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Liv Morgan Comments On ‘Bizzare’ Viral Moment From NBA Game

March 8, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Liv Morgan WWE Main Event Image Credit: WWE

Liv Morgan and WWE SVP Justin Scalise went viral on social media yesterday, and she spoke about the moment on this week’s The Bump. As reported earlier, Morgan was caught on camera in a moment where Scalise was talking with her and she did not appear remotely interested in what he had to say. That moment launched a battalion of memes, and Morgan talked about it on Wednesday’s show.

“I have so many thoughts, so many things I want to say,” Morgan said per Fightful). “What a bizarre moment. It’s so weird to me what goes viral and what doesn’t. I want to say that we had no idea we were going to be filmed. We had no idea the camera was on us, which doesn’t excuse anything.”

She continued, “That is Justin Scalise, who works at WWE. He’s incredible. He was explaining something to me and I was watching the game and I was listening but deep in my head, thinking my own thoughts, in my own world, just so unaware that this was being filmed. My phone was blowing up and I see this footage. ‘Oh my gosh, Justin, I’m so sorry.’ He’s been such a great sport about it. It’s the most bizarre weirdest thing. Let’s say I was ignoring him, it is women’s history month and we have every single right [laughs]. It’s not what it looked like, but it was weird it spread the way that it did. It was not what it seemed.”

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