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Lest We Forget: WWE Backlash 2004 Review

February 20, 2013 | Posted by Maxwell Baumbach
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Lest We Forget: WWE Backlash 2004 Review  

2004 Pay-Per-View Required Viewing Matches
-World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit (Wrestlemania XX)
-Royal Rumble Match (Royal Rumble)
-WWE Championship: Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania XX)
-WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero (No Way Out)
-Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista vs. The Rock and Mick Foley (Wrestlemania XX)
-World Heavyweight Championship, Last Man Standing: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (Royal Rumble)
-WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero (No Way Out)
-Chris Jericho vs. Christian (Wrestlemania XX)

WWE Backlash 2004
From the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
April 18, 2005

The opening video hypes tonight’s main-event, a Wrestlemania rematch between Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit.


Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton is coming off of two straight wins over Triple H. Flair taunts to start, and Benjamin takes advantage. Flair shoves Shelton, who slaps him. FLAIR FLOP! Shelton does two leap frog/drop downs in a row and hits a dropkick. Benjamin clotheslines The Nature Boy to the outside. Flair takes a back body drop on the floor. Shelton takes Flair inside, where Flair begs for mercy before going to the eyes. Flair heads up top and is thrown to the mat. Shelton whips Flair off of the ropes for a dropkick, but Flair holds on. Flair goes for the Figure Four, but Shelton rolls him up for two. Benjamin fires up and hits a clothesline. Flair regains control and targets the knee. Flair takes Benjamin to the corner and hits some chops and kicks. Flair takes Benjamin to the center of the ring and applies the FIGURE FOUR! Shelton rolls it over, but Flair gets to the ropes. Flair hits a big chop and covers for two. Flair goes to the outside and tries to bring in a chair, but the referee stops him. Benjamin wins a strike exchange but Flair goes to the leg. Flair has Benjamin’s leg and taunts, but Benjamin hits an enzugiri! WE GET ANOTHER FLAIR FLOP! Flair grabs Shelton’s leg again, but this time Benjamin hits the Dragon Whip! Shelton wins another strike exchange, and sends Flair into the buckles, over the top, and out to the floor. Shelton suplexes him back in. Flair begs for mercy but then hits a huge chop. Flair goes up top but then comes down. Flair puts on brass knuckles, but Shelton hits a Stinger Splash. Shelton goes to up top and hits a flying clothesline. One, two, three.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin
The end of this match was…weird. The beginning was simple and the leg work was nice, but I’m not sure what happened at the end or why the brass knuckles were pulled out. They might have wanted to solidify the flying clothesline as a finisher, but Kane was already using it as a transition move. This match was also hurt by the fact that the crowd was just as behind Flair as they were Benjamin. 0 for 1.

Todd Grisham joins Randy Orton in the back and asks him about Shelton’s hot streak. Orton says that he’s held the intercontinental title for seven months but hasn’t gotten any respect. Tonight, he will earn respect by retiring Mick Foley. Orton explains that Foley is like an old, sad, toothless dog, and that he will put him down tonight.

Jonathan Coachman vs. Tajiri

Coach gets an arm drag to start. Tajiri gets some leg kicks, but avoid a buzzsaw kick and rolls to the floor. Tajiri tries for a headkick, but accidentally kicks the ring post instead. Coach then takes Tajiri’s leg and whips it into the post. Coach puts Tajiri’s foot on the bottom rope and crashes down on it with all of his weight. Coach hits a shin breaker and follows up with a leg lock. Tajiri reverses the hold with one of his own, and Coach gets the ropes. Tajiri counters out of a back suplex and gets a sunset flip for two. Coach goes right back to Tajiri’s leg. Coach goes back to the leg lock and grabs a rope for extra leverage outside of the referee’s line of sight. Tajiri kicks his way free of the hold. Coach tries to go up to the top rope, but he falls on his balls. Tajiri puts Coach into an inverted tree of woe and scores with a running drop kick to the back of the head. Coach gets a thumb to the eye to try and put a halt to Tajiri’s momentum. Coach sends Tajiri into the ropes but is met with a handspring back elbow to the face. Tajiri gets a series of strikes in the corner and goes for a monkey flip, but Coach holds onto the ropes. The Coach covers with a folding press and his feet on the ropes, but Tajiri kicks out. Coach thinks he won, but he hasn’t. Coach charges and finds himself caught in the Tarantula. Tajiri releases the hold and sets up for the Buzzsaw kick. Garrison Cade runs out to the ring and punches Tajiri in the face while the referee looks at Coach. Coach school boys Tajiri, and that does it at 6:26.

