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Csonka Reviews TNA’s Hottest Feuds of 2012

March 15, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
TNA's Hottest Feuds of 2012
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Csonka Reviews TNA’s Hottest Feuds of 2012  

Csonka Reviews TNA’s Hottest Feuds of 2012

From Bound for Glory 2012: TV Champion Samoa Joe defeated Magnus @ 9:00 via submission [***]
From Final Resolution 2012: Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray @ 13:20 via pin [***]
From Final Resolution 2012: Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles @ 22:30 via pin [***¾]

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– This is on Impact Plus, and clocks in at around 48-minutes.

TV Champion Samoa Joe vs. Magnus: Lock up, to the corner and Magnus with the clean break. Lock up, to the corner and Joe with a reversal and hits the corner splash and leaping enziguri. Jabs follow for Joe, and Magnus hides in the ropes for a break. Magnus with a cheap shot as the ref breaks them up. Rights buy Magnus, and uppercuts follow. Chops by Joe, and then a rebound clothesline connects for Magnus and level Joe. Jabs by Joe, and Magnus battles back and hits the high knee and lays the boots to Joe. Magnus now chokes out Joe in the ropes, and then hits a jumping elbow to Joe, and covers for 2. They trade shots, but Joe runs into a Michinoku driver! Magnus rolls and covers for 2. Magnus slams Joe to the corner, a counter and Joe runs into a boot. Magnus leaps into an atomic drop. Slam and then the senton by Joe gets 2. Rights by Magnus, but then runs into a snap slam for 2. Rights by Joe, counters a leapfrog into a powerbomb and then into an STF! Magnus works for the ropes, but Joe counters into the ring of Saturn! Magnus manages to get a foot on the ropes for the break. To the corner, Joe looks for the muscle buster, but Magnus rakes the eyes. Chops by Joe, up top with Magnus. Magnus knocked to the apron, but then kicks Joe in the face. Magnus up top and hits the top rope elbow and covers for a CLOSE 2! Magnus argues with the ref, and then lands rights to Joe. Joe looks pissed, fires up and claps Magnus. Jabs follow, off the ropes and the choke by Joe, Magnus runs up the ropes ala Bret Hart, but Joe lets go and kicks out at 2. Joe with the choke again, but a jawbreaker by Magnus breaks that. Chop block by Magnus, looks for a figure four, but Joe locks in the choke with the body scissors and Magnus taps! TV Champion Samoa Joe defeated Magnus @ 9:00 via submission [***] This was a good match and happened during a time when Magnus/Aldis was very much still an unrefined prospect, and far from the performer he’d grow into.

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray: Ray chases Aries, who bails to the floor. Aries back in, avoids the lock up and backs away to a corner. Lock up, to the corner and Ray misses a chop as Aries runs. Ray misses another chop, Aries slaps him and runs again to the floor. Back in, lock up, to the corner and Ray hits a big gut wrench suplex. A slam follows, to the corner and elbows by Ray beats Aries down. Hard whip to the corner by Ray, and a clothesline follows. Big backdrop by Ray follows, Aries off the ropes, tries a sunset flip and Ray stops that. Back elbow by Aries, second rope dropkick to the knee of Ray. A neck breaker follows and a cover gets 1 for Aries. Aries lays in the kicks, and then gets an elbow to the back off of the second rope. Aries chokes out Ray in the ropes, elbows follow and then as ray is caught in the ropes, a slingshot clothesline by Aries connects. Back into the ring and Aries covers for 2. Running knee in the corner by Aries, Ray tries to fight back, but a forearm to the back of the head by Aries connects. A chinlock by Aries follows, he then mocks Hogan with the ear cupping and gets a big boot on Ray. Off the ropes and Aries with the Hogan leg drop for 2. More elbows by Aries, but Ray fires back with chops from his knees. Forearm strike by Aries, and off the ropes and a chop by Ray connects. Big press slam by Ray, off he ropes and the splash connects and a cover gets 2. Ray misses a corner charge, Aries charges after him, caught and snake eyes by Ray. Ray on the second rope, Aries stops that and up with him. Ray tosses him off and gets a dropkick off the ropes! LUCHA BULLY~! Ray charges, Aries low bridges him and Ray flies to the floor. Aries charges and the heat seeking missile eats a big boot! Ray back in and a cover gets 2. Ray sets, grabs Aries who gets a crucifix slam. Kick to the face by Aries, followed by the charging dropkick in the corner. Brain buster try countered into a toss up Bully cutter! Ray rolls over and covers foe 2 as Aries gets a foot on the ropes. Aries to the floor, and the crowd chants for tables. Ray to the floor, and tripped into the steps. Aries rolls into the ring, and Ray is busted open on the floor. Aries up top now, Ray on the apron and Aries connects with the double axe handle. Rights by Aries follows, Ray on the apron and Aries up top and here comes Brooke Hogan to check on Ray. Aries grabs Brooke and drags her into the ring. Her top falls off to reveal her bra and Aries backs her into the corner. Ray in and tosses Aries to the floor. Here comes Hulk Hogan now. Ray tells Brooke to leave, and then tells Hulk to get her out of here. Hulk takes her to the back, Aries in, and a LOW BLOW to Ray. Roll up and that is all. Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray @ 13:20 via pin [***] This was another good match, even with the flat finish. I miss Bully Ray when he didn’t suck/

