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Chris Jericho, Dax Harwood & More Credit AEW For Paying Travel Expenses

March 19, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Chris Jericho AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan got Twitter talking this weekend while correcting a report about AEW talent’s travel expenses, and several AEW talent have corroborated his statement. As reported yesterday, Khan posted to Twitter to refute a post from last week by Dave Meltzer that talent in AEW are meant to take care of domestic travel costs on their own.

Following Khan’s comments, Chris Jericho, referee Bryce Remsburg, Dax Harwood, Madison Rayne and Alex Abrahantes all posted to Twitter to note that AEW takes care of such costs. Jericho in specific wrote:

“For the record, @aew is the ONLY North American wrestling company I’ve worked for that has paid for my transportation & hotels consistently for EVERY show I’ve worked for them, since 1996 when Paul E paid for my rooms at the crack hotel in Philly.”

Non-contracted stars Billie Starkz and VertVixen, who have both worked AEW tapings, added that they have always been taken care of as well.