Winner: Jonathan Coachman
I am not as bothered as others by non-wrestlers having matches, but this should not have been on pay-per-view. Additionally, Tajiri was fighting from behind a lot here and was being outsmarted by someone who had barely seen the inside of a ring, which didn’t make him look too good. 0 for 2.

Jim Ross hypes up the Chris Jericho vs. Christian and Trish Stratus match, and we get a video to set the scene. Trish broke Jericho’s heart and cost him his Wrestlemania match with Christian, who she then aligned herself with.

Handicap Match: Chris Jericho vs. Christian and Trish Stratus

Jericho punches Christian in the mouth, and then chases Trish around the ringside area. Jericho slides back in and scores with a back elbow on Christian. “Slut” chants aimed at Trish Stratus. Jericho turns his focus to Trish and gets jumped by Christian. Christian charges, but Jericho evades him and sends Christian flying through the second and top rope. Christian tries to get to the apron, but he is met with a springboard dropkick that sends him back to the floor. Jericho throws Christian back inside and heads up top. Diving back elbow off the top by Jericho gets two. Christian sends Jericho into the ropes, but Jericho bumps Trish off the apron. Christian gets Jericho up for a suplex and drapes him stomach-first over the top rope. Christian sprints at Jericho and knocks him off the ring apron and into the barricade! Back inside, Christian makes the tag to Trish. Christian traps Jericho’s arms behind his back while Trish fires away with slaps to the face. CHICK KICK BY TRISH! Trish taunts and Jericho grabs her pant leg, so she gets the hell out of dodge and tags in Christian. Christian tries for a leap frog, but Jericho catches him and looks for the Walls of Jericho. Christian kicks Jericho off hard into the buckles, but Jericho falls down and headbutts Christian in the groin! More “Slut” chants as Christian walks toward his corner to make the tag, but Jericho gets a school boy for two. Jericho builds momentum and gets a nearfall after a takedown. Christian cuts of Jericho and tries for an Inverted DDT, but Jericho counters with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Jericho tries to springboard out of the corner, but Trish slaps him in the face. Christian hits an INVERTED DDT WITH JERICHO’S LEGS ON THE SECOND ROPE! One, two, no! Jericho almost gets the Walls of Jericho out of nowhere, but Trish stops it. Jericho gives Trish a spanking. CHRISTIAN HITS THE UNPRETTIER! Trish tags in. ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Christian tags in and covers, but he gets two as well. Trish charges Jericho, but she eats a clothesline! Jericho and Christian both get to their feet, but Jericho gets the advantage and drops Christian throat first on the second rope. Jericho charges and hits a bulldog. Jericho tries for a Lionsault, but Christian gets his knees up. Christian applies a Cloverleaf. Jericho rolls out and goes for the Walls, but Trish runs in. JERICHO PUTS TRISH IN THE WALLS! Christian sneaks up and school boys Jericho! One, two, no! Christian tries for an Unprettier, but Jericho trips him up. Jericho slingshots Christian into Trish! Running enzugiri to Christian- ONE, TWO, THREE. Jericho overcomes the odds at 11:14.

Winner: Chris Jericho
I’m torn here. The match wasn’t bad, but they basically replayed a lot of the same spots from Wrestlemania. Additionally, this match had a lot more fluff and a lot less intensity. Christian looked weak jobbing to a secondary finisher in a match where he was essentially allowed to have as much outside interference as he wanted. Since his persona was essentially a “creepy little bastard,” he didn’t need to look like a superhero, but even I thought this was too much. I really like all three people involved, but having seen their match at Wrestlemania XX, this feels like a watered down version with more shenanigans, and it did nothing for me. 0 for 3.

