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Hall’s AEW Rampage Review 3.29.24

March 30, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
AEW Rampage Young Bucks 3-29-24 Image Credit: AEW
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Hall’s AEW Rampage Review 3.29.24  

Date: March 29, 2024
Location: Centre Videotron, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone

We’re still in Canada and that could mean a rather rowdy crowd. I’m not sure what to expect around here, which is rather normal on this show anymore. The main event will see Matt Menard facing Roderick Strong in a non-title match, which could make for a hearty reaction. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dustin Rhodes vs. The Butcher

This is billed as a “big time grudge match” and it was set up with a minute long promo on Dynamite. Butcher powers him into the corner to start but gets caught with a backslide for two. Back up and Butcher is ready for the drop down uppercut but gets low bridged to the floor for his efforts. Butcher snaps the arm over the top rope and it’s time to start in on said arm. They head outside with the arm being sent into the steps and post and we take a break with Dustin in trouble.

Back with Dustin getting two off a Code Red, setting up the clothesline comeback. Dustin rains down the right hands in the corner and grabs the snap powerslam for two. Butcher is right back with a quick crossface but Dustin is out rather quickly. The Final Reckoning finishes Butcher at 10:39.

Rating: C+. Rather basic stuff here and that is not a bad thing. It was more or less a way to get Dustin on the card for his periodical match and as usual it went well enough. Butcher continues to be fine as a midcard villain who can look intimidating and then lose to someone like Dustin for a quick moment.

Bullet Club Gold goes to Billy Gunn’s house and mess with stuff until Billy comes home and they drop the camera.

We recap the Tag Team Title tournament matches from Dynamite.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rose

Rose backs her into the corner to start but Purrazzo is right back with a shot to the arm. The arm is snapped and we hit the armbar before a crank with the legs gives Purrazzo two. Rose gets in some strikes but Purrazzo BLASTS HER with a pump kick. The Fujiwara armbar finishes for Purrazzo at 3:50.

Rating: C. Pretty much just a squash here with that pump kick looking awesome. Purrazzo wrecked her here and that is the kind of win that she needed after not doing so well against Toni Storm. Purrazzo still feels like she would be better as a villain but it might be a bit before we get there.

Video on Bryan Danielson vs. Will Ospreay.

Mariah May vs. Nikita

May is substituting for Toni Storm (who has injured her hamstring but won’t dare tell us how). A running shoulder sets up a basement dropkick to put Nikita down early and we take a break. Back with May hitting a running dropkick in the ropes but Nikita gets in some shots of her down. May shrugs that off and hits a headbutt, the hip attack and May Day for the pin at 7:07.

Rating: C. This was more or less an extended squash and about half of it was during the break. May continues to be built up as the likely successor to Storm but we could be a good ways off from seeing that. The story is taking its sweet time and that is not a bad thing, but it would be nice to see May against someone other than the latest jobber.

Harley Cameron (playing with/tasting interviewer Lexi Nair’s hair) and Zak Knight aren’t worried about Angelo Parker, who runs in to beat Knight up with a pipe. Knight and Cameron run off so Ruby Soho is here to get mad at Parker for getting violent. She kisses him and leaves. This is one of the weirdest feuds as it has almost exclusively taken place backstage. Are we going to get a match out of this anytime soon?

The Righteous are weird.

Roderick Strong vs. Matt Menard

Non-title and the Kingdom is here with Strong. Menard yells at the Kingdom in French and the fans approve before Menard snaps off some armdrags. A breather on the floor goes badly for Strong as Menard is right on him with more forearms. Back in and a Kingdom distraction lets Strong get in a cheap shot, only to be knocked away as we take a break.

We come back with Menard fighting out of a seated abdominal stretch but getting pulled into a camel clutch. Menard Hulks Up though and hammers away, followed by a Rock Bottom for two. A Boston crab sends Strong over to the ropes so Menard cutters him for two. Back up and a Kingdom distraction lets Strong hit the jumping knee for the pin at 12:49.

Rating: C+. This is one of those things that Tony Khan tends to do, as this was about a hometown star getting a big match. That makes sense in theory, but at the same time, it was a nearly 13 minute Matt Menard match which wasn’t even for the title. That’s only so interesting in the first place and makes me think that a squash win for Menard would have been more effective. It likely would have been for the people watching.

Post match the beatdown is on until Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta run in for the save. Cue the Young Bucks to lay them out as well to end the show.


Dustin Rhodes b. The Butcher – Final Reckoning
Deonna Purrazzo b. Rose – Fujiwara armbar
Mariah May b. Nikita – May Day
Roderick Strong b. Matt Menard – Jumping knee



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The 411
The key to enjoying Rampage is accepting that there are almost no stakes to anything here. This show was a one off match set up on Dynamite, a pair of squashes and a match designed to give the local fans a thrill before setting up the Young Bucks deal at the end. It does tie into some stories, but they are the lowest level stories going in AEW today. The wrestling is perfectly fine and it’s only an hour long so it doesn’t overstay its welcome. If you can accept that, you can have a good time here and that was the case this week, again.

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