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Josh Barnett On Which WWE and AEW Talent He’d Want In Bloodsport

March 22, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 8 Image Credit: GCW

In an interview with Comedy Store Wrestling (via Fightful, Josh Barnett spoke about which WWE and AEW wrestlers he wished he could use at his Bloodsport events. He also said that the rumors of a GCW-WWE partnership were untrue. Here are highlights:

On a WWE-GCW partnership and which WWE wrestlers he wants at Bloodsport: “I want Shayna Baszler. If there was anywhere else that was really meant for her, it’s this. Those rumors were incorrect. Whatever that could have been, isn’t how the rumors were trying to describe it, they didn’t understand. As much as I have good relationships with people in WWE, they are very protective of their talent. Even if I was proposing to do something where I was going to do nothing but elevate that talent, they still have a big control on what they do and where they go. I understand it. I wish I could use WWE talent, some of them, there is some very quality people there, but it’s a machine.”

On which AEW wrestlers he’d want to appear: “Malakai Black. I would love to have him there. I have spoken to him about it. Samoa Joe, I would like him. Kyle O’Reilly. Bryan Danielson. We’ve been on the road together, I’ve coached him a little bit on some submission and catch stuff. He’s a phenomenal example of professional wrestling where he would do jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling on his own time to just become a better wrestler, whether he’s going to go work matches or really fight someone. It’s really commendable.”

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