Backstage, Eugene is reading the Divas magazine and approaches the women’s locker room. Uh oh. He enters, and Gail Kim is changing. He asks for her to sign his magazine. Gail starts screaming. Molly Holly approaches the situation, and Eugene touches her bald head and starts screaming. Molly screams as well and puts her wig on. William Regal comes in, and he escorts Eugene out. At first this was really uncomfortable, but the Molly Holly thing was pretty funny.

We get clips of Benoit visiting his old high school, which is straight off the Hard Knocks DVD.

Women’s Championship Match: Victoria vs. Lita

Both are babyfaces, but Lita’s pop dwarfs Victoria’s. Lita initially takes control, and the crowd boos when Victoria gains the advantage. They tie up near the ropes and fall out of the ring. Victoria whips Lita into the buckles and gets a backslide for two. Lita then awkwardly counters into a pinning combination of her own for two. They trade sunset flips for jackknife cradles, but neither can get the victory. Victoria connects with a scoop slam and follows up with a standing moonsault for two. Victoria locks in a surfboard. Lita powers up, but Victoria cuts her off with a suplex takeover for two. Victoria locks in a Mexican Surfboard but releases it. Victoria gets Lita up in a fireman’s carry, but Lita counters out with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Lita adds on a scoop slam and an elbow for two. Lita hits another tilt-a-whirl headscissors coming off of the ropes. Lita sends Victoria into the ropes and sloppily applies a sleeper. Lita takes it to the mat and changes it into a weird chinlock using her leg for extra leverage, but Victoria gets to the ropes. Lita charges, but Victoria trips her throat-first onto the second rope. Victoria follows up with a fireman’s carry into a side slam. One, two, no. Victoria goes for a top rope moonsault, and Lita tries to roll out of the way but Victoria still hits her. Lita trips up Victoria and gets a jackknife cradle for two. Inverted Twist of Fate by Lita gets two. Lita goes for a DDT, but Victoria counters out and gets a small package for the win at 7:22.

Winner: Victoria
This match was sloppy and uninteresting with no story to be found. 0 for 4.

After the match, Molly Holly and Gail Kim attack both women.

J.R. and The King set up the No Holds Barred Intercontinental Title Match between Randy Orton and Mick Foley. They throw it to a video package hyping their feud. Foley says that he lacked passion at Wrestlemania. Foley says he is going love inflicting pain on Randy Orton. This was a great way to set the stage for their match.

No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Randy Orton © vs. Mick Foley

