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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 08.04.22

August 4, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event T-Bar Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 08.04.22  

Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 08.04.22

-The plan, between the weekly shows I do, is to have WCW Clash of Champions Aug 97 done this weekend and then hit SummerSlam 97. We will see if I can get all 4 Aug 97 specials done or I end up with another Uncensored 97 situation. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team:
-Taped: Houston, TX

Omos (w/ MVP) vs. Ezekiel

-Two new faces on Main Event! Truly a new era! Zeke throws a kick as he tries to keep from being cornered. Omos drops Zeke with Snack Eyes and hits a running boot. Omos works the traps with a nerve hold. The crowd tries to rally Zeke, but nothing doing as Omos dumps him to the floor at the feet of MVP. He makes sure to get in a shot with his cane. Omos lifts Zeke off the floor by his head and tosses Zeke back into the ring. Whip into the corner and Omos follows by standing on the back. Little bit of Nash and little bit of Andre offense from Zeke in this one. A charge in the corner misses and Zeke fires some right hands. He hits a knee to avoid a goozle, but Omos swats him down and double choke bomb finishes at 4:05.

Winner: Omos via pin at 4:05
-Probably went too long, but it was a SQUASH. I have no issue with Omos working on this show as he needs the in ring work and is above NXT so this is where you put him. SQUASH

-Back to SummerSlam as Bianca retains against Becky Lynch in a fun match with a hot crowd. Bayley returns and isn’t alone as Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky make their main roster debuts to set wrestling internet on fire. That’s one way to infuse new life in the RAW division. Becky backs up Bianca to reset her as a face, which works as the crowd wants to cheer her anyway.

-Don’t Try This At Home or Anywhere! Even school, though Diamond Cutters and Stunners were all the rage when I was high school.

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-Back to RAW as Becky Lynch, with her arm in a sling, opens the show and cuts a babyface promo to cement the turn. She and Bianca bond and Becky tells her she will see her soon.

-Becky gets attacked backstage by Bayley, Iyo, and Dakota to write her out>

-Later we get Bianca vs. Sky and we join that match in progress. Good match, dead crowd until the non ending as Asuka and Bliss backup Bianca. All six women brawl, which as mentioned, brings the crowd to life. Again, in one weekend the RAW Woman’s Division was turned upside down for the better.

-Awesome JBL US Title hype video. Yes, please do the same for The IC Title. Both titles should be on everyone PLE and especially if Reigns won’t be there. I love when WWE leans into their history with video packages.

-WrestleMania Goes Hollywood: The Sequel (As I noted if all goes to plan I will be at WrestleMania 40 in Philly since it is only a 5 hour drive. I also second the notion of a tweet I saw that wants WWE to bring SummerSlam to PNC Park).

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-Back to RAW as AJ Styles beats Miz and Ali in a Triple Threat Match to book a spot in a #1 Contender’s US Title Match. Amazingly, creative ending to this one.

-Later on RAW, Ciampa beats Gable and Ziggler to book the other spot in the Main Event.

-Later on RAW it’s AJ Styles vs Ciampa with the winner getting a shot at Lashley and his US Title. Good match as you would expect and even the ending with Miz being just enough of a distraction to force AJ into a mistake worked. Ciampa gets the win and will face Lashley next week.

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-Back to SmackDown as Drew McIntyre and Sheamus tear the house down with a HOSS BRAWL that will put hair on your chest just by watching it. Drew gets the win and earns a Title Match against Roman Reigns at Clash at The Castle.

-Video package with video and still photos on Brock/Roman war at SummerSlam. Just an amazing spectacle that will never be forgotten. You can’t say they didn’t make this final meeting between the two memorable. Heyman was great and ate the F5 through a table. Theory tried to cash in, but Brock was having non of that. Not an official cash in though so he keeps the case. Roman retains after burying Brock under whatever he could find at ringside.

T-Bar vs. Shelton Benjamin

-Lockup to start and T-Bar offers a clean break in the corner. Another go and he catches Shelton with a knee to the guy and beats him down in the corner. Shelton fires back and lands a back elbow. Clothesline sends T-Bar to the floor. He makes Shelton given chase and they end up back in the ring. T-Bar lands a boot, but misses a charge in the corner which lets Shelton float over and get an anklelock. T-Bar gets to the ropes to break and puts Shelton on the apron. He heads up top, but T-Bar hits a running boot that sends Shelton to the floor and sends us to a break.

-Lex Luger A&E Bio this Sunday!

-Hulu commercials!

-Back with T-Bar still in control. He chokes Shelton on the middle rope and follows with a suplex for two. T-Bar buries a knee in the back and pulls back on the arms for a submission. T-Bar releases and charges into a backdrop. The crowd starts a chant for Shelton and that rallies him as he hits an elbow then clothesline. Pay Dirt is blocked and countered into a backbreaker. That gets a one count, but T-Bar lifts Shelton up and hits High Justice for two. T-Bar heads up top and tries a moonsault, but Shelton moves and T-Bar lands on his feet. Shelton hooks an anklelock, but T-Bar kicks out. German Suplex from from Shelton followed by a running knee in the corner. Angle Slam is blocked by an eye rake. Roll-up try by Shelton, but T-Bar uses the ropes to squat down and keeps a foot on the ropes for leverage to get the pin at 9:23.

Winner: T-Bar via pin at 9:23
-Weird match as there were some dead spots and it seemed to be in slow motion at times. The ending was a bit weird as well. It was solid when they were suplexing each other and hitting each other hard. *1/2

-Recap of Judgment Day turfing Edge after Finn Balor joined the group. Then the war with The Mysterios. That leads to SummerSlam where Edge returns to help The Mysterios get the win over Judgment Day.

-Clash at The Castle commercial!

-Hulu Commercials!

-Back to RAW as The Mysterios challenged The Usos for the Tag Titles. The Usos get the win to continue their long run with the tag titles. Judgment Day attack as this feud must continue. Rhea beating up Dom is the best running gag in wrestling right now. Edge comes in for the save, but a well placed shove from Rhea leaves Dom getting speared. Great timing on that!

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Poor
The 411
Not a good show this week as we got a lumbering SQUASH and then a bit of a disappointment in our Main Event. The show did make me want to go watch SummerSlam again if that counts for anything.