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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.25.20

April 28, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Foley vs. Angle Impact TNA
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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.25.20  

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Csonka’s Impact Xplosion Review 4.25.20

– Willie Mack defeated Mad Man Fulton @ 6:20 via pin [**½]
From TNA Victory Road 2009: Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley @ 14:30 via submission [***]
From Impact 4.21.20: Ken Shamrock defeated Sami Callihan @ 11:00 via submission [**]

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Willie Mack vs. Mad Man Fulton: Fulton overpowers Mack and takes early control, taking Mack to the corner. He follows with tackles, Mack fires back and clotheslines him to the floor. following with a plancha. Back in and Mack follows with strikes, until Fulton cuts him off with a tilt a whirl slam. He lay the boots to Mack, follows with a corner splash and suplex for 2. Fulton delivers head butts, chokes out Mack in the ropes and covers for 2. Mack fires back with clothesline the spin kick and Samoan drop; the standing moonsault gets 2. Fulton catches the high cross and Mack then counters into the stunner. The frog splash finishes it. Willie Mack defeated Mad Man Fulton @ 6:20 via pin [**½] This was a nice and solid XPLOSION special. Mack is so much fun and I think Fulton still has a ton of potential, they just need to book him in a match where he can show it off and have a breakout moment.

We go around the ring with Josh interviewing Trey. Quick hits: Dez, Dragon ball Z, Tessa champion, Sami, spit, Jake, prince, Havok, fear, Grace, muscles, Impact Plus, App, tree house, smoke, Ace, hates him. He love contributing to the company, still lives in Ohio, and had a rough upbringing. He has 9 brothers and 3 sisters, and spends a lot of time with them. His father had cancer, he lives with him and he beat it and gets to watch him on TV.

Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley: Lock up, to the ropes and Foley breaks. Lock up, side headlock by Angle, Foley tries to escape, off the ropes and a back elbow sends Angle to the floor. Back in and they lock up, clubbing shots to the back by Foley, front facelock and Foley has angle down. GRAPPLING! Angle gets the ropes and bails to the floor. Angle slides back in, they circle, lock up, Angle works the arm, jabs by Foley and to the corner they go. Rights by Foley, Angle down and Foley gets the charging knee to the face. Foley works a single arm takedown into an arm bar, and Angle gets the ropes. MORE GRAPPLING! Angle to the floor, Foley follows and slams Angle into the barricade. More rights by Foley, bites Angle, and back into the ring to break the count. Angle comes into the ring and Foley gets a leg drop as he tries to reenter the ring. Stun gun by Foley, lays the boots to Angle and then suplexes Angle back into the ring and covers for 2. Angle rakes the eyes of Foley, and works the side headlock. Foley escapes, rights to Angle, and then catapults Angle to the floor. Foley follows, piledriver try, but Angle backdrops Foley and his knees CRASH into the steps. That had to suck. Angle repeatedly slams Foley into the steps. Angle rolls Foley back into the ring, and lays the boots to the knees of Foley. Rights by Angle, slams Foley to the corner, pulls him to the mat and then works the legs again. German try by Angle, Foley counters and takes Angle down with an arm bar. Angle rolls out, and into the ankle lock! Foley rolls out, but Angle clotheslines Foley out of his boots for 2. Angle up top, MOONSAULT MISSES! But damn it looks great. Double arm DDT by Foley and a cover for 2. Foley busts out the sock. Angle tosses Foley into the ref, LOW BLOW to Foley and then the Angle slam. 1…2…NO! Angle then elbow drops the referee and goes to the floor. His groin is hurting him as he limps around. He has a chair, but Foley gets the mandible claw. Foley tosses Angle to the floor, and ELBOW DROP off of the apron! Foley rolls Angle into the ring, covers, 1…2…NO! Foley takes Angle down, body scissors and the mandible claw applied. The ref checks the arm, down once, twice, but not three, Angle is alive. Elbows by Angle, to the mount and rights to Foley, into the ankle lock! Foley fights, to the ropes, and gets them! Angle is pissed, kicks the arm of Foley, Angle lock and the grapevine as well. Foley taps. Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley @ 14:30 via submission [***] This was actually a good match, nothing blow away, but it stood out on a show that had peaked anywhere from horrendous to solid. They were smart, stayed in their lane and it worked but didn’t deliver a great main event.

Unsanctioned Match: Sami Callihan vs. Ken Shamrock: Sami attacks with a suicide dive during Ken’s entrance, and follows with a suplex on the floor. He whips Ken to the barricades, Ken fires up and follows with strikes and kicks. He whips Sami to the barricades, lays in more strikes and kicks slams him to the barricades again. Ken to the stage and runs off, kinda hitting a body attack. They fight backstage, and it’s cinematic presentation time. Sami blinds him with powder, follows with trashcan lid shots. Sami has a chain, uses it to punch Ken with and chokes out Ken, claiming he’s the real world’s most dangerous man. Ken fires back with kicks, ground and pound and yells a lot until oVe attack. They kick the shit out of Ken, Sami gives the thumbs down and KOs Fulton with a bat, and then takes out Jake & Dave. He comes face to face with Ken, and they agree to finish things outside. They take it to the parking lot, brawling by a production truck as Ken controls until Sami low blows him and chokes him out. Ken fights, escapes and ankle locks Sami. Sami fights, fades and the ref waves it off. Ken Shamrock defeated Sami Callihan @ 11:00 via submission [**] This was ok, thankfully not bad, although I feel the finish was as it makes no sense to have Shamrock win since Sami lost the world title, came back with this big rebooted character, seemingly broke away from oVe here, and… then loses to Ken Shamrock in 2020..

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 110. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Kevin Pantoja go retro, looking back on the wonderful Lucha Underground, and UltimaLucha I. Jerome Cusson joins to review Dark Side of the Ring: The Assassination of Dino Bravo. The show is approximately 122-minutes long.

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* Lucha Underground 7.29.15 – Episode 38: UltimaLucha (Part One): 11:10
* Lucha Underground 8.05.15 – Episode 39: UltimaLucha (Part Two): 28:55
* Dark Side of the Ring: The Assassination of Dino Bravo Review: 1:18:53

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