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More On Reaction In AEW To Shane McMahon Interest Rumors

June 23, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shane McMahon WWE Smackdown 103117 Image Credit: WWE

A new report has additional details on the rumor that Shane McMahon was interested in appearing in AEW. As reported on Friday, Conrad Thompson had said a mutual friend of his and Jim Ross said that McMahon had reached out to AEW roster members about potentially appearing in the company. Tony Khan had responded by saying he has never had a conversation with McMahon or met him. Fightful Select says that the people they’ve spoken to in AEW said that McMahon hadn’t been mentioned “at a high level.”

Several talent had asked internally about the possibility of McMahon appearing in AEw and were told it hasn’t been considered. McMahon has spoken with others about such a possibility and didn’t seem opposed to the possibly, but it was not a topic of conversation before last week.

The site notes that Vince McMahon had told people close to him in WWE that Shane “would never get another pop in the company again” after the infamous Royal Rumble situation where Shane was accused of booking the men’s Rumble to get him over. Shane made an appearance at WrestleMania 39 after Vince was out of the company for a match that led to him immediately becoming injured. Shane no longer has any kind of contract with WWE whether as a talent, legend or the like. His WWE 2K24 appearance was part of a separate contract.

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