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Naomi Says She Loves Intergender Wrestling, Wants To See Evolution 2, Says She Came Up With Glowing Title Belt

January 14, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
WWE Naomi

Naomi was recently interviewed by So Catch by Hal and discussed how she came up with the idea of her glowing title belt, as well as what she wants to see next for women’s wrestling in WWE and her thoughts on intergender wrestling. Highlights are below.

On who made her glowing title belt: “I did. I was given the OK to do it. I had the idea and then I took it somewhere to get done. We tried a couple of times with the company but they just couldn’t get it to, we tried all kinds of stuff, we tried glow paint, we tried a few different options. Then finally I just took it into my own hands to get it to glow, but it was short lived and I hope one day, when I hold the championship again, it’ll come back and it’ll be better, I’ll make it better. I got some ideas and ways to make it look more seamless and flawless.”

On what she wants to see next for women’s wrestling in WWE: “Hopefully we get an Evolution 2. Hopefully bigger WrestleMania matches and moments. That was awesome last year, the women main eventing, that was insane. Hopefully that won’t be the last. Hopefully more performing for the women, more representation in Saudi, just more opportunities, more TV time, more character development, more promo segments, keep the momentum rolling.”

On intergender wrestling: “I love it, and I understand, but doing Mixed Match Challenge, that was my favorite thing about it, we get to interact with the guys. I think it will be awesome as long as there are limitations and boundaries so that stuff don’t get too crazy, but I think at this point, the women being where they are, and proving ourselves and wanna be considered as equals in this company, I think you can’t hold back in some areas and not in others, so I think that would really make things equal and I think we can handle ourselves against the men for sure.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit So Catch by Hal with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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