As Orton comes out, Jim Ross remarks that his face may never look like this again. Foley comes out in Cactus Jack attire carrying his barbed wire bat. Orton hides behind a trash can as Foley swings the bat at him. Orton flees to the floor where Foley chases after him. Orton manages to give Foley a drop toe hold onto the steel steps. Orton nails Foley in the head three times with a trash can. Foley blocks a four attempt and then hits Orton with the can. Back inside, Foley keeps control with basic wrestling moves. Foley baseball slides Orton to the floor. Foley hits a swinging neckbreaker on the floor. Foley tries to hit an elbow drop off the second, but Orton scurries up the ramp. Foley chases after him, but Orton hits a back suplex on the steel ramp for two. Orton whips Foley by his hair back-first on the ramp for two. Orton sends Foley into the steps before taking it back inside. Orton tries to use the bat, but Foley stops him with a low blow. SOCKO IS OUT! Foley also picks up the bat. The crowd wants the bat, so Foley removes Socko. BARBED WIRE BAT TO THE FACE OF RANDY ORTON! Orton is busted open as Foley drops the bat onto him. Foley fires away at the cut with punches. FOLEY GRINDS THE BARBED WIRE BAT ACROSS THE FACE OF RANDY ORTON! FOLEY LEG DROPS THE BAT ONTO THE TESTICLES OF RANDY ORTON! DEAR GOD! Foley goes to the outside and brings in a can of gasoline. Foley pours the gas onto the bat and grabs a lighter. Eric Bischoff comes out and says that if Foley lights the bat, he will lose the match and the show will be stopped. Foley tosses the bat to the floor. Foley levels Orton with a cookie sheet. Foley then brings a barbed wire board into the ring. Foley prepares to knock Orton onto the board, but Orton throws baby powder in his face. ORTON SLAMS FOLEY ONTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD! Orton covers for two. Orton stomps a mud hole in Foley in the corner. Orton sets up the barbed wire board in the opposite corner. FOLEY GETS WHIPPED SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD! “Foley” chants from the crowd. Orton opens up a burlap sack and pours out a huge pile of thumbtacks. Orton goes for an RKO, but FOLEY BLOCKS AND THROWS ORTON ONTO THE TACKS! Orton sits up, and his back and arm are pierced with tacks. His facial expression shows the inhuman amounts of pain he is in. Foley gets a school boy, but Orton kicks out. Orton rolls to the floor and pulls the tacks out of his hand. Orton tries to walk away, but Foley chases him up the ramp. FOLEY THROWS ORTON OFF THE STAGE THROUGH WOODEN BOXES! The referee and EMT’s attend to Orton. Two other officials come out and tell Foley it’s over. FOLEY TAKES OUT THE OFFICIALS! FOLEY DIVES OFF THE STAGE WITH AN ELBOW DROP ONTO RANDY ORTON! “Holy Shit” chants fill the arena as both men are down. Foley covers. ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Foley drags Orton back to the ring. DOUBLE ARM DDT BY FOLEY! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Orton flees to the floor, and Foley tries to pull him back in, but Orton hits him with the barbed wire bat! Orton tees off on Foley’s back with the bat! Orton tries for a death blow, but FOLEY APPLIES THE MANDIBLE CLAW WITH MR. SOCKO! Orton fights free with an uppercut and a low blow. FOLEY PUTS THE HOLD BACK IN, BUT ORTON RKO’S OUT OF IT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! RKO ONTO THE BARBED WIRE BAT! ONE, TWO, THREE! Orton has become a star at 23:04.

Winner: Randy Orton
Orton/Foley is one of the most violent matches of the modern era in WWE, and certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. This match told an amazing story and was entirely compelling. While deathmatches are often done for no reason, this was deliberate in its existence. Randy Orton had his coming out party. This was one of the best matches of 2004, and the value of it is often understated in the long run. Say what you will about Mick Foley, but he is willing to do anything to entertain the fans and put over the guy he is in the ring with. In this case, he helped Randy Orton’s evolution as a character and his perception with the fans. 1 for 5.

John Cena raps to hype his Word Life DVD.

In the back, Triple H tells Orton that his performance is what Evolution is all about. Todd Grisham tells Triple H that Evolution is 1 for 2 so far tonight, and that Triple H can break the tie. HHH says not to bet against him, because lightning won’t strike twice in the same place.

La Resistance (Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier) vs. The Hurricane and Rosey

Hurricane and Conway kick it off. Hurricane gets the early advantage before being met with a big hip toss. Hurricane scores with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Grenier charges in but is sent down by a clothesline from Rosey. Rosey hip tosses Hurricane onto Conway for two. Hurricane goes up top, but Grenier holds onto his foot. This allows for Conway to hit an ELEVATED SPINNING NECKBREAKER! Conway then connects with a powerslam and tags in Grenier, who covers for two. Eugene makes his way down to the ring to LOUD boos! Rosey and Conway are tagged in, and Rosey hits a big shoulder block. Rosey hits a big tilt-a-whirl slam on Conway and then a sidewalk slam on Grenier. Rosey plants Conway with a Samoan drop for two. Both members of La Resistance get dumped to the floor. Hurricane scales the buckles and WIPES OUT BOTH MEN WITH A CROSS BODY! Eugene comes in the ring and runs the ropes while Hurricane and Conway go at it. Regal gets Eugene out of the ring, and Hurricane hits The Eye of the Hurricane on a distracted Conway for the win at 5:03.

Winners: The Hurricane and Rosey
I enjoyed the early goings here, but it was pretty clear here that the focus was on Eugene, and not the match itself. He already had a segment on this show, so they didn’t need him to come out here. This was fun, but it trailed off in a bad way once the Eugene involvement started. 1 for 6.

