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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live at the Portsmouth Guildhall 08.20.2023 Review

August 20, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live at Portsmouth Guildhall (August 2023) - Subculture vs. Greedy Souls & Skye Smitson Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live at the Portsmouth Guildhall 08.20.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Dani Luna, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster pinned Skye Smitson, Brendan White & Danny Jones in 12:35 (***¼)
Connor Mills pinned Samuel Hawkes in 9:34 (***¼)
JJ Gale pinned Joshua James in 12:53 (***)
Callum Newman pinned Cameron Khai in 12:10 (***½)
Sha Samuels pinned Will Kaven in 11:03 (***)
Maya Matthews pinned Skye Smitson in 10:51 (***)
Michael Oku pinned Levi Muir in 18:38 (***½)

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We’re back at the Guildhall in Portsmouth for the final show before the 11th Anniversary – this was rearranged from July after an 11th hour postponement. Andy Quildan and Gio Nolastname have the headsets – and one of these days, a surname for Gio too!

Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones) & Skye Smitson vs. Subculture (Dani Luna, Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews)
The Greedy Souls went from Hungary to Portsmouth for this…

We started with Danny Jones backing Mark Andrews into the corner, only to get caught with a roll-up before the pair traded wristlocks. Andrews eventually rolls free and found a way through with armdrags before Flash Morgan Webster tagged in to hit a double sledge to the arm.

A blind tag brought in Brendan White to charge down Webster, who returned with an armdrag before Dani Luna came into play. Skye Smitson wants in too, but she’s quickly caught on a crossbody as Luna hit back with an uppercut and a sliding clothesline for a one-count.

Tags bring us back to Andrews and White, which led to a double-TEAM slam from Subculture to Webster, who found himself cornered and getting a kicking. Webster’s kept isolated as he ate a trio of back sentons, as Subculture found themselves very much on the back foot.

An attempt to fight back from Webster was quickly cut-off by Jones, as Webster got trapped in the Greedy Souls’ corner as tags saw all three of his opponents have a go. Eventually things turn around, as Mark Andrews got the hot tag in and scored with a Code Red for a near-fall. Dani Luna gets the tag in, but almost got blindsided by Smitson, returning with a running kick as Skye’s cornered.

Luna’s fallaway slam led to her going back after Danny Jones, but she’s caught with a suplex as Subculture’s cleared off the apron… Luna’s thrown into Smitson, but whatever they were doing doesn’t come off as Andrews and Webster make the save. Dives take Andrews and Webster outside as Smitson looked to crack Luna with a belt… Maya Matthews ran out to stop the belt shot, as Smitson ends up turning around into a Luna Landing as Subculture leave with the win. ***¼

Samuel Hawkes vs. Connor Mills
Kelly Marshall noted during the introductions that Connor Mills is yet to win since he won the Cruiserweight title – and the fight to take him on at the Copperbox hasn’t yielded an obvious opponent.

Mills boots Hawkes at the bell as he threatened to blitz through the Contender, punching him in the head. A Burning Cutter’s blocked in the first 30 seconds as Hawkes looked to fight back, cracking Mills with a spinning enziguiri before a wacky twisting Michinoku Driver almost spiked Mills for a near-fall.

Hawkes aborts a Phoenix splash, but had more luck with a shotgun dropkick that took Mills to the outside… only for Mills to hang him up in the ropes ahead of a clothesline onto the side of the ring. Chops follow on the outside from Mills, but back inside Hawkes ends up knocking Mills loopy with forearms. The champion returns the favour though, following with a side suplex for a two-count before he began to punt Hawkes in the back.

Hawkes finds a way through with a knee strike and a nice running Asai DDT, while forearms kept Mills on the back foot ahead of a tijeras. A springboard clothesline from Hawkes lands for a two-count, before he superkicked Mills into the ropes… a rebound clothesline turns it around for a near-fall.

Another crack at the Burning Cutter’s countered by Hawkes, who came back with a snap reverse ‘rana that took Mills outside for a Sasuke Special. Back inside, Hawkes misses on a moonsault, and from there a running kick and the Burning Cutter got the win as Mills dodged a hell of a bullet. ***¼

Joshua James vs. JJ Gale
It’s back-to-back contenders matches as JJ Gale was up for a challenge ahead of his match with Kosei Fujita on Saturday.

Gale gets knocked into the corner early on as he was having trouble against the larger James, who had his way with some forearms to knock Gale down. James throws him into the corner, but Gale leaps outside… then find a way in with a rewind leapfrog and a springboard headscissors.

A dropkick sees James spill outside ahead of a flip senton from Gale, but James strikes back back inside, before he blocked two springboard cutters, with James catching Gale in a full nelson instead. A short-range spear drills Gale for a near-fall from there, before a clothesline wiped out JJ.