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: Winner only by pin or submission here. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Daniels works the arm after faking the break. AJ fights back with the arm bar, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Daniels. Daniels celebrates as AJ gets to his feet, lock up and Daniels works the arm again. AJ escapes, snap mare and into a headlock. Side headlock takedown by AJ, Daniels counters, and AJ back to the headlock. Daniels escapes, works the arm again, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Daniels. Daniels celebrates again as he continues to get the better of AJ, who bails to the floor. AJ back in, they work the test of strength, and Daniels works into a headlock. Off the ropes, counters and AJ decapitates Daniels with a clothesline. Kicks to the back follows for AJ, off the ropes again and the dropkick connects for AJ. To the corner and chops by AJ connect. More chops follow, a whip to the corner, counter and Daniels counters a suplex, but AJ with the head scissors. More chops by AJ, to the corner and AJ charges and gets the corner clothesline. AJ with the chinlock, and now works into an Indian death lock with the bridge. AJ releases the hold, lays in the boots to Daniels, and then off the ropes and a back elbow by AJ sends Daniels to the apron. AJ to the apron now, and SUPLEXES Daniels onto the apron, which had to suck. Daniels on the apron again, AJ follows and lays in the kicks to Daniels. Daniels then connects with the uranage to AJ, and that had to suck as well. Daniels then slams AJ on the steel steps, and follows that by whipping him into the steps. Daniels again slams AJ onto the steps, and has taken control of the match. Back in the ring and a big backdrop by Daniels connects, and covers for 2. Clothesline to the back of the head by Daniels, and another cover gets 2. Daniels back to the headlock here to ground AJ, but AJ works to his feet and lays in the boot to Daniels. Daniels with the back elbow connects, and then lays in the kick to the gut, and covers for 2. Daniels talks shit and slaps AJ here, says he is better than AJ, who slams Daniels to the corner but Daniels with shots to the back to slow AJ down. Suplex by Daniels, and then the moonsault to the back of AJ. Daniels with a half necktie on AJ, but the ropes save him. Side slam by Daniels, and a cover gets 2. Half nelson by Daniels follows, continuing to ground AJ. Knees to the back by Daniels connect as well, and AJ tries to fight to his feet. AJ gets to his feet, head butts to escape, forearms follow. Off the ropes and they run into each other with a cross body and they collided heads, and AJ is busted open by the eye from that collision. That has to suck as well. AJ fires up, Uranage by Daniels. Counters, Superman forearm by AJ connects. A clothesline follows, another, spin kick as well. Torture rack by AJ, spun into a powerbomb and a cover gets 2. AJ looks for the clash, countered, Daniels misses a kick, and a head scissors by AJ. AJ off the ropes, but runs into the Blue Thunder Driver from Daniels, and a cover gets a close 2. Daniels sets AJ up top, slams him off the top with the fall from grace and a cover by Daniels gets 2. Last rites countered, back elbow by AJ, Asai DDT connects and a cover by AJ gets a close 2 again. AJ up top, Daniels crotches him, follows up top and the SUPERPLEX all the way from the top connects! BOTH men are down here, they work to their feet and Daniels with rights. AJ fires back with rights as well, forearms by AJ, enziguri by Daniels, but AJ fires back with a clothesline. PELE by AJ! Both men are down again, and AJ gets to his feet and lays in the boots to Daniels. Clash try by AJ, Daniels fights it, counters and angel’s wings countered, another counter and AJ gets the clash! AJ crawls over and covers 1…2…NO! AJ looks upset, and picks up Daniels. To the corner, and AJ sets Daniels on the ropes and follows him up. Looks for the clash off the ropes, but Daniels counters with a RANA after holding onto the ropes. AJ is loopy here, staggers around and Daniels gets the STYLES CLASH and pins AJ with his own move! Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles @ 22:30 via pin [***¾] While far from their best match together, this was a very good match that told a strong story. Unfortunately, the crowd did it no favors, which is a shame and the story of the night on this PPV. In front of a different crowd, one that was into the show, it would have been looked at as better. They just didn’t bite on near falls and such like they could have, which is a shame. The result was the right call for the angle, added to AJ’s shitty 2012 story wise, and allows Daniels to brag on about beating AJ with his own move.

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This was another overall good collection, with the Styles vs. Daniels match being the one to check out again.

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