We get a video showing Edge’s return after thirteen months off, where he came out to the ring and he immediately speared Eric Bischoff. Two weeks later, he confronted Kane and got the better of him, striking him with a cast on his hand. Six days ago, he speared Johnny Nitro after he was told that he would be suspended if he used his cast in his match with Kane.

Kane vs. Edge

It’s time to find out who the best wrestler with one, four letter name is on Raw. “You screwed Bret” chants at Hebner, who is the official. They exchange strikes to start, and Edge gets the advantage. Edge fires away with punches in the corner before Kane slams him down to the mat. Kane charges Edge in the corner but is met with a back elbow. Lawler makes a joke about J.R. standing for “just roasted” after Kane set him on fire, and asks J.R. if he remembers that, to which J.R. solemnly replies, “I sure do…I sure do.” That made me laugh way harder than it should have. Edge flies off the buckles with a clothesline. Edge sets up for the spear, but Kane rolls to the floor, where he is met with a baseball slide. Edge sends Kane into the ring post and then prepares the announcers table for destruction. Kane cuts Edge off and slams his broken hand into the steel steps. Kane takes it back inside and works over Edge’s hand. The crowd chants “We want Bret” as Kane covers for two. Kane applies an overhead wristlock as we get more “You screwed Bret” chants. Edge fights out but then eats a sidewalk slam. Edge gains momentum with a flying forearm and spinning heel kick. Edge goes to use the cast, but Hebner admonishes him. This allows Kane to recover and hit a big boot. Kane tries to go up top, but Edge stops him. Kane shoves Edge to the mat, but misses the top rope clothesline. Edge hits an Implant DDT. Edge gets to his feet, but Kane sits up. Edge goes for a Spear but Kane evades, and Hebner has to dive to the floor to get out of the way. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Edge low blows him and then hits him with the cast! SPEAR! ONE, TWO, THREE! Edge wins at 6:25.

Winner: Edge
The crowd didn’t seem to care about either competitor at all. Kane didn’t look too good in this one, which probably hurt his momentum heading into his next pay-per-view appearance, where he would challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. This felt like it never got out of first gear. 1 for 7.

A highlight package showcases the rise of John Bradshaw Layfield, and hypes his match with Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day.

J.R. and King set up a video to hype the main-event, and say this will be the final encounter between Benoit, Triple H, and Michaels. This was done well, and made everyone seem like this match was as important to them as the one at Wrestlemania.

World Heavyweight Title: Chris Benoit © vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