James keeps going with a scoop slam, then a splash for a two-count. Hammer elbows follow as Gale was almost knocked out, but James stopped to get a pin. Gale tries to fight back, but he’s POUNCE’d away, then overwhelmed with clotheslines in the corner as Gale was literally on the ropes.

Gale crumbles after a whip into the corner, but James stays on him, before Gale eventually sidestepped… but his attempt so slide in under James gets blocked. Finally, Gale finds a way through with a superkick, then a leaping leg lariat, before a springboard corkscrew uppercut out of the corner finally took the big man down.

A front suplex and a superkick keeps James down for a near-fall… Gale misses on a moonsault and gets caught with a shotgun dropkick in return. James adds a pop-up spinebuster for a near-fall, before a crucifix from Gale was caught. Gale has more luck with a rolling elbow though… but James is right back with a Samoa Joe-like uranage out of the corner before a splash off the middle rope almost got the win.

Gale ‘rana’s out of a pop-up powerbomb, then tripped up James for a Boston crab in a bid to win with the New Japan Young Lion finisher. It’s pushed out of, but Gale’s back with a PK for a near-fall. A trip up top led to a 450 splash that’s rolled through, but James’ chokeslam attempt is escaped before Gale slipped on a Gale Force attempt.

Second time’s the charm though, and that’s enough to get the win as Gale had to withstand a hell of a beating to get the win – as his sights now turn to Kosei Fujita at the Copperbox. ***

Callum Newman vs. Cameron Khai
Newman’s a matter of weeks away from heading off to New Japan – but he’s still looking to milk the crowd’s cheers here.

Newman starts by taking Khai into the ropes for a break, before springboard cutter attempts were blocked. Khai and Newman go for flash pins, as Newman’s attempt at a Hidden Blade is ducked… before he goes back to the springboard cutter as he ends up sliding outside to avoid Khai’s knee.

Back inside, Newman began to knock Khai into the corner with an elbow, but Khai struck back with kicks and a leaping neckbreaker for a two-count. Chops from Newman led to him hitting the ropes for an eventual front kick to knock Khai outside, with a plancha following as the youngster was knocked into the railings.

Khai recovers to chop Newman into the railings before things returned to the ring with Newman’s delayed senton atomico getting just a one-count. Khai beats Newman to the punch with an elbow strike, before a superkick kept Newman down for a two-count, as did an ushigoroshi…

Newman strikes back with a Detonation kick for a near-fall, before Khai’s lifting reverse DDT dropped Newman over a knee for a near-fall. Khai keeps going, but eats an enziguiri in the corner, then a rebound hook kick and a Tiger suplex for a near-fall. Khai’s lifted up top as Newman punches him out, but Khai’s right back with an over-the-knee brainbuster that almost slammed the door shut on Newman.

A running knee from Khai misses as the tempo raises… leading to a standing Spanish Fly and a springboard cutter from Newman for a near-fall. A diving knee’s next, before a double underhook brainbuster finally got the win in a low-key cracker of a match. Newman’s making strides, but Cameron Khai isn’t a million miles away either at this pace… ***½

Will Kaven vs. Sha Samuels
Kaven’s looking for perhaps his biggest scalp to date here…

A pretty even start saw Kaven charge down Sha off the ropes, before Samuel’s leapfrog and takedowns took things to the mat. Kaven gets back up and scored with a back elbow, before headlock takedowns from Sha turned it back around. Headscissors from Sha caught Kaven out of the corner, before Sha began to wear down Kaven with uppercuts and elbows.

Sha misses a charge into the corner as Kaven capitalised with a Saito suplex out of it… Sha rolls outside and into the path of a tope that almost knocked through the rails. Back inside, Kaven looked to stay on Sha, landing a snap suplex for a two-count before Irish whips bounced Sha into the corners.

An abdominal stretch follows as Kaven pounced on Sha’s rib injury, before a hotshot in the ropes and a big boot earned Kaven a two-count. Samuels finally returned fire with a Michinoku Driver, while a uranage backbreaker and an Exploder ragdolled Kaven to the mat for a near-fall.

Sha goes aerial with a leaping shoulder tackle, then a double sledge off the top for a near-fall. Another trip up top stops when Kaven hit the ropes to crotch Sha, leading to a hanging neckbreaker out of the corner as Kaven almost took the win… while a snap Dragon suplex and a diving knee added another two-count to the mix.

