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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 07.28.22

July 28, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event Tamina Carmella Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 07.28.22  

-It’s the first Main Event of the HHH regime. I don’t foresee any big changes, but we could get something decent this week with MSG as the setting. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
-Taped: MSG, NY, NY

Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander vs. T-Bar and Akira Tozawa

-The announcers are already wondering how T-Barzawa happed, but why ask question? In a cute touch Tozawa looks afraid of his own partner when he makes his entrance. T-Bar decks Ali off the apron and murders Alexander with a spinning big boot. Tozawa hits a cannon ball on Ali off the apron and in the ring T-Bar catches Cedric with High Justice. Tozawa off the top with a backsplash for two as Ali makes the save. Fun start! Ali gets tossed into the post as a “Let’s go T-Bar” chant starts. Cedric ducks a double clothesline and gets a handspring into a kick at both men. Suicide dive onto T-Bar and the tag is made to Ali. They try to double team, but T-Bar lands on his feet and takes both down with a clothesline. Tozawa gets the hard tag and they set up what likes look DoomsDay Device, but T-Bar gets posted into Tozawa. Double superplex brings Tozawa down and that gets two. T-Bar yanks Cedric off the apron to prevent a tag which lets Tozawa hit a spin kick and then a German Suplex into a bridge for two. Cedric back and he plants T-Bar on the apron with a running STO. Cedric suplexes Tozawa and Ali follows with the 450 to get the win at 4:38.

Winners: Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander via pin at 4:38
-This was fun and I wish they would have been given more time. The start was great with T-Bar and Tozawa dominating to the shock of their opponents and the announcers. In the end the actual team gets the win. **1/2

-Video package on Rey Mysterio’s 20 year WWE career! Great stuff with comments from JBL, Angle, Kofi, Batista, Orton, Styles, KO, Dom, and Cena.

-Back to RAW as The Mysterio Family arrives for the celebration.

-Don’t Try This at Home or Anywhere!

-Hulu commercials!

-Back to RAW as Rey commands the attention of everyone in the building as he discusses his journey and thanks all those that mean the most to him. Great speech that came from the heart. Eddie chant in MSG is always great as well!

-Balor and Priest come through the crowd for the scheduled tag match and we join that in progress. Fun match with a hot crowd and a happy ending as Rey gets the win on his celebration night. The ending with Balor and Rey playing homage to Eddie was a beautiful touch as well.

-Later Rey and Dom join the party in the back with friends and family. His daughter presents him with a gift: the pimp gear he wore vs Eddie at Halloween Havoc 97. You know the one! Rhea Ripley returns from her health issues and Judgment Day attack as they pull Rey from the party and powerbomb him through a table. I mean, after losing they had to get their heat back and it sets up the No DQ match this weekend. Rhea being back is welcomed and kudos to Buddy Murphy for having fun on twitter with what happened.

-Roman/Brock! Last Man Standing! LAST TIME!

-Hulu commercials!

-Back to SmackDown as Corbin attacked McAfee at the commentary desk. They then brawled backstage and will met this Saturday at SummerSlam!

-Back to RAW as Logan Paul calls out Miz, but instead Maryse is here. Miz finally heads out and jokes are made at small balls and Maryse having bigger one after she slaps Paul. Ciampa attacks Paul from behind and the heel beat down is on, though the crowd cheers. MSG man! If you haven’t seen it though check out Ciampa’s pissed off promo on RAW Talk. My recap can be found here.

-Riddle vs. Rollins is still advertised by Patrick on this show, but I assume this show was in the can before the decision to remove it was made.

-Hulu commercials!

Tamina and Carmella vs. Asuka and Dana Brooke (24/7 Champion)

-Brooke and Asuka have history as Asuka always referred to Dana as her “sexy muscle friend.” My guess for these weird pairings is they wanted to get as many people out there in front of the MSG crowd as they could. Asuka may be the biggest star to be on this show in my run of reviewing. Well, there was that brief period where Jeff Hardy made the show as well. Brooke and Tamia start with a lockup and nothing comes of that. Brooke lands a right hand, but gets caught with an elbow. Handspring elbow from Brooke in the corner, but Tamina drops her with a clothesline. Brooke takes a swing at Carmella which lets Tamina send her to the floor. Carmella hits a superkick down there as we take out Main Event main event commercial break.

-Rousey/Morgan II this Saturday!

-1:20 of Hulu Commercials (for those wondering how much of the match is padded by me being cheap. I mean, I guess I could stop my timer once the Hulu commercials start, but I feel committed to this method after two years now).

-Back with Brooke getting run into the boot of Carmella. Bronco Buster gets two, so Carmella goes to the chinlock. She screams she wants Asuka and the crowd wants her as well. Carmella escapes a slam with a hair pull for two. Tamina in with a clothesline for two. She goes to a chinlock and again, MSG wants Asuka. Tamina slugs Carmella down and then decks Asuka to draw many boos. Samoan Drop gets two as Asuka makes the save. Tamina misses a charge and eats an elbow which lets Dana make the hot tag to Asuka. She runs wild and destroys Tamina and Carmella without breaking much of a sweat. Carmella makes the save on a pin. Brook in and Tamina drops her with a superkick. Asuka gets caught with a clothesline. Tamina preps for a powerbomb, but it’s a struggle. A second go and Asuka rolls over the back and gets a sunset flip, but there is a delay on the count as they are under the bottom rope. Eventually it gets fixed and Asuka gets the win at 7:09.

Winners: Asuka and Dana Brooke via pin at 7:09
-Neither Carmella or Tamina could eat a more dominant pin at the hands of Asuka? Nothing much to this as it was Brooke getting beat up before Asuka ran wild. Asuka winning is the right call, but I wasn’t a fan of how it happened. *

-Back to SmackDown as Theory uses the briefcase to get disqualified and then Brock shows up and SMASHES him good.

-Back to RAW as Heyman tells us Brock won’t be able to stand at all this Saturday!

-Kurt Angle WWE A&E Bio this Sunday. That should be good and he is a fellow Western PA kid. Mt Lebanon High School I believe, which makes him a Blue Devil. He also went to a PSAC college like I did. Kurt was a Clarion Golden Eagle and I am California (PA) Vulcan.

-Hulu commercials!

-Back to RAW as we join The Bloodline vs. Street Profits and Riddle in progress. Fantastic match as you would expect. Ford split himself open at some point which brought on the gloves for the ref. Heyman’s reaction as Dawkins hit THE POUNCE on the floor was great. Reigns pins Riddle again.

-Rollins heads out and he attacks Riddle to write him out of SummerSlam, which we didn’t know at the time. STOMP on the floor and then on the ring steps while the crowd serenades Rollins closes the show.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Tag opener was fun and the tag Main Event was not. Mixed bag this week makes for a less than average show.