Both men go after Triple H at the bell, just like last month. Triple H gets dumped to the floor, and Benoit and Michaels exchange. HBK drops Benoit with a swinging neckbreaker. HBK then goes after Triple H. Triple H lands a high knee and then targets Benoit. Triple H throws Benoit to the outside and goes back to HBK. Triple H looks for a pedigree, but HBK fights free and scatters. Benoit gets up on the apron, but both of his opponents knock him back to the floor. Benoit slides back inside and hits a German suplex on HBK, and then another on Triple H. Benoit goes for another on HBK, but can’t get it. HBK gets whipped into the buckles and flips over top to the floor. Triple H tries to attack Benoit with a jump off of the second, but Benoit COUNTERS INTO A CROSS FACE! Benoit releases the hold to knock HBK off the apron. Benoit heads up top, but Triple H puts a stop to it. Triple H goes for a superplex, but HBK hits him in the back, causing BENOIT TO BE DROPPED TO THE FLOOR! That was nasty. HBK drops HHH with an electric chair. HBK covers for two. Triple H drops Michaels with the facebuster onto the knee. BENOIT GOES UP TOP AND HITS A DIVING HEADBUTT ONTO MICHAELS! ONE, TWO, Triple H breaks it up! Triple H gets dumped to the outside. HBK goes for a flying forearm on Benoit, but he accidentally takes out the referee. Benoit throws HBK to the outside. Triple H slides in and looks for the Pedigree, but Benoit counters out. BENOIT PUTS THE SHARPSHOOTER ON TRIPLE H! HBK comes in to break the hold, but BENOIT CATCHES HBK IN THE CROSSFACE! Benoit releases the hold because the referee is out cold. Benoit comes back inside, but Michaels trips him up and HBK APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER! Massive heat from the crowd for that one. Fear not, Earl Hebner is here! The boos get even louder. Triple H comes in, so HBK lets go to stop him. HBK gets an inside cradle on Benoit for two. Loud “You screwed Bret!” chants at Michaels. BENOIT CATCHES MICHAELS IN THE CROSSFACE! Triple H breaks the hold. “Let’s go Benoit” chants from the crowd are cut off when Triple H plants him with a DDT for two. Benoit mounts some offense and throws HHH into the buckles and out to the floor. Benoit takes it to HBK, but Michaels manages to dump him to the floor. With both guys on the outside, HBK heads up top. HBK GOES FOR A CROSS BODY TO THE FLOOR, BUT BOTH MEN MOVE AND HBK CRASHES THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE! Holy crap! Edge prepared the table earlier, so it was cool how that factored in later on. Triple H sends Benoit into the steps and takes him inside. Triple H then whips Benoit shoulder-first into the ring post. Triple H follows up by taking Benoit and sending him shoulder-first into the opposite post. “Asshole” chants are directed at Triple H as he pounds away on Benoit. Triple H hammers away with punches in the corner, but Benoit stun-guns him onto the top turnbuckle! Benoit tries for a back body drop but is met with a facebuster onto the knee by Triple H. Triple H goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks and grabs a waist lock. THREE GERMAN SUPLEXES BY BENOIT! Benoit goes for the DIVING HEADBUTT, BUT NO ONE IS HOME! Triple H hits Benoit with a kick to the gut- PEDIGREE! ONE, TWO, THRE-MICHAELS BREAKS IT UP! Michaels and Triple H exchange, with Michaels getting the best with a flying forearm. Everyone is down, but Michaels kips up. Michaels drops Triple H with a scoop slam. HBK heads up top and nails the flying elbow drop on HHH! Michaels tunes up the band to a lot of heat. Triple H pulls himself up, as does Benoit on the apron. SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO BENOIT! Triple H then low blows HBK right in front of Hebner, which is weird, and J.R. says there is nothing the official can do about it. Triple H covers Michaels. ONE, TWO, NO! Triple H goes for the Pedigree on the Heart Break Kid, but HBK back body drops him to the floor! Triple H pulls a sledgehammer out from under the ring. Michaels goes to pick up Benoit, but TRIPLE H NAILS HIM IN THE SPINE WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER! Hebner yells at him, but does nothing, so I guess this is no disqualifications. Triple H goes to use the foreign object again, but Benoit pulls him out to the floor! Benoit fires away, but Triple H slams his face onto the steel steps! Triple H gets up the bottom portion of the stairs and stands on top of them. Triple H tries to Pedigree Benoit onto the steps, but Benoit drops Triple H with a double-leg takedown. Benoit slingshots Triple H into the steel post! Triple H stumbles around and falls over the barricade into the crowd. Benoit crawls inside, but Michaels is tuning up the band. HBK GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC, BUT BENOIT BLOCKS WITH A SHARPSHOOTER! THE SHARPSHOOTER IS LOCKED IN! Michaels inches toward the ropes, but BENOIT DRAGS HIM TO THE CENTER OF THE RING WITH THE HOLD STILL APPLIED! Triple H crawls inside, but MICHAELS TAPS OUT! BENOIT RETAINS AT 30:09!

Winner: Chris Benoit
This match was different than the Wrestlemania match, but in a good way. All three men seemed more intense at the beginning, and Michaels worked more as a heel. While his first victory didn’t come across like a fluke, Benoit seemed a lot more dominant here, and this one further solidified him as a main-eventer. Overall, this was a great, worthy follow up to the Wrestlemania match. 2 for 8.

Benoit celebrates to a huge ovation from the Edmonton fans. J.R. drives home that Benoit is not a one hit wonder, and that he is THE MAN.

The 411: This show had some of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Most of the matches here are not worth watching, but Foley/Orton and the main-event are must-see. Backlash solidified Benoit as a champion and elevated Randy Orton in the eyes of fans. With that in mind, much of this show is passable. Definitely hunt down the two great matches, and skip out on the rest.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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