Vin ducks out of the ring tagging in STIGMA. Quack pounds away at STIGMA on the mat, even trying to rip off his mask! STIGMA rolls to the safety of the floor, allowing Vin Gerard to come in. Quack arm drags Vin to the floor and follows up with a tope con heilo! Donst and STIGMA go at it in the ring, with STIGMA nailing a knee on Donst’s neck from the middle rope. STIGMA pounds away at Donst with a series of forearms, then Vin comes in and chokes Donst. STIGMA comes in. He runs at Donst in the corner, but Donst picks STIGMA up and carries him across the ring. Donst pounds away at STIGMA in the corner, but Vin Gerard stops Donst by punching him in the face. STIGMA beats down Donst with a series of chops to the back, as well as an elbow. The UnStable continue their tandem beating until Donst catches STIGMA with a spear off the apron and Vin with an STO. The fans chant “USA!” as Donst crawls to his corner. Unfortunately, STIGMA attacks Quackenbush which stops Donst from making the tag. STIGMA face washes Donst in the corner. Vin is tagged in, and hits his signature running knee strike. The UnStable makes frequent tags and double team maneuvers to keep Donst in their corner. The UnStable throws Donst to the floor and mock Quackenbush into the ring. Vin rolls to the outside and Quack chops away at STIGMA. Vin tries to attack Quack from behind, but Quack evades the attack and attacks Vin. Quack attacks both men in the corner, then hits them with a legrop/bulldog combo. Quack hits a back senton on STIGMA, then drops Vin onto STIGMA with a reverse brainbuster. He double stomps both men, which hurts his left leg. The UnStable take advantage taking Quackenbush down by his bad leg. They hit a sweet electric chair into the double knees move for the two count. Quack escapes a double suplex and tags in Donst. Donst drops The UnStable with a couple of suplexes. He hits STIGMA with the Donstitution and Vin with the Gator Roll. Donst goes for the pin on Vin but STIGMA breaks it up. STIGMA sets up Quack for a German suplex, but releases when Donst tries for That Japanese Move! Quack and STIGMA go back in forth until Quack locks on the CHIKARA Special! The referee misses STIGMA tapping out! Vin comes in and locks the STF on Mike Quackenbush. Bryce drops Quack’s arm three times, giving Vin Gerard and STIGMA their first point. Good match. ***

Colin Delaney is now ringside with his group. Vin tells STIGMA to finish the job. Colin hits Donst with the FU on the outside while STIGMA slides in a chair to Vin. They put the chair around Quack’s neck. Jimmy Olsen tries to make the save, but Colin stops him with a DDT. Jigsaw of all people runs in for the save, superkicking Vin Gerard and pushing STIGMA off the top rope. The entire UnStable retreats as the fans chant “JIGSAW!” in his shocking CHIKARA return. Jigsaw smiles as the crowd chants “Welcome Back!” at him. Quackenbush finally gets up and sees Jigsaw. Jigsaw goes for hand shake, but Quackenbush immediately rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Jigsaw says “C’mon Quack, don’t do this” as he stands in the ring.

Steel Cage Match
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brodie Lee

Before the match they aired an awesome video package recapping the entire feud, including promos. That video package can be seen on youtube, and I highly recommend you guys watch it.

Claudio says that he is excited to settle the score tonight. Larry Sweeney comes in to interrupt to talk about how great their team was last night. Sweeney says how they both want a singles match with Mitch Ryder, but Mitch says he will only face them in tag team matches. Sweeney says he knows they have not got along in Ring of Honor or in the past in CHIKARA, but he wants the past to be the past and turn a new page. Claudio says them teaming isn’t going to happen, but Sweeney follows him telling him to think about it.

Brodie attacks Claudio before he can enter the cage. The two brawl on the outside with Brodie tossing Claudio into the steps. Claudio retaliates with a series of European uppercuts. Brodie gets the upper hand and throws Claudio into the ring. Claudio knocks Brodie to the floor. Claudio hits a big tope through the cage door to the floor! Both men get in the cage and exchange blows. Brodie blocks an attack from Claudio with a big belly to belly suplex into the cage! Brodie beats on Claudio and chokes him with his t-shirt. Brodie shoulder tackles Claudio back first into the cage. Brodie continues his beat down whipping Claudio into the cage, and booting him in the chest. Claudio blocks an attempt by Brodie to be thrown in the cage by booting his boot up. Brodie thrusts Claudio in the throat knocking him down to his knees. Brodie chokes away at Claudio. Claudio is tossed in the corner and blocks Brodie with a boot. Brodie slaps him and hits a suplex off the second rope. Claudio kicks away at Broide as Brodie tries to pick him up off the mat. Claudio uses the ropes to get to his feet only to be slapped back down by Brodie Lee. Brodie and Claudio go around the ring with Brodie delivering a barrage of chops, then a European uppercut of his own. All this fires up Claudio who comes back with European uppercuts of his own. Brodie blocks from being thrown into the cage with his hands. Brodie tries to toss Claudio into the cage, but Claudio blocks sending Brodie head first into the cage wall. Claudio delivers the Gaint Swing onto Brodie, releasing him so he hits the cage head first! Brodie is busted open from the attack. Claudio assaults Brodie in the corner with a series of punches. Brodie combats this by dropping Claudio face first on the top turnbuckle. He picks up Claudio in a torture rack dropping him with a neck breaker. Claudio stops Brodie from climbing over the cage. Brodie goes for the Liger bomb, but Claudio blocks with a huge press slam into the steel cage! After regaining his composure, Brodie retaliates with a big boot to Claudio in the corner. He follows up with a running Power Bomb but only gets the two count! Brodie attempts once again to climb out over the cage. He gets one leg over before Claudio meets him on the top rope. Both men exchange punches on the top rope, eventually crotching themselves and falling to the floor. They get to their knees and exchange blows which fires up Claudio. They both get to their knees. Brodie goes for a lariat. Claudio ducks and hits the Pop-Up European uppercut on Brodie! He goes for the Ricola Bomb, but Brodie Lee pushes Claudio into the corner where Bryce Remsburg is! Bryce gets knocked down. Claudio hits the Sweet Schwinn Music and goes for the pin, but no referee can make the count! Claudio revives Bryce while Brodie sets up for the boot. Claudio ducks and hits the Ricola Bomb! Brodie kicks out! Brodie knocks Claudio down with the Lariat. Brodie then power bombs Claudio into the cage, then down to the mat! Brodie lands his Big Boot and again only gets the two! Brodie motions to the back as Buck Hawke runs to the ring. He hands Brodie a chain, but Larry Sweeney runs out and pulls Buck off the cage and knocks him out. Larry cheers on Claudio to get up as Brodie attempts to crawl out of the ring. Again, both men exchange blows on the top rope. Claudio knocks Brodie down with a big European uppercut. Claudio climbs to the top of the cage, but instead of climbing down for the win, Claudio hits a HUGE European Uppercut off the top of the cage! Claudio hits an overhead Ricola Bomb for the three! Awesome cage match here with a very memorable ending! ****

The 411: I must say, this is a crucial DVD to own when it comes to CHIKARA in 2008. We had the Super Smash Bros. accumulating three points, the birth of the UnStable, the return of Jigsaw, and the awesome feud ending cage match between Claudio and Brodie. With a couple exceptions, most of the matches were fun and worth the time spent watching. The Atomicos in particular was fast-paced fun. I for sure recommend the DVD, especially if you want one that drives some big time stories for 2008.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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