Kaven’s cut-off with a spinebuster though, as Sha added an elbow off the middle rope… then a moonsault off the top – described on commentary as reckless – to get the win. ***

Post-match, Sha took the mic and reminded the crowd that he was Rev Pro’s first British Heavyweight champion… and he’s also won the tag titles in the past… but there’s one title missing. That led to Sha badgering Andy Quildan to give him a shot at Connor Mills at the Copperbox, so he would win the “missing” belt… but Mills is out before Andy could answer. Mills refused a title match, claiming Sha doesn’t meet the weight limit…

Andy mentions the likes of Jordon Breaks, Robbie X, Wild Boar and Callum Newman as names Mills would defend against instead of Sha… this ends up with Sha demanding they get some scales out. Out come the scales, and Sha Samuels makes weight… so we’re getting Connor Mills defending against Breaks, Robbie, Boar, Newman and Sha at the Copperbox.

Mills attacks Sha Samuels, but Callum Newman flew out with a flip dive before he ran off with the belt…

Maya Matthews vs. Hyan
Hyan’s been added to the women’s title match next week – while Maya’s part of the number one contender’s battle royal on the same card. Skye Smitson attacks Hyan before the bell, then added herself to that battle royal.

Hyan’s been carried away, so we have a change of plans, with Smitson threatening to take Hyan’s place in the title match if she couldn’t compete.

Maya Matthews vs. Skye Smitson
Smitson attacks Maya at the bell, but gets caught with a crossbody for an early one-count.

A missed dropkick from Matthews earns her a PK, while Smitson added a dropkick of her own seconds later. Matthews tried to fight back in with a crossbody, but has to make do with a roll-up for a two-count before Smitson booted her down.

Smitson adds a DDT to the leg, following with some ground and pound before Maya fought back with a ‘rana and a sleeperhold. Skye threw her off though, then knocked Maya into the corner with uppercuts, following up with an armbar before Matthews managed to suplex her way free.

Matthews runs into a wild big boot though, as Smitson regained control… at least until a shotgun dropkick caught her off guard. The pair trade forearms front here, but a snapmare from Matthews takes Smitson into the corner ahead of a cutter out of the corner for a near-fall. An Air Raid Crash from Smitson turned this one around in a hurry, while a Cobra clutch gave Matthews something else to fight out of.

Maya rolls free, then returned with a Slingblade… adding a spear for a near-fall before an attempt at the Smitson Effect was countered with a roll-up as Matthews escaped with the win. ***

Post-match, Smitson looked to attack… but got low bridged and sailed over the top rope.

Levi Muir vs. Michael Oku
We come full circle – two weeks ago, Muir blindsided Oku at the 229, but with Trent Seven wrestling in Canada this weekend, there’ll be no (expected) outside involvement here. Muir attacked Oku before the bell, taking him outside as a front suplex dumped Oku ribs-first onto the guard rails.

Amira chopped Levi as he tried to hit a neckbreaker to Oku across the rails… and that bought Oku time to recover as Muir got in Amira’s face. We finally get going with Oku dropkicking Muir twice in the corner, before a frog splash drew a two-count as we were still in the opening minute.

Oku pounces with a half crab attempt, but Muir pushes him to the outside, sending Oku over the top rope and into the guard rails. The pair continue to scrap on the outside, with Muir charging Oku into the ring post, before rolling Oku back inside for a two-count. Muir continues to throw Oku around, ahead of a slingshot suplex for another near-fall.

Muir takes Oku into the ropes for some choking, ahead of an Exploder that flung Oku from corner-to-corner for another two-count. Irish whips hurl Oku into the corners after that, but Oku manages to break free as he began to kick Levi’s leg out of his leg. That leads to another half crab attempt, but Oku’s pushed into the buckles… from where he returns with a missile dropkick.

A second trip up top saw Oku hit a bell clapper to stop Muir ahead of a second missile dropkick to the mush. A PK follows, then a springboard moonsault for a near-fall as my feed gives out… a swinging side slam from Muir almost got him the win, before a torture rack from Muir ended with him dropping Oku onto the apron.

Oku low bridges him to the outside from there, then added a Fosbury flop, before he headed back up top for the Ace’s High froggy crossbody to Muir on the floor. Heading back inside, Oku looks to take the count-out win, but Muir rolls in at nine… and into the path of a frog splash to the back. A second frog splash follows, but Muir kicks out at two, before a half crab from Oku forced Muir to drag his way to the ropes for the break.

Muir manages to recover, gutwrenching Oku up for a neckbreaker for a near-fall, before the TKO was slipped out of as Oku returned with the misdirection knee. Down comes the knee pad as Oku looked to add a second knee strike, but was forced to slip out of another TKO and return with a hattrick of superkicks. Another frog splash followed, and that’s enough to finally put away Muir as Oku looked extremely worse-for-wear heading into his first title defence next week. ***½

The final score: review Good
The 411
Rev Pro had a fair amount to cram into this go-home show - and while we’ve still got some curious omissions from the Copperbox card (I’m looking at you, Greedy Souls), this was a fine show to take us into the 11th anniversary card next week.

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