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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 9.03.20

September 3, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event Ricochet
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 9.03.20  

-Back with another edition of WWE Main Event on Hulu and the match listing for this one gives me hope we can crack average status. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton
-Taped: ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Humberto Carrillo vs. Akira Tozawa (w/ Ninjas)

-As Tozawa makes his entrance I’ve already noticed 2 fans sporting nWo shirts. Doesn’t really mean anything, but seeing it reminds me of being younger. Tozawa lets Humberto know he has ninja power. Tie-up to start and Tozawa climbs the ropes to break. Tozawa gets backdropped to the apron, but catches Humberto with a shot. He tries a suplex to the floor, but Humberto strikes out of that. Tozawa falls off the apron, but gets caught by the ninjas. Carrillo slides out and gets confused by the ninjas. Tozawa slides out and takes advantage before firing Humberto back in the ring. Tozawa lands a back elbow, but misses a blind splash. Carrillo rolls into a standing moonsault for two. Suplex follows and Humberto heads up top, but gets caught. Tozawa gets shoved off on two different occasions and the third time is the charm as Humberto gets crotched on the buckle. Tozawa shows some aggression with strikes, a kick, and then a Senton for two. Nice! Tozawa goes to a bow and arrow, but Carrillo powers out and lands kicks of his own. Tozawa then gets a kick of his own, but charges into a nasty head kick. Sweet! Tozawa fires off chops which fires up Humberto who delivers his own chops. Springboard back elbow from Humberto, but he misses a dive from the top. He rolls through though and catches a charging Tozawa with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. A Torture Rack into a face plant finishes things at 5:40.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo via pin at 5:40
-This was fun for a sub 6-minute match and delivered what I was expecting. The ninja stuff was kept to a minimum and Tozawa got a chance to show a bit of how awesome he can be. Carrillo winning is the right call as Tozawa is just kind of stuck in 24/7 purgatory. Again, fun stuff for a Main Event match. **1/2

-Recap of Keith Lee beating Randy Orton at Payback.

-Back to RAW where Keith Lee knocks off Dolph Ziggler. I know it’s cool to hate on Ziggler, but when you need someone to bump like a madman for the new big thing, he’s your man.

-RAW again as Aleister Black jumps Kevin Owens before his match with Randy Orton. KO still wants to fight, but is no shape and Orton wins quickly. I’m down with heel Aleister and a feud with KO should be good. Nice booking too as it also got Orton where they wanted him without hurting Owens and the way he won fits perfectly for Orton’s character.

-Recap of Mysterios vs. Seth/Murphy feud.

-Back to RAW where Dominick steps in for his dad and gets a rematch with Seth with the winner heading to the Triple Threat later in the show. Dominick is coming along well and is in there with the right guy, but soon we will have to see what he can do against someone else. Seth wins as he should have in this case. Ever the dick, Rollins gives Dominick another Stomp after the match.

-Back to Payback as The Fiend’s Universal Title reign ends at 7 days. Reigns winning was easily the right call and the way he did it was great. Heel Reigns with Heyman should be great!

Mustafa Ali vs. Ricochet

-This could and should be good. I know it’s just Main Event, but I have high expectations they give us the best match we’ve had on this show in a good while. Tie-up to start after a quick show of respect. Ricochet works the arm, but Ali escapes and hits a few arm drags. Another go as they trade headlocks and Ricochet gets his own arm drag. He asks Ali “where you at,” and Ali nods at him. Ricochet gets a headlock takedown, but Ali gets to his feet and escapes into a headlock of his own. They get heated at each other as they wrestle in the corner and Ali throws a back elbow. Ricochet is pissed and blasts Ali from behind. Ricochet gets put on the apron and tries a springboard but gets punched in the face. Ali is kind of annoyed that Ricochet resorted to throwing punches first. The spinning neckbreaker gets two as we take a break.

-Back with Ali still in control as he goes to a chinlock. Ricochet punches out but gets caught with a neckbreaker for two. Ali tells Ricochet to stay down or he will put him down. Some heavy blows as both guys are showing some nice aggression in this one. Ricochet gets a backslide for two and then a straight right hand. Effective! Jesse Ventura always loved seeing two heroes getting nasty against each other and I agree that it is fun. Ricochet picks up the pace and hits a kick to the face, but then charges into a superkick. Ali goes for the Satellite DDT, but Ricochet catches him with a Northern Lights Suplex and then rolls through it into a brainbuster for two. That was sweet! Ricochet puts Ali up top and looks for a superplex, but Ali pounds out and gets a sunset flip. Ricochet rolls through though, so Ali opts to powerbomb the piss out of him for two. Damn! The 450 misses but Ali rolls through it but then charges into a back elbow. Ali looks for another neckbreaker, but Ricochet evades and spikes Ali with a reverse rana. The Recoil finishes at 8:55.

Winner: Ricochet via pin at 8:55
-I want more! Easily best match on Main Event in quite some time and you know they can tear it up given more time and a bigger stage. Just a crisp and hard hitting match with a good story of both men getting heated at the other and then getting caught up in competition. The commercial break hurt a little, but this was very good and left me wanting more. ***1/4

-They shake hands and pay respects to each other after the match.

-Back to RAW as we get the final moments of Lee vs Orton vs Rollins. Fun match and you knew who was winning, but the way they got there made perfect sense. Lee drops Rollins with The Spirit Bomb, but Orton hits the RKO and pins Rollins to get the win and shot at McIntyre at Clash of Champions. Lee looked good and Orton ears the rematch while Rollins can eat a loss and still be fine.

-Thanks for reading and check out my recent review of WWE Timeline focusing on the rise of The Rock, here.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Best episode of Main Event during my run covering the show (just topping the June 4th show). Both matches were fun this week with Ricochet/Ali delivering a strong match that left me wanting more. Easy recommendation to check out the show or at least skip through the recaps and check